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  1. they will tear it all down and build a Super Bronco Stadium 2 miles down the road. lol
  2. that would be smart af. Just build it now to cover current stadium and of course have a much bigger footprint of the roof like SoFi did.......then can just build a new stadium under it at any time.
  3. he said when he entered he planned to play 8 years in NFL and retire. so why did he sign contract into and through 2024? year 11 ??? and now he wants an extension?? To kick in in 2025? year 12 !! 🀣 🀣WTH, is he on glue?
  4. i have chronic back pain. Prove i don't. i have a headache. Prove i don't.
  5. Yes. There is "Life" and then there is "Sports Life." Life moved on as it always does. Sports Life?....that died a little that day and is never coming back. Coaches blew it.
  6. because if PFF takes bribes to boost the players ratings it is a fraud masquerading as vital intel on players play, talent, and worth.
  7. Gore played a hundred years of CTE inducing CTE trauma football. And likely due to that, thought CTE inducing boxing was a good career move. No. Gore is not winning. Sadly.
  8. you got me lol. If the real Donte tried a comeback he would switch positions and be a Half back.....lol
  9. Cook county has more millions. Also: Do you believe this info graphic? Blue is majority Cubs fans. Black is White Sox. Red is tie.
  10. dam you......😁😁........did you know there are no White Sox fans in US? 😁😁 PS: Queens still has more Mets fans than Yankee fans.
  11. did you know there are no Cubs fans in the US? 😁😁😁
  12. I am talking about the county too. Queens is its own county by the way. Here is map. I am not arguing, just pointing out how absurdly wrong you are on the Mets. Giants and Dodgers fans both hated Yankees so very few switched to Yankees. mets 2.odt
  13. OMG Mets fans make up 90%+ of fans at Mets home games. That's a majority not a plurality. You are funny guy......carry on....😁
  14. No lol. This is patently not true. Obviously you have never been to Mets games or Queens county. Jeesh.
  15. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-giants/james-bradberry-19011/#:~:text=Current Contract,average annual salary of %2414%2C500%2C000. Bills did not want any part of that contract either. 13.5 mill cap hit for 2022. And he is #1 CB starter on Giants, so he is not taking a big cut either without testing the waters first.
  16. I do too. He played through injury then they kicked him to the curb. Beane also made better choices for weapons to help QB. fwiw: I preferred Baker in 2018. And gasp thought they traded up for Rosen. Thank the football Gods I was wrong twice. But i love Allen now more than any other player in Bills history. He showed flashes of talent immediately other rookies did not and improved each set of 4 games to the next. Best fun to watch i have ever had. He pulled this team out of the muck. If Allen could coach like he plays, Bills would have at least one Super Bowl win with him already. LOL.........yeah 13 sec still on inept playoff caliber coaches.
  17. then Bills would have drafted Mayfield if Jets did not. ty Browns fyi. LOL
  18. No. Because Browns took Mayfield w first pick of draft and were not trading. πŸ™„πŸ˜
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