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  1. the two relevant events in may are Josh Allen's birthday (21st) and mine (23rd), you know, important people.
  2. damn, this is awesome. Thanks Beane and the Pegulas.
  3. Great news, hated the idea of losing a player that we developed into a starter. Good OL are not easy to come by.
  4. we only have to identify who's the John McCargo on that DL and not draft him. Davonta Wyatt looks nasty.
  5. Every time I watch the cowboys (my brother is a fan) the guy is the weak link on that Oline, I'm not sure he would be an upgrade on our OL. I rather go into the year with Boettger, Rick Bates and a IOL draftee.
  6. I think I posted this vid a couple of years back.
  7. do we really want to keep a guy that up to November of 2022 didn't know Bates name was Rick and not Ryan?
  8. Sad news. Very sorry for your loss.
  9. I bet Adam Humphries is second guessing going to the Titans back in 2019. We did more than ok signing Beasley, though, moreso for Allen's development. Obviously money is a big factor for the majority of the NFL players, but they all would love to play for a winning team, certain coach or a Josh Allen type QB. We are finally in an advantageous position going into FA.
  10. Excellent points, I agree, we could be more agressive or not in any given game, but the phylosophy of the defense won't change much as long as McD is our coach. The problem last night is that we needed to protect the middle of the field on that pass to Kelce, the chiefs had 3 time outs on their pocket. The way the defense played in those last 13 seconds, was embarrasing.
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