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  1. You n me both 😋 Still, the argument can be made for having a top RB. Derrick Henry 2nd rd-Dalvin Cook 2nd rd- Jonathan Taylor 2nd rd-Aaron Jones 5th rd. Nick Chubb 2rd rd. Alvin Kamara 3rd rd. Its all about finding that diamond RB in the 2nd round...easier said than done.
  2. Agreed, but then the Refs were not calling holds on either side of the Chiefs play. The "stickie Chiefs defense" as announcer Tony Romo cited. The Chiefs DBs were clearly holding the Bills receivers all game and yet the refs didn't allow that in the SB. What made my year was the way the Bucs chased vaunted QB Patrick Mahomes to the tune of nearly 500 yards behind the line of scrimmage in that SB!! 31-9 and not even close. 2 INTs, 3 sacks and a QBR of 52.3. Simply beautiful to witness. Anyway, a few of the biggest factors between the Bills roster and the Chie
  3. I wonder if the Refs are going to apologize for the flagrant holding by the Chiefs DBs in the AFC Championship game that they clearly didn't allow in the SB? 🤬
  4. Before I get worried about the other teams in the AFC drafts. They need to show they know what they are doing. Brandon Beane has shown he is a sure fire wizard at times. Sam Darnold, Tua, Cam Newton...nuf said! The Jets let go some of their better players to get some of all those draft picks... Also, they were a 2-14 team last season. QB Zach Wilson has some warts... very similar to what we heard about Josh Rosen. If the Jets fail to build a solid offense around that rookie QB he will fail just like Darnold! The Patriots have been drafting
  5. I'll bet the FO of the Jets simply couldn't stand to look at Darnold any longer...then, they think of the guy they missed on. Because every time they looked at Darnold it reminded them that they traded up to the #3 pick to have their choice of QB's after Mayfield and they screwed it up. They traded with the Colts for the #3 and gave up their #6 first round and THREE second round picks. The #37th overall, #49th and a 2019 second round pick.
  6. For all those Bills fans worried about Zach Wilson. This take remind you of anyone? "In speaking to a director of college scouting from a NFC team that is in the market for a new quarterback, he outlined the makeup concerns with Wilson: "Johnny Manziel comp without the [drugs]. [Wilson] is fun to watch, but is he a 1-year flash in the pan? He's a backyard baller who is fun to watch." "Someone will grab him in the first [round]. I doubt he gets to the second [round] because once the third quarterback goes, after Lawrence and Fields, there will be a run on them. [Wilson
  7. This is easy, when the team ran the ball down other teams throats all season 2019, Jimmy G looked great in just managing the game like Alex Smith. Everything came to light in that super bowl when the 49ers put the emphasis to win the game on their QB, and he failed them. He was only sacked once and yet he looked bad, the Chiefs won 31-20. Jimmy G had 3 starts in 2018, played a full season in 2019 and with injuries only played 6 games in 2020. Perhaps they want a QB that can stay healthy. The Buffalo Bills might have shown them what a true stud at QB looks like!
  8. It shouldn't matter what QB the Jets select at #2. If they fail to build their O line, WR corps, run game they can expect the new QB to fail just like Darnold.
  9. Carolina must have been thinking that no way do any of the top 5 QBs in the draft reach them at #8. #1) QB Lawrence, Jacksonville #2) QB Wilson, NY Jets #3) QB Fields?, SF #4) QB Jones?, Atlanta #5) Cincy #6) Miami #7) QB Lance, Detroit #8) Carolina now have Sam Darnold and will draft a different position. Justin Fields, Trey Lance, Mac Jones could go in any order but all expected to be gone in the first 10 picks. Good thing too because rumor has it that the Patriots have been very interested in Mac Jones!
  10. Oh, I agree. As much as I disliked Brian Daboll at *first... I can't overstate enough what the guy has done for the buffalo passing game. It's like a fine art, a science, a chess match to find a balance to what works against different teams. I won't deny that I wanted Daboll's head on a platter after that first season. But! The man has "helped" develop Allen into one of the very best young QB's in the league. Don't get me wrong here because I still feel the guy has warts. I also feel he has grown and developed right along with Allen. Those warts... not a v
  11. The Jets appear to be locked in on Zach Wilson at this point. Yet, what did they expect from Sam Darnold when they failed to protect him, failed to get him quality receivers, failed to get him a decent run game. It really doesn't matter who the Jets draft because if they repeat the same mistakes with Darnold... whomever they draft the result will be the same in two years.
  12. The Patriots have the #15th pick in this draft and the top five QB's won't last that long. 1st QB)Jags, Lawrence 2nd QB)Jets, Wilson 3rd QB)49ers, Lance/Fields 4th QB)Falcons are looking at QB's with the #4 pick. Justin Fields 5th QB)Panthers are looking at a QB with the #8 pick. Mac Jones Even Denver with the #9 is looking at new QB over Drew Locke. It is a good bet that with so many QB hungry teams that all those top five QBs won't even last till the #9 pick. My take is that the 13-3 Buffalo Bills with QB Josh Allen has i
  13. The NY Jets won't stay at #2 and NOT take a QB! Then again, it is the Jets and they have proven time after time to do the wrong thing. Like like trading up to take Same Darnold in the first place and missing on Josh Allen! 😆 Otherwise they trade back like the Dolphins did... with Tua as it appears they are staying with him at QB. This move says the Phins are no longer interested in trading for Watson too. Consensus is that the Jets take Zach Wilson @#2 and trade Darnold. Next thought is, who exactly do the 49ers want at #3 to trade away the farm
  14. I get the optimism for the Buffalo Bills in 2021. Josh Allen took an huge leap in being in the running for MVP conversation. The Bills had for the first time in franchise history the leagues leading receiver. The 2020 Buffalo Bills were 13-3 and if not for a miracle Hail-Mary play by the Arizona Cardinals with 11 seconds left, the Bills go 14-2. The #2 overall offense in the NFL in 2020. There were only four other NFL teams with a better point differential @126, Ravens 165, Packers 140, Saints 145, Bucs 137. Yes, Buffalo has the better QB in the division fo
  15. The 2020 Buffalo Bills didn't win the SB and to read some of the stuff posted... most fans think they did! The Bills were OWNED by the Chiefs! Not once, but twice. The vaunted Bills passing game fell on its face at times. No run game. The defense gave up too many big plays. What a lot of Bills fans don't get is that last season with Covid no preseason games and no time for defenses to get up to speed. So the offenses (Buffalo) took off in scoring at the start. Plus, the league wanted exciting high scoring games, hence the non holding calls on offensive line play
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