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  1. Daboll's play calling and game management puzzle and frustrate me at least half the time. Mike Leach would have made a great OC for Josh Allen, but Mississippi State just eliminated that possibility. .
  2. After MSU rules the SEC and dominates the FBS, The Pirate's next stop will be the NFL... BULLDOGS BULLDOGS BOW WOW WOW!!!!! 🏈 .
  3. Why in the world would anyone kick in $5.00 - or even $.05? Does anyone think that the guy that dresses like Elvis every game, or those guys that come dressed as chefs with Bills logos all over, get compensated every time the Bills use their likenesses in a commercial? I doubt it. There is likely some very fine print on the back of turdhead's Bills ticket that indemnifies the organization, the NFL, the networks, and any other stakeholders from situations like this, just as there is on a hockey or baseball ticket if you should get hit by a puck or a baseball. You wanna jump in front of a TV camera at an NFL event on stadium property and act like an idiot for a few moments, fine - but don't expect to be compensated for it. Again, JMHO .
  4. Supposedly? Or do you know the man? I suppose if I acted like that 27 years ago, I'd quit drinking too. And if I knew someone who acted like that without drinking, I'd advise seeking professional help. If that reflects poorly on me, so be it. .
  5. I think Bob Stanley used a field rake to break some bleacher fan's beachball. It was pretty exciting. 😎 .
  6. I'm surprised the Bills used the clip. I don't think the guy has any legal or financial standing here, but I thought the Bills were heading in a classier direction, trying to reign in the table smashing and other foolish, drunken tailgating behavior. To use that clip as a ticket-sales promo is saying, "We approve of and condone some drunken turd-head getting all turd-faced and acting like a complete idiot." JMHO .
  7. You'd have to ask The Dean - that part of my memory has been obliterated. Most likely was at The Dean's house on Twin Peaks or the North Star Cafe in North Beach. But it could have been the Kezar Club in The Haight. I think, when it was over, I watched a rerun of game 6 of the 1986 Red Sox/Mets World Series. .
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