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  1. that's how I read it as well. They weren't looking for scapegoats on offense, they were implying more help is needed (and development from Allen)
  2. both said the bottom line is we didn't score enough points, it didn't sound like an excuse but a problem yet to be solved or addressed.
  3. most likely a BS call on Hughes.
  4. Tre White was the DB that also failed to bring Watson down. Bad luck, bad execution, bad juju, bad something call it whatever you want.
  5. AJ Green or Derrick Henry or Robert Quinn (make him play with discipline and he would shine in this D)
  6. they will toss Brady to the side like he's nothing and I won't care one bit.
  7. I get the sentiment of the post, it is obvious that rules make it diffcult on conservative coaches, but the play where we lost the game, was plenty aggresive and it should have worked, hats off to Watson that could escape what should have been a 10 loss yards on a sure sack.
  8. I agree, but the chances were there, Duke dropped a TD pass and John Brown culdn't drag his feet inside their five yard line (or was their 10 yard line) We could use another playmaker on offense and a complement to Singletary.
  9. with the way the back-up secondary as a whole played and communicated against the Jets I'm not super woŕried. the only concern I have with the defense right now is the poor tackling
  10. As I posted in another thread, both Knox and Seweendy are the future at the position for this team and the future starts next weekend.
  11. the story of this game is that the Jet barely beat our back- ups. other thougts Sweeney and Knox are.the future, the future starts with the Texans game Taron Johnson keeps missing tackles that aĺlow the other team get 1st downs. In the last 4 or 5 games, he hasn't béen a reliable defender. Players that looked good yesterday: Siran Neal, I wonder if he can take snaps from Taron J. tha int by Jaquan Johnson negated by Coleman's late hit was sweet. Stanford and Thompson are good depth a LB. Bell was no factor yesterday. Go Bills!!
  12. that was a well executed RPO. We should run those more often.
  13. if you watch closely on their last TD, Brady committs false sart twice, he has his hands on the center's butt and he moves both hands,. Philips jumps on the first one.
  14. really bad tackling today. Kind of disppointed with the defense today. Maybe we should pass on first down against the patriots, too many negative plays on first down today.
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