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  1. Indianapolis is a great football town! Watched some college football there years ago and enjoyed myself!
  2. Buffalo until January of 1980, back and forth between Panthers turf (North Carolina) and Titans turf (Tennessee); since 1980 I have listened to and watched some historical Bills wins and moments in some pretty strange places globally and using some odd mediums.
  3. Not arguing with you, you have to do both - no kidding; been that way since the advent of the forward pass. But you can still get your butt whipped by the power running game, sorry, you still need a balanced offense and good coaches can beat pass crazy offences; just ask Marv Levy and the no huddle! You guys have to get grounded in reality and stop fantasizing about Showtime Offenses lighting up the board; go to Arena Football because the NFL and good coaches will find a way to shut it down!
  4. The Arena Football crowd and dire need for showtime; the running game, the power running game, and run stuffing linebackers still win super bowls. Great coaches do what it takes to win - run, pass, special teams.
  5. I want it and I want it now or I throw a temper tantrum!
  6. I was going to offer you the same congrats for finally hitting it!
  7. I have never agreed with C.Bisciut97 on anything but this!
  8. I wish Richie the best and hope he overcomes his troubles!
  9. Not sure this meets the criteria, but I met Scott Norwoods college room mate and close friend at an Atlanta Airport Bar and talked for about an hour; Doctor Phil stuff! Interesting to say the least!
  10. Awesome offense; this post is crazy!
  11. Not sure why that is so hard to get; man the season cannot get here fast enough!!!!
  12. Sorry throwing a big ass BS flag on this; not funny and pretty childish, no not even childish - moronic!
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