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  1. While true for some games during the season. Steelers 16-23, Jaguars 6-9, Colts 15-41, Patriots 10-14. They also lost to Tennessee 31-34 and Tampa Bay 27-33 in OT. In particular that Jags game in scoring only 6 points against the worst team in the league over the last few years was inexplicable in my view. Four sacks, three turnovers. 12 penalties on Buffalo for 118 yards. Not to mention that it showed that Josh Allen can still be bullied by a strong pass rush. A great defensive effort by Jacksonville, a poor offensive effort by Buffalo. 9 rushes for 22 yards by Bills RBs... That Colts game though, 46 rushes for 264 yards, 4 TDs on the ground by Indy with 37:47 ToP vs 22:13 for Buffalo showed that they can play keep away from Allen. It also helped that Buffalo had 4 turnovers with 3 INTs, 1 fumble by Allen. The Patriots vs Buffalo in their first game, 46 rushes for 222 yards, 1 TD for NE. Granted this was in a windstorm in Buffalo. My concern here is based on the Bills will face many teams that will attempt to run the ball more often rather then face that top Buffalo defense against the pass that they had in 2021. Now with Von Miller in the fold it should be even more difficult for opponents to throw against Buffalo. Besides that, Miami with a new HC that is from the 49ers who was their run game coordinator in San Fran. The NY Jets with new RB Breece Hall and considering what Buffalo did to their rookie QB last season. They also face noted running teams in the Titans, Ravens, Steelers early on. We also know that NE has some good RBs. I don't ever want to see another game like that Colts game loss 15-41 with Carson Wentz at QB who only threw for 106 yards! Its my hope that Buffalo did enough in the off season to shore up that run defense. We should know early because the Bills face the Colts in the preseason, week one.
  2. It's easy for Bills fans to be very optimistic about the upcoming 2022 season as the Bills do have the best young QB in the league IMO. Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert are also right up there with the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes now. Me? I think Allen is the best after what the kid did to the Patriots in that playoff game...47-17. Wonder If the hoodie still thinks Allen is trash? Anyway, look closer at the Bills last season to realize that last years team really played very poorly in several games. That Jags 6-9 loss hits me first...how on many levels? The literal drubbing by the Colts 41-15 tells me that even though the Bills defense was statistically number one overall...they stuck it up big time many times during last season. Look who they beat last season to garner that #1 overall defensive ranking. WK 1)Loss to the Steelers 16-23. WK 2)The Dolphins by knocking out the starter in Tua and destroying backup Jacoby Brissett! WK 3)Beating Washington 43-21 because they faced backup QB Taylor Heinicke! WK 4)Houston with Davis Mills at QB, 40-0 rating of 23.4...like facing Nathan Peterman. WK 5) Chiefs 38-20 with Mahomes still reeling from that SB loss to the Bucs. WK6) Tennessee, close loss 31-34. WK 7) BYE WK Eight) Miami, Tua showing he was not ready to face a good team. WK 9) Jacksonville. 6-9 loss How the eff??? To a rookie QB who threw for 118 yards. WK 10) NY Jets with Mike White at QB...who? WK11) Indy Colts rushing 46 for 264 yards, 4 rushing TDs. Wentz threw for 106 yards!! WK12) NO Saints, Trevor Siemian at QB...who? threw for 163 yards WK 13) Patriots, loss to a rookie QB in Mac Jones who threw for 19 yards!!! WK 14) Bucs, 33-27 loss in OT Buffalo came alive in the second half. WK 15) Carolina, faced a washed up Cam Newton. who threw for 156 yards. WK 16) NE, the rookie again who threw for 145 yards. WK 17) Atlanta, sacked Matt Ryan 5x. WK 18) NY Jets with the real rookie QB starting in Zack Wilson who went 7 of 20 for 87 yards. sacked Zack 9x!! Buffalo finished 11-6...when they could have easily beaten the Jags and finished 12-5 like Tenn, KC. Or, if Tremaine Edmunds isn't alone on pass coverage against Bucs WR Breshad Perriman. Josh doesn't slip against Tenn. Buffalo lost the opener to Pittsburgh that they should have won. That #1 defense doesn't look so hot after beating up on a bunch of scrub QBs all season. That #1 defense gave up 552 yards of offense to the Chiefs in that playoff game. 2022 opponents, Rams*, Titans*, Dolphins, Ravens, Steelers*, Chiefs*, Packers*, Jets, Vikings, Browns, Lions, Patriots*, Jets, Dolphins, Bears, Bengals*, Patriots*. Much tougher schedule with no rookie QBs with 8 of 17 games against 2021 playoff teams. Buffalo had better be much better at stopping the run as so many of the teams they face will try and do what the Colts did to Buffalo last season.
