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  1. I'm just curious if caucasians were called white skins or pale face would there be as much an uproar. Doesn't bother me, not sure why its an insult
  2. I know he is the better athlete but he is still growing. Milano has a better understanding on the defense and is never out of place. I am a huge Edmunds fan and was one of his at Tech too
  3. At this point I don't even think he is the best LB on the team
  4. I'm just wondering if they made a rule for every team that has a white RB would start each drive with a 10 yard bonus, if anyone would have a problem with it. I think if the process is sincere why would you punish teams for picking their best candidate. I personally don't care if our coach is white, black, red, green or blue but the fact that we get punished because he is white is kind of bogus
  5. My guess is they had a plan to make him the big nickel back that McDermott was talking about. He referred to Siran Neal filling that role and I am assuming they wanted to upgrade there. That would probably be higher importance than a rotational DE of which they already took care of in Free Agency
  6. A lot of good options that kind of make me forget about a first round pick. CB, DE, and WR have very good options as first round talent that some will probably last.
  7. Other than the fact that it shows poor judgement knowing he will get tested at the combine. I'm not so concerned about the legality, just the timing.
  8. Hypothetically if they considered Delpit the next Ed Reed or Polamalu why wouldn't they? I am not saying he is that good but if they thought he was there would be a good argument there. That being said I don't think he is and I don't think they think he is either. I see someone dropping that isn't expected.
  9. I remember that being wrong of Vontae quitting like that but also remember we were probably better off as he didn't look that great.
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