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  1. They will suffer with Darnold! The guy was on a pace to break Peyton Manning's rookie interception record before his injury and missed three games. His problem in his final season at USC was all the turnovers 13 INTs and 11 fumbles and a lot of those fumbles were on his own. In his final 20 starts at USC he threw 44 TDs but also had 20 INTs, 14 fumbles. 57% of his passes were for 9 yards or less which padded his passing completion percentage. Smaller hands could be a problem in certain situations. Seems like the more he games he plays and the more reps the more his accuracy wanes. Footwork can get sloppy which can cause bad throws. All that said he is also working with Jordan Palmer and can get better. I think the Bills got the better QB who was not quite as polished as Darnold or Rosen and didn't have the level of talent around him as those two others did.
  2. `I think you may need to reread my post because I have no idea what you are talking about. My point was... there is more like about a player then just accuracy and that the player was working to correct his accuracy issues. I even stated how the player was inaccurate and how he knew he had that issue was working to correct that particular issue. Josh Allen fit all the criteria that most NFL scouts look for in an NFL pocket QB in terms of physical ability and whats more he was exactly the type of player teams want that have a tremendous desire to win while showing great leadership skills.
  3. After the Bills traded TT to the Browns we Bills fans knew that they were going after a QB in the 2018 draft. That said, I watched as many games as I could on youtube on Darnold, Rosen, Allen, and Mayfield. I didn't bother with Lamar Jackson simply because I looked at him as more of what they already had with Taylor and they wanted more of a pocket QB. I didn't just watch highlights as I watched entire games and came away really liking only one QB. I liked Mayfield too, just not as much. Yes, Allen had his flaws. But they were correctable as his biggest problem with his accuracy issues were his footwork. After working with Jordan Palmer right after the 2017 College season ended he had worked to correct his footwork. Allen even stated as such while being interviewed by Mike Mayock at the combine and Mayock noted that he looked so much better with touch passes in the senior bowl. The biggest thing I took away from watching Josh Allen play in his final season at Wyoming was that he basically carried his team to an 8-5 record and a bowl game win. Allen didn't have a rusher with over 500 yards or a receiver with more than 550 yards and almost everyone on offense that touched the ball in 2016 was gone from the team in 2017. At 6'5'' 233lbs with a cannon for an arm and an ability to run when needed was outstanding. Plus, this kid played at Wyoming in the snow and cold so in Buffalo he would feel right at home. I listened to his college coach Craig Bohl rave about how Allen's arm made the opposing team's defense cover the entire field. About how Allen's hero was Brett Favre and in practice they would call for a dump off to the FB and instead Allen would throw a deep out for a TD! His coach would ask what the heck are you doing? Allen's response was "Favre says touchdowns first"! He would then run the play properly. Allen's positive attitude and desire to win was infectious and no matter what would happen he was always upbeat in motivating his teammates. His coaches, teammates loved him. I'm pretty sure that after watching Allen play in Buffalo this past season that most Bills fans now love him too. Hopefully, the entire NFL world will soon catch on.
  4. There were a few of us that loved Josh Allen pre-draft as most on this board wanted Josh Rosen (cough-cough) and acted gut shot when they passed on Rosen and took Allen. From what I can recall Metz and Bandit wanted Allen and the former made several posts about Allen and his playing time at Wyoming. Not many Bills fans wanted Allen pre-draft as they were worried about his accuracy percentage while at Wyoming AND as often as I could I posted that the poor percentage was based on the deeper pro-style passing scheme he was playing in vs the scheme Rosen and others played in with a lot of high percentage dump off passes. Not to mention that Allen was also surrounded by mostly first-year players in his final season at Wyoming. Plus, that he worked with Jordan Palmer in the offseason to improve his footwork and mechanics. Not many actually listened though.
  5. I took the family to all four SBs as vacations and spent the week attending the card shows, NFL experience. Minneapolis shows were empty all week until the weekend. The ice sculpture was a nice touch out front though. Also went to the 1988 AFC Championship game in Cincy, 1989 playoff game in Cleveland. Like you, I'd only to go another SB if the Bills were in it! It's starting to look like they just might be very soon.
  6. I also believe that Allen was their guy from the start and I also believe it was the Buffalo Bills that leaked Josh Allen's high school tweets so other teams would avoid the controversy. Now for the Furious question. Bills fans gotta remember what it was like leading up to the draft as Buffalo was sitting at the 12 spot and wanting one of the top four QBs. The majority of Bills fans on this board wanted the Bills to trade up with the NY Giants for that #2 spot to draft Josh Rosen. Most fans here wanted Beane to give up most of the 2018 picks and the 2019 first round pick to move up to the #2 spot! Lucky for the Bills that the Giants were adamant about selecting RB Sequon Barkly (Dunno why) just as Denver was adamant about selecting Brady Chubb if he was there at the #4 spot. The Browns wanted too much for their spots and the Colts wanted OG Quinton Nelson if he was there so Tampa was the only realistic trade partner and the Bills were determined to get that #7 spot before the Cardinals. So, I can see why the Bills FO might be furious with the Jets about that #3 spot and they were thinking the Jets would take Allen ahead of them. For whatever reason, the Jets will be the Jets and took Darnold. (the Tweets might have had something to do with it) I also think that Cleveland wanted Allen at some point and then Baker Mayfield at the end. So happy things worked out the way they did.
  7. The price for ODB must have been too great for Beane, otherwise, I think he pulls the trigger. I can see the NY Giants wanting that #9 overall this year and I can see why Beane said no to that. Kind of a shame though that they couldn't get a deal done because adding Beckham might make up a bit talent wise for drafting Watkins with two firsts and a fourth. Although Beane already scored big last year with two firsts in a franchise QB, ILBer and Robert Foster, Levi Wallace as free agents add to last year's talent influx. Beane already filling some the needs in free agency and I can see this draft class really adding to the roster. P.S. that article on fools gold really showed how stupid teams can be by adding big names only to create a paper tiger. BB went the other way in adding decent fill-ins until he can draft/ find quality starters.
  8. When you look at the 2017 offensive line rankings with Glenn, Wood, Incognito it was a top 15 unit and not much changed subbing Dawkins in for an injured Glenn. Still, we all saw how badly Mills/Miller played on that right side at times. (San Diego game) 2018 was different for Dawkins without the help of Incognito next to him he took a downturn and graded poorly. The entire line graded as one of the worst in the NFL in almost every category. 12th worst in QB hits given up with 101. 14th worst in QB sacks given up with 41 and I can only imagine a pure pocket QB would have been sacked far more. Stating that what we can't see is how these new players to Buffalo performed in their respective units due to the talent around them. Let's look at Center Mitch Morse for a min, as that grade of 69.5 is low from what I see. The guy has only allowed one hit in his last 21 starts. Bodine graded a 61.6 but allowed 16 pressures on Allen in 10 starts. Not to mention that Morse played in a very explosive complicated offense and he knows how to set protections for the line. No question that his upgraded skill should help the two OGs around him. It looks to me like the Bills signed the best young center on the free agent market. We don't know if the Bills are done with the O line rebuild until after the draft but as of right now I think they greatly improved the unit with just the center. https://expo.newyorkupstate.com/sports/g66l-2019/03/b971c0cdb50d4/9-thoughts-and-a-grade-on-buffalo-bills-signing-free-agent-c-mitch-morse.html
  9. Nihilarian

