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  1. RB position Shady Gore Singletary they are locks to make the roster, then TY Yeldon had some nice receptions for first downs and didn't cough up the ball, that's a plus, but he has zero phyisicality as a runner and goes down at first contact. I know is late in his career but he should have switched to WR in his rookie year. Murphy he's decisive as a runner and hits the hole hard, I really like him and Wade has shown some really nice flashes of playmaking ability. Perry had a bad fumble but out of the last four RBs mentiones he's the one that offers more versatility to the roster, given that he's a good ST player.
  2. two years too late, but we'll take it.
  3. They both looked good last night. Murphy had a couple of nice runs where he cut and went downhill quickly hittting the hole or the first down marker. Perry had a very difficult catch where he showed good balance, he could make it on special teams, but it's a long shot having Roberts as the ST veteran.
  4. I like Cam Phillips, he looks more like a WR than McKenzie or McCloud, but those two are very explosive and can return punts and kicks. McKenzie showed last night why they traded for him. Those three players will have to battle for that last spot at the WR depth chart (the sixth spot) Brown Beasley Jones Roberts Foster
  5. He was a developmental player that didn't improve his game, doesn't mean he sucks.
  6. If McKenzie has still PS elegibility he should make it, alongside Cam Phillips, who has flashed some plays in TC.
  7. What he did with the Jets with Sanchez as his QB was far from terrible, problem is his ego got the best of him over the years and became a very lazy coach. He came to Buffalo to rob us blind. (fug Russ Brandon)
  8. On that article, Reed exonerates Rex, he shouldn't. Rex was the main culprit of what happened here.
  9. "Quickly, someone pass me the WD40"
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