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  1. So many teams are looking at upgrading the QB position this year and thus the reason for all the hype. At least half of all NFL teams are taking a long hard look at this years QB class it's crazy. Especially from the teams that already have their franchise guys like Pittsburgh, New England, and the Chargers. AFC East, NE, Buffalo, Miami and the NY Jets are all looking to draft a QB. AFC North, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincy, Cleveland and only Cincy not looking to draft a QB...or are they? AFC South, Jacksonville, Tenn, Indy, Houston with Andrew Luck not throwing yet only Houston, Tenn not looking. AFC West, KC, Chargers, Oakland, Denver. NFC East, NY Giants, Philly, Wash, Dallas. NFC North, Minn, Detroit, GB, Chicago. NFC South, NO, Carolina, Atlanta, TB. NFC West, Rams, Seattle, Arizona, SF. I know crazy right? The Seahawks are looking. That's 15 teams looking at 6 QBs.
  2. A couple Bills Rumors from WGR sports talk Saturday

    I have a very difficult time believing that the Bills offered three firsts to get to the #2 spot. That might be the amount you give up for an Andrew Luck type, just not for any of these schmoes this year. From what I've read NY Giants GM Gettleman wants a gold jacket player at that #2 spot. The only two possibilities I see are OG Quinton Nelson and S Minkah Fitzpatrick. I don't think that there is a QB in this draft worth trading up to the #2 spot for...now the #4,#5 spots it would be different.
  3. Rosen or Darnold? Who's your pick?

    I don't like or want either too. Unless one falls and then I hope it's Darnold. Buffalo needs a blue collar guy who can play in the cold with those swirling winds at the Ralph, err New Era. Someone with a strong arm who can throw on the run and can take a hit without getting injured or turning the ball over.
  4. Nobody is questioning that the kid has skills or is probably the readiest to start QB in this year's draft class. He would do really well with a team that has a top offensive line to protect him. His issue is that while he can move around in the pocket very well, he just can't escape it when rushers are on him. Plus he doesn't throw well on the move. His biggest flaw from what I've been reading lately is that many think Rosen is falling in the draft mostly because of a durability factor. Many teams simply don't want to take a chance on another Sam Bradford.
  5. I gave up attempting to enlighten some Bills fans to a better point of view on why most of the scout's/draft analyst's world has the kid as a top-five pick. As they have read those inaccuracy problems are uncorrectable by so many, and it's untrue. First off, Allen has only played two full seasons of college ball so there is indeed room for him to further develop as so many college QBs improve their accuracy over a four-year college career. The guy showed up in for his first season as a 198lb scrawny kid who has grown to 240lb man. Yes, that's right as these are boys/just kids who are developing and growing into mature adults. Second, Allen has already shown great improvement in his accuracy and touch since the end of the college football season when he played in the senior bowl, at the combine and at his pro day. He knows and understands his issues and has worked very hard to correct them. This young man could easily become another Big Ben, Arron Rodgers. This is why in so many mock drafts Josh Allen is either the first pick overall or going to in the top six. Bills fans should stop worrying because I highly doubt Buffalo will ever get a chance to draft him.
  6. This year I've done far more research on the current crop of top six QBs then I have ever done before and my preference is Allen, Mayfield, Darnold, Rosen, Rudolph, Jackson. To be honest I don't like both Darnold or Rosen very much as both have issues I can't get over. Darnold with his loopy release that he has to bring it up from his side to throw might do okay in College... However, I don't see him being this great starting QB that the scouts are raving about as he has far, far too many turnovers. I don't see him as a cold weather guy and with all those fumbles he reminds me of Mr. ButtFumble Mark Sanchez. Rosen isn't a big guy even though he is tall at 6'4'' 220lbs and although he can move around decently in the pocket he has great difficulty escaping the pocket with rushers after him. Plus he is injury prone two concussions last year and a shoulder injury the year previous. Reminds me of Sam Bradford in that he can be a very slick QB but will probably miss a lot of time due to injuries. I see Allen as a good kid who understands what caused his accuracy problems and he has worked hard since the end of the season to correct that issue. He has been working with Carson Palmer's brother Jordan Palmer and he states he thinks Allen with be a great NFL QB. I agree.
  7. 4-16: Josh Allen has a Pre-Draft Visit with the Bills

    I happen to love both Allen and Mayfield and happen to think that both Rosen and Darnold are overrated. All these QB's are half a season to one year projects and I only hope this regime upgrades the offensive line or the pick will probably be wasted no matter who it is.
  8. Would this regime survive a trade up miss at QB?

    Ahh, I see your points. Thanks. I think purging the roster and making the trades they made regardless of taking a QB in the top five were great moves. Imagine getting nothing for Watkins that cost the team two first or worse yet 18 mill per, YIKES! Glenn was overpaid IMO as was Dareus. Glimore wasn't worth the money either. The only guy I feel bad about losing was Darby. I'm fine with a non-top 5 QB if that's the way the draft falls. Rudolph, Jackson, Mike White, Luke Faulk, Kyle Lauletta or if one of the top four falls out of the top six. I'd rather see a top quality center, right tackle, left guard drafted over a QB that everyone wants to start right away and then watch him run for his life all season. Perhaps end up on a trash heap like so many of Cleveland's first rounders.
  9. Would this regime survive a trade up miss at QB?

