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  1. I see the Arizona Cardinals as a possible huge disaster after hiring a college coach that was fired by Texas Tech after going 35-40 over six seasons. The best they ever did was in his first year at 8-5. Year Team Overall Conference Standing Bowl/playoffs Texas Tech Red Raiders (Big 12 Conference) (2013–2018) 2013 Texas Tech 8–5 4–5 6th W Holiday 2014 Texas Tech 4–8 2–7 8th 2015 Texas Tech 7–6 4–5 T–5th L Texas 2016 Texas Tech 5–7 3–6 T–6th 2017 Texas Tech 6–7 3–6 8th L Birmingham 2018 Texas Tech 5–7 3–6 T–7th Texas Tech: 35–40 19–35 Total: 35–40 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kliff_Kingsbury Then they draft a kid who started only one season at Oklahoma, it was a great season with 4000 yards, 40 TDs and he won the Heisman Trophy. The thing is Murry was at TT when Kingsbury was there in 2015. Arizona was a bad, bad team in 2018 in which they drafted a QB at #10 overall only to trade him away to Miami. I don't see a college coach who wasn't very good at winning at that level coming into the NFL and becoming a winner. I don't see it. What I can see is the Cards firing their GM, HC and drafting another QB in two years.
  2. I don't know where you get this stuff from. NY Jets CEO Chris Johnson is the brother of Woody Johnson who owns the NY Jets and he is the bumbling bumkin who couldn't keep his hands off the team's football side. (NY Jets owner, Woody Johnson is currently the US ambassador to the UK who was nominated by Trump in 2017) From what I see in Buffalo is completely different from the Jets. In that, the Pegula's listened to Russ Brandon/Doug Whaley in the hiring of Rex Ryan and once they realized that they had hired a buffoon, they fired him! After that, they realized that both Whaley, Brandon weren't very good at running an NFL Team. Then went on to fire Whaley and make a move to ensure Russ Brandon was away from the football side of the Org. From what I've come to understand is that the Pegula's hired Bills GM Brandon Beane after consulting with many, many NFL people. It wasn't just McD's hire. Knowing that I'd have to think the Pegula's quietly did the very same thing before they hired Sean McDermott. These new Bills owners are very "Hands Off" from what I see! Which is such a refreshing change from the old ownership. Looking over what has transpired since the 2017 NFL season It certainly looks to me like these new Buffalo Bills owners did their homework in hiring McD/Beane! I know I haven't felt this good about this franchise since Marv Levy hired Ex-Colts HC Ted Marchibroda after the 1988 season.
  3. From what I've read it was Peyton Manning calling the Jets to endorse Gase is what got him hired by NY in the first place. Not sure I get the love for the guy by Manning as it couldn't have been too difficult to coach the Broncos offense with Manning at QB. Didn't Denver promote Gase after Mike McCoy was hired to be HC of the Chargers in 2013? Gase worked for two seasons as Denver's OC and then followed Denver's HC John Fox after he was fired to Chicago. That 2015 Bears offense was only ranked at 23rd in PF, 21st in yards. So, I don't get the hiring of Gase as HC of the Miami Dolphins either? I almost wonder if Manning made a call to the Dolphins owner too. Does Adam Gase have some wild-eyed compromising photos of Manning? I just don't get it! The new HC/GM of the NY Jets he went 23 -25 as HC of the Dolphins. While he does now have an intriguing coaching staff at NY with Gregg Williams at DC and ex-Lions HC Jim Caldwell as OC. I'd be more inclined to hire Williams or Caldwell as HC over Gase.
  4. This stuff is one of the reasons why the Patriots manage to stay atop the division for nearly two decades. The Bills were right there with the Jets, Dolphins in trying to find the right QB, the right HC, the right GM. To me, it looks like the Bills finally have their franchise QB, their next Polian in Beane and McD the next Marv. Haha, I agree! McD doesn't need to be the next Belichick right away as all he needs to do is hire the right assistant coaches. When his first choice at OC didn't get it done he replaced him! The same happened with the O line, receivers coach and special teams coach. We already know that Leslie Frazier is a good DC, while the jury is out on Daboll, Heath Farwell the new ST coach. Beane did his job in rebuilding the O line, finding that franchise QB and rebuilding that core of ST players. Now the coaches need to prove their worth.
