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  1. I think those who refuse to see the positive, or refuse to acknowledge the negative are both wrong. Josh is certainly entertaining, but he definitely has flaws. I think saying he's another Tyrod is absurd. Tyrod took no chances. Josh takes too many. VERY different players. We've already won with Josh, so also an unfair comment. How far he ultimately can take us depends on a lot of factors. Some he controls (personal development) and some he can't (personnel he gets to work with). We'll just have to see.
  2. Speaking of Sanders and free agency...
  3. I would have loved the chance to test that yesterday
  4. I think what McD inherited has to be taken into consideration. I think the 9-7 record year 1 was a miracle. I also thought the 6-10 projections (on average) this year were a bit unfair. I hoped for 10-6, but felt 8-8 was the low mark. Although any loss is disappointing, we don't realistically expect an undefeated season either. The one that gets me this year is Cleveland. Otherwise, we took care of business when we were supposed to and lost when we were supposed to (the Jets game didn't matter). Philly was the only time we were not competitive. I hope as he builds relationships that he's willing to be objective enough to do what needs to be done with personnel to keep us moving forward and annually relevant. We need to continue to build so that we can be beat you in a variety of ways, including outscoring teams if the defense is not at their best, and we can endure injuries which we were fortunate to avoid this year. Time will tell, but I've been far more excited to watch my team the last three years than the prior 20. If it actually turns bad, lets revisit this, but for now let's enjoy relevance.
  5. Panic: noun: 1. sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behavior. Textbook. If he lost track of things and behaved without thinking that IS panic. Thanks for helping make my point. "The more they play the more it slows down" - I made a comment to a friend when they did a close up of Josh to the effect of, "that's what a bag of cats actually looks like." I look forward to seeing Josh in 10 years, or so when things are slow enough for him that his decision making seems rational.
  6. Fair point. I would have liked to see the events all the way through though. Typically, a ref would like to penalize the original perpetrator and not throw offsetting flags especially for unsportsmanlike and personal fouls. If Hughes came right in to defend, then I have less problem with him defending a teammate. Grasping the face mask is a poor choice though certainly.
  7. Now that we've tasted success, we need to start to develop sustainable success. The draft needs to focus on improving athleticism all over the field. Free agency needs to continue to be fiscally responsible. We don't deviate from the plan because we feel we're a player away. We're not, so we need to continue to stockpile assets. Players leaving for high salaries are not a bad thing. They lead to compensatory picks. That's how we continue to keep building and replace age. Some of our players have outplayed their contracts (Phillips & maybe Shaq for example) may price them out of town. That said, whomever they decide is integral towards maintaining continuity and would continue to play at a high level (and contract) needs to be signed as early in the process as can be done (hello Mr. White). At the same time, we need to continue to find players like Poyer, Hughes & Phillips on other rosters and add to our depth and can also outplay their contracts. I also think our coaching and administrative staffs need to have sit downs with colleagues and retired coaches to pick brains and fill in gaps that they may be overlooking. EVERYONE has room for growth.
  8. We'll offer picks to move up, but not in the first round. We'll trade late picks to move up in 3rd & 4th, but adding a late pick is not going to move us up in the 1st.
  9. I don't think he'd have the same productivity with Josh that he has with Wilson. We would not be singing his praises the same way as a result. That said, he'd be a nice toy to play with.
  10. Can we stop with "cost us the game" comments. There were MANY miscues, so to say it was just one thing is myopic.
  11. That defense is too good to go 1-15. Also do NOT want to see Lawrence there.
  12. Who's his obvious replacement? I think other suitors are leverage. Also, when did the Panthers cut Cam and Allen? I thought they had QBs. A poor take all in all.
  13. When you say he didn't seem to be himself, does that imply a lack of arms to finish the tackle? He also bounced off of Burkhead on the last TD play. I agree Milano is a very good player, but everyone who makes mistakes is subject to criticism. If you make plays we celebrate you, if you are a non-factor, we tend to ignore you (hello Mr. Beasley) and if you make significant errors, like not wrapping up when you tackle and it leads directly to points, then we criticize you. That's the gig
  14. Safety. Illegal forward pass from the endzone results in a safety. Can't throw flag to argue illegal forward pass. Since it was a touchdown, it was in fact a scoring play, so it should have been reviewed and administered correctly. It wasn't, so it wasn't.
  15. Please say it was Schopp then, PLEASE say it was Schopp
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