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  1. Bench him, let the young guys get some work... why not Benjamin does nothing for the Bills right now... looks like he is being paid to suck... If McB wants to resign CB, TPEGS should fire the both McB and McD on the spot.
  2. Cooper is a head case that isn't worth the talent he is supposed to have. He drops more balls than Benjamin and gives up on plays even more frequently than Foster.... no way..
  3. He is getting crucified in the NY media, old washed up, never played really great except two runs in the playoffs... granted he has a crap line and a number 1 receiver who has a case of the dropsies... talking about Eli here.
  4. North Buffalo

    Bills 13 Titans 12 Postgame Thread

    Trust the processđź‘‹
  5. North Buffalo

    Bills 13 Titans 12 Postgame Thread

    Go Bills make McD a defensive coordinator
  6. North Buffalo

    First time visiting San Francisco

    Just did it in June. If you dont have tickets, they release about 50-75 each day get there at 5am to insure a seat. It is very neat. The audio tour is awesome and impressive how close it is too the shore.
  7. North Buffalo

    Favorite Beatles Album

    Revolver was my favorite as a kid... favorite road song Live and Let Die... Saw Wings perform at RFK in 1980s July 4th concert really cool. Love Sgt Pepper... probably my favorite Album
  8. North Buffalo

    What Makes a Man Cheat?

    Fart jokes are a constant in my family especially after a wing dinner... have had to sleep on the couch more than one time because of them. Only eat them on Sundays and my wife appreciates the break. PS I married later in life 38, ran through a variety of girlfriends at various levels of commitments and only cheated once on a girlfriend not my wife. Vowed to never do it again. If it ever got so bad either wanted to cheat we both told each other we would arrange a amicable divorce. Trust my wife more than anyone I have ever trusted and as an adopted child that is a big deal for me.
  9. North Buffalo

    KB has a big day this Sunday

    Croom is the only guy I could see on this roster hitting the Mark... Foster if he only had a set of hands.
  10. Oof i Hope the guy gets help. Reading the Sabres Kyle Okposo story the other day great mild concussion set off a severe breakdown. They are still learning about the brain and seemingly innoucous hits can trigger big problems... not just the big hits. PS KO is about the same age, but who knows???
  11. North Buffalo

    New Era Field

    Nothing pisses me off more than jerk security and the lecture is BS... Most are very polite... But there is always that guy.. guess you found him.. so sorry... I take a name down and have filed complaints... not at New Era... not had a problem... but a couple of them were reassigned for training in two cases that I complained about.
  12. North Buffalo

    Taiwan Jones shot to the head

    So you are saying he led with the crown of his head... by definition illegal shouldve kicked the guy out.
  13. Evander Kane was out for 3-4 weeks last year and he is a hockey player.
  14. Plus the last thing you want is to make them worse and puncture a lung... then ICU beckons and a chest tube is usually inserted to drain fluid and keep lung inflated... no fun having a deflated lung... jokes to follow...