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  1. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-hits-new-heights-of-embarrassment-as-covid-19-ravages-ravens-steelers-broncos-qb-situation-193723734.html
  2. Part of it was the animosity of the race agreed... but part I have to think was the ease of which absentee and early voting made it easier to find time to vote. I voted in person but on Thursday before the election. I wish I had filled out an absentee/mail in ballot and just dropped at the polling place drop box... would have saved me an hour and a half.... what a concept... making it easy to vote. Only good thing to come out of this pandemic.
  3. Um you need to take High School SS over again. US Senate elected state wide. Both GA seats are up at same time because of a retirement of Isaakson due to health reasons Loeffler was apptd till special election to fill out till election for remainder of Isaakson's term. Normally a Senator serves a 6 year term. Not sure if the Isaakson seat has 2 or 4 years left.
  4. Regardless of what the Bills do and I hope they stomp on the patriots.... they are not the same team. Sure I am paranoid about Belicheat... and think the Bills are short a DT and 1 LB that can tackle and cover.
  5. The Patriots looked awful against the injured Forty-Niners. Cam Newton was clueless. Garapolo another former Pat QB, played decent with a strong running game. More importantly the Patriots are without a bonified quarterback and look out they are 2-4. The Pats couldn't catch a cold in this game. On the flip side, Brady still looks like Brady granted with a much better team... but he is throwing darts. I didn't/don't want to gloat too soon and I suppose the Pats could turn it around, but wow how the mighty have fallen. Any thoughts and observations on how bad they are? I guess we will see next week.
  6. Young D line in the middle got schooled... no pressure, best cover linebacker out, best cover corner plus 1 out...
  7. She was a Attny General Cali so doubt but who knows...
  8. Trump is the Adam Gase of Presidents
  9. You guys are idiots... Biden isnt packing the court... could see Trump trying.... Biden is to much of a traditionalist to go down that route..
  10. Lots of 3 receiver sets, bet they do some match up scenarios
  11. If Jets could hire Chiefs OC they might be able to something. Welcome aboard sorry we have our trolls too.
  12. Yeh problem is the incubation period before a positive test shows up... hence the two-three days of no positives... though it can be longer. It will be interesting to see what happens with Pats and Chiefs and the Raiders and Bills... may be a few more days before all clear can be given... dont be surprised if a few more show up on these teams too, esp the Pats... My wife is a nurse and was shocked by all the hugging post game
  13. Dont care till the last game of the year... superbowl... just win baby!
  14. Not really kids arent able to socialize... it is tougher on parents but I am betting this generation will be better prepared to working on their own and parents will actually know more about what their kids are being taught... I know my wife and I do... less breaks for us... school isnt babysitting them anymore.
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