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  1. Brent does the drive-time show on the Vegas Sports and Information Network (VSIN), available on Sirius XM.
  2. If Peterman didn't have a good football brain, he never would have made it onto an NFL roster. Peterman is a good practice player, he looks like a good QB at practice speed, but his skills are not good enough to play at gameday speed.
  3. The problem is that you can also describe Tim Couch, Danny Wuerffel, and A.J. McCarron the same way. Smart guys who lacked talent. You could have even said that about Barkley, who was a 4th rounder. In the end, it's a fifth round QB. It was a luxury pick. It's not the next coming of Brady, or Pennington. It's a guy who is going to struggle to beat out Barkley to be the 2nd string QB.
  4. A QB with a better skillset, for a start. Somebody who has a higher floor than Barkley. Maybe someone who mimics some of Allen's mobility, so that the offense does have to change things up too much if the backup has to play. Fromm is too much like Barkley, without Barkley's experience.
  5. The majority of QB busts in the NFL posted great college stats, and that includes a bunch of SEC QBs.
  6. I know, his college stats are almost as good as A.J. McCarron's, and he turned out fine!
  7. I agree. There's always going to be a vet out there who can nail anything under 40 yards, and if a rookie struggles, it's tempting to cut him. No coach wants to lose a game because a rookie missed a kick. Hopefully his growing pains are minimal.
  8. No, and it probably lowered their market value. A recently drafted player's market value would be higher. Beane's trading of those two guys shows he doesn't want to keep 3rd string QBs on the roster if he can trade them.
  9. Depends how much Beane values an emergency QB vs a late round pick. There was a market for McCarron and Peterman, why wouldn't there be one for a recently draft 5th round pick? Do you want me to use my brain for you because yours doesn't work?
  10. Me too, because Beane will be trading him before the season, and we certainly don't want that team getting the 'next Brady.' And bless your heart, bro.
  11. And the guy who drafted Petermann, and signed McCarron, and blah, blah blah. It's a 5th round pick, he can make a mistake. It's not going to break anything. Just don't see the logic of replacing Barkley with a Barkley clone without the experience.
  12. Not enough to consider him a top 2 QB on any NFL roster
  13. And it only will cost the team 5th round pick to watch this play out.... The good news is that this is a luxury pick, like many say, and the team overall looks to be in good shape. The only downside is that a slag like Fromm will be on the roster for a while.
  14. Who also regressed each year while relying on an excellent running game and defense.
  15. Totally. Fromm doesn't have a better skillset than Barkley. Barkley has experience in the NFL and the Bills offense. Come preseason, Barkley will be the obvious 2nd string QB, and Fromm will have more value as a trade asset than the emergency QB.
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