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  1. The ones in Virginia when I lived there were all over grassy fields and didnt bother you, they'd scurry away. Never got bit, saw wolf spiders growing up in Buffalo even a couple that big but didnt bother you. The window spiders at the lake cabin in Canada my folks had were a different story. They'd bite and you wake up with welts in the morning. I had take a flash lite butt end and kill them every evening or my brother would not sleep... they liked him... 👹
  2. But it would prove a point, you need more than just a skilled QB to make an offense go. QB may be the engine... still need 10 others.
  3. Unless a tight end is 6'8" 260+ and can run a 4.5 with first basemen mitts for hands... not generational... draft a basketball player in the later rounds for Tight End... get a D-Line or WR in first and move on...
  4. Kay is a Bills fan from way back. She is on either ESPN or the fan in NYC area and often announces her allegience to Buffalo.
  5. Think some of this is a bit much, that being said does show how serious and well a guy can handle his own scheduling and define what he shows. You can schedule too much and it depends on player to control interview process. They need to evaluate each team as each team evaluates them.
  6. Just saw this on twitter near spit out my water: https://twitter.com/jimmyreu81/status/1100892661488193536?s=21
  7. No this was worse, it never was a contest, was never going to be one, at least during the blowouts one team was playing good offense... was their any doubt once the Russians/Trump got to Gurley...
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