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  1. Yeh I made a bunch of dumb decisions at that age. Amazing that I survived...
  2. He stunk after getting earholed early in the third. Betting concussion.. Was never called but video showed it clearly. We will see this year if he improves from last year... but his second half of that game was very on Allen like even for him.
  3. Yeh but my cats dominated my dogs... good entertainment for us... but the dogs got ambushed a lot. My last dog could track anything including the cat when it hid on us right before we had to leave to go somewhere. Cat would be pissed.
  4. Male, but I like both and owned both... Cats are just smarter, dogs more loyal.
  5. Holes no, need to improve rt tackle and guard, though it may given guys here, nickle corner though with Norman... could be and big safety/mobile linebacker.. other than that we will see.
  6. Depends... hockey does it... but I think you can only do it if for one player per year and not even sure it is every year... Though there are more leg injuries in football ending one's career than hockey... Make it one every 3 years per team so it used only if exceptional injury no chance of coming back... gives time for player and team to evaluate chance of playing again.
  7. Interesting thread and evaluations... Im not as high on Epenesa as some, but he is needed. Moss I really like. The two receivers have talent, but later round receivers can be such a crap shoot so who knows... Same with CB though seems to be a very good tackler but can he learn to cover better deep through technique Fromm is interesting but again another crap shoot but worth the pick at that point. Kicker if he can become more accurate has a leg.. put him on ps and let him work... Hauska needs competition... I like Beane et al as talent evals so in this weird draft and UDFAs I hope there are a few diamonds. I am hopeful but but will keep my powder dry as far as thinking this was a great draft... too many unknowns. I rate it solid with a chance to be moving much higher. The Diggs trade calculated in makes very good imo Again offseason hope spring eternal... lets see how the pieces all fit in this weird environment.
  8. Just parroting the President... really on here no one else has.
  9. Like Moss, Hodgins and Jackson... not sure about Epenesa and Davis but as others have said Beane seems to know what he is doing. Up with hope and next year.
  10. The last two paragraphs I agree with and the hospital tents built by that national guards were and a god send. The mask issue and stock pile issues caught everyone... The need for ventilators and medical supplies was not an Obama care deal... It goes much further back to Clinton and Bush and the way our healthcare is distributed and regulated. Streamlining and cutting costs have been disjointed at best while healthcare become big business and serving best only those areas with money. Sure it was but laying blame on WHO when our medical professional knew better and were telling Trump otherwise and yet he wasnt publically reacting was a bigger problem.
  11. Medical professionals knew this was unlikely and we were being warned...
  12. In December sure but not by January when even the independent and networked hospital I work at was scrambling because it realized it were about to get overwhelmed... And ps I dont trust China or businesses that use Chinese labor further than I can throw them.
  13. Problem is COVID doesnt care and will expose any cracks... political and or logistics in the system... much like 911.... once all sides get a better sense of their roles the response to new outbreaks will be dealt with much more efficiently.
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