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  1. Gritty win... as others have said... TD before half and I had a feeling... Balmore is a good team... D came thru in a big way...
  2. If he did not have a CT scan... no way to tell... would love to see that CT
  3. I have had a least 1 concussion in my adult life and a few probably when I was a kid although unknown... the one as an adult occurred 2 hours before I was to shoot a wedding... old mercedes wagon tail gate came down on the front corner of my head above my hair line... saw stars and and inch and a half cut... applied pressure and stopped the bleeding... shot the wedding but dont remember half the pics i took... the headaches were bad for about a day... no post issues i am aware of but i was stupid never went to a hospital. Now that I work in hospitals... as a CT Tech, I see them all the time.. the real danger is if there is a brain bleed... ps or too big of a brain bruise which is what a concussion is... different concussions and where they are effect people different ways... they are always risky for long term neuro disorders...
  4. Phins D played really well... Offense after first 2 drives looked just a little out of synch enough so they couldnt finish drives.
  5. They do but older folks who cant stand whole game and those with kids are not going to sit in those seats... so its a tough thing.
  6. Standing during a big game is to be expected... I get it... but older folks and disabled, I get have a hard time seeing the game if everyone in front is standing and they for whatever reason cant... not sure the answer other than enough handicap seating... but you gotta expect at a big game people are going to stand so plan accordingly.
  7. Oh I wouldnt expect him back for at least 2 weeks... front neck muscles will be stiff and sore at times... less so once warmed up but he'll feel it for a bit and not sure how quickly football strength returns
  8. I was listening this morning to Keyshawn and Freddy Coleman... Coleman is awesome btw, and they were talking about travel and how it upsets football players routines... seriously? Key went through the routine: you watch film Monday, practice lightly on Tuesday little more on Wednesday... I am sorry I just dont get it... is this a thing or are football players spoiled... I get long travel is a pain but short trips say from Cleveland to Pittsburgh, Buffalo to NYC etc... how much is this really a problem. Heck hockey players often play 3 road games in a week... Was just thinking these guys are really catered... and boo hoo if you have to travel... or I could be wrong... debate:
  9. Not as much pain as flexibility... muscles i. neck gonna stiffen up and could last a couple weeks... more about Bills training staff and how good they are.
  10. Generally agree, but think McD is trying to get both guys reps while season is still young in case one guy is off... Running game is a work in progress... Glad to see Cook get some reps and rip a long run... kid has some speed but has to learn what works at the NFL level.
  11. Ok so I had my old ratty Bills towel and old school Bills sweat shirt on the back of my easy chair, wore my Bills Mafia t-shirt and had on my white Bills hat....
  12. Tua missing an N Wicked win Always a good day on the water Sliced raw sushi
  13. Too many ####### on the Titans from Vrabel and that left tackle Leuwan to those nozels at d back... plus all the crap ref calls over the years... a spanking was in the offing.
  14. Yeh about 20-30 min in the tube... vs CT scan 2-3 min, which can show some muscle damage just not as detailed... depends on how new the machine and post processing software used.
  15. The scouts are basically the same protocol that you would use for an xray... AP and Lateral Probably... But less need to move the patient... trauma protocol usually would be CT.
  16. I got hit like that one playing hockey but only on the one side... stiffened up and hurt more the next morning... hoping no spinal injuries just muscular... scary hit.
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