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  1. Bill_with_it

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    One of the many reasons I said earlier, the percentage wise of our team able to convert on fourth down comparatively speaking with that of the rams, chiefs, patriots, saints is not even in the same universe for a multitude of reasons.
  2. Bill_with_it

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    So kick it and let them run it back for a td (likely), let allen try and get a first down (plausible), or let your medically cleared kicker with wind try and add 3 points to your score (plausible). Two of those dont result in anything points wise for our team.
  3. Bill_with_it

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    What? Its not a cop out. At then end of the first quarter Allen from carrying the team on his shoulders literally showed a gimpy demeanor on the side of the field regarding his legs. Mckenzie and Foster both were sidelined a couple of times during big hits. Shady played 1.2 nano seconds. Our guard got rolled up on pretty badly. It wasnt the same, we werent playing against the same folks, we werent playing against the same defense. Its not necessarily bad clock management, without knowing his intent. If his intent was as I stated earlier getting out of the halftime without turning the ball over and giving the opposing team another opportunity to score in order to revist and revise the ineffective portion of the gameplan isnt bad clock management; it’s actually pretty smart and effective. Once again just because you see Brady Brees Rams chiefs attempt to march down the field with two minites left doesnt mean its right for this team. Because conversly if it fails and the other team scores then you just made it worse.
  4. Bill_with_it

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    Ive said it. Hes been coaching for less than two years head coaching experience. Hes made mistakes that other young head coaches have made too, however , their talent on their team have bailed them out. Hes made alot of mistakes and I think if you had the opportunity to ask him he would state ao. Talent makