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  1. Find a place in North Buffalo/Tonowanda area near UB... usually a lot less snow... maybe a dome would be nice.???
  2. Disagreed economically with him but great guy... met him a number of times when I worked on the Hill.. He gave me his personal phone number on the back of his card and offered to help if I ever needed it. Still have it... he was always gracious.
  3. Josh needs to lay off the energy drinks and get back to putting touch on the ball... also someone on the sidelines preferably with a degree in psychology needs to be on him about where his head at... sugar high josh makes too many mistakes.
  4. Aside from Heroin addicts, and full blown alcheys, addicts often hide their internal turmoil very well till near the end... my brother being an example.
  5. It is a little more complicated... but in the end there is not a lot of difference between your assertion and reality..
  6. Depends on the bone, where the fracture is on it... is it displaced... surgery usually means screws inserted to keep it from displacing... ? will they remove screws and is there any ligament damage?
  7. Most of us have 1 oblique
  8. Could use a cover linebacker or run stuffer for situations.
  9. Anyone think Nelson Agualor would be a good idea.
  10. Skeptical... some good some meh... just wish he'd trust and react to what he sees and the demolish a runner...
  11. Yeh I got the sense they were trying different things in the second... Even on defense... whatever it wasnt working... On the drives wish they'd run wide when GB stacked inside... pitch the ball out to Cook... still as someone earlier said great game for coaches... up big then didnt play well so plenty to work on.
  12. Could be anything from old scar tissue to something more serious... wait til its announced.
  13. Meh... looks like the old one what do I know
  14. Cant catch a cold except maybe in 2 games a season... talented but bad case of dropsies
  15. Jeez wtf was 88 doing on that last interception, go get the fin ball... Dallas receivers suck...
  16. Oh he wasnt game ready but Bills are going to need him to get his shiite together... still would have sat him earlier Shakir showing his maturity.
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