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  1. Twice is the limit I believe (unless changed from last year)
  2. Since Hyde went down I have thought they would bring him back before the bye. I think he gets sprinkled in this week to get him up to speed. I was onboard for waiting till after the bye but that was before our DBs got ravaged.
  3. Thank you. He had a pick and looked good that game. Was a step back this game but considering the context I’ll give him a pass.
  4. Oddly though it’s the vertical passing game that was so good for them this past week. I think they may still try to push the ball down field. Winning our pass rush is critical if they do attempt to push the ball.
  5. Appreciate Hyde coming in there and saying something
  6. yeah thats fair but we also dont have enough data to know how well they are performing yet this year. So the "more with less" (thats probably imprecise on my part even) is in regards to past years and why Josh doesnt have the same accolades.
  7. Fair, and it may have you been up thread that said Mahomes is ahead because of MVP and Sb. I respect that. I think Allen does more with less, but agree that its a conversation is amazing.
  8. You mean the bills need to beat the Chiefs. Allen did pretty great in the playoffs and regular season last year. I'm not putting 13s on Josh. IMO two years ago they were clearly better, last year that gap was gone. From that trend I think were gonna be better. Our ability to get pressure from the edge will be the difference (previously relied on pressure up the middle which is a strength of Chiefs now).
  9. The CBs that Diggs and Allen are putting on the wall are pretty impressive. Ramsey, JC Jackson, Lattimore, Howard (to a degree he got a pick last year) have all been got. Thats the top 4 form this CBS list. wish we had better weather in the Atl game cause i think terrel might have been put up on the wall too. Humphrey, Ward, and Alexander will be great matchups to watch.
  10. Can be elevated just for the game and then go back to PS without clearing waivers. Same as past two years. Though I think they do this with bryant first. "Two players can be elevated from the practice squad each week to be eligible to play, as was the case the last two seasons. A player could be elevated to the active roster twice to the active roster under a standard elevation twice and revert immediately back to the practice squad without having to clear waivers." https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-makes-minor-changes-practice-185906799.html
  11. While we’re asking for rule changes can we petition to have Josh’s first int go down as a fumble for McKenzie. Seems like that would accurately reflect what happened
  12. Re: Our Defense. The Fins and Pats showed weakness along OL this weekend so that makes me feel good in division.
  13. Both their lines is what caught my attention. Always good to scout divisional opponents who maybe on the come up. However I think both their O lines look worse than the rams. They do have good interior players but I feel better about our ability to deal with that after Donald. Overall besides weather (heat week 3 though LA was hot Thursday too) we should be in good shape.
  14. Yeah def not this years cap. But every bit every year helps going forward. I think the incentive is play the whole season on a roster.
  15. I think there is some cap relief from cutting Howard IF he stays on a team all season. I’ll try to find a link. If true this game is great for us.
  16. Their performance in the heat was a great indicator for week 3. I was worried about the heat for that game but looks like they will be fully prepared. I’ll go say 4 hail seans 3 our beanes to make up for doubting they would be ready for the heat in week 3.
  17. 9 months from now: Tonight we lead the news with a trend of babies named Josh or Allen in Western NY
  18. You’re right we don’t have to go over every eligible TE cause rookie TEs don’t produce. 4 this century with better production than Dawson last year. 2 of them drafted in the top half The first round (so not available). You say he hasn’t proven he elite. You can’t replace his production with any early draft choice as you say
  19. With Beasley and Sanders leaving there are a lot of targets available. I dont expect diggs to get too many (suspect hes on a count again this year). Davis will def get more but if he doubles his amount theres still plenty for Knox. I think he would be a priority to target over McKenzie honestly. Bills have one of the lowest share of targets to TE in the league. I think Knox will see at least 30 more targets this year.
  20. Lol what early round draft pick could replace his production? From this list of top rookie TE production there are 4 this century with more production and they all had more targets. so it is laughable to suggest an early round draft pick could replace him. Also would note that the Pitts and Shockey's of the world go in the top half of the first round (not where were picking). also were you the one saying kelce is a better blocker? quickly losing credibility.
  21. hes super low in targets. If those go up he would be top 5 (20th in target number). Also did you say Kelce is a better blocker up thread? If thats your thoughts then I dont think you have credibility.
  22. Said it in another thread but I think Diggs is the best outside WR in the league. He gets more production than anyone on the outside than anyone. Wonder if that will continue with Dorsey, but if he got free releases from the slot he could continue to be deadly (e.g. him shaking Jamal Adams out of his jock in 2020)
  23. I think he had it down at the start of 2020. Not sure if you were watching Cover 1 videos but they identified the "Gold" audible against cover 0 early on. To the point that when I could hear it on the broadcast later in the season I would get up expecting a big play. Would also point to his ability to pump fake peeps in 2020 as a way he understood coverage to get people out of position. Agree with your other posts about YAC and his responsibility.
  24. Feel like the other 10% has to be games that slipped away. Tampa bay last year and the titans slip are the only two losses I see and both probably should’ve been wins.
  25. I think Doyle is almost a lock. Marino has it (and I agree) as 5 starters + 1 (Brown/Quessenberry) as locks then Mancz and Doyle as almost locks with the last spot up for grabs. I think that seems pretty reasonable. Are you saying Kumerow is the backup outside WR though? I dont think this chart is saying that. If anything I think it says Hodgins is the back up outside WR which aligns with who I would expect to be on the field if Diggs goes down. (note this was not my position before TC but feel ok with it now).
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