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  1. Just win and move on... hope their last game is their best!
  2. See them a lot in CT, as someone said depends on how quick TPA is administered, extent of the bleed and part of the brain effected..., All my best to John get well soon.
  3. Great news... little envious of all the mental health counselors serving this team as a guy who works in healthcare and how little is paid attention to our mental health especially during covid... im fine now but would have been nice but in 2002 seeing stuff like this multiple times daily has me jaded about our priorities as a society... not sure the answer but yeh im envious.
  4. Yeh I guess its a bit different seeing it regularly... but that training is ingrained... check breathing airway, clear it, check pulse do CPR until relieved... 30 chest compression 2 breaths... chest compressions are most important.
  5. Ill bet he has a 2nd job or worked in the field for many years... plus you have recertify in BLS every year or two.
  6. Not to nit pick but these guys do use these procedures and protocols often... though not on a football field before 70,000 fans... they do it in the field of life... EMTs regularly handle all kinds of traumatic events and during covid often in futility. It was gratifying to see these trained professionals work so efficiently and show folks in the stands that see incredible runs and catches weekly how we in the medical front lines perform every day... Off to work my shift in an ER True especially coming from the Ripert Murdoch NY Post
  7. Mostly broken ribs or sternum... i guess if ribs break and puncture a lung it possible but havent seen it in all the cases ive xrayed post
  8. So the top amount of O2 is usually 15ml so half would probably about 8ml
  9. True though I have especially the last couple years... people i know, didnt know... yet somehow this incident has hit a spot in my heart.. it hurts and I flashed through a lot of faces of those that I watched pass... be well Damar.
  10. Agree about survival rate but most dont happen due to trauma... PS I played hockey with a guy.. big George in his 60s wasnt feeling great one game left early... came back 2 weeks later crying he would never play again and his surgeon said one more hit and he'd have been dead. I have a pic too large to insert of a dissection I spotted doing a ct... pt came in complaining of upper abdomen pain... saw it and had to do another full chest abdomen pelvis... it was scary because part of the lower membrane burst and it was backfilling up the aorta...
  11. While talking to docs in ER where I worked last night they too agreed it was a heart electrical issue brought on by timing of the hit to the chest... from one doc "this is a known risk with all contact sports". But I wanted to clarify... a vascular injury such an aortic dissection ( where the lining on the inside of aorta pulls away from the aortic wall) or an Aneurysm ( a weakening in the aortic wall) probably would have burst and Hamlin would no longer be with us... Coronary blockages can cleaned out result heart attacks if not addressed.. Coronary arteries supply oxygenated blood to heart muscle... There are two nodes alongside the heart that control the contractions of the heart and when they get shocked it messes the rhythm up which is likely what happened to Damar... Older folks such as my Dad suffers from AFib and atrial flutter both signaling issues due to age... he has a pacemaker now and an aed built into it to keep his heart in rhythm.
  12. It is a tough call... and its both life and about a game... having been in the Capitol bldg during 911 watching the Pentagon burn, getting hit by Anthrax a month later, DC sniper shooting couple other events in DC, switched careers to the medical field as a CT Tech and working just outside NYC during height of Covid... maybe im just numb to the Trauma... seen a lot in my lifetime... working despite the risks keeping my head down and putting one foot in front of the other despite coworkers we lost was the best we all could do. I pray for this young man... he obviously still is in a precarious situation... What the Bills decide will probably depend on what happens in the next few days to Damar... right now the game doesnt matter... life will move on despite this though.... all my best to those who are feeling this really hard... obviously i am sad but really have no opinion one way or the other what should be done as far as the NFL and the Bills right now. There are no answers.
  13. ok ive seen quite a few in CT caught a couple that the initial exam wasnt even for... very scary.
  14. Sort of probably still intubated under sedation with O2 but it means his 02 levels and heart rate is normal... a good thing.
  15. Sorry I worked during covid where 11 people died a day including docs and nurses and we kept working... hard to see on national TV but unlike most of you I have seen stuff like this a lot.
  16. Isnt a dissection something that is congenital...? I could see a rupture though or if it is a dissection and it ruptured either way not good...
  17. Standard procedure for something like this... heart beat is most important.
  18. Yeh wasnt sure if it was the same thing but all the ER docs are texting each other right now
  19. Just talked to one of our ER docs... who are all texting each other right now... apparently it is a known thing that a direct hit to the heart can cause the heart to stop aka a heart attack... again they would have intubated him right away put a tube down his throat to breathe and that they have a pulse is a good thing.
  20. I am currently working CT in an ER ... head injuries/CPR/AED usage are critical... that there is a pulse is a good thing... could be anything all we can do is pray and let the medical professionals do their thing...
  21. Seen this in hockey, working CT in an ER right now was watching between cases. CPR mean heart or lungs stopped working... either way not good. Prayers for Hamlin and Bills family.
  22. And guess what? The Bills killed them bring on Cincinnati and their illiterate skill players.
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