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  1. I love this idea. I really feel for these coaches having to make these decisions of what is best to do in the matter of seconds though. Who could have even conceived the idea that we would get the ball back with kneel time at the 1 inch line. Bet you this stuff will get his imagination going if it ever happens again.
  2. I'm curious to see that stats on the defensive side of the ball. Offense hasn't been nearly as bad as defense in that regard. Also curious if they include Tre White in that state?
  3. Not having Hyde for the season has been a huge issue. We had injuries last year but Edmunds and Poyer missing multiple games has exposed our lack of high quality depth. I think with those guys out it has exposed Taron more too.
  4. I would assume ball handoffs will be a precursor to him being a part of the offense and when he gets limited reps its just not that important. Cook and Singletary have been good too and I'm pretty sure Hines isn't the reincarnation of Barry Sanders...
  5. Honestly with this turf I would prefer he not try out his repaired knee this week
  6. I'm not sure those are exactly the same. Two average Guards or starting all pro DE, LB and Safety and a All Pro DB coming back, along with Center and LT
  7. That would be a victory. Moral victory would be allowing a receiving TD but our DBs played the WR well
  8. Yet our defense minus Hyde and add 3 quality DTs is the same as the playoffs last year.
  9. I'm hoping it's precautionary. We got him for the playoffs.
  10. Sure Mediocre without a healthy Poyer, Edmunds, Groot, Hyde and Tre White
  11. Interesting. Owners discussing and coming to a like mind of how they want to run their teams is illegal?
  12. Not sure I would consider illegal or dishonest. To me it's work product and a nonissue
  13. You mean like our secondary and LB being out and having a snowstorm and illness that limited practice this week oh and an injured QB?
  14. Sounds like he is more about marketing being in those big markets
  15. Couldn't say it any better than Mcdermott that there are bigger things in life than football but it does give us all a small break sometimes. If you need anything we are here for you!!!!
  16. Absolutely nowhere. Obviously conjecture just like most of the posts on here
  17. It wasn't a bad throw. It was right where it needed to be but Gabe was supposed to be on the inside.
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