  5. While Brandon was still employed by the Buffalo Bills with these new owners, AFAIK Brandon was promoted to President, managing partner of the Bills, president of the Sabres, Americans, Bandits. After the Rex Ryan firing, he was no involved in the football side. While I do agree that we need to see some real winning... like beating the crap out of the Patriots 2x and taking the division to be truly out of two decades of losing hell. I haven't felt this way about the team since the Marv Levy/ Bill Polian days in 1987 when you could see things all coming together. Even though the team only finished 7-8 that year you could see we had the franchise QB in Kelly and a really good receiver in Reed. Plus the defense was already looking better at near top ten and with that trade at Halloween to get Biscuit... This team is very close to competing with the best in the NFL as they already had the #1 pass defense last season and just need to shore up the run defense. The offense just needs to work things out as I'm not yet convinced that Bills OC Daboll is the right OC to build a top NFL offense. We will find out this season.
  6. While Buddy Nix was still the Bills GM in 2013. It was Doug Whaley who personally went to Florida to scout EJ and made the choice to draft him. If you look at his college career at Florida state it wasn't all that bad considering. During his senior season, he threw for the second most yards in team history with 3,392, trailing only Chris Weinke's Heisman Trophy winning season, in which Weinke threw for 4,167 yards. Manuel went 25-6 as a starter, won the first BCS bowl for Florida State since 2000, won five out of six games against intrastate rivals Miami and Florida, and he led the offense to its most prolific season in team history, cleanly surpassing the 1999 National Championship squad with 6,591 yards. Plus, the kid was Bruce Smith's godson. Bills fans worried about Josh Allen's completion percentage and yet EJ's was average after four seasons was 66.9 %. The kid was a reach by the Bills who were desperate for a franchise QB. The Bills should have been looking for that franchise QB as early as 2010 which was Nix's first year as GM. Granted that year's QB draft class stunk too, as did the several after. EJ Manuel was ruined by moron coaches in Buffalo. EJ was a developmental project who should have never been a first round pick and should have sat and learned behind a veteran QB... But then, the Bills just hired a HC from the college ranks who had no experience as an NFL HC, nor did his OC who also had no NFL experience as an NFL play-caller, OC, QB coach. Speaking of QB coaches...the Bills went into EJ's rookie season with no veteran QB on the roster, no NFL QB coach, the other QB's on the roster were another rookie QB and a guy who started a game or two. Plus the OC was Nate Hackett who was the only man any of these young QB could lean on to learn the NFL ropes. EJ later stated he learned more from watching Kyle Orton prepare for an NFL game more than from anyone else in the Bills Org. What does that tell you about how inept Maroon and his flunkies were back then. Is it really any wonder why EJ Manual failed in Buffalo looking at that offensive coaching staff. P.S. The 2014 Buffalo Bills were 9-7 and it was mostly because of that #4 overall defense coached by Bills DC Jim Schwartz. The Buffalo Bills in all their brilliance let Schwartz leave for Philly were he would win a SB ring as the Eagles DC. Meanwhile, the Bills hire Rex Ryan as HC. I'm so happy the almost two decades with garbage FO people, coaches are behind this franchise now.
  7. While it's my belief that Tom Brady is a huge reason as to why this team has been in 9 super bowls and won 6 since 2000. I also acknowledge that a lot of those winning seasons were because of their HC. Bill Belichick drafted a QB in 2005 from USC that never started in his four years in college... and only threw 20 of 33 for 192 yards in those four years. (Just think of that for a min as so much is all about what a player does in his time in college.) Then Cassel sat on the bench for three seasons behind Brady...until Brady went out after 11 passes in the season opener against KC for the entire 2008 season from a torn ACL. This QB who never started a game in college was now the New England Patriots starting QB and he managed to take them to an 11-5 season while beating the Buffalo Bills twice. The very last game of the season was in a wind storm at the Ralph and the Patriots were at a distinct disadvantage because of those high winds. Trent Edwards had more passing yards, 128 vs 78, the Bills had a RB who rushed for more yards in Fred Jackson who ran 27 times for 136 yards. But NE had two rushers who racked up only seven more total yards and one sole rushing TD. Plus, their kicker managed two FGs while the Bills kicker Ryan Lindell missed his only chance. Alas, a game the Buffalo Bills should have won..but their HC was Dick Jauron. Anyway, that 2008 season the Patriots finished with the same record as the Miami Dolphin at 11-5 and Miami won the division due to tiebreakers. Meanwhile the Patriots missed the playoffs. 11-5 with a QB who's first actual game start after high school was in an NFL game. Only Belichick!
