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  1. They'd have ran Eric Moulds out of town after year 2.
  2. That's fair,I'm just speaking from a talent and production viewpoint though.
  3. Eric Moulds. Dude was the best WR we've had post Reed. He's a first ballot Hof'er with better QB play.
  4. Cody Ford. Dude is going too be a beast.
  5. I'm just glad the reporters are safe from errant throws.
  6. I love the fact that Dorsey let's the QB do what they're comfortable with. Instead of trying to rework everything they do mechanics wise.
  7. Croom seems to be a talented pitcher of woo. Lol
  8. Apropos of absolutely nothing,i really like those helmets.
  9. Eh, thats what i get for trying too watch the nba playoffs and the draft at the same time. Lol
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