    The Browns will self-destruct on October 21, 2019

    If there is a reason as to why the Browns fail this season it's on the GM for naming the former RB coach the new HC and allowing the DC/interim HC Greg Williams leave. HC Hue Jackson replaced after going 2-5-1 and Williams going 5-3-0. Meanwhile, OC Todd Haley removed when Jackson was removed and the QB coach promoted to OC. Clearly, the GM thought someone would steal their new OC in Freddie Kitchens so he went from a RB coach to OC to HC. Like Anthony Lynn managed to do with Buffalo and then went on to HC of the Chargers. I look at this hire in the same view as the Arizona Cardinals hiring Kliff Kingsbury... a former HC at Texas Tech and had QB Patrick Mahomes as his QB there. he ran the "air raid offense at TT and his six-year record there was 35-40. While never finishing better than 5th in the Big 12 conference. Freddie! Kinda looks lost here.
  10. Nihilarian

    Gettleman - idiot or genius?

    I look at these moves as not very good for the team unless by some magic they think they can upgrade cheaper through the draft. Buffalo and other teams haven't been able to do this in forever. Vernon might have been 19 mill against the 2019 cap with a salary of 15 mill for this year and the next. While I get that they don't like that cap hit, then why not restructure and keep their only edge rusher that is worth a damn. This trade leaves a huge hole on the defense that is very tough to fill. While they are getting a slight upgrade at RG a pro bowl player edge rusher for an average right guard still seems like a bad move to me. Then letting pro bowl SS Landon Collins leave without getting anything in return and he went to a hated division rival in the Redskins! This! Collins was due a salary of 10 mill per with a cap hit of around 14 mill. This isn't about malcontent players that aren't motivated to play their best (like Dareus)or players who missed all or most of the season with injuries (like Watkins). This is all about purging the roster of expensive players regardless of the impact of losing them. How on earth do you trade away a 26-year-old superstar WR like Odell Beckham Jr and keep a 15 year NFL QB who has taken his team once to the playoffs in the last decade who is making 22 mill per with a cap hit of 23 mill. I would have kept Collins, Vernon, Beckham and dumped Manning. The NY Giants had the #2 overall pick last year with Gettleman and took a RB over a QB. This year they have the #6 overall pick and the #17 overall from the Browns. Bills fans aren't the only people who are having a difficult time seeing a bright future for the NY Giants, http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001022315/article/odell-beckham-jr-trade-fallout-ny-giants-plan-hard-to-see?icampaign=trendingNews It's frankly hard to see what the Giants' plan is, unless they have one more dramatic move in their future. In the space of a handful of days, they have given up on three of the most talented players on their team -- Landon Collins, Olivier Vernon and now Beckham -- and for their troubles, they got a starting guard (Kevin Zeitler), the Browns' first-round draft pick (No. 17 overall), a late third-round pick (No. 95) and safety Jabrill Peppers, a former first-rounder. There is plenty of time to question whether that is adequate compensation -- and for that matter, why they didn't trade Collins last season rather than letting him go for nothing. What is unquestionable is that the Giants' attempt at a competitive rebuild should be over. These moves make a modicum of sense only if the next one is the one they dread most of all. What is the point of keeping Manning -- no matter how much better the offensive line should be at protecting him -- if you just took out of his arsenal one of the most dangerous receivers in the game? Dunno about you, but I'm very happy the Bills have Beane and the NY Giants have Gettleman.
  11. Nihilarian