  8. Easy to beat...tough to play... NE vs Buffalo In 2014 with the #4 defense overall the Bills got trounced by the Patriots 37-22 in Buffalo. That 2014 season the Buffalo Bills led the NFL in sacks with 54! The Bills only sacked Brady 2x. Although they beat the Patriots in the last game of the season at NE. The 12-4 Patriots Brady played the first half, Garoppolo played the second in a 17-8 win. The Pats had already home field throughout so the win didn't matter. 2016 with Brady suspended week four the Bills beat the Patriots 16-0 at NE with Jacoby Brissett at QB for NE. The next time they meet in Week eight the Bills get beat 41-25 at Buffalo with Brady at QB. 2018 Buffalo Bills had the #2 in yards allowed, #18 in points allowed. The Bills lost both games. In his 18 years in the NFL the Buffalo Bills have been Tom Brady's beiotch. The Biggest difference between the teams has been one player...da GOAT! 40 playoff games, 14 pro bowls. 9 super bowls with 6 wins. Since 2000 the Patriots have only missed the playoffs 3 times. 16 years of playoffs. During that same time frame 2000-2018 the Buffalo Bills made the playoffs ...once
  9. This! Trade for Jadeveon Clowney! This only makes sense if the Bills think that they are this one player away from the playoffs...are they? Probably not as teams usually make strides incrementally and at 6-10 they could go 8-8 to 10-6. Which means that while they may make the playoffs I doubt they contend for a super bowl in 2019. QB too raw, not convinced O line is going to be dominant just yet and same with receiver corps, TE, WR. With the offensive roster just about set, I see the need for pass rusher, stud to help stop the run. First choice Clowney, second, third choices Nick Perry or Shane Ray at DE over Murphy. The Bills could make a move for Gerald McCoy who would be expensive but make a bigger impact over star who just eats blockers. Clowney, if he stays healthy could be the difference maker the Bills are looking for to make that jump to #1 overall defense in the NFL. Is he worth next years 1st?
  10. I agree with this! Plus, having a decent run game that can move the chains or one that usually leaves the 3rd down distance shorter than five yards is a big help. A strong run game will also help the defense by staying on the field each drive to ultimately score. Thus leaving the defense on the bench opposed to being on the field. Believe it or not Buffalo was 13th in ToP in 2018 and was 30th in 2017. Also, the QB shouldn't be the leading rusher like Josh Allen was last season nor should the RB be the leading receiver like Shady was in 2017. The Bills threw deep last season more than any other NFL team and it's top two receivers missed on 85 targets between them. This should change now that Kelvin Benjamin is gone along with his 37% catch percentage. That greatly improved offensive line should not only help the run game in yard per carry and touchdowns. It should also help that QB who loves to throw deep be able to have more time in the pocket to throw deep. My only areas of concern for the 2019 Buffalo Bills defense is pass rush, stopping the run. The Bills had the #1 pass defense last season.
  11. Hey, I agree! That #2 ranking was for yards allowed and they were 18th in points allowed. And that latter stat is pretty scary. What effected that horrid stat that in some games was that the Bills couldn't stay on the field and sustain drives, hence some games were blowouts. The Bills defense was really put to task in many games as they were on the field far, far to long! They were also susceptible to the run in some games where they simply couldn't stop the run, Colts, Patriots games come to mind. Plus, the Bills really had a difficult time getting the run game going from the RBs most of the season and this took no pressure off the QB's. #1 RB McCoy only had 514 yards rushing with 3 TDs all season. The QB escaping the pocket was the leading rusher with 631 yards, 8 TDs. Then the drops by the receivers, between Zay Jones and Kelvin Benjamin they missed on 85 targets by themselves, yes 85! Part of the problem was the Bills OC calling for deep passes around 30% of the offensive plays and this with an absolute craptastic offensive line. Josh Allen led all NFL QB on deep throws. It wasn't just with Allen either as Peterman and Barkley also threw deep around 30%. Barkley got luckey and hit a deep 75 yard TD bomb with his first pass play and it went on to a Bills 41-10 blowout of the Jets. That Jets game was a reverse microcosmic of what the Bills endured in many games last year. The Bills got the lead and exploited it. Suddenly the Bills had a run game as they had 46 rushes for 212 yards, 2 TDs. LeSean McCoy rushed 26 times for 113 yards, 2 TDs. The Jets OTOH first four series went three and out and the fifth was an INT as they couldn't get anything going on offense. Kinda the same thing happened to the Bills when they got behind in points the Bills OC kept calling pass plays and ignored the run game. While you have some valid points. The players brought in by the Bills FO should