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  1. vorpma

    McBeane's Moves Now Are For 2020 Success

    Great post, I agree!
  2. vorpma

    WAY too much Patriot* love around here (my analogy)

    Right on oldmanfan, great post but you will get hate from the "new" NFL fans!
  3. vorpma

    What Are You Top 5 Super Bowls

    No way - come on - quit ignoring real history; Jets and Chiefs!
  4. vorpma

    What Are You Top 5 Super Bowls

    Joe Namath guarantee of winning, historic; beating the NFL!! During the 1969 home opener against the Jets Buffalo fans gave the Jets a long standing O!!! Remember the AFL!!!
  5. vorpma

    What Are You Top 5 Super Bowls

    Come on - 1968 and 1969, the Jets and Chiefs defeat the NFL; number one and number two!!! If you only knew!
  6. vorpma

    Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Thanks, just tired of celebrity worship ans want to see everyday people back in the game - the ones that make the country work everyday - screw the entertainment crowd all of them!
  7. vorpma

    [Vague Title] Stadium name

    So true, unless you want to escape taxes please don't relocate and bring taxes with you!
  8. vorpma

    [Vague Title] Stadium name

    I left in January of 1980 and never returned; taxes - income and property - would kill me. I love western New York, the Bills, and still have family there but would never come back to live!
  9. Build a complete and dominant team that scores points and prevents your opponent from scoring points, it's kind of how you win consistently! And refrain from catering to fans who have a passing fancy wanting to be entertained by arena football excitement!
  10. Eddie Abramoski called Freeman the toughest SOB he has ever known in his years as a Bills trainer! Saimes often had the task of covering the Patriots RB Larry Garron coming out of the backfield, a big fast back with great hands. If you ever see old AFL footage of the Patriots Garron is always in motion.
  11. https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2019/01/24/super-bowl-halftime-show-no-longer-cultural-institution/2668939002/ I would be really happy for a 15 minute High School Marching Band - screw the entertainment industry - rock, rap, hip hop, country, and anything else I failed to mention! Bring back the kids!!!! Start the game at 4:00 EST and limit the pre - game BS to one hour and maybe I will get interested again!
  12. vorpma

    Former Bills / Studs to Duds

    Booker Moore?
  13. Saimes also named as starting FS to the All Time AFL team along with Billy Shaw and Tom Sestak!
  14. He sure was, once he had the ball he could move; always long returns! Bill Parcells called Kelso a very exploitable FS that created a big hole in the Bills Defense! Fairly average, absolutely and could never match up with big and fast wide outs like Irvin and would get run over by big FB's like Christian Okoye (Chiefs).
  15. George Saimes was the best open field tackler in the AFL; still remember him taking down big FB's like Jim Nance easily around the ankles. But Tony Greene was truly a ball hawk and always seemed to involved in crucial turnovers.