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  1. Sweet Home had a fair share too...Amherst Class of '82
  2. Bruce use to skip these things toward the end of his time with the Bills... things were not changing and he could get up to speed as needed.
  3. Yeh but as a fan if that is what they think can generate revenue in Buffalo, I think they are over estimating the market. Jests are walking back their psls because of how many folks gave up their seats... NFL may have reached a tipping point where the revenue has been maximized. Viewership declines lately, over advertising I think is hurting the league. That can change and so can the Buffalo market... but now imo is not the time to make huge changes, especially in a small market. It is Pegulas choice of course, but changing the current scene may have economic consequences that may not be able to overcome. PSLs have that effect.
  4. So you want more muffy and chets at Bills games.. great more rich bastages not cheering. Yeh if they are going to build a new place, put it downtown, but not because Roger told Buffalo so... he need to turn in his Buffalo heritage card and screw pft
  5. Its the off season, time to dispense with negative waves.. who cares at this point and a little good news on the Bills is nice as I grind thru my summer work schedule... there will be plenty of time during the season to go negative if need be.
  6. Cunningham was an unconventional freak... Overall athlete I think he compares best to Elway in his ability to scramble, arm strength and pure physical strength. Elway's biggest problem was as a former baseball player he left cross hairs early on in his receivers chest... but he developed touch and became a great QB... Joe Ferguson had that kind of arm strength from what I remember as a rookie and Archie Manning had a big arm. Guys with touch but not as much athletic ability were Fouts and Marino... Jim Kelly had an underrated arm and though not much of a runner, was a pretty good athlete as well... played Linebacker in high school and never forget one of his hits I think on Bubba McDowell after he threw an interception.
  7. Never been anywhere near 315 closer to 215 but not back when I was riding regularly... did a bike trip in France in my mid 20s. Buds and I did 700 miles in 11 days, two days over 100 miles... including 120 one day, the last 30 miles behind farm trucks doing 35 to 40 mph... I was done after that, spent a week on the beach.
  8. Do the Bills need more talent at DE, and WR... the jury is out on TE and LB... sure... but are they probably better than last year... O line will be a work in progress but appears the talent is there.
  9. Cool, I live in Westchester, just south of Beacon, so Nate and I are going. Havent bought tickets yet, Nate was going to get them. Where is the tailgate party or just look?
  10. Me and my goalie from our beer league team plan to go Bills Giants
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