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  1. You were right, sort of... Lee Meriweather replaced Julie Newmar in the 1966 feature film...
  2. 17 and 2 baby!!!! 🏈🍺😎 .
  3. Other than the Patriots, we have yet to play one! (I do hope the Bills coaches were taking notes tonight - we got the Ravens here in a month.) .
  4. Yes, well the Pats certainly struggled tonight against Lamar Jackson and the Ravens! They looked anything but dominant, and showed that they can be ‘taken to school’! Brady was particularly bad, and I would expect that if Ed Oliver and the Bills’ D can put that kind of pressure on him, he will crumble against us. Going into their bye week, we are the only winning team the Patriots have beaten, and that was only because Josh crumbled. The Bills certainly played well enough to beat them. JMO. .
  5. Two things... (1) I was looking at the God-like Patriots 8-0 record, and realized that we’re the only winning team they’ve beaten; (2) Also looked at the tie-breakers and realized that if the Ravens beat NE tonite and the Bills somehow ‘win out’, the Bills win the AFC East - despite what NE does. It’s ALWAYS more fun to be an optimist! 😎 GO BILLSSS!!!! .
  6. So we’re 6-2, with an easy schedule, and apparently that makes us not very good? What dynasties have the God-like 8-0 Patriots (whom we should have, and almost did beat) brought down this season? (Combined record of Pats opponents is 18-45 - hopefully they fall to the Ravens tonight!) Gotta agree with Joe in Hampton Roads. GO BILLSSS!!!! 17 and 2 baby!!!!! 🏈🍺😎 .
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