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  1. Guaranteed four games in the AFC East. NYG Dallas and Pitt- seven games out of 16 not too bad for out of market.
  2. Great Pic!!! I am glad your Pop got to see his Bills rising up. Stay strong Clem!
  3. If we score more points than them we will win. I agree I need Sunday to be here already.
  4. Doesn't get 4 million if he quits this time!
  5. McBeane put a flame under Lawson's ass by not picking up option. Prove it year may turn into pay me year or I'm leaving. I like Lawson too, finally playing up to potential because he is healthy and acclimated to NFL.
  6. Kudos Oldman!!!!! This win is on you for having the faith beyond just hoping for a win. Enjoy the day and the WIN!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Not sure of that logic. But it would help ours.
  8. I got a bad feeling bout this one.
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