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  1. I know none of you and I love you all. Enjoy what matters most and don't sweat the small stuff!!!
  2. That ship has sailed? Sometimes I'm dim. . .
  3. Is it a Hole or a Gap? Everyone wants to know.
  4. I got stuck on he was good at blowing
  5. I'll be at Judge Roy Beans for most of 1988 come by I'll buy you a shot.
  6. You are a good son. Don't blame yourself, we all had the same reaction. . . . even after a lifetime of last second Bills loses.
  7. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. . . . that said I still don't feel any better. I hate Monday's after brutal loses, and I think we all can agree, BRUTAL. I's like the ghost of Fitzy entered Josh's body in the red zone these past few weeks. Someone in the locker room needs to burn some sage.
  8. Punt returns are not the strength of the Bills. Big up grade for sure. In Beane we trust!
  9. Really like Bryant- I'd be surprised if he clears waivers
  10. Bears still need to play D and without Smith and Quinn. . . . .
  11. As long as he is not a stinky bush . . .
  12. When Quinn the Eskimo gets here everyone is gonna want to dose. . . .See ya in Arizona
  13. My favorite spirit is the Ghost of Christmas Past. . .
  14. I'm fine with them playing Sunday. Risks come with any job. Their compensation is commensurate with their risks. They are adults and should be able to be their own voice if they are not ready to return or have concerns about repeated head injuries. Other players have chosen to retire to protect their mind. Others have not. If they are ready and want to play only the doctors that they are relying on for clearance can be the ones to say they can't play. It's interesting that fans of football and the sports media that love to watch and cover MMA/Boxing/Hockey somehow overlook head injuries in those sports.
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