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  1. Damn, I had Vlad on my 2nd unofficial DC( Kidding)
  2. Spent some time there. Only good thing was NY and CT broadcast got me four Bills games a year. If they played the Giants it was an added bonus! Now I have D TV but in those days it did not exist.
  3. I loved him as a player. He's a masher on the line. As a person he certainly has shown his true colors. As a person with mental illness he needs to be monitored, treated and helped.
  4. Depends what you use it for! https://www.thedailybeast.com/scottish-mans-crotch-smeared-in-peanut-butter-before-dog-bit-off-his-genitals
  5. I would be too if Rex hand fed me a first round draft pick contract knowing I needed surgery.
  6. SMH - Buddy's rep still getting his son a job.
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