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  1. I gotta wonder if the Patriots are trying to get into the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. NE is 2-4 and only the Jets, Jags, Bengals, Falcons are worse. It wouldn't surprise me at all considering how lucky they were to find Brady in the first place. Belicheat now realizes he might need a top 10 pick to land a decent QB.
  2. Perhaps Beane could do a Polian Halloween 3 way trade deal for him. I was hearing Bengals players want out, Gino Atkins, Carlos Dunlap.
  3. Howabout them Cowboys!! Dalton clobbered and out Ben Di Nucci their new starter...
  4. He will, they are waiting till the end of the season i'd think. With Trevor Lawrence I'd think they would want a better offensive mind
  5. Someone reminded him at the half that if he kept playing good they wouldn't trade him...
  6. Josh Allen leading rusher 11 carries for 61 yards, several first downs
  7. Dude, they just played the very worst offense in the league. Darnold was a step down from Flacco 12 of 24 for 120 yrds, 2 INTs a 29.9 rating
  8. Thank the lord this one is over, seems like neither team wanted this one till the Bills defense showed up. all FGs...
  9. I think so too, complete change from first half. Or perhaps that INT at the end of the half fired them up, either way for the better.
  10. OMG, please don't screw this up and lose... Find a way to win!
  11. Looks like Greggo doesn't like smelling his own breath
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