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  1. would have been enough. Diggs caught the contested ball, landed, turned up field, started running, then inexplicably, instead of sprinting for sideline, he slows and stutter high stepped, for who knows why, before finally running out of bounds. Diggs should have batted it to the ground. It was a possible pic 6. He should have played defense. yes, i wanted to set a record, for commas.....lol
  2. i don't agree. Half of first rounder's bust or are barely avg.. If they become good in 2 to 3 it is great. Much better than being in the bust category.
  3. Chicago just got renderings of stadium with no renderings of stadium. Just a mindcrafty bubble. This is also us now, this is our life, Bills fans.
  4. peacock network. Sign up for trial. oops i just mean for Thurs night Bills game. no it is NBC and Peacock network also.
  5. ok. If they do it right like that. OK. ty but a little perspective. The football stadium Seahawks use was completely engineered and designed and ready to go for football only. Until the soccer guys got involved and smartly, with promise of MSL team they worked the soccer fans and worked together w Seahawks Allen team to get referendum barley passed. 51 to 49% Won with soccer fan votes. Very smart move or we would have had LA Seahawks. So they tweaked the designs slightly to fit the soccer field in. It is basically configured for football. Not sure i trust the architects if they do dual-use engineering from the start.
  6. "While sauce almost never refers to salad dressings (such as salad cream), dressing for its part sometimes refers to oil, vinegar, etc. as a sauce or marinade for meats. Show activity on this post. Dressing is only used in the context of salad.Mar 11, 2012" used in sandwich "ranch" is clearly a sauce. It is only a dressing if used in a salad.
  7. Noooo. Then the sidelines will be half a mile from the FIELD like Dolphins stadium was before renovations.
  8. Never root for Brady, as a Bills fan it is in our DNA.😂 Unless of course the Bucs win gives Bills home field in playoffs or playoffs in general. Or knocks out Chiefs or other nemesis out of playoffs.
  9. great then he can party with McKenzie on the IL. Or PUP
  10. good deal for Garoppolo. Now will be unrestricted FA QB next year w no tag possible per agreement and as soon as season ends. Taking advantage of team's interest before the draft of new QB's. This gives him more options than right now as QB's are pretty set around league. With more than plausible chance Trey Lance struggles and Garoppolo comes in for short sample size. If it happens, he gets incentives if he gets hot and his FA value jumps more too. His agent did good.
  11. you might then like Carver Hawkeye arena. Roof is above grade only about one story or so and you walk in at ground level. Then this......lol...it's really unique and fun. (similar to NM Lobos the "Pit" but more symmetrical seating/aisles all the way around.
  12. welcome to the new stadium. AKA "The Dentures" 😁
  13. who cares? It is not coming from any taxpayers except Pegs and co.. Pegula's are responsible for "ALL" cost overruns. Let it run if it means better stadium.
  14. you apparently have led an earth sheltered life. 😁😎
  15. if Giants trade him they save 13 mill this year but then have dead cap this year and next year. Over 18 mill of dead cap. Your post numbers no longer in play as we are past that date. go to spotrack and hit the red x on far right to get idea. post 6-1 trade = 2022 Dead Cap: $8,150,000 2023 Dead Cap: $10,200,000 2022 Cap Savings: $13,000,000
  16. they can use the red helmet with the white standing Bison logo because it was used in the past so it is historical and could be a throwback. They must then match it with 90's throwback uniform they used it with in the NFL 75th anniversary celebration year when all teams used throwbacks in some fashion. 1994. Bills went cheap as Wilson do not want to pay for second helmets. Just changed logo. Uniforms were not historical but a facsimile of old looks.
  17. Nobody is trading for this guy with his contract. Nobody. 13 mill+ cap hit 13 mill+ cap hit 14 mill+ cap hit all years w significant dead cap if cut or traded too. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-giants/kenny-golladay-21838/
  18. yes he messed up trying to push through. But fault also lies with Browns. Most teams reward a guy who is like that and does that. I would rather have Mayfield than Watson any day.
  19. for these situations IRS usually does not recognize a loss. It only lets you deduct your cost and valid expenses related to the sale down to zero. Same on gambling winnings. Best to ask your tax preparer expert.
  20. i agree the red helmet on color rush is a mismatch right now. Helmet red is darker like we expect Bills scarlet to be. But OMG the red uniform looks like an orange hue. I wonder if they got the pantone right or the material is not accepting the Bills red. Looks terrible. Like a 70's swirl sucker color bad.
  21. no. The red helmet is part of throwback for Falcons. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/06/01/falcons-re-introduce-red-helmets-in-2022-to-go-with-throwback-uniforms/
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