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  1. I don't fault Whaley on Mahomes but I do fault him for EJ Manuel. You can bet that was his pick as well as the draft capital for Watkins.
  2. I don't buy this at all. They don't know if he is going to last and conventional wisdom says have your top 9 guys in order and one of them will fall into your lap. I could understand locking in on a player if you were top 3 but we are too far down.
  3. All I'm thinking about is how we will get the best player possible at our draft position because of how active we were in free agency instead of drafting and reaching by need. I'm excited.
  4. That is my plan as well but I think plane tickets will be pricey for that time
  5. Man how bad do the Dolphins have to be? Everyone that plays them twice is in the top 3.
  6. Are we really desperate for a RB? If that is really the case than just draft one. I think Shady and Gore might be ok
  7. Not necessarily the act itself but the public perception.
  8. I'm guessing that comes too soon. All it takes is someone loses an important game for it to reviewed. Get better refs and this would not need to happen. They need to go through a hiring binge to get some of the bad ones out of there.
  9. I every once in a while buy cards but I was like you back in the day. It seems to me brand is not as important as is the series. Topps sells so many different series right now and some of them depending on scarcity are very valuable.
  10. Not sure what that means. The veteran minimum blows away what most of us earn in 10-15 years of work. There might be a greater risk of injury but the teams take care of most medical bills and that's not cheap either.
  11. I think they will have him fill the Groy space backing up all three interior positions. Bodine will probably be gone because there is no flexibility in what positions he can play
  12. I don't know that I disagree with you about the WR1 but I'm guessing it won't matter as long as we have solid capable options. I am most excited about Beasley, he is a solid slot guy that will do what needs to be done. Reminds me of a Welker and sounds like the Pats were interested in signing him too.
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