  3. The Bills offensive line was so banged up in that Denver conference Championship that TE Pete Metzelaars was forced to play tackle late in the game. Redskins SB, Injuries really hurt that years team at the end of that season. Jim Kelly was sacked 5x and concussed. Threw 4 INTs. Washington went up 17-0 in the first half. What made Buffalo so potent those glory years was that they would get a lead and unleash that fierce pass rush...not play from behind! Again though, Buffalo simply couldn't stop the run. In 1991, 14-2 Washington had the #1 offense in points and #4 in yards that season. Their defense was #2 in points allowed, #3 in yards allowed. Meanwhile, Buffalo had the #2 offense in points scored and were #1 in yards. Their defense ranked 19th in points allowed, 27th in yards allowed in 1991!! Buffalo was 6th and 8th respectively in 1990. Washington was just a much better team on defense that season.
  4. Did the OP somehow miss the last two games against NE last season? In particular that playoff game in which the Buffalo QB played a perfect game in beating those clowns 47-17. Josh Allen 21 of 25 for 308 yards passing, 5 TDs. Many sites have the Patriots falling into irrelevance for 2022. https://www.nfl.com/news/bold-predictions-for-2022-nfl-season-pats-fall-into-irrelevance-derek-carr-leads He lost his OC to the Raiders and his old DC will be calling the offensive plays...this might just be the cheaters last season as HC.
  5. Things I'm concerned about with the Bills roster. #1. CB's. In the opener, will the Bills secondary be up to handle that Rams receiver group led by Cooper Kupp? Will Tre White be healthy and at 100% as he is listed as questionable to start that game. Will the rookie be starting on the other side? 3 rookies, Kaiir Elam, Griffin, Benford, 4 two year players, Tim Harris, Dane Jackson, Cam Lewis, Nick McCloud. Teron Johnson 5 years exp. Kinda scary when you think that the other starting CB is now a Steeler and White might not be ready. #2. OL. The way that O line finished the season they looked very stout. So, I can see why the reluctance to draft early for that unit. RT Spencer Brown is currently listed as questionable to start the season as he had surgery this off season. Depth is an issue as one more concussion for starting center Mitch Morse might be his last.(has had 6 so far?) Back up LG Boettger had an Achilles issue and might not be ready for the season. I know I'd feel better if this unit had some better players with better depth. That week 9 Jacksonville Jaguars game irritates me with that Buffalo offense being held to only 6 points all game. Josh Allen running for his life, 2 INTs, 4 sacks and the offense stymied. Bills couldn't run either with Singletary 2.7 YPC, Moss 2.0 YPC. This against the worst team in the NFL! The Bills line had problems with other teams too. Steelers, Colts and that Patriots first game. A better, more dominant O line and they can run more effectively when the pass isn't working or running it to setup the pass. Will Beane bring in a vet CB? Any still out there?
  6. Look what Brandon Beane and McD have built in Buffalo...an awesome championship team!! A team that has been in the playoffs 4 of the 5 last seasons. This after not seeing the playoffs since 1999. In 2020 the Buffalo Bills won 2 playoff games against the Colts, Ravens. So, you let go McD for whatever reason. Who do you plan to replace him with? What if Beane were to follow him to wherever he ends up? What then? On a different note: Let's look at the Dallas Cowboys for an example. Dallas HC Jimmy Johnson built the Cowboys into super bowl contender after HC Tom Landry went 3-13 in 1988. Yes, there were some growing pains for a few seasons for the Boys, but by 1992-1993 the Cowboys had won 2x SB's (at the Bills expense) The teams owner, Jerry Jones got it into his head that "he" was the one who built those great teams and he and HC Johnson had a falling out. Yes, that Cowboys team with Aikman at QB was good enough to win 2x more SBs with Barry Switzer at HC. Now, look what's happened to that franchise since, 6 head coaches, 26 seasons, 11 playoff appearances and NOT ONE playoff win in all that time.
