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  1. Yes, typical millennial response, still in your pajamas in your parents basement hoping something in your life happens!
  2. Come on now, he has been anointed as the next Joe Montana - truth is he is a young QB like Josh Allen that got lucky in 2018 and you all went ga ga!
  3. Go to your room and watch the replay son!
  4. Nope watched the game junior!
  5. Who cares - WIN OR LOSE!
  6. History is great but no time like the present! I love it - so tired of the TBD crowd that constantly shake poms poms for these two - BringBackOrton! Ya whatever - I know your sad today! As are many TBD posters!
  7. Since last year I have heard that Mayfield and Mahomes were the new Joe Montana and John Elway and Josh Allen a turnover machine! Looks like Josh is leading in the most important statistic - won loss record!! I also read constantly about the new NFL - pass crazy, showtime, arena football, scoreboards like a pinball machine. Looks like the mighty KC offense and Andy Reid can get beat by ground and pound offense and great defense - how can this be?
  8. I use to pick up the bus at Klines Restaurant in Pendleton, same thing pancakes then beer on the bus! Those were some tough days but would not trade for anything!
  9. Correction Levy had us in the playoffs by 1988 after just missing in 1987!
  10. Chuck Knox took over a 3 - 11 team in 1978 and had the Bills in the playoffs by 1980. Marv Levy took over a 2 - 14 team in 1985 and made the playoffs by 1980; both efforts had great drafts and the Levy team stayed in the hunt for 12 years - to include Wade Phillips time. This team made horrible coaching, scouting, and drafting decisions throughout a 17 year period creating a culture of mediocrity - I remember posters on TBD thinking we were only a player away when in truth we were not even close. You don't fix 17 years of dysfunction in a "short amount of time" when you have to construct a new organization and culture. McBeane is in year three and has one playoff game under his belt and 2019 is shaping up pretty well, building an organization based on long term culture and character not fly by night divas! And yes, the young fan base has earned their stripes as you say, but so have those of us that lived through 1968, 1976, 1977, 1984, and 1985 - you can't even imagine the pain!
  11. Give me a break, they have been on top now for almost twenty years, scouting, drafting, coaching, and QB have nothing to do with it; they cheeeeaaaat! Please!
  12. Buffalo Bills Highlights with Rick Azar and Buffalo Bills Preview with the late Ernie Warlick! No ESPN or NFL network back then! And Honest Harry - Phil Ranallo!
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