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  1. The Senator

    What is your favorite breakfast cereal

    Corn Flakes, with banana and fresh berries, and low fat almond milk. .
  2. The Senator

    Happy 50th birthday Jennifer Aniston

    Of course not ... the only correct answer is... ALL THREE!!!! 😎
  3. The Senator

    Any of you guys wanna volunteer to assist Hungarian women?

    I do love Hungarian classical music, and Hungarian goulash. Also, the Gabor sisters were divine... .
  4. The Senator

    Happy 50th birthday Jennifer Aniston

    OK...OK...not to hijack, or nothin’ But...if ya could... Monica, Rachel, or Phoebe? .
  5. The Senator

    Take Me Out To the Ball Game

    Yepper...closest one for me, now, is Toronto -which is a long drive to see anything but a Red Sox game. (Fenway was a 20-minute stroll - if I made it there before stopping halfway at the Elliott Lounge) .
  6. The Senator

    Netflix Original Documentary: Abducted in Plain Sight

    Well, you pretty much made me watch it. I was, and am still, disturbed by the entire thing. .
  7. The Senator

    Can someone explain Grammy song of the year to me ?

    Grammys, Oscars, Emmys, Tonies, Golden Globes... all self-sucking self-worship tributes to themselves. None of their opinions are worth a dime . Certainly, I’ve had much more intelligent discourse on this website than we’ll see on television, particularly the extremely piss-lousy awards shows. JMHO .
  8. The Senator

    Happy 50th birthday Jennifer Aniston

    In that case, I don’t know WTF is wrong with the men who can’t stay with her. i certainly could 😍 . (BTW, Jen-Jen shares a B- day with Exiled-In Illinois, The Dean, and Abe Lincoln, among others.) .
  9. The Senator

    Take Me Out To the Ball Game

    Luv ya like a brother, row_33, but I knew some octogenarian Red Sox fans, back when I lived in Boston, that wished - or hoped - they would live until what finally happened in 2004. They'd watch every game, keep stats, and hope that they’d still live to see the Sox win a World Series - and I’m including my friend’s 90-year old Polish babscia -she was a diehard! Myself, i’d go to Fenway sometimes 3 or 4 times a week, sometimes doubleheaders. Baseball is a great way to spend a summer afternoon or warm evening at the ballpark. (After March Madness, Frozen Four, the NFL draft, et al 😎) Of course, as always, JMHO .
  10. The Senator

    Can someone explain Grammy song of the year to me ?

    I’m going a bit nostalgic myself... .
  11. “Those whom the Gods love, grow young.” —Oscar Wilde HAPPY NATAL ANNIVERSARY, DEANO... Many happy returns! .
  12. The Senator

    Happy Birthday 🎂🎁 🎈 EII

    Yo, Exiled - HAPPY NATAL ANNIVERSARY!!! 🎂🍺😎 .
  13. The Senator

    Can someone explain Grammy song of the year to me ?

    Myself, I gladly plead guilty to that moniker. I watched an interview with Van Morrison a few years back - he was asked which new musicians he listens to... His reply, “None... there’s nothing new or original...all of it has already been done!” .
  14. The Senator

    10 years ago today

    About the same distance from my place of work at Main and Transit, and from my folks’ home in Lancaster. Terrible, unnecessary tragedy - I’m surprised that only that one guy on the ground got killed. .
  15. The Senator

    The End of a Cornell Icon...

    The Palms, The Nines, The Dugout, Pirro’s Pizza, Rongovian Embassy, all gone. Only place still around is Rulloff’s. What was the name of the dive on the Commons where they had 10-cent beers on Wednesday? Dimeys night, they called it - throw down a buck and get 10 beers! And back then, I was lucky to have a buck in my pocket. Anyway, they still serve original Hot Truck sandwiches at Shortstop Deli... https://roadfood.com/restaurants/shortstop-deli/ Mmmm...Triple Sui... https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https://www.seriouseats.com/images/20070222mewithsub.jpg&imgrefurl=https://www.seriouseats.com/2007/02/the-hot-truck.html&h=233&w=310&tbnid=nNi2WIEwee7TXM&tbnh=195&tbnw=259&usg=AI4_-kTVi8KOeeeMC-0x1WITmzFUKfmjmg&vet=1&docid=pDPeXsi0pB4XxM GO BIG RED!!!!🏒🍺😎