  7. Some of you need to realize that Kansas City head coach Andy Reid has been an NFL HC since 1999! Through 1999-2012 with Philly. 2013 though 2022 with Kansas City. Yea that's right, 23 years. 14 seasons with Philly, 9 with Kansas. SB 2x with KC one win, one loss. One SB appearance and loss with the eagles and it took 6 seasons to get there. Reid W/L record as an NFL HC 23 years. Philly .583-KC .710-Total .633 McD 5 seasons as NFL HC, W/L 49/32 .605 It's only going to get better as the Buffalo Bills NOW have one of the very best franchise QB's in the NFL! Great offense, good defense. One season with Tyrod Taylor at QB and the rest with developing a rookie in 2018. Simply look at the success of this team recently...my lord! In his 5 seasons as HC the Buffalo defense has been near top 5 three times. McD and Beane inherited a freaking mess of a team that was in cap hell with not so much talent. Wrex Ryan had wrecked that #1 defense. Yea, I'm not happy about that 13 seconds either as Buffalo had a 92%+ chance of winning that game at the kick off. They screwed it up for sure. I'm not happy about that Jaguars game either with a 6-9 loss to the worst team in the NFL. The Colts game still irritates me, 264 yards, 4 TDs on the ground. Buffalo could have had home field and a home playoff game last season. Let's hope that things don't repeat and the coaching staff learned from the mistakes. Bills fans should be embracing a very bright future for this franchise... that is staying in Buffalo!
  8. Where does a thread like this come from? The 13 second haters? As a head coach, McD is considered one of the top men in the NFL. "If for some reason he became available to another NFL team there is no doubt in my view he would be snapped up in a heartbeat. C'mon guys...this man made the playoffs in his first season in Buffalo with Tyrod Taylor at QB. If McD has any shortcoming it's that he is far to loyal to his DC. Frazier calls the defensive plays and not the head coach! Yet from the Bills fan base McD gets blamed for anything on the defensive side. Then, at the same time I can see why he would keep Leslie Frazier for so many reasons. I was sorta hoping that Frazier would get hired away as a new head coach this off season. However, he still might after the 2022 season. On another note, look what happened to the Baltimore Ravens last season with all their bad luck. Even after a season similar to that one I'd still say NO!
  9. Going back to those 90's Buffalo Bills SB teams. They had a better offensive line with pro bowlers at LT, LG, C. Wolford, Ritcher, Hull, with the latter an all pro too. They also had a superstar at RB in Thurman Thomas who was also a 1st team all pro... who could do it all. A Marshall Faulk before Faulk. Very few teams could stop that Buffalo running attack. It's my opinion that the current Buffalo offensive roster aside from the O line is better. In QB, receivers, TE. This current team isn't going to ask a RB to go 270-300 rushing attempts either. Singletary does have a very respectable rushing yard per attempt average. 5.1, 4.4. 4.6. Thomas averaged 4.8 in those SB seasons. While those 90 Bills had a fierce pass rush in being built for speed, LDE Seals, 6'5'' 265 lbs. NT Jeff Wright, 6'.2'', 274 lbs. Bruuuce 6'4'' 264 lbs. LOLB Biscuit 6'2'' 237 lbs. LILB Conlan 6'3'' 235 lbs. RILB Bentley 6'2'' 240 lbs. ROLB Talley 6'4'' 235 lbs. This defense had great difficulty is stopping a power run team like we saw in that 90 SB against the NYG. They would get a lead and not look back with their pass rush. The current Buffalo defense, (2019 was #2 in points allowed, #3 in yards allowed.) (2020, #16, #14.) (2021 #1 overall. #1 in pass defense, #13 in rush defense, #26 in rushing TDs allowed.) LB Von Miller ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ LG Rodger Saffold ++++ pro bowler in 2021 for Tenn. DT Tim Settle +++++ steal in FA DT Daquan Jones +++++pass rusher and run stuffer DT Jordan Phillips RB Duke Johnson TE OJ Howard +++++ WR Jamison Crowder +++++ QB Case Keenum QB Matt Barkley The 2022 Buffalo Bills might be a #1 overall defensive unit again! Only this season not against scrub teams and backup QBs. That offense could also be a #1 unit with Crowder in the slot, Howard at TE helping an already top offense. Not to mention the draft picks. (Besides, Beane might still not be done depending on how that secondary looks going forward)
