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  1. Gabe Jackson or a draft pick? Gabe would give a little more nastiness than Morse and probably would be cheaper after all is said and done.
  2. Star won't help the team at all because of dead money. Addison might be restructured but not cut. Morse might be cut but only if we sign feliciano. Hyde and Fromm will not be cut and Hughes might restructure
  3. I watched him a fair bit in college and I thought this was a pick destined for the Bills. I think he will be gone before the 5th. He definitely has some fire and gamebreaker in him.
  4. I guess two out of three weren't as big a deal. A ring and QB a guess didn't matter. I like Murray but he will never be upper tier QB
  5. I find it funny the poll has a pro bowler as the leader. I don't love Edmunds but I do like him. He is a solid player that makes some mistakes. If him and Josh Allen spent an offseason training he would be the best in the league. He has the tools
  6. I don't think this lower cap will last long. I think when a lot of vets are out of a job the NFLPA will fight to raise it.
  7. I think Josh will take his team closer to a championship because he makes his teammates better and he wants to win so bad. Watson is probably the superior athlete but in the end Allen will definitely be the better athlete
  8. I heard that excuse all game. They have been playing a while with their missing tackles and it was never a excuse till now. Plus does the mean we can suggest that missing Star would have made a difference for us and that's why we lost?
  9. I grew up in the DC area. It was a slip up from calling them by that name all my life. BTW you should stay away from personal attacks.
  10. No one could have concluded a punch was thrown by Feliciano, they are trying to defund the dirty play. It looks to me like he was holding Jones arm and Jones punched him to get him off.
  11. The way to go will be a rookie. One that I think will have value is Khalil Herbert from Virginia Tech/Kansas. I would not be surprised if we can have him in the third but he will be a gamebreaker in the league.
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