    Those two just came to mind first. Both the Packers and the Patriots have both had QB's that didn't pan out too. Rodger Staubach drafted in 64, served his navy tour and didn't play until 69 and sat behind Craig Morton for two years How about Tyrod Taylor a 6th rounder who got to sit behind Flacco on a good team in Baltimore and eventually developed into a starting NFL QB. I think it's far more important to have a quality coaching staff, a good team in place over a HoF QB. Most young QB's that fail usually do so because they are thrown into the fire with not much of a supporting cast and the coaches are usually clueless too. Looking at the current state of the offensive line I'm hoping the Bills don't start any rookie or even second year Peterman behind that line.
  10. Would this regime survive a trade up miss at QB?

    How in the world does that make sense? Are you suggesting that Allen will out of the top five? Whereas Darnold, Rosen will be in the top three or something to that effect? Who knows where these guys will fall. That is "IF" they fall at all. Allen, Rosen, Darnold, Mayfield could all go in the top five. What will kill this regime is giving away all the first, second and third round picks in this year's draft and their 2018 first round pick to go up to the #2 spot. Then see that QB fail whoever it is. Looking at guys like Aaron Rodgers to Jimmy Garappolo it strikes me that any quality QB if given time to properly develop on a good team should eventually succeed as a starting QB. Drafting Jackson, or Rudolph at #22 and allowing them to sit for a year to develop while the team upgrades the offensive line could be the best solution. And in 2019 either could emerge as a quality starter.
  11. Would this regime survive a trade up miss at QB?

    So far I really, really like what McD and Beane have done with the team all the way up until Wood, Incognito are both no longer with the team. This draft is going to be so very telling as to what their future holds for them. This franchise has not had an actual franchise QB since Jim Kelly and they haven't had an above-average offensive line since that time too. What to do, what to do? It took a godawful HC in Rex Ryan to finally get a decent starting QB and left offensive guard for the team and now both are gone. Along with the above average center and left tackle. These men are in a very peculiar predicament as to what to do first in drafting a better offensive line or franchise QB. "IF" the new to Buffalo scouts know what they are doing and Beane, McD know what they want in terms of a scheme for this new QB to run. They don't necessarily need to draft a top-five QB this year. Good to great QB's can be found in later picks you just have to know how to evaluate them. Baker Mayfield may just drop out of the top five and allow Buffalo to move up to draft him without giving up the entire farm. Then considering how bad the offensive line looks right now they may want to rethink that run-first scheme and draft Lamar Jackson later on. NEEDS, QB, WR, OT, OC, OG, LB, DT. With all those needs does it make sense to give up all the first, second and third round picks to move up into the top five and to go to #2 it will take the 2018 first round pick too.
  12. Josh Allen will be the best QB in draft

    I like Allen over Rosen and Darnold but would be happy with Mayfield too. Allen, Darnold, Mayfield were winners in college and Darnold had they very best supporting cast you can have. So while he won a lot of games you have to wonder what he would be like on bad teams like Rosen, Allen were on last year. Allen will just need some time to further develop so he needs to go to a team that already has a starting QB so he can sit and learn. JMO
  13. I honestly don't dislike the guy for any other reason than he was injured a lot on a bad team. The guy can't escape the pocket and his durability is a huge question mark. Then when he runs his accuracy percentage goes out the window. He played in a WCO style of offense with shorter throws so he put up some really good numbers as he had really good stats but not many wins. My take is the way this current offensive line looks the very last guy this regime should be thinking of drafting is Josh Rosen. All I can do is think of Sam Bradford who at times is as good as they come as a starting NFL QB but can't stay on the field due to injuries. I don't much care for Sam Darnold either if that helps. I also stated I like the kid as a person with the audacity to wear a fu*k Trump hat to one of Trump's golf courses. He is just a kid, a 6'4'' 218 lbs.
  14. I look at Josh Allen and see a kid who was also on a bad team but managed to elevate his play enough to win games and win their bowl game. It seems all Rosen could do was get injured a lot. He also had something that Allen didn't have which was a 1264 yard receiver with 9 TDs. Manning 8-4 in his first season and won the Gator Bowl against VT. Second season 11-1, won the Citrus Bowl against Ohio St. The third season 10-2 won Citrus Bowl against Northwestern Fourth season 11-2 lost the Orange Bowl to Nebraska The Vols won a lot of games with Manning as the starting QB. I agree that UCLA was a bad team during Rosen's time there. Wrong choice don't you think?
  15. Nobody back then boasted publically of being better than anyone else that I can recall. All QB's think they are the best at what they do... as they should. Kelly was no different from any of them. The difference being is that every player on the team had the guys back and they loved him. That can't be said about Rosen where it's been reported that some of his teammates can't stand him. "Rosen: “He’s the one I know the best—he’s got size, athletic tools, velocity. He’s just a mess off the field and he’s coming off the injury. He needs to grow up, but the talent is off the charts.” And yet Rosen has also showed signs of immaturity—two years ago he and some friends rearranged a neighbor’s lawn ornaments in sexually suggestive positions—and just plain poor judgment. Since arriving at UCLA he has set off a social media firestorm over presidential politics, deleted at least one provocative Instagram post and been forced to apologize to the school. The coach is constantly asking Rosen whom he wants to be: Peyton Manning or Johnny Manziel?" https://thebiglead.com/2017/05/04/nfl-scout-and-executive-on-josh-rosen-tons-of-issues-and-a-mess-off-the-field/