  10. Lets take a long look at each of those games. Colts: after the game the members of the media asked the coaches why stay with the same eleven players on defense. The response by Bills DC Leslie Frazier was that with a "stacked box" they should have been able to stop the run. They clearly weren't able to... and this changed later on in the season as the defense started subbing in bigger players in run situations. It's also been noted that Frazier liked to keep his defense in "Nickle" most of the time. 90.3% of their defensive snaps with 5 DB's on the field. 13 seconds: with a 92.4 chance of winning the game on this KO with 13 seconds. The kick off, a squib could have also been returned for better field position or a TD with Tyreek Hill returning. Yes, less time on the clock... but who knows? There was a supposed communication gap somewhere between the coaches, players. Stuff happens. More importantly the Buffalo defensive scheme went prevent. Which meant that only the 4 down linemen were at the line of scrimmage. The rest of the defense was deep with them playing 10-15 yards off the line and all behind the first down line, the two safeties were each 30 yards deep. The way the Bills played KC in that prevent, Mahomes hit Hill 5 yards beyond the LoS and he turned it into a 19 yard gain. The next play Frazier had his players move up a bit but after the snap they dropped into a soft zone and Mahomes hit Kelce who found a hole in the zone. Two of the very best receivers in the NFL not closely covered, not jammed at the line... The very next game the Bengals were in a similar situation and they stayed with their base defense and stopped KC. The old adage that the only thing a prevent defense does is prevent the win... certainly proved true in this case. A #1 defense doesn't give up 552 yards of offense in a playoff game. TB game: Dunno about any scraping...but re-watching that play, Edmunds was the only player near Perriman. Safety help? A MLBer shouldn't need to cover a WR on a 58 yard TD pass. I see a flawed defense that lost Buffalo that game. Players, coaching, questionable. I like Leslie Frazier...although, I was hoping he would move on like Daboll. IMHO, Buffalo had the talent in 2021 to win that Colts game, the Tampa game, the Patriots first game, the Steelers game and that Jaguars game! The Bills win against NE and the Jags and they have home field. Buffalo had the #1 defense stat wise. Still, this was against several back up QB's, rookie QB's and bad teams. Washington 7-10 back up QB, Houston 4-13 back up QB, Jacksonville rookie QB (who they lost to) 3-14. NY Jets rookie QB and a back up QB 2x, 4-13, Carolina 5-12 back up QB, Falcons 7-10. Yes, changes have been made this off season. We shall see if they work out.
  11. All of the above! The season opener the Bills face the rams with Cooper Kupp, Matt Stafford which might be a very daunting task for the Buffalo secondary. Again, in this first game we will see how well that offensive line holds up against Aaron Donald & Co. Me, I'm not sold that the Bills O line is as good as it could be. Probably my biggest concern is with the Buffalo defense in stopping the run. The Bills should find out early if the run defense is good enough as they face the Colts in pre season, week one. The AFC East division. The New England Patriots who love to run the ball to set up their passing game. They have some really good RBs and drafted another in the 4th this year. The NY Jets drafted RB Breece Hall which many Bills fans were clamoring about. He along with Michael Carter could pose a big problem. The Miami Dolphins hired the 49ers run game coordinator in Mike McDaniel's! Who we know will want to build a power run scheme like he ran in SF. Of the first six games, The Titans week 2, Dolphins week 3, Ravens week 4, Steelers week 5. will all work that run game. Lastly, coaching! If we see a repeat of a team run the ball like the Colts did last season against the Bills, 46 rushes for 246 yards, 4 TDs. They played keep the ball away by running it. With Carson Wentz at QB 🤢 Or, the 13 seconds fiasco with the Buffalo secondary guarding the sidelines and leaving the middle open. Or, as in the Tampa Bay game in which the Bills MLBer was covering a WR...TD, end of game in OT! Buffalo might have had the #1 defensive stats...top defenses don't give up 552 yards of offense in a playoff game. Same crap or have things been fixed? Not to mention the Bills have a new OC and will he be as good or better?
