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  1. Gibbs and Parcells are two that come to mind. Neither had a hall of fame QB.
  2. If so you need to trade back but I would say that Allen could have been considered the best player and definitely a position of need
  3. Only one I would dismiss right away would be Bell. You can't know for sure what you get from him with a year away from the game and he is invested heavily into by his contract. Plus it is divisional and I wouldn't want to lose that draft compensation to the Jets even though all they will do is draft another DT with the pick anyways
  4. And yet they draft another DT in the first round this year.....
  5. It's kind of an issue when you are hyper focused on one position at the top of the draft. They can't get them out of the rookie contract because of how much money it takes to resign them and it would be investing too much at one position. Interestingly enough that is one position I think they can play a long time too
  6. Under the radar with media is not necessarily under the radar with other teams. I'm guessing Belichick knows better.
  7. I actually feel comfortable with the backup. I think he has a Frank Reich feel to him where he can step in and make things happen.
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