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  1. Baby eating / storm the castles make it look nasty time just squish the fish!
  2. Effects sometimes show up til a day or two later. Again hard to predict.
  3. Why wasnt guy who hit Allen kicked out?
  4. Bills need to relax and keep it simple too jacked and making mistakes
  5. Part of it will be to economically get control of China trade deficit. This is one of the few thing I agree with Trump on and kinda of like the way he is going about it. No matter who is President I hope this strategy continues.
  6. Go Bills kill the Pats and pull Brady's skirt over her head
  7. and of course its a political play and so is Trump's, but to what advantage... still cant suck me back in... ok Peace out!
  8. I haven't checked in here in a long time, good to see the old crowd or much of it is still around. My old user name fell apart, but I am formerly yellowlinesandarmadillos..... and TG I no longer work in the arena of politics. I actually became a first responder in an ER and am helping people for a living. I wanted to catch up on both sides of the debate... I see Deranged is still frothing at the mouth, spinning faster than a whirling dervish. And Alf is still around throwing in info, checked a few pages back and am forgetting online names... but I see that battle rages on. My two cents is that though this appears to be a Trump misstep likely to get him impeached in the House and cause him great heartburn, it is unlikely to change much for his supporters. The real question is does it effect his reelection good or bad.... at this point I am not sure other than it at least temporarily energizes both bases... it appears to have united the Dems, Republican are showing a few crack, just not sure they are significant. Any Ho... I will need to check out as I have more important things to pay attention to and avoid too much heart burn... All my best... YellowLines.... btw Taro says hi from Sabrespace.... good guy...
  9. So if you know the offender, two things, do as you as say create some artwork for your yard and get a yuge Bills flag and mount it on his roof for all to see and genuflect to... Mount it so as it is difficult to remove without doing damage to house... I am sure there are ways... and do it on Saturday evening after dark. Also, you could burn/paint a Bills flag into his lawn, if he has that sort of thing out there. So many choices... permanent, not permanent... does he have pets... kidnap them briefly and attire them in Bills clothing... buy his kids Bills t-shirts delivered Sunday morning addressed to each... paint his car with a Bills flag on it, washable of course... I could go on.
  10. Gonna need to out hit them especially skilled O guys and use jumbo formation on edges... 3 TE and bludgeon their lbs and safeties. Run and block angry.
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