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  1. While I agree that the Bills didn't run like the Titans, Ravens, Colts. They did call many run plays a game. Against the Patriots week 16 the Bills ran the ball 31 times and most by Moss 12, Singletary 10. Against Denver week 15 the Bills ran the ball 24 times, Moss 13 runs, Singletary 8. Then against the Colts QB Allen was the leading rusher with 11 runs, Moss 7, Motor 3. Against the Ravens Allen 7 runs, Motor 7 runs, Yeldon 2 runs...16 run plays! The Chiefs, 18 run plays with Allen the leading rusher again, 7 carries for 88 yards. Motor had 6, Yeldon 3 carr
  2. The run game basically went out the window when Moss went out. Talk about injuries, as I think the entire receiving core was battling lingering injuries. The way they were being shadowed by the Chiefs DB's left Josh Allen with nobody open most plays. Hence all the QB runs. Diggs normally gets most of the looks and makes his defensive counterpart look foolish attempting to cover him...not this game. 13-3 and the AFC Championship was an awesome season considering most had the Bills for 7-9.
  3. BALANCE...been saying it for awhile now. The Bills NEED a run game and if they had a RB like Alvin Kamara...WOW! BTW, Alvin was a 3rd round pick. The offensive line needs upgrades as does the RB position. The defense too, surrendered 38 points. Don't feel bad boys, the Packers, Saints, Steelers, Titans, Colts, Rams, Seahawks are all sitting at home for the SB too.
  4. I dunno what happened to Daboll as the offense was no where near as creative as it was for the last regular season games. Week 15, Denver 48-19 Week 16, New England 38-9 Week 17, Miami 56-26 For the playoffs, against the Colts they barely won 27-24. Against the Ravens the Bills offense only scored 10 points. My take is the Bills offense was exposed as a one dimensional team...a total passing offense with little or no run game...save the QB runs. The Bills rushed in this game 18 times and 7 by the QB which means the Bills RB's got only
  5. I agree. Listening to Tony Romo the Bills were being "stickied" by being blanketed by the KC DBs and there was literally nobody to throw to for Josh most of the time. Dunno if there was residual injury that Brown and Diggs were dealing with... or something else? Like the last three games the Bills offense just wasn't the same that beat the Dolphins, Patriots, Broncos. Bills OC Brian Daboll having brain farts? I dunno. What I do know is the Bills NEED a run game, like the Packers, Chiefs, Bucs have to help support their QB.
  6. Words of comfort? KC HC Andy Reid was a super bowl coach before he went to KC from Philly. Noted for being an offensive guru. Took a 2-14 team and went 11-5 in 2013!!! (9-7 2014), (11-5 2015), (12-4 2016), (12-4 2018), (12-4 2019) (14-2 2020) Seven years! The Chiefs were a playoff team when Patrick Mahomes was drafted and he was able to sit and watch for an entire season. They already had a good O line, defense, receiving corps. Andy Reid has been fine tuning his team all this time. Josh Allen is only in his third season on a team basically being bu
  7. Thanks Bills players and owners. Great season for a young QB in only his third year! The Chiefs showed us the flaws in the team...now to get them fixed!
  8. Not to be a contrarian...it was the Buffalo defense that won that Baltimore game. That pick six was a 14 point differential. The Buffalo offense scored a whole ten points all game. They are going to need to step it up big time on offense to compete with that KC offense. Yes, we can laud that Diggs had 8 catches for 106 yards and a TD. Brown had 8 catches for 62 yards. I'm not praising Brian Daboll for that Ravens game plan or the play calls. For whatever reason the Ravens didn't pressure Allen all that much and nothing at all like last years game where they blitzed 67%
  9. I was going by receptions, Diggs 127, Beasley 82, Singletary 38 receptions. I was quoting a poster who stated: By Paattmaann, "yea thats cool, we don't throw to RBs..both Devin and Zach are more than capable of being good pass catchers out of the backfield, and have put that on tape."
  10. Actually, Devin Singletary is the third leading receiver this season behind Diggs, Beasley. Gabe Davis, John Brown, Isaiah McKenzie, Dawson Knox all behind Motor. Though Gabe Davis has more targets. Another note, all three Buffalo Bills leading receivers have a 76% catch percentage, which is pretty freaking awesome.
  11. Just remember that Beane went after Le'Veon Bell and he chose KC. So the Bills FO sees a need for something extra at RB.
  12. Good Lord, Alvin Kamara in Buffalo 😍...a 3rd round pick. Like the Packers, the Saints have an pro bowl OT, OG.
  13. Hey, Aaron Jones for GB was a 5th round pick...201 attempts, 1104 yards, 9 TDs, 5.5 rush yards per attempt. GB RB Jamaal Williams was a 4th rounder...AJ Dillon was a 2nd rounder. BTW, Aaron Jones is third on the Packers in receiving after #1 WR Davante Adams and #2 TE Robert Tonyan. All I'm advocating... is to actually run more often and find that top RB anywhere you can... like Green Bay happened to do. P.S. The Packers do have a pair of pro bowlers at tackle and OG.
  14. There was a very serious reason for that as he blew out his knee his JR year in college and his backup Barry Sanders started that season for him. When he returned he put Barry back on the bench. With so much mileage on him in college teams were afraid he was all used up. The Buffalo Bills medical staff cleared him and drafted him #40th. Thomas carried 897 times for OSU. ESPN had projected Thomas to be an early first round pick and had a TV crew in his home on draft day. Seven other RBs were drafted ahead of Thurman though.
  15. What so many current Bills fans forget is while the Bills had QB Jim Kelly and WRs Andre Reed, James Lofton, Don Beebe to run the K-gun / no huddle offenses. The biggest threat the team had was Thurman Thomas running and catching as he was around 70% of the Bills offense in those days. Most of those 90's glory years the Bills ran the ball more than they threw it. With a top RB this team would be unstoppable. Take a long look at the 2020 13-3 Green Bay Packers 9th in passing yards-8th in rushing yards, yet 24th in passing attempts with the #1 scoring offense.
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