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  1. Punch them in the mouth early and often!!!! Re-watched 1st game. So many blown opportunities. This time we take no prisoners!!!!!
  2. How do you think the O will handle the crowd noise?
  3. Per PFF Justin Zimmer had a game against the #Ravens DEF: 84.0 RDEF:76.6 PRSH: 71. Plus he was the second Bill closest to Taron on the Pick Six return - for a big man he was down field.
  4. Clean hit even by todays standards!!! Love those uniforms.
  5. What is overlooked he was ball hawking while being B word slapped
  6. Agreed, short fields killed us last year. And we saw how much field position hurt us last week. Go Bills!
  7. Lamar threw three TDs last year. I also would like to see Klein. North to south LB.
  8. Six pages on this and it's only Wednesday. . . long wait to Saturday.
  9. Great avatar!

  10. I think both players and coaches will learn from this game. IMO Dabol was not used to calling plays from deep in his own end. (Remember the fumbled dive up the gut against Pitt). Ran that same play to Moss, one yard. He needs to be more creative/aggressive in those situations- instead we were 3 and out in four out of the first five possessions and no third down conversions in 1st half. That said, if this is their wake up call, bring on the Ravens!
  11. Sounds good! Think I'll stick around!
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