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  1. Brings back memories of a younger time when, every trip back home, I ‘d pick up a couple cases of Extra Stock and Brador, and a quarter pound of vegetables. For at least a couple of weeks, I was the most popular guy in High Rise One! .
  2. Now wait a minute... I’ve been to Toronto many times, and I’ve lived on Russian Hill...you’re saying they have a gigantic inverted TransAmerica Pyramid in Toronto? .
  3. Avoid the Beltway at all costs - or have a blowup dolly so you can use the HOV lane. On a different locale, if you’re doin’ 55 on the 128 in Boston, you better be changing a tire. (We like to drive fast and dangerous.) .
  4. And, as he would say, ”I’m witty, and I’m pretty!” .
  5. For the ages ... the world will never see another Ali...
  6. Millions? That WOULD be ‘massive’. I guess if they’ve hit $2M, you can use the plural, but doling it out $25-50K at a time as they do, you’d best stick to ‘a couple hundred thousand’. EDIT: I never meant to imply that he and his brothers are ‘douches’ for minimally donating to Children’s Hospitals in any community where they may have a vested interest. I only meant to emphatically state that Gronk is a total douche-bag, period. . .
  7. I used to love those Jesse The Body/MacMahon days as broadcasters... ”Oh yeah, MacMahon? How bout if I take this belt and wrap it around your skinny neck?” ”Oh I don’t think we have time for that, Jesse” I haven’t watched in a while - when did MacMahon develop that fake Clint Eastwood voice affectation? .
  8. Well look at it another way... $50K divided by 5 brother’s. = $10K each. Douche-bag kicked in $10K. My dad’s a retired steelworker, and he’s given more than $10K to Roswell Park. But Channels 2, 4, and 7 didn’t get the story ahead of time. Gronkowski = Douche-bag .
  9. Please keep your nonsensical political diatribe on the PPP page. .
  10. Really? See, the first thing I think of when a giant douche-bag stages a major news event, invites all the media, and takes credit for a small donation that actually came from him and his 4 brothers is... Even bigger douche-bag. .
  11. Cheatriots were up 23-3 with less than 5 minutes to play in the game when Gronkowski “just lost his cool”. He had 3 penalties of his own in the 2nd half alone. He picks that moment to ‘lose his cool’? Looked more like ‘roid-rage than “lost his cool”, and he should have been ejected immediately. If you remember, he acted like a complete a**hole as he left the field, grinning, pumping his fists, taunting the crowd - then brushed off the whole thing in a post-game interview, or tried to. I don’t think I’ll ever warm up to that ass-hat, no matter how much he gives - especially when his publicity agent stages major news event for a relatively modest donation. He makes me sick. .
  12. So I take that had he broken White’s neck and left him in a Kevin Everett condition, Gronk would not be a great guy, but since White can still walk, Gronk’s a helluva great dude? Are you related to him? .
  13. White’s teammates did nothing? I must have been watching a different game... “Four penalties were assessed on the play: Unnecessary roughness against Gronkowski Unnecessary roughness on Bills S Micah Hyde Unnecessary roughness against Patriots WR Danny Amendola Unsportsmanlike conduct on Bills DE Jerry Hughes” https://www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/2017/12/3/16730586/rob-gronkowski-cheap-shot-video-bills-patriots “The Competition Committee has clearly expressed it’s goal of ‘eliminating flagrant hits that have no place in our game.’ Those hits include the play you were involved in yesterday.” Given the line the league has drawn over other, similar infractions, putting Gronk on the shelf for a week was at least consistent. Gronk appealed his suspension, but on Tuesday afternoon, the league denied his appeal. He’ll be out Monday night against the Dolphins. White will be back on the field when the Bills face the Colts this week. He cleared the concussion protocol on Thursday. He said that Gronkowski’s shot was dirty. “He could have broken my neck,” White said. “I’ve got a son to raise. People don’t think about that when they react.”
  14. Yep, he’s a great dude, and this sh* t was what was RIGHT for football...
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