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  1. Fire owners, Beane, McDermott, front office, scouts, coaching staff, players, media, and the fans; ya all happy. Now back to adult discussion!
  2. vorpma

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    The worse post in NFL history; go do your homework!
  3. vorpma

    Fire Brandon Beane and McDermott

    You must be new to the NFL!
  4. vorpma

    Fire Brandon Beane and McDermott

    Go do your homework!
  5. I too attended that game and was screaming at Booker to toss me the ball as he trotted into the end zone! Great post!
  6. Best post ever; BTW use to hang out and work in Riverside years ago! JH Williams Company long gone!
  7. vorpma

    Next Playoff Appearance

    You are a wise man! You are not a wise man!
  8. vorpma

    The Ghost of Rex: Hughes dropping into Coverage?

    You ever hear of Ron McDole; if not he was a very good pass rusher and also grabbed more interceptions than any lineman in NFL history!
  9. Great post Rochesterfan, they are out in numbers!
  10. vorpma

    Bojorquez should be cut

    Where do they come from; my god this is F****** stupid!