    Bortles released

    Naa, hiring Nathaniel Hackett to be their OC was the dumbest move by Maroon. The last guy on earth I would want to help develop a young QB is Hackett. Another of Marrone's masterfully dumb moves was that the Huckster had no experience as an NFL OC in Buffalo in 2013 and yet the first season they had no experienced veteran QB on the roster and no QB coach with basically three rookie QBs on the roster. All three QBs failed.
  12. Nihilarian

    Gettleman - idiot or genius?

    You may be right and it might be the owner who wants to keep Manning. But then in the last years draft, Gettleman decided to build the offense with that #2 pick at RB instead of a QB or trading back as many teams wanted to move up to that #2 spot and the Giants refused to move. (Luckily for Buffalo ) Manning wasn't really all that bad last season but he was sacked 47 times, 97 QB hits which were 11th worst and Gettleman did bolster the line with Solder at LT and a rookie at LG. What's odd is the sacks were actually worse in 2018 as the 2017 line only allowed 34 sacks, 70 QB hits the previous year as they went 3-13. Now, consider that the only two pro bowl players on defense for the Giants last year were SS Landon Collins who is now a Redskin that the Giants got nothing for, edge rusher Olivier Vernon at LBer who is now a Brown and was a straight up trade with Cleveland for RG Kevin Zeitler. A Pro Bowl pass rusher for a RG? I don't get it!
  13. Nihilarian

    Gettleman - idiot or genius?

    I think he is a clueless moron! What that GM is doing really makes no sense to me. They keep Manning....dunno why... and who is he going to throw to that can bail them out as ODB can?
  14. Nihilarian

    Grade players to Bills

    CBS Sports thinks the Bills did a good job so far, Buffalo Bills Quietly, Buffalo is putting together a very nice offseason. It's impossible to just go out and make massive splashes when you're in a position like the Bills. Instead, they've done a very good job assembling some cheaper talent to put around Josh Allen. Notably, they scored deals with Cole Beasley -- an excellent slot weapon to help ease the burden on Allen in terms of short-yardage throws -- and John Brown, who can take the top off any defense and pairs well with Allen's monster arm. Mitch Morse is expensive, but he's a young (26 years old) center to grow with Allen and help protect the young quarterback up front. Tyler Kroft was also an overpriced tight end weapon, but he's young, he flashed for the Bengals and, again, it can't be overstated how important it is for Allen to have some decent weapons. The Bills also added Kevin Johnson as a young, upside-filled cornerback, picked up Jon Feliciano and Ty Nsekhe as potential starters/depth on the offensive line and even managed to add Frank Gore. Yes, the running back group is 95 years old combined, but there's some reliable skill guys there. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2019-nfl-free-agency-day-2-john-dorsey-browns-win-big-while-giants-are-biggest-losers/
  15. Nihilarian

    Grade players to Bills

    While the Bills didn't get a Richie Incognito pro bowler for the line. What they did was improve what they had on the roster and that center is a big part of it. Feliciano, Nsekhe and Spencer Long are all better then what the Bills fielded last year. Mitch Morse, 6'6'' 305 in his four years with the Chiefs with 49 starts has had 11 penalties with 7 holds, 4 false starts, 11 penalties total. While not a pro bowler he is a solid starter at center. A+ grade IMHO Feliciano, 6'4'' 325 in his four years with the Raiders has played in 48 games with only 8 starts, 3 holds, 3 false starts, 7 penalties total. Spencer Long, 6'5'' 318 in his 5 years in the NFL 53 games, 44 starts 2 holds, 1 false start and 2 that were declined, 5 penalties total. RG Ty Nsekhe, 6'8'' 330 in his 5 years in the NFL 56 games, 16 starts 3 holds, 6 false starts, 2 declined, 11 penalties total. Plus, the Bills still have the rest of free agency and the draft to further upgrade the line if they want.