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  1. Billzgobowlin

    Cuts to add an additional 6 Million

    Honestly if we gave as much time to Foster as you are willing to give Cam Phillips, Foster would have already been gone
  2. Billzgobowlin

    Cuts to add an additional 6 Million

    Because you need players. Potential might be all he has but you can't cut every player that won't be a starter and replace them with high priced free agents
  3. I'm not sure the point is watching the other coach but that there was something more nefarious at play. Just my take on what might be implied
  4. Billzgobowlin

    Cuts to add an additional 6 Million

    So you will cut Cam Phillips a rookie at the league minimum to make cap space? They aren't going to do that.
  5. If you want to go that far back we can say that Bart Starr would be the greatest of all time. When you go that far back and 8 and 9 teams in the league it is much easier to be dominant.
  6. Ask yourself, is the Patriots defense that good this year to hold McVeigh's offense to only 3 points? Now everyone can have a bad game. I admit this clip seems very far fetched but they have been caught doing things against the rules in the past.
  7. If true name another team that had a player in basketball win for six year in a row. It might be easier for a basketball player to dominate but it is also easier for teams to knock them off with stacking up players on their teams.
  8. I don't think Brady and Jordan should be mentioned in the same category. Jordan won 6 championships in 6 years playing. He was the top of the game for those 6 years. Brady only had about 3 years where he was the top of the game and one of those years his team (18-0 year) they lost the championship. Brady might have been the best player on the team for most of those years but definitely not the best player in the league.
  9. Billzgobowlin

    Who would you like as WR Coach

    I have two theories on this and why it hasn't been named. First thought is they are tying down the offensive coaching ranks by eliminating extra personnel and Daboll himself or maybe Culley will coach the receivers or second the coach they want is still coaching in the playoffs.
  10. Every Offensive line player should feel like they are on the hot seat but honestly individual advances aren't the reason Castillo was fired imo. O line coaches need to be more big picture when coaching up linemen and consistently they weren't working well together
  11. How does a rumor that we wanted to interview him turn into a he was our top choice? Only reason he was in the news was because of Denver's blocking him. Juan Castillo was McDerm's first coach hired and you saw how that turned out. There are a slew of great coaches and might be a chance we won't even know the guys name. It doesn't matter who the guy is as long as he gets the line to play better.
  12. Billzgobowlin

    Offensive Line: Who Stays Who Goes

    I could see Kalil come in if he is still playing football next year and I think he would stabilize the line, also draft a LT or RT and keep Dawkins starting. I'm kind of interested in seeing what Teller, Boettinger and Conor McDermott will do if given the opportunity. I think Mills, Groy and Miller are gone and if anyone on here has any doubts Ducasse has been gone since week 9.
  13. Billzgobowlin

    Kelly Skipper - RB Coach

    Man everyone is calling for heads on all our offensive coaches. I have to believe this would start with the Run game coordinator and if the HC sees problems in other parts of the run game the RB coach will go next. I do think if McCoy is here next year though the RB coach is more like a QB coach for Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning. The line just took way too much of a step back under Castillo that it needs to be fixed before you can judge anything else
  14. Billzgobowlin

    Bills fire WR Coach Terry Robiskie

    Him and Castillo have 61 years coaching between the two of them
  15. Billzgobowlin

    Bills fire WR Coach Terry Robiskie

    I would only buy that they would make him the fall guy if KB was still here. Our WRs need to be more consistent with catching the ball and you have to think the coaching could be better.