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  1. It's not just Miami, its almost every other team. It's so weird how many Bills plays seem to have no design. Ball gets snapped, Allen starts dodging defenders and running around waiting for somebody to get open. This is like 75% of the passing plays.
  2. I think a lot of guys are playing injured though. Allen hasn't missed any games but he's injured.
  3. Dorsey, lol. Guy gets his ass spread in the redzone constantly
  4. if the refs don't call the phantom D holding the Chargers win. Can't stand when the major determining factor of the entire game just goes completely ignored in the post game. Really makes it seem like the league is fixed.
  5. Led the team in tackles and not a single running play where he was pushed 10 yards off the line of scrimmage and backpedaling when the ball carrier was tackled by the safety
  6. Short week. Walking boot after this one kind of guarantees missing the Detroit game.
  7. Not to mention Dodson led the team in tackles. Both games Dodson has started he's led the team in tackles. Anybody playing that position in this defense will lead this team in tackles. Puts the tackles stat in perspective.
  8. Refs ***** em pretty good. Directly took points off the board with a couple of phantom calls. Good win considering
  9. Throwing to Diggs every play should be how we get out of this. Ignoring him every play is the exact opposite.
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