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  1. Milano is a big loss without a doubt. He is a difference maker. Depressing to lose him because, like Shaq and Phillips, there's no amount of sugar coating that can get around the fact that when you lose play makers on defense the defense gets worse.
  2. Should be easy to make room for Milano. Just geting rid of that ***** Beane brought in on the Dline last year would pay for most of it.
  3. Why is it the entire time the Bills were in QB hell after Kelly there were never any good QB's available? Then as soon as the Bills have one the market gets flooded with unbelievably talented QB's?
  4. Was he hurt for the playoffs? I just dont understand he goes off week 17 against Miami scoring 3 TDs every way you can score a TD, and then goes completely unused in the playoffs. And that was with Beasely, Brown, Diggs, and Davis all injured to varying degress. WTF happened?
  5. TB's coach didn't approach the Chiefs liked a terrified B****. Far and away that's the single biggest difference between Tampa and Buffalo's results vs KC.
  6. Just move him to OLB where he'll have more space to run around and less important to the run defense. He's just not an ILB, but he could still be useful to the D just based on his size and athleticism
  7. I think Darnold would make a real good backup if they could sign him cheaply
  8. Addison 100% should go. The rest of them all have pros and cons but there's no question with Addison. Terrible signing.
  9. Edmunds definitely isn't an inside LB. Inside LB's don't routinely get blocked 10 yards off the line on run plays. Should be moved to OLB
  10. Same as the rest of us. Take a Xanax
  11. Reid is McD's boogeyman. In both losses to KC McD called games of ***** ball that would have made Jauron blush. This loss starts with scared ***** coaching. Then anything else to dissect comes after that.
  12. Addison was a truly horrible signing by Beane. Would have been better off sticking with Murphy.
  13. McD went full on ***** ball and the football gods punished him for it. As they always do.
  14. Their coaches absolutely destroyed our coaches. It would be cool to hear McD admit it and own it in the post game.
  15. Jesus christ man. Defense not in the same league / galaxy / universe. 8, 9, 10 yards given up every single play. And to wide open dudes too.
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