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  1. In the 2009 off season Buddy Nix wanted to hire Marty for the Bills HCing job and he desperately wanted the job in Buffalo too. Seems Nix worked in San Diego with and Shotty they knew each other. Bills owner Ralph Wilson said no and that was that. It was well known at the time that Wilson had to have complete control over everyone and that included his head coach. It was noted that Wilson was on the phone with Jauron for hours every day during the season. Marty wouldn't have gone along with that for100% certainty and Wilson knew it. My thoughts are that Marty lost a power struggle with GM with AJ Smith and part of that involved Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers as Marty wanted to keep Brees and Smith said no. Smith drafted the taller 6'5'' Rivers and wanted him as the starter. Actually the team drafted Eli Manning but he refused to play for the Chargers so they traded QBs with the NY Giants. Marty was fired after the 2006 season and after a 14-2 season. The Chargers (AJ Smith) then hired Norv Turner who turned them into poop after 6 years as HC. For whatever reason I think Schottenheimer was blackballed by the owners kinda like Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed now only for a different reason. ** On a side note Bill Polain stated he would have hired AJ Smith as his GM if hired in Buffalo as their czar/team president. On another note, Doug Marrone told Polian after he left as the Bills HC that both Whaley/Brandon were badmouthing him to the new owners and stated it was a bad situation with Russ Brandon involved in the football operations.
  2. And just like in college he has a crap offensive line, a bunch of rookie receivers, a nonexistent run game and an OC who likes to call a lot of mid to deep passes that require the line to block more then a split second. 5 to 7 step drop backs usually require 3 seconds or more. Barkley miles better? If you look at this seasons win/loss record you would notice that when the team gets the lead they are actually able to run the ball with success. The defensive pass rush works so much better with a lead. Barkley came out and hit a 47 yard big pass play, deep ball in the first play and in the second McCoy scored on a 28 yard TD run. The Bills got the lead and never looked back, 41-10 remember? Barkley wasn't magical or anything as he went 16 of 26 for 247 yards, 2 TDs and he was sacked only once. What was magical was the rushing as the Bills went 46 rushes for 212 yards, 2 TDs and Shady had his first 100 yard rushing game of the season. His only 100 yard rushing game. The Jets QB was sacked 3x in this game and the Bills defense hit him 8 times. Conversely, this last game against the Jets they sacked Allen 3x and hit him 10 times. The Bills defense were not only unable to sack Darnold, they also never hit him all game. I think this was more of Bills DC only rushing with the front four and not blitzing that rookie QB. Which is quite odd considering that Jordan Poyer got a sack on McCown in the first game. There is also the possibility that the refs weren't calling holds on the Bills pass rushers due to the Jerry Hughes incident in which a ref was suspended for cursing at Hughes. Josh Allen has a lot to learn no question as he wasn't as polished as Mayfield, Darnold or Rosen and was supposed to sit for a season like Patrick Mahomes. I just happen to love his desire to win, his arm talent, physical ability to outrun most defenders and am glad the Browns, Jets passed on him. Once he gets a decent line, decent receivers and has an OC who doesn't force him to carry the offense all the time. He could develop into another Aaron Rodgers, Big Ben.
  3. Nihilarian

    Black Monday Is Coming: Which Coaches Get Fired?

    It's going to be a very interesting offseason because of the limited amount of quality assistants out there. Harbaugh stated he isn't leaving Michigan. David Shaw might leave Stanford for the right job. I think the biggest fish out there will be Mike McCarthy as the man did help develop Aaron Rodgers and won a super bowl. The guy does have a 125-77-2 record with 8 winning seasons out of 12. 13 Packer players on IR and the last time they were in this same situation record wise they ended up making the playoffs. Josh McDaniel's would have been my first choice for big fish but he screwed himself when he took the Colts HCing job, hired coaches and then backed out. Perhaps this is the year that Bill Cowher gets lured out of retirement?I just hope the Jets don't get McCarthy or Cowher.
  4. Nihilarian

    Pass Rush?

    Like the OP stated that this was a rookie QB not used to reading disguised coverages or blitzes like Brady. I might also mention that he leads the league in interceptions. It would have been smart to send a safety blitz now and again or Milano before he was injured. Needless to say the Jets sacked Allen 3 times and hit him 10 times! Darnold was not only not sacked he wasn't even touched/hit all game. That's just lame on Frazier's part. Aside from that, my take is the Jets linemen were holding bigtime and it wasn't being called in part due to the Jerry Hughes incident in which a ref was suspended.
  5. What so many fans don't get is this rookie QB is starting behind one of the very worst offensive lines the Buffalo Bills have even fielded and it's even worse with some of those better scrubs out for the season. No run game other then trick plays or the QB running it. Most of the time his receivers can't get separation or even catch the ball. His line is always causing drive killing penalties and in this last game Dion Dawkins chop blocked a Jets player and those kind of blocks at the legs can end a career. That block infuriated that Jets player and lit a fire under the rest of that Jets team to hit hard and take off heads. Then factor in the Jerry Hughes situation with his calling out a ref for cursing at him so the league suspended that ref. Now look at all the holding by the Jets offense that wasn't being called. The Jets sacked Josh Allen 3 times and hit him 10 times. The Bills being one of the better teams in getting pressure on the QB came away with no sacks and not even one hit on Jets QBs. It's a team game and about the only bright spot on offense is the rookie QB.
  6. I agree. So many fans are forgetting that first Jets game when he was 100% healthy and he rushed for 113 yards, 2 TDs. The run game is broken as it went from #1 in the NFL in 2016 in yards per rush attempt to #14 last year under Castillo and now to #17. It would be 24th without Josh Allen running. If this Bills FO is worth a damn fixing the O line should be the priority as it will correct so many problems. The entire line needs a makeover along with a new line coach. If McD refuses to change assistants he deserves to go too. Regardless of the loss of talent that line is one of the very worst the Buffalo Bills have ever fielded and with starting two rookie QBs no less. The only reason the Allen doesn't look more like Peterman is because of his athletic ability with his cannon arm, and mobility to escape the pocket when it breaks down. It doesn't help when you have an OC calling for a lot of mid to deep passes that require 5-7 step drop backs (those usually equal three to five seconds to complete) with a line that won't even allow a two seconds or under drop back at times. McD has the right idea to run the ball and play great defense, he just doesn't have the right offensive coaches.
  7. Nihilarian

    Danny Crossman should be out

    After only 4 wins I'm starting to think this entire regime needs to go... Juan Castillo should have been gone after last year and I don't know how Crossman made it this far this year. Not much confidence in this staff going into 2019 for me if they retain these men.
  8. Nihilarian

    Is Josh Allen your QB?

    While 95% of this board wanted to trade up with the NY Giants (and give up the farm) to the #2 spot to draft Josh Rosen. Myself and a few others wanted Allen before the draft. So many fans here acted like they were gut punched when the Bills drafted Allen. So good to see he has changed so many Bills fans minds.
  9. Nihilarian

    Raiders Fire GM Reggie McKenzie

    From what I'm reading some may get that chance soon as Coughlin might be taking over in Jacksonville.
  10. Nihilarian

    Bills defense is overrated.

    What's really sad is if McD stays as HC the team will probably go all out for defensive players in the 2019 draft. I don't see this regime ever building an elite offense and without that elite run game the defense will never be great as they will always be on the field.
  11. Nihilarian

    Raiders Fire GM Reggie McKenzie

    Maybe so, but Chuck will be certain to have the last word on personnel now.
  12. Nihilarian

    Raiders Fire GM Reggie McKenzie

    Chucky wants more power...
  13. Nihilarian

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    At some point the HC needs to instill in the players that stupid penalties simply won't be tolerated. Which means either benching a player after they do this or outright cutting a repeat offender. The players need to learn there are consequences for being stupid and hurting the entire team. That said, Dion Dawkins might have set that whole Jets team on fire with his chop block to start the game. A play like that is not only illegal, its downright wrong and can be career ending. The Jets player in question (Jenkins) was furious over that play and I'm sure he let his teammates know that fact.
  14. Nihilarian

    LeSean McCoy hamstring injury

    Man, I'm so glad the fans have no say in the roster moves. LeSean McCoy is an elite RB that opponents hate to play against. Voted by his own peers as a top 30 player. The guy was injured yesterday. No back is going to run well behind that craptastic line, at least the way they were playing Sunday. Todd Gurley would have a tough time getting yards behind that line. Give a healthy Shady a solid line with decent blocking and its off to the races almost every play. Besides that he is still a big threat as a receiver even though Daboll doesn't utilize him like Dennison did in 2017 when he led the team in receptions.