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  1. Buddy Nix maybe? Doug Whaley? Tom Donahoe? .
  2. THANK YOU!!! Do people not realize that Walter Cherepinsky is nothing more than a buffoon? Walter Cherepinsky... .
  3. Ruff, in his pressers, would describe a Sabres injury as ‘a lower body injury’, then clarify - jokingly - ‘it’s an upper lower body injury’. Funny guy, that Lindy. (I have no idea why the secrecy - HIPAA maybe?) .
  4. Malcolm Rebennack, aka Dr. John... .
  5. Aren’t our first two games in New Jersey? .
  6. It’s called a baranek. We usually got ours at Broadway Market, along with our Easter ham, kielbasa, horseradish, polish bread, herring, smoked fish, etc., but they are so popular here that you can get them at any supermarket... http://www.buffalobutterlambs.com/ Back in the day, when my mom, my brother, jaja, aunts and uncles were alive and we had a big old house with a big old dining room, we used to go thru this elaborate ritual every Easter... https://www.thespruceeats.com/easter-food-baskets-blessing-tradition-1136995 Wesolego Alleluja!!! .
  7. This is true. Today’s varieties are much MUCH stronger (and considerably more expensive). But I think that, because of that, most people smoke far less of it to achieve the desired effect. Also, there are more attractive methods of ingestion, such as edibles, and vaping. I also think that most intelligent people would agree that alcohol has a far more deleterious effect on the liver and the brain. I’ve never heard of anyone who got the shakes until they smoked their first joint of the day. At the least, I think everyone capable of rational thought would agree that cigarettes are far more harmful to the human body, as in addition to nicotine (which is used as a pesticide), tar, and carbon monoxide, the tobacco companie’s kill us with such additives as Acetone—found in nail polish remover Acetic acid—an ingredient in hair dye Ammonia—a common household cleaner Arsenic—used in rat poison Benzene—found in rubber cement and gasoline Butane—used in lighter fluid Cadmium—active component in battery acid Formaldehyde—embalming fluid Hexamine—found in barbecue lighter fluid Lead—used in batteries Naphthalene—an ingredient in mothballs Methanol—a main component in rocket fuel Toluene—used to manufacture paint Next time you light up a Marlboro, think about that. .
  8. Jemal has made tremendous progress. He insists the initial phase of redevelopment will be completed by end of summer and will be to receive office, retail, and residential tenants. .
  9. OK, forget about Lincoln. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson too, even though they were both hemp farmers. I should have included Obama and Bill Clinton instead. I believe your questions to be largely rhetorical. Many people with “ordinary lives” are brilliant, IMO, and stupid people are as likely to smoke pot as brilliant people are - so pot has nothing to do with academic success or failure. As for judges, they are as likely as doctors, lawyers, priests, ministers, and every other walk of life to have alcohol and/or drug problems. In fact, in 1987 President Reagan nominated Douglas Ginsburg to the Supreme Court, but the nomination soon came under fire over Ginsburg’s use of marijuana not only as a student, but as a professor at Harvard, and he withdrew from the confirmation process. .
  10. It is. I live a half block away and have an excellent view from my windows. After BSB closed, it was HQ for a bank called ‘Gold Dome’ (go figure), now it’s part of M&T Bank and doing well. The dome was recently regilded with gold leaf. .
  11. Occasionally. Used to daily in high school, where I graduated with a 4.0, and college, where I graduated with honors. Slowed down in my 30s and 40s, by 50 it became a rare event. Now, as a cancer patient, I’ve picked up a bit, and can’t wait til it’s legal. If I still lived in California, I’d have had a 420 card years ago. .
  12. Now I’m even more confused. You are claiming that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Carl Sagan, and Abraham Lincoln all suffered from “general dopiness”? The list of highly successful, intelligent people who partake is extensive. .
  13. Ah, have seen it several times, but not in years. Certainly can’t remember any lines from the movie - probably ‘cause I smoked too much pot. .
  14. I’m confused -did you mean promote, or partake? .
  15. The NFL chooses to celebrate a botched call? .
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