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  1. I love the BILLS!!!! That said we could easily be 2-3. I'll believe it when as an offense they can consistently put points on the board and not turn over the ball. Why not 15-1!
  2. I guess if you think about it you are right. We needed a stop gap after Moron (intended misspelling) as McBeane wouldn't have been ready to go 5 yrs ago. So I guess we owe that big F ing blowhard a modicum of credit.
  3. Angels on the uprights. (Ralph is working his magic) -sequel to Angels in the outfield.
  4. It took Five years to rid this team of the stink of Dough Whaley.
  5. That is when she heard that they hired Rex after four failed years as NYJ head coach. She didn't stop crying for two years.
  6. Tell EJ I say . . . . umm well.. .. tell Nate . .. ummm .. . we all say .. . good riddance. Zay Ya later!!!
  7. I think he just missed short on one of the ints. He makes that throw and he's praised. two out of three were flat out bad decisions.
  8. Eerily familiar reoccurring scenario. Spot on! Hope your wrong. But in reality hope does not win football games.
  9. Good point. Need a game from him on Sunday for sure!
  10. He is certainly part of the equation. Draws attention and frees up others
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