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  1. The investment dollars to do this would be astronomical. The schools in the top 5 conferences maintain NFL-level facilities and pay their coaches millions of dollars. The NCAA has massive TV contracts and booster support that provide revenue that a NFL D-league could never match. And in the end, the NFL doesn't even need a minor league. Unlike the NHL and MLB, the NFL draft age is 20 years old, not 18. So 18 and 19 year old football players develop in extremely well-funded, first-rate football factories. The XFL will crash and burn, just like the other attempts to start a new league every other year. Just another delusional rich guy burning money on an ego trip. Between the NFL and NCAA, the market is closed to a new league, especially one that is built on spare parts from the other leagues.
  2. They're pounding it into his head that he can't throw interceptions and it's impacting his throws.
  3. Let's see if our franchise guy can start playing like an legit NFL QB instead of a wildcat RB.
  4. The Bills are in the midst of a playoff run. Is 'plug and play' good enough for a playoff run? If the trade terms are accurate, and they are probably not, I'd rather play in NE with Gordon on the roster instead of Murphy, Ivory, or even Yeldon.
  5. He looks great, but he's also a rookie who is undersized and injured. Gore is 36 years old, and while he's also played great, you have to wonder where his health will be 8 games from now. If Gore or Singletary go down around game 11, the Bills will be stuck with Yeldon, who the coaches do not seem to trust. The trade as proposed (which probably will never happen) does not replace Gore or Singletary, it replaces Yeldon with a better rental player for a playoff run. The team is no longer in a rebuilding mode. If they are serious about making a run, they will have to consider these types of deals.
  6. Need to see the all-22, but my guess is that those passes were there and Allen didn't take them. Hard to believe that the goal was to get Zay Jones deep for any reason other than clearing out a zone for an underneath pass. Allen held onto the ball way too long today. Hard to believe that was the gameplan. He was playing too much hero ball. This was the first game I got the feeling that McDermott lost control a bit. Those challanges weren't needed because of the play of the defense. He needed to trust them more to overcome iffy calls, and save the timeouts. Like Allen, he was playing hero ball with those challenges.
  7. Because that's what being a fan is, reasoned thinking😂. How about you just shut the whole board down after every game until 8am Monday morning? That will give time for more scholarly thought.😉
  8. Needed a big red-zone target today. Jones isn't that guy. It's time to call up Williams.
  9. He held onto the ball way too long today, something he started doing last week. His downfield accuracy was horrible. Throwing into double-coverage off his back foot is inexcusable. The sack before the half was a killer. Not sure where he goes from here. The first three games was spent trying to get him play within the context and rhythm of the offense. Today he just blew that away. And Duke Williams needs to take Zay Jones roster spot now. Could have used a big red-zone receiver today. Zay isn't that guy, and offers little else to the offense.
  10. Belichick will use Gilmore to take Brown out of the game and will use scheme to remove Beasley. He'll try to lock Allen in the pocket, and will load up the middle is the D to stop Gore. The Bills will need to run Brown on comebacks and outs, ignore Beasley and check down to the backs and tight ends on the outside. Re-introducing Foster into the offense would help, as would Singeltary being healthy. Zay Jones might be able to find space on 10 and 15 yard patterns. They could also attack the edges of the defense with QB runs and jet sweeps, although they might have already shone too much of that the last two weeks. On defense, Belichick will challenge Edmunds with screens and will run right at him, has he has had difficulty getting off blocks. Taking away Brady's first read will be critical, so the ends should slow their rush to block short passes. No Edelman will hurt Brady's quick passing game. Middle pressure will be key for the Bills. Expect the Bills to line up linebackers in the A gap, and mix blitzes and drop backs, looking to break up Brady's first reads. The defensive backs will sit in zone and try to keep everything in front if them, which will be frustrating because NE will build some long drives. Buffalo's run defense will need to be stellar, and this is part of the game they could be dominant, as NE hasn't really racked up great rushing numbers this year. This game is winnable. No Gronk, injuries on the offensive line and at WR. Daboll needs to figure out how to attack NE beyond using Brown and Beasley. Hopefully Singeltary will be ready to go.
  11. Fun fact, Jim Kelly never threw for 4000 yards in a season. Over his HOF career he averaged 221 yards per game. Does anyone really believe that Allen couldn't throw for 300 yards if that was the gameplan? This guy isn't Tyrod Taylor. The offensive performance the first three games of the season is the floor for this team, not the ceiling.
  12. The Bills are doing a bunch of things on offense. They're trying to attack specific weaknesses in the opponent's defense. They're trying to find the right personnel on the offensive line. They're trying to increase Allen's completion percentage. They're trying to work rookies in at TE and RB. And most of all, they're trying to win games. Against the Jets, they spread the defense out to blunt the impact of their interior DLine. It was weird, because you would figure that this would open up run lanes, especially because DiMarco took a bunch of snaps, and especially since it would give a speed back like Singeltary open lanes to run through. But the Bills didn't run in the first half, Singeltary didn't get a carry, and they flexed Dimarco out wide, which created no mis-match with the LB who followed him out. It was a weird gameplan that predictably got repeatedly bogged down around the 50. Against the Bengals, the goal was to attack the edges, where the 49ers destroyed Cincinnati the week before. Problem with this was that the Bills only speed back was injured, so they tried WR jet-sweeps and QB runs, which were only moderately successful, and ended up only burning plays. fIn the 3rd quarter the drive before Allen's interception ended on one of these reverse sweeps on 3rd and 1. It's an example of how the gameplan bogged down the offense during the 3rd quarter today. The Bills are also still trying to find the right offensive line personnel, and this is causing some issues. Ford has had a rough time rotating at RT, and today the Bengals DLine overpowered the Bills in the second half after Feliciano left the game. The team is trying to improve Allen's completion percentage, and have him checking down rather than attacking the defense downfield. It's necessary for his development, but the handcuffs are on, and Buffalo doesn't take nearly the shots down field that other teams with strong-armed QBs do (like the Chiefs, Chargers, or even the Ravens). Allen has meshed with Brown and Beasley, but Beasley is an underneath, check-down guy. The more passes that go to Beasley, the less chance that Allen throws for 300 yards (Beasley averaged 6 yards on 8 catches today). Foster, last year's deep threat, hasn't been integrated into the offense as of yet. McKenzie also has played close to the line of scrimmage. It's apparent that the Bills aren't willing to unleash Allen like KC has unleashed Mahomes (and they might never be willing to do that). Finally, instead of completely focusing on what has gone wrong for Allen and the offense, focus on the what has gone right. This team has scored on fourth quarter drives in all three games. On those drives, the team has loosened the leash on Allen and the rookies in the fourth quarter, and the team has looked doing so. As the coaching staff gains confidence in not only Allen, but Singeltary, Sweeney, Knox, and Ford, hopefully they'll open up the playbook like they've done in the 4th quarter after halftime. Anyway, I hate the term "process," as it's often more of an excuse than anything else, but in this case, I actually believe that Allen's and the offense's development is a process, and it will produce results as the season progresses.
  13. If social media and Twitter were around in the late 80s, the same stuff would have been said about the Kelly-era Bills. There was a lot of opinion on call-in shows that the Bills should trade Kelly after Reich won 5 games during the '89 season. The Bickering Bills would have been destroyed on social media.
  14. It looks like the offense is still trying to figure things out. New O-line, new WRs, new RBs, and Daboll has tried to do some specific things that didn't really work out in the game plan (spreading out the Jets, attacking the edges against the Bengals). Good news is that this team has shown the ability to put together drives and make plays, so it's not like they're a bad team playing above their heads. They have talent and playmakers, they just need to figure out how to best put it together.
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