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  1. He's going to have to grow a lot similar to Allen. The thing allowed Allen to excel is his non stop desire to be better and working on his faults. If Willis can do the same he has a chance otherwise just a talented backup that could maybe be a receiver.
  2. I've been in a few worse places than the bad parts of Baltimore. It's bad but not horrible. Just like any major city.
  3. If I were to guess he is backing up Davis because of the position not that he is the most likely to backup Davis.
  4. I thought that too but if this behavior started early in his career I can't believe you can explain this behavior. I just keep thinking Clifford Franklin as I read the original tweet
  5. An expectation of a 1st rounder is obviously higher but curious who looks better straight up between Bedford and Elam?
  6. Yes to Ford, surprised he hasn't been cut yet but no to Moss yet and Epenesa.
  7. I think this personality is beneficial to a team as long as coaches harness it.
  8. You can't be just throwing those statements out there without pictures lol
  9. Third super bowl was obvious and two a certain degree the second one as well as we were never really in those games. The last one he was having a great first half and he just completely went downhill the second half
  10. I'm hoping they are taking you off of beta blockers with the low heart rate...
  11. NFL Jim Brown NHL Gretzky NBA Michael Jordan
  12. Wide Right was anger, forward pass was like "what just happened, the refs will overturn that" (btw I'm still waiting for the refs to overturn it...), 13 seconds was we just lost a good game and can I please break the wagging finger off of Tyreke Hill... Just shows our defense needs to get to Mahomes and that we needed an upgrade over Levi Wallace...
  13. Yes exactly and the fact that they don't deploy rookies on a consistent basis until they are ready to obviously unseat the veterans in front of them. Spencer Brown could have started from day 1 as a regular but they gave him time. I have a feeling they are working on refining their game before they play meaningful minutes. I bet you will see a lot of Rousseau this year especially with no Addison and Hughes.
  14. I like the size and speed of Elam. You can't teach size but Florida didn't prepare him for the NFL, I think McDermott will be able to help. The funny thing is Stingley has had durability issues so he has question marks too. I don't know what to think about Gardner however his level of competition is not at the same level as the SEC.
  15. I think we have enough competition. If he is comparable to what we have and cheaper than maybe but I like where we are now
  16. If he were going to be a huge problem he would have been drafted in the First
  17. So next year? I didn't know we worry about next year already.
  18. My best guess is they got intel that someone was going to jump in front of the Bills to pick Elam and the worry wasn't Dallas themself
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