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  1. Buffalo Matt's Second Opinion - "Rub some dirt on it and get back in there!"
  2. Really not worried: They beat a meh Patriots team and only scored 20. Prior to the 4th quarter of Ravens game they put up only 17 points between the second half of Pats game and 3 quarters of the Ravens game.
  3. Agreed, fingers crossed. He's been a wrecking ball!
  4. Looked like a sniper in the stands got him.
  5. I know I'm late to this party . . . Phins and Ravens don't play defense and everyone is worried about them phins. Nonsense . . . Down 21 in 4th and Baltimore implodes, jets win a game the Browns gifted them in a very Brownsy fashion and NE put up a loss and a whopping 17 points where Trubitsky looked like he forgot how to play QB in the first half. . . . Yawn.
  6. When you settle you agree to something less than you want. I like Settle
  7. I guess money is more important than a ring for Jerry. I guess he didn't know how to save.
  8. I'm a Jerry fan. I agree he would have been signed for Vet minimum. And he would be sitting as a healthy scratch next to Shaq. He is just a step slow these days against the good QBs.
  9. loved jerry but he's been a 1/2 late against Mahomes constantly and his pressures don't effect his play see end of KC game. Mills on the other hand is . .. . .
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