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  1. 😂 It’s the 150-proof Wisniowa (cherry vodka) that I look forward to - it’s the real deal, nothing like the De Kuyper’s cherry syrup that comes out of a bowling ball in Hammer’s Lot! A friend also turned me on to The Wodka Bar in Krakow’s main square - around 90 different flavors of wodka, a ‘sampler’ of 6 shots, I think, for 20 zlote (4 or 5 bucks)! http://wodkabar.pl/ https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g274772-d2572233-Reviews-Wodka_Cafe_Bar-Krakow_Lesser_Poland_Province_Southern_Poland.html Maybe I’ll find a Bills Backer’s Club in Rzeszow (Buffalo’s ‘Sister City’). 🍸😎 .
  2. Dad is not a Vet - he was born in Dobry, near Rzeszow, joined the Polish Resistance at the age of 13 to evade the Nazis, lived his youth on the lam until captured, survived in a forced-labor camp until the liberation, then served in the Allied Occupation Forces guarding Nazi war prisoners. His health is pretty good for a guy his age - he’s one tough dude. Had to be. If he was weak, the Nazis would have just killed him instead pf putting him to work. So we go back for him to visit perhaps a final time, and find his grandparents farm where he lived until that awful September of 1939. THANKS TO ALL FOR THE GOOD WISHES!!! NA ZDROWIE!!!! 🍺😎
  3. Combined record of Pats opponents is 5-18, with our 4-1 Bills their toughest opponent and narrowest victory. The rest are 1-17. ’Nuff said. .
  4. My 93 year-old dad and I leave next Sunday for Poland. Wish I could say we planned it around the bye week - it just worked out that way. We were supposed to go in June, then in May I took a bad fall, concussed myself, suffered a small brain hemorrhage, and fractured a vertebrae in my back. Also had to have a 6th chemoembolization procedure on my liver at Roswell last week. Anyway, my neuro team gave me a spinal epidural so I can be a tourist for 2 weeks, and I’ll have a spinal fusion when we get back. So we’re good to go! Will be in Krakow for the Bills-Dolphins game. Don’t know if there’s any place that gets the NFL Network, or if I’ll be able to stream the game there. Any suggestions? GO BILLS...SQUISH THE FISH!!!! 🐬🏈🍺😎 .
  5. Such a vile canard. You DO realize that other than the Bills, who should have beaten NE, the combined record of the Cheatriots other opponents is 1-17, yes? NE will lose to the Bills twice - in December and January. .
  7. We should be 5-0... SQUISH THE FISH!!!! 🐬🏈🍺😎 .
  8. If we play the entire 60 minutes like we played for the first 30 today, we’ll be fine. We’re better. .
  9. The Senator loves Dawson Knox. Josh too. And Frank Gore!
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