improve that line 1000% from last season. They didn't just add some warm bodies they added some hungry players who should compete for starting positions and have good depth as backups. The Bills have committed $39 million to six new linemen with a combined 317 games of experience in the NFL While Mitch Morse was the best of the bunch at center. He had to be to help call protections for that young and still learning QB. This alone was a huge improvement to the line. A veteran starting center was probably the 2019 Bills biggest needs and they filled it with the best player available in free agency. A position where a rookie just wouldn't do. Dawkins should hold down LT and improve as now he only needs to be concerned with his own position and not the left guards job too. I believe his play fell off last season due to having to plays with scrubs/inexperienced players next to him at LG. Just as Incognito helped raise the play of both Woods and Glenn. I feel Quinton Spain, John Feliciano, Spencer Long should compete for both guard spots along with Wyatt teller who only allowed 5 QB pressures in 8 games. Rookie Cody Ford was graded as a first round player and fell to the second round so the Bills traded up to grab a punishing run blocker and should start at RT or be moved to RG. Both the run blocking and pass blocking should improve greatly this year, no question about it in my view. This should also help the defense as they won't be on the field as much as they were last season and I don't see any team blowing them out in 2019. Lastly, lets talk about the very worst area of concern from 2018 and that was the Buffalo Bills being 32nd in special teams. They fired their ST coach (who is now in Miami) and hired Heath Farwell who was a ST assistant coach with the Seahawks, Panthers and as an NFL player. He was a special teams captain for both the Vikings, Seahawks. The Bills also added pro bowl ST KR/PR Andre Roberts to return. (The NY Jets were #1 ST last year) The Bills also added special teams ace RB Senorise Perry. The only area of concern for me this season is with the defense in stopping the run. Then again, should the Bills score first and hold the lead it should be lights out just like that 41-10 Jets game, the 42-17 Dolphins game at the end of the season.
  12. This season the Bills have several receivers who can go deep, Zay Jones runs a 4.5. John Brown runs a 4.3. Robert Foster runs a 4.4. Those deep receivers will open up the middle of the field for Cole Beasley and the TEs. Mostly Beasley who caught 74.7% of the targets thrown his way. It also help with the run game because now the defense can't stack the box or get burned deep. Expect a better season from Shady and Co. Kinda reminiscent of those 90"s Bills with Beebe and Lofton running deep routes which opened up the middle for Andre Reed and help also Thurman Thomas with his cutbacks. The sky really is the limit to what this years offense will do. JMHO
  13. He isn't and they won't! Look back to 2017 to a somewhat inferior roster with a running QB... who was afraid to throw over the middle. (That won't happen this year!) That years offense was 31st in passing attempts, 31st in yards passing even with a journeyman QB. Aside from last seasons rookie QB who will now get all the starting reps this off season. The Bills added some really good receivers, and O linemen to protect him and run block. The offense should be much improved as well as the defense, special teams...speaking of special teams the 2018 Buffalo Bills were 32nd in the NFL. This season they have no where to go but get better after signing the pro bowl KR/PR from the Jets in Andre Roberts. in 2018 the bills fielded the #2 defense in yards and the #1 pass defense. If the run defense improves the Bills should field a very dominant unit, and perhaps even number one overall. This season could be very special for the Bills.
  14. I stand corrected. It was starting RT Ja'Wuan James who left in free agency to Denver. Along with starting LG Ted Larsen who signed with Chicago. They also have a band-aid at center but they could pencil in 3rd pick Michael Deiter for that position or perhaps LG. Still, I think the Dolphins roster stinks and their super bowl odds are at +27500. Which is last in the NFL. I also think that many around the league are underestimating how well Buffalo did in free agency and the draft. The Bills already had the #1 pass defense in 2018 and they signed EJ Gains. Now I have to wonder who the starting CB is opposite Tre White. Is it Levi Wallace? Is it EJ Gains? Is it Kevin Johnson? Decisions, decisions!
  15. On paper is a funny thing. The Browns two head coaches last year are now long gone. The quarterback coach is now the head coach and while the new HC will be calling the offensive plays. New DC will be Steve Wilks who was the HC at Arizona last season. The Cleveland Browns went 7-8-1 last year and won 5 of their last 7 games under Gregg Williams. Who knows how that new coaching staff will do this season. Same old Browns?
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