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  1. Will miss Case undercover. That's about it.
  2. I agree somewhat. However, this team does not have players the caliber of Bruce Smith, Thuman Thomas, or even Steve Tasker. More work needs to be done to get over the hump.
  3. Why is Gilliam even on this roster? 8 catches 69 yards and one TD and he earned 2.3 million this season.
  4. Several Dolphin starters were out too and that really didn't help us...Bengals missing starters most likely won't help us either.
  5. Josh's Greed is part of what makes him Great. If he completed the deep passes nobody would have noticed or cared about the other the wide open receivers.
  6. Allen started it? What are you looking at bro?
  7. At KC and AT Cinci. Can we get these guys at home sometime during the regular season??
  8. The heat outcoached our staff in Miami, and They lost here so try again.
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