  12. I sort of agree. The offensive line...is it as good as it could be? It still gives me pause for concern. One concussion away from losing the center? That Jags game last season showed us that that Buffalo offense can be shut down, 6 points to a 3-14 team with the 20th ranked defense 28th in points allowed? The defense...Alas, they were simply not as good as the #1 stats show as they faced many backup QBs, rookie QBs and piss poor offenses in 2021. (Washington 7-10)(Houston 4-13)(2x NY Jets 4-13) (LOST to 3-14 Jags!)(Carolina 5-12)(Atlanta 7-10) They were smoked badly by the Colts and their run game, 46 rushes for 264 yards. 4 TDs. Speaking of that, do we know for certain that the Bills run defense improved? The Patriots with a rookie QB beat them once. The Bills defense gave up 552 yards of offense to the Chiefs in that last game. Offense...we also don't know if the new OC will be an improvement as he has some huge shoes to fill. Daboll in his last seven or so games was doing an amazing job. That Patriots playoff game was one for the ages! 2021 record and Cynthia's 2022 total win projection *@Rams, SB winner 12-5...11.5 projection *Titans, 12-5...8.8 projection *@Miami, 9-8...8.8 projection @Baltimore, 8-9...9.0 projection *Pittsburgh, 9-7...7.8 projection *@Kansas, 12-5...10.4 projection BYE *Green Bay, 13-4...10.9 projection @NY Jets, 4-13...7.2 projection Minnesota, 8-9...8.7 projection Cleveland, 8-9...8.8 projection @Detroit, 3-13...7.4 projection *@New England, 10-7...8-7 projection NY Jets, 4-13...7.2 projection *Miami, 9-8...8.8 projection @Chicago, 6-11...6.1 projection *@Cincinnati, 10-7...8.9 projection *New England, 10-7...8.7 projection * denotes a team with a winning record. Buffalo, 11.6 projection. Whoa, those first six games. Will the Buffalo secondary be up to the task against Cooper Kupp & Co? Will the Buffalo run defense be able to stop Derrick Henry? Many changes...gonna be interesting.
  13. McDuffie 5'10'', 193 lb, arm 29 3/4, 40 time 4.44. vert jump 38.5 Elam 6'1 1/2'', 191 lb, arm, 30 7/8, 40 time 4.39. vert jump 37.5. Taller, faster, slightly longer arms. Some sites had a 1st round higher grade on one or the other. Elam has the NFL bloodlines as his father, Abram Elam played in the NFL. His uncle, Matt Elam was a first round NFL pick in 2013. If you listened to this kid he as he couldn't wait to get started studying, he brought his FSU, playbook, notebook with him to greet Bills FO/coaches. "Florida CB Kaiir Elam Another potential first round target has emerged as a pre-draft visitor. Cover 1 reported on Wednesday that Kaiir Elam made a visit to Buffalo sometime during the window prospects could visit teams. Elam, Dane Brugler’s No. 45 overall prospect, has been a late first round selection in multiple mock drafts. Elam recorded five interceptions and 20 passes defensed in three seasons at Florida." https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2022/04/buffalo-bills-2022-nfl-draft-top-30-visitor-tracker-cb-andrew-booth-jr-rb-james-cook-among-recent-visits.html Cook also made a visit.
