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  1. not worried he is gone, good player, don't get me wrong but he's not this supertalent he thinks he is.
  2. Dareus with that POS of a coach can be very dangerous, hope it doesn't happen.
  3. The day that I see Lawson creating his own pressure, it will be the day that I will regret seeing him go. The Bills' defensive system and the rotation implemented by McDermott allows the players to get to the QB, for the most part.
  4. that TD pass to Foster is amazing. Good list, tough to pick one as the best.
  5. was it discussed in this forum? sorry if I missed it. What was the overall sentiment from those two?
  6. I love that our skills players are getting together. They can hone your skills, and in the process camaraderie and chemistry grows within the offense. I know the OL is training hard as we speak, but it would be awesome if they could get together and practice screen plays with the RBs and QBs. All the gods know we could use a better screen game so we can be a more dangerous team on offense. Maybe someone should forwards this idea to one of them or to Josh Allen.
  7. A Star Wars western? Looks good, directed by Jon Favreau and featuring Bill Burr.
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