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  1. great songs or not, it's nice to see the little details or arrangements that define a song.
  2. If you enjoy music theory or just dig music, check this youtube channel out. This a music producer that breakdowns classic song. Enjoy. Post your favorite episode (up to #100) here.
  3. If the Broncos cut Von Miller I hope Beane can bring him to Buffalo. I don't think we need much help, but another pass rushing threat is definitely one of them.
  4. I would like to keep him and I would like to expand his role with the team as a punt returner and kick-off returner. Roberts won't be back and McKenzie will become the versatile player McD likes to have in his roster. I'm not a cap numbers kind of guy, so I wouldn't know what his market will be.
  5. I'm not a big fan of Yeldon the RB, but he's a fantastic pass catcher, with the way we use the short pass game with Beasley and McKenzie as running game or to get easy yards, Yeldon should have seen the field more. Regarding Singletary, we all saw how hard he worked in the off-season, he had a down year no doubt, but I wouldn't toss him to the curb, bring competition via FA, but let's not waste an early round pick on a RB. Also, the OL could have been a lot better at run blocking.
  6. I call those, Playoff Drought reflexes, when our favorite thing about being Bills fans was to cut everyone because we didn't win many games. We always rooted for the obscured sixth round pick to save the franchise, our next draft pick will take us places, we said, over and over again. Let's cut Mitch Morse so we can save some money and put a 5th round rookie in front of our franchise QB. He will be all pro by week 2.
  7. yes to Atkins, no to Sherman. Atkins might be past his prime, but he would be a good addition to this team.
  8. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/cap/ same info with cap numbers
  9. they moved him from OLB to DE this year and he had a career year. Can he replicate the success if he gets paid? That is the question. The times I watched the Cardinals he made a lot of plays. It would be a gamble.
  10. First time I post since the AFC championship game. In general terms this is how I see how things transpired last Sunday. The defensive coaches failed to put the players in position to make plays, it was miserable to watch our players trying to slow down the Kansas offense. On offense, the players failed to make plays in key situations, Allen couldn't get into rythm, the pass blocking was sub par and the Chiefs took Diggs and Beasley out. Singletary killed some momentum with a key drop. From being the best 3rd down offense during the season we were third worst in t
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