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  1. Sammy is a classic big fish small pond. He was lauded on from pee wee to Clemson. IN NFL not such a big fish. Poor Sammy. . . .Waahhaha
  2. As long as we win the off season . .. . . . . (Kidding- Rex is still a douche)
  3. He still has Whaley's stink all over him. Poor guy never had a chance.
  4. I would love to see his face on a milk carton. OR I would like never to never see his face again. Tip your hat Blah Blah blah. Hard to like the guy who has been the root of such misery.
  5. Puff. Puff. Pass.. Hold . . .exhale. . . ahhhh
  6. SHADY - he came to love BFLO. Seems all players do except Gilmore that unappreciative Dbag.
  7. Favre 2.0. It's hard to say goodbye. . . .
  8. I get that good teams get breaks sometimes. Houston was the better lesser team on Saturday. I like where the Bills are and Love where I think their going. It's that breaks only get you so far.
  9. Not ready to be a consistent offense that can sustain drives and manufacture points. If you are trying to tell me that the offense was READY then I will continue to disagree. Could they have won, yes. Unfortunately, they didn't. I don't want breaks to get wins. I want a team that wins without getting breaks. When they are ready they won't need breaks to win.
  10. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts . . . . all losses suck. The fact is they were just not ready.
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