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  1. Some classic Joe Cocker - a unique talent, one of my favs, who we lost, sadly, to lung cancer in 2014...
  2. . I forget the actual dates, but I was at Erie County Medical Center’s Emergency Room in Spring of 2020, then admitted for observation. A couple of days after discharge I got a call from ECMC telling me I was COVID positive. I was shocked, as I was totally asymptomatic. I felt fine. They told me to self-quarantine for 14 days, which I did. I was subsequently tested at Roswell Park Cancer Center, Buffalo General Hospital, and Harris Hill Physical Rehab Center - all tests were negative. Buffalo General gave me the Janssen (J&J) 1-shot vaccine last month, with
  3. Like you, I was eligible early on because I’m a cancer patient, but it took another slip&fall, and another fractured vertebrae to get me into Buffalo General, where they gave me the Janssen (J&J) vaccine, just before it was temporarily stopped. It’s been over a month, and no side effects. (I go under the knife at Roswell on Tuesday - another tumor ablation.)
  4. A little classical music, for you enjoyment...
  5. More gas... The legendary guitarist, teacher, and performer Tommy Emmanuel, on his well-worn vintage Martin guitar... 0
  6. You mean Prince ‘Hairy’ like he’s got hairy legs??? Like Joe Biden’s???? No, i don’r give a rat’s ass about Poor Little Rich Kid. Sometimes rich people are just stupid! (A far less ridiculous concept, but ridiculous none the less, is Pretty Boy John Mayer, with a safe deposit box full of $100K watches, sing B.B. King’s classic ‘Every Day I Have The Blues’) Really??? Why???
  7. The President thinks people who listen to cassettes are smarter because cassettes hold more words...
  8. OK, I’LL TRY ONCE MORE - (My erstwhile anthem, still NSFW...)
  9. Some of you know that, back in 2013, I was disgnosed with hepatic carcinoma (iiver cancer). Well, oh boy, I don’t mind telling you that I was mighty pissed off - especially when I lost my brother to the disease in September of that year. i went ‘away’ for a while; some of you wondered, “What happened to ‘The Senator’ ?” Well, Roswell Park was ‘fixing me’; they’ve continued fixing me. They’ve done a fantastic job but, on February 12 (a month ago), they found a new tumor on the left lobe, and this became my anthem once again... PLEASE - AGAIN - NSFW
  10. Most concurr that The Dead’s best live show was on 5/8/77 at Cornell University’s Barton Hall. https://liveforlivemusic.com/news/grateful-dead-5-8-77-cornell-greatest-performance/ I cannot concurr, since I did not arrive at Cornell until the Fall of 1977. (Though I did see some great concerts while I was there - Linda Ronstadt, Wet Willie, The Pretenders, Warren Zevon, et al 😎) Living in San Francisco from 1990-1997 gave me plenty of opportunities to see Jerry Garcia in smaller intimate venues, like this one I did attend at SF’s Warfield Theater in 1991.
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