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  1. Whaley is doing great in the NFL 2019 based on his Buffalo performance; oops, sorry, my bag, not in the NFL anymore!
  2. I love this picture, you will never see the NFL played again in a such a pure form! Thanks for posting!
  3. Old school player that is sadly missed in today's NFL! RIP!!!
  4. Except for TO, no; because we have scouted like crap, drafted like crap, lousy FA signing, lousy coaching, lousy FO, and after 16 years had a "losing organization." Now the "kids" want it and they want it now or you get temper tantrums! Sorry kids, I want the process, I know you don't understand it but it is what it is! Nope, still don't know who SDS is and don't care! SDS, give me a shout! If I clicked like on an SDS post it was for a reason junior!
  5. No, many of you want the same philosophy and template used since 1995, no rebuild, sign superstars, try and win now, accept mediocre teams , and every August spout off on how this is the year!!! Me, trying to raise the bar; I want longevity not fast food happy meals! Laugh and smile, you really need to go sit in your room and let the adults have discussions on TBD; run along now junior! Come opening day in Buffalo, there will be a sellout crowd, most of who agree with me!
  6. No way, the NFL experts on TBD say he is going to the Raiders!
  7. No kidding, man you are all over it! Not disputing the trade attempt - kind of known by all - but dispute the attempt at integrating insider information cited without sourcing that attempts to make Beane look like a fool because you want something and want it now!
  8. Good post, but I have watched teams for years, including the Bills, pay superstars that fill stadiums nut just can't reach the playoff threshold. I want a dominant team for a decade, a team always in the playoff hunt, a perennial winner; not a season or two of arena football!
  9. Pay a troubled super star for short term gain - maybe 10 years ago and he would fill seats but we would still be a mediocre team and every August gullible fans would cry this is the year. I applaud Beane for doing due diligence but also applaud that he stepped away! Building a winning organization with character, most of us have the patience!
  10. OK, now we are talking, I could not agree more; progress is needed in 2019. But throwing big money at fading superstars is not the solution!
  11. They are better in the long term without him; I lost no sleep not getting AB, try Sominex! This board gets nuttier by the hour! Probably not going to happen in the next five minutes as you prefer so no happy meal for now; but I have confidence this team is moving in the right direction. Good luck to AB! Now let's get back to building a winning organization!
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