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  1. North Buffalo

    Maybe now the story will be told on Gurley...

  2. North Buffalo

    Most Boring Super Bowl Ever?

    No this was worse, it never was a contest, was never going to be one, at least during the blowouts one team was playing good offense... was their any doubt once the Russians/Trump got to Gurley...
  3. North Buffalo

    Matt Milano Leg Injury

    Fin training run on Buffalo sidewalks... wasn't my smartest move... but I was a teenager back then... dumb and stupid... Had to have it casted. Ironically slipped on some ice last winter stretching same ankle out. Had a buddy x-ray when I went into work. He said I think you fractured your ankle... told him that wasn't where it hurt. But the chip from high school is still there lol, that was what he was pointing to..
  4. North Buffalo

    Matt Milano Leg Injury

    Patella fxs no joke expect that they wrapped and k wired it. Ankle fx and dislocations are a pain because of all the ligament tears. The rest depends on if it was just the distal fibula or it included the medial distal tibia. They can plate and screw both sided, but the tibia is weight bearing and can take longer to heal. Tore and chip fx might right one running track in high school. Rolled it pretty bad. Best thing that helped me gain strength and flexibility back in it was ice skating. Helped break down the scar tissue too.