  14. It isn't like the Bills haven't played this team previously and don't know their package concepts. In 2020 the Bills played the Chiefs in week in week 6 and were beaten 26-17. The Bills defensive strategy for that game was to play off the receivers while not allowing anything deep. The Chiefs countered that by running the ball 46 times for 245 and Mahomes had a modest game, 21 of 26 for 225. The Bills played them again in 2020 in the conference championship game and changed their defensive strat and were beaten 38-24. Mahomes 29 of 38 for 325, 3 TDs. In 2021 with Mahomes having a rocky start to the season following that beat down in the SB by the Bucs. The Bills played them in week 5 and beat them like a drum 38-20! The Chiefs and Mahomes eventually got their offense straightened out and finished 12-4 with home field throughout. In that 2021 playoff game against the Chiefs that supposed #1 Buffalo Bills defense gave up 552 yards of offense to the Chiefs, losing 42-36 in OT. #1 defense? Lies, damned lies and statistics! I also don't count losing Tre white with a seasone ending injury as the reason for a lot of the failures. My view is that the Bills ST coach took some heat for that kick off, he's gone.🐐 Wallace also took some heat, he's gone. 🐐 The real culprit is the is someone different! C'mon now, giving up 552 yards of offense! Playing a prevent defense for those 13 seconds. It was stunning to see the Bills defenders guarding the sidelines while the middle was wide open!! The only players on the LoS where the Bills 4 down linemen as the rest were 10-15 yards off the LoS. Josh Allen played a great game against the Chiefs, 27 of37 329, 4 passing TDs all for naught because of defensive stupidity. That Tampa Bay game, week 14. Last play, LBer Edmunds was covering a WR. He got beat, TD, end of game after such heroics by the Buffalo QB. 41-15 loss to the Colts in week 11 with hapless Carson Wentz as their QB. Why? because the Bills defense gave up 32 rushes for 185 yards, 4 TDs to Colts RB Jonathan Taylor. Some really questionable defensive play calls throughout the 2021 season that cost the team some games. Homefield. A home playoff game in Buffalo... Is the ghost of Skeletor roaming the halls at OBD? We all saw who the scapegoats ended up being. I can only hope that those "other" issues where addressed behind the scenes for the 2022 season.
  15. Doubt I'll ever remember those "13 seconds" fondly! Not ever as thank you! I have two words that follow that phrase "13 seconds" and the last word is the same! I do find it kind of ironic that after that Bills playoff game the Chiefs players and their fans were gloating, saying how much they loved those "13 seconds"... it came back to bite them in the ass against the Bengals. Anyway, Brandon Beane is the man! Best GM in the league in my view and he is going about building the team as he usually does. Let's not forget that both McD and Beane are first timers in their respective jobs and learning as they go. A few things still haunt me from the 2022 season... as in I'll never forget them. That Jaguars game in week 9, 2021. To see the Buffalo QB under that much duress and the Bills offense not being able to pass the ball... or run the ball effectively. And yet, the Bills OC keeps calling for pass plays...47 pass attempts vs 14 rush attempts = a 6 to 9 loss to the worst NFL team the last two years. Pressure, this is the same crap we saw in week one of the 2018 season against the Ravens when Josh was a rookie, Bills QB's sacked 6x. We saw it happen in 2019 against the Ravens with them sacking Josh 6x! Unreal to see the same type of thing happening again in 2021. The Buffalo QB under constant pressure so the offense can't make throws or run the ball. Just keep passing... That Colts game week 11, a 41-15 loss. Images still in my mind from Colts players laughing it up in the locker room after that game...talking about how bad that supposed #1 defense really was. Carson Wentz as the QB...Colts offense, 46 rushes for 264 yards on the ground, 4 rushing TDs. Wentz, 11 of 20 for 106 yards. The Tampa Bay game week 14. Buffalo getting its behind handed to them by half time, losing 26-0. Bucs thought they had this game in the bag. The unicorn gets pissed! He takes the game over, 54 passing attempts for 308 yards yards, 2 TDs. Another 109 rushing yards on 12 attempts, 1 rushing TD. This game goes into over time on a Bass 25 yard FG. Sadly, the game was lost to the Bucs on the last play because someone had LBer Edmunds covering a WR. Unlike most, I don't care to place all the blame on the head guy. Yes, he has to take some responsibility. I don't see him calling the defensive plays as he has a DC to handle that. I don't blame the head guy for the offensive play calls either. Let's hope some things were learned. The way I look at it is, those three games, Jags, Colts, Bucs. The Bills win those and its a 14-3 season with home field. A different story, different outcome.
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