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  1. vorpma

    McDermott doesn’t learn

  2. vorpma

    Ever done a Bills game solo?

    Several times in 1978 and in 2004 watched them beat the Jets! I left Buffalo in 1979 so the game in 2004 was special and I really enjoyed just walking around; my family held season tickets from 1960 until 1990!
  3. vorpma

    Greatest 77 seconds.

    What a blast being there!
  4. vorpma

    Greatest 77 seconds.

    I listened to this game via shortwave radio on the roof of a 20 story building in Saudi Arabia and was going wild; great post!
  5. vorpma

    How Old Are You?

    Super Bowl coined by the media and then adopted in 1967; NFL/AFL officially referred to it the world championship, check out the program.
  6. vorpma

    How Old Are You?

    Tom Day was a phenomenal guy; the players were just normal guys back then who lived, worked, and hung out in the community like we did. Marty Schottenheimer used to play uecker at a local bar and Paul Costa would arm wrestle for beers, he never lost!
  7. vorpma

    How Old Are You?

    With you, seen the first playoff in 1966 the decided who went to the first World Championship now known as the Super Bowl; family season tickets since 1960!
  8. vorpma

    Calling out a player's name and why.....

    During the mid 1960's many of us wore white sneakers and loved Otis Taylor despite playing for the Chiefs!
  9. vorpma

    Calling out a player's name and why.....

  10. This topic brings morons out of the woodwork; so many political sites to go to but we have this need to get in each others face here!
  11. vorpma

    Drought Wall of Famers

    Good post!
  12. vorpma

    CJ Spiller

    Now all we need is Chan!
  13. vorpma

    If you could change one draft pick

  14. vorpma

    Memory Lane #3 1979 Bills

    Ya, was at that one too!