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  1. The Senator

    Allen will never develop under Mcdermott

    And, we need Mike Leach.
  2. I would have put anyone...ANYONE...but Peterman in to replace Allen. Who is our ‘disaster QB’? oh yeah, that’s right...his name is Peterman. A disaster it was. WTF did McStupid expect?
  3. The Senator

    Mike Leach..,

    To my knowledge, no - but I’d love to see the Bills give him a shot.
  4. The Senator

    2019 Mock Drafts and top prospects

    I respectfully disagree... our#1pick should be Jonah Wilson, OT, Alabama, or Trey Adams, OT, Washington. JMO. Wisconsin does turn out some great offensive linemen.
  5. The Senator

    Mike Leach..,

    The Billsss need an OC like this... http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/24866357/the-untold-1999-texas-oklahoma-story-mike-leach-fake-play-script
  6. Well that just about confirms it - Josh Allen will be the starter for the rest of the season!
  7. I want Jonah Williams, LT from Alabama, or Trey Adams, LT from Washington. Beyond that, I want WRs, a decent roadgrading guard, a center...OMG, we have so many needs.
  8. The Senator

    What is or was your expectations for 2018

    I was hoping to land either Jonah Williams or Trey Adams in the 2019 draft.
  9. The Senator

    Week 4: Packers Game Preparation - Inactives Announced

    Bryan Bulaga... now there’s another guy I was screaming for the Bills to draft....what’s CJ Spiller doing these days?
  10. The Senator

    McDermott not pleased with WRs in practice

    Hey, what do you want the poor guy to do? Dive?????
  11. The Senator

    Marshall Newhouse traded - Signed Jeremiah Sirles

    Great - we traded him for “Mr. Irrelevant”?
  12. As previously stated(by many), Josh should have started week one. Dumbest move by McDermott was starting Peterman. No, I take that back - dumbest move was drafting him. its all in the rear view mirror now. The Allen era is upon us! GO BILLSSS!!!!!!
  13. The Senator

    The OL Is Bad....How Do You Fix It?

    7. Bring back Bill Polian.
  14. 16 points? The BILLSSS will beat the spread.... bet the house!
  15. The Senator

    Brady and McDaniels lose their cool 😎

    Oh that’s easy - they will abandon the Pats and become Giants fans once again.