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  1. Basham is a solid player and don't really love anyone on the board left more than him with maybe the exception of getting a Center in case Morse get more concussions
  2. In my opinion he never was a shutdown corner and this makes him potentially undraftable if he will have to have many surgeries. He doesn't have game film for a year and in a covid world he is much too high a risk for the first 2-3 rounds
  3. Of the current ones there Moss will end up being the best at the end of the year but I believe each team will draft at least one.
  4. I think it's a perfect analogy because as you don't know who is impaired while driving around you, you don't know who is sick. You have to live your life even when risks are around you. How much you want to limit your risks is how little you want to live your life. I prefer to not take crazy risks but I also understand you can not fully be kept away from harm if you walk outside your home
  5. So basically more people drive their cars, the more accidents that happen, just like the more people in public the more that get sick. I'm not going to live in a bubble all my life even if they could guarantee a connection between the two
  6. I really like Singletary for his attitude and some of his skillset but he is way too slow and not a hard enough runner to be effective as a bruiser. He does nothing super well and that won't cut it.
  7. Bills have interest in the top RB in this draft. Hardly groundbreaking as they need to improve talent at the position.
  8. Actually we got two first round picks not one
  9. Maybe he is in Buffalo because he likes our trainers.
  10. Anyword on if he can play Tight End
  11. I probably am alone in this but I don't see the need for an upgrade. The line could get after the QB more but Hughes and Addison get after the QB as well as people that have already been signed like Lawson and Hendrickson and they cost less. I think are guys set the edge better against guys like Lamar too. The only exception would have been Watt. Reddick is a 34 OLB and I have my suspicions on him having a hard time transitioning. I think it's just a we think we can do better but really this year we need to be careful with money and we have other needs like Tight End and RB.
  12. I haven't watched him much honestly but based on his stats he didn't even start all his games on the Bengals
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