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  1. vorpma

    Bills defense is overrated.

  2. vorpma

    Bills defense is overrated.

    Get lost dude, I do not have a flying F*** of a clue who Domadab99 and I have backed the owner of this board many times; but I too have an opinion! Grow up!!
  3. vorpma

    Bills defense is overrated.

    Except OldAflGuy ha ha!
  4. vorpma

    Bills defense is overrated.

    I have no buddies and offer opinions, like all on this board, only opinions!! No idea what you are talking about!
  5. vorpma

    Bills defense is overrated.

    This board has some great members but it also has some that I honestly believe following the Bills and the NFL is nothing more than a passing fancy and it shows in there posts!
  6. vorpma

    Bills defense is overrated.

  7. vorpma

    Bills defense is overrated.

    Great post!
  8. Why waste your time on this article when you have so many NFL experts on TBD to get insight from? Just saying!
  9. vorpma

    Bills fans thoughts on our meltdown this year?

    Welcome to the board where NFL experts are plentiful! I think he wanted to vent so bad he did not process the original post ha ha!
  10. vorpma

    [Vague Title] Eliminated

    In top five most stupid posts ever! Yup!
  11. vorpma

    Assess McDermott

  12. Good debate, keep in touch! Hopefully we pull off another win Sunday!
  13. Time will tell; I apologize for assuming you enjoyed the high scoring events! As far as betting the "field," but who I wager on depends on far more than offensive explosiveness. However, I will keep these top four teams in mind as we approach January, but I still firmly believe Defense wins Rings!
  14. Being at "home, " I would give the significant advantage to New Orleans; if in Dallas it would be a toss up. OK, you are emotionally attached to your opinion and like many, love the arena football high scoring affairs. But in doing so, you are ignoring some pretty significant history through the last thirty years or more; a great defense can neutralize a high scoring offence and create a more even match up; I stick with facts and you follow your emotion And hypothetical's!