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  1. Now they like Josh Allen in Trade Up?

    Yeah, that Senior Bowl performance really elevated his stock. I don't think Josh Allen is a day one starter as he needs to work with a good QB coach, OC who will teach him the ropes in the NFL and go over some footwork, mechanics issues. However, I don't think he needs a full season of sitting for him to develop and mature as an NFL QB either. If he goes to the right team with good coaching he could be very, very special. He has a Kelly-like arm that can throw a tight spiral in those swirling Buffalo winds and he doesn't have small hands like Darnold. I wouldn't be surprised if Cleveland takes him #1 overall. I just hope they don't because he needs to go to a better team with better coaching for him to excel.
  2. Now they like Josh Allen in Trade Up?

    Seriously, this is why Mayock moved him up to #2 overall ahead of Rosen and Kiper moved him up to #1 overall. The kid looked like a young Big Ben in this game shedding sackers and he had touch on the ball throwing into small windows. Don't forget the competition on the other side of the ball was about equal to what he had on his side. So that glimpse of him in the senior bowl showed he is clearly better than all the negative hype around him while playing at Wyoming. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000916367/article/mike-mayocks-2018-nfl-draft-position-rankings
  3. Yep, I was just trolling with that Nix comment trading up for a RB. It was Wilson who loved drafting RB's. However, Nix did trade up in the 2012 NFL draft to get WR TJ Graham in the third round #69th pick and then boasted "see, I do trade up". Meanwhile, Nix missed on QB Russell Wilson in the third round #75 and QB Nick Foles in the third round #88th pick. Ty Hilton went in the third round #92 pick and finally, QB Kirk Cousins was a fourth rounder #102 pick. If Nix knew what he was doing the Bills would have been better than 4-12, 6-10, 6-10 and no defense under Nix did better than 14th in 2011. His defenses might have had decent talent but they were in the 20's stat wise.
  4. Trading up two firsts for a RB is something Nix might do and even Whaley would only do that for a WR.
  5. Now they like Josh Allen in Trade Up?

    What that senior bowl showed was his performance with quality players around him that actually blocked on the line and caught balls. What a lot of the scouting reports don't say is how bad his offensive line was last year and they struggled to make a block. What they also don't say is when the QB would hit the receivers in the hands and they would drop the balls again and again. You know, like Zay Jones did this year. When you have a QB who plays on a really bad team it's very difficult to properly evaluate his overall talent. The QB learns to not trust your receivers or the blocking. The simple fact was he was running for his life most of last year. Think back to 2010 Ryan Fitzpatrick's was literally running for his life the first five games and they lost the first eight games while finishing the season 4-12 Partway through that season Bills GM Buddy Nix pulled Erik Pears, Kraig Urbik off the waiver wire and they came in and improved that O line a great deal. That was the year that Nix signed Cornell green to a three year, 9 mill dollar contract in the offseason to play RT and he lasted a who six games in 2010 before cutting him outright. At least Nix was able to fix the line during the season. Then Fitz had WR Stevie Johnson who caught about 58.2% of the balls thrown to him that year. That's 141 targets, 82 receptions! Just saying, we Bills fans have a first-hand knowledge of what it's like to see a QB play on a really bad team. Before Bills fans declare him a bust because of a low completion percentage let's see how he does at the combine and his pro day. I didn't like him at first either, then I started watching his games and realized just how bad that team was he played on in 2017.
  6. Now they like Josh Allen in Trade Up?

    I have no idea where you guys get these bizarre QB comparisons from? As we get close to the combine and pro days we will see more factual scouting on all these QB's and we will all get a better understanding of their rankings. Right now I see Allen as a top-four pick and perhaps even going #1 overall to Cleveland just from his play in the senior bowl as that play disproved a lot of the negative reports on him. Watch it! .
  7. Now they like Josh Allen in Trade Up?

    Relax guys, Mel Kiper has Allen going #1 overall to the Browns. Todd McShay has the top 4 QBs going in the top six in this draft and states he think the top four will all be good NFL starters. Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield, Allen. So, unless the Bills can move up into the top four, #3 Colts, #4 Browns they will miss out on one of those top four guys because if they don't trade up the QB needy Broncos are sitting at #5 and the NY Jets at #6. EDIT, Oh BTW Arizona is also looking to draft a QB at the #15 spot so perhaps the Bills FO thinks one of those top four will fall past The Browns, The Giants, The Broncos, The Jets, and Buffalo moves up to beat out The Cardinals. Get ready for Mason Rudolph or Lamar Jackson and if those are the choices at 21,22 I'd say wait until round two and draft luke Faulk or later for Mike White.
  8. Why I would be happy with Lamar Jackson

    And what happens in the NFL with a bad throw? It's usually intercepted! For every great throw, the kid makes he also makes two, three bad throws. Think Geno Smith, https://www.sbnation.com/nfl-mock-draft/2013/3/26/4150036/geno-smith-2013-nfl-draft-scouting-report I would rather keep Tyrod who may not throw as much but he will protect the ball and turn the ball over.
  9. You must have missed Allen's performance in the senior bowl in which he threw with the touch into small windows in his second series. Probably this is what moved him to #1 in Mel Kiper's draft. The kid reminds me of Big Ben in the way he sheds sackers. He may go #1 overall.
  10. Rumor: Shady on the Trade Block

    Click bait garbage...
  11. It would indeed. I just think that moving up to the #2 spot would be cost prohibitive. Does that make sense? Let's just say for the sake of argument that because the Bills own picks later in the first round than usual @21, 22. That they will need extra ammunition to make that trade up to #2 overall. I would think that both this years #1s and next years #1 and say Glenn at LT and it might even take more than this with extra #2s. That is four to six conceivable starters for one player and almost immediately kills the chance to build through the draft this year as most 30% of all starters are obtained in the first round. Then 30% were taken in the second or third round. Roughly 26% are taken in rounds four through seven. So, most players selected after the third round have a marginal chance to even make it in the NFL. This team has far, far too many holes in the roster to give up that many prospective starters for a QB who may or may not ever become that elite franchise QB. Recently Mike Mayock listed Josh Rosen as his third best QB in this year's draft. (just sayin) This may change as we move towards the combine and pro days. Then, should the Bills keep TT or sign a better bridge QB or even Kirk Cousins they would be free to use all those first, second and later picks on players to help the team in 2018. Plus, they could trade Glenn, TT for more picks to further enhance this year's draft class. This would be what I would rather see them do. Needs, QB, WR, DT or two, LB or two, CB. This team has more needs than just a QB and I'm not sold on Rosen as being an elite NFL QB just yet.
  12. I'm not offended at all, so no apology needed. I was thinking of a different article I had read from about his stats from 2015-2017 and should have simply stated career. The rest was quoted from an article I didn't write. When attempting to make that post with all the drives this morning for some reason it wouldn't let me add that last line so I edited right away. Which, apparently wasn't fast enough.
  13. I edited. You can now go back to being part of the anal stat police
  14. 8 Fourth Quarter Comebacks, 12 Game-Winning Drives Rk Year G# Date Age Tm Opp Result Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Y/A AY/A Att Yds Y/A TD Notes 1 2012 13 2012-12-09 24-112 WAS BAL W 31-28 2 2 100.00 26 1 0 158.3 13.00 23.00 0 0 0 4QC / GWD Rk Year G# Date Age Tm Opp Result Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Y/A AY/A Att Yds Y/A TD Notes 2 2015 4 2015-10-04 27-046 WAS PHI W 23-20 31 46 67.39 290 1 0 91.8 6.30 6.74 1 1 1.00 1 4QC / GWD 3 2015 7 2015-10-25 27-067 WAS TAM W 31-30 33 40 82.50 317 3 0 124.7 7.93 9.43 3 15 5.00 1 4QC / GWD 4 2015 13 2015-12-13 27-116 WAS @ CHI W 24-21 24 31 77.42 300 1 1 104.2 9.68 8.87 4 13 3.25 1 GWD Rk Year G# Date Age Tm Opp Result Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Y/A AY/A Att Yds Y/A TD Notes 5 2016 3 2016-09-25 28-037 WAS @ NYG W 29-27 21 35 60.00 296 2 0 106.4 8.46 9.60 3 -5 -1.67 0 4QC / GWD 6 2016 4 2016-10-02 28-044 WAS CLE W 31-20 21 27 77.78 183 3 1 116.5 6.78 7.33 0 0 0 4QC / GWD 7 2016 8 2016-10-30 28-072 WAS @ CIN T 27-27 38 56 67.86 458 2 1 97.2 8.18 8.09 3 -1 -0.33 0 4QC 8 2016 9 2016-11-13 28-086 WAS MIN W 26-20 22 33 66.67 262 2 0 110.9 7.94 9.15 1 -1 -1.00 0 GWD 9 2016 13 2016-12-11 28-114 WAS @ PHI W 27-22 14 21 66.67 234 2 1 116.0 11.14 10.90 4 6 1.50 0 4QC / GWD Rk Year G# Date Age Tm Opp Result Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Y/A AY/A Att Yds Y/A TD Notes 10 2017 2 2017-09-17 29-029 WAS @ LAR W 27-20 18 27 66.67 179 1 0 97.6 6.63 7.37 3 7 2.33 0 GWD 11 2017 5 2017-10-15 29-057 WAS SFO W 26-24 25 37 67.57 330 2 1 102.3 8.92 8.78 4 26 6.50 1 GWD 12 2017 8 2017-11-05 29-078 WAS @ SEA W 17-14 21 31 67.74 247 0 0 91.7 7.97 7.97 3 4 1.33 0 4QC / GWD 13 2017 11 2017-11-23 29-096 WAS NYG W 20-10 19 31 61.29 242 2 1 93.8 7.81 7.65 All but one came from 2015-2017. Excuse me for making a mistake! I should have simply said in his career like I did with Tyrod.
  15. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/gwd_career.htm If you look at the team the guy has been on the last three years with a bad offensive line, no real rushing attack you have to start to think the man is doing it mostly by himself! Then, you would think that since he lost his brilliant OC in Sean McVey (in which Cousins threw for almost five thousand yards in 2016) to the Rams that Cousins will now fall on his face with ex-backup QB/ QB coach in Matt Cavanaugh as his new first time OC. Instead, Captain Kirk throws for over four thousand yards, 27 TDs, 13 INTs. I'd say Kirk Cousins is in rare company as a top ten NFL QB (or better) and did so on a mostly bad team. Give the man a decent rushing attack, defense and you have a super bowl contender along with Buffalo finally being a solid contender for the AFC East! Why not pay the guy 25 mill or more per as the Bills GM stated he would build through the draft and in signing him they could do just that with those two 1sts, two 2nds and that third. That's five probable starters from the draft this year!