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  1. To Daboll's favor, in the second half of the Jets game, he used Beasley with quick passes as the running game, he put the offense in good 2nd down situations. If you can, you have to exploit that if it's there for the taking.
  2. Beasley, is a dynamo, he just knows how to find the open spot, I also like how he knows when to lose a yard to gain more, if he can't he just dives forward to gain more yardage, I hate the Patriots WRs but they do this very well, especially Edelman. Kroft is a fine TE, good in line blocker and good enough athlete for defenses to be alert about his presence. His wors enemy are injuries. Knox will have to prove he's a better catcher than him to unseat him, because I think Knox is a very goot at run blocking. I also like that Gillam guy, every time he steps into the field he does his work. EJ Epenesa looks thin out on the field, though he made some positive plays, at one point he was lined up incorrectly, one of the LBs or safeties, made him moved to the outside and had a great tackle for loss on a toss to a Jets RB.
  3. I throw it in this thread now that we're talking TEs. Logan Thomas had 4 catches on 4 targets, 60 yards and a TD for the Washington football team. I guess he found his place in the NFL, good for him. I will never forget the block he threw against the Phins on an Ivory near TD run
  4. when he started taking what Jets were giving him, he played a better game. Some bad decisions and a bad fumble were his down plays. No mojo in the redzone today.
  5. I like his energy, he's a good hitter, yeah, today he was very visible
  6. it is inexcusable that you have to travel to New Jersey just to practice field goals.....
  7. there were no helmets involved on that football play.
  8. this is the last chance to score a TD and finish the game, if we don't, this game will be an L.
  9. is it too much to ask for the Offense to score a TD?
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