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  1. My god. . . there are some of you who even if the Bills won the super bowl would think they should have won it better. The team will do some introspection and there will be adjustments.
  2. I too choose optimism. Sometimes a small step back in success allows you to see what needs to be adjusted. KC did not lap us, they just stayed ahead of us, and guess what... Cincy was already ahead of us too. We just didn't get the chance to lose to them last year. Optimism doesn't cloud by view of the Bills. They were good but incomplete when you play top 6 talent and it showed. Onto 2023!
  3. Run him until he pukes - idiot!
  4. It was the lofty expectations. The unknow variables, timing, injuries, The cosmos. That's why it is so hard to get to the SB much less win it. The reality is the Bills weren't the team to win it this year for a multitude of reasons (some mentioned above). Also, let's talk about being honest with ourselves as a fanbase. Does the Bills defense stop either NFC team? AND does this OL stop either NFC team's pass rush/DL from killing JA/stuffing the run? Answer - unlikely to both. They were a real good team, played great at times. Just not our year. Damn Cosmos . . .
  5. Sound reasoning Paup. I am hopeful they get it right!
  6. 13-3 two out of last three years (11-6 sandwiched between them) Afc East champs three years in a row Five home playoff games in three years 31 teams go home unhappy EVERY YEAR Will the Bills ever win? Maybe, it's hard Example - SF loses in super bowl, next year fails to make playoffs, next year loses in heartbreak fashion in NFC championship to team that won it all, this year we will see how they end up YEAH IT SUCKS WE LOST, BUT COME ON . . . . ENOUGH ALREADY FOR THOSE WITH THE PITCHFORKS AND TORCHES The team continues to move in the right direction with this regime Tweaks will be made That's how teams improve I remain grateful and optimistic for the team's future GO BILLS!
  7. If that's the case then I am extremely disappointed. I was the OC on a youth football team and disguising plays on the simplest level was a winning formula. SF and KC are great at making you see something on film and running a completely different play out of that formation. I am hopeful that we see Dorsey's creativity this weekend.
  8. I still think Dorsey has kept a few plays in his pocket for the Bungholes.
  9. Sammy did catch that ball from Brown last week then fumble to end their chances at winning the game. . .I guess that gives him the ability to talk sh*t....
  10. Puff Puff Pass. . . I hope you are right. . . Cough. . .
  11. What neurologist on or off the Miami medical staff would clear him now? The last doctor from the first Bills game is still having to explain himself.
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