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  1. Seems like PFF is all over the place. At least this guy played QB in the league. PFF’s quarterback rankings are based on grading every player on every play and tapping into multiple years of data to project future performance. We go beyond just last season’s performances, and the grading works to isolate each quarterback’s performance from that of his supporting cast, making for more effective projections. -Bruce Gradkowski https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-quarterback-rankings-all-32-starters-ahead-of-the-2021-nfl-season
  2. 1 goes 60 yards the next 16.
  3. Rappaport just reported he broke his foot getting off the plane.
  4. Probably to see his orthopedist
  5. Only one ball to go around and lots of decision to make as a QB. Which read is right? Brady is on Tampa...... let's see if NE can recreate prior success without the most crucial piece to the puzzle. IMO nope!
  6. He earned 18 million in two years. Missed games but did his job. He needs to get the F over it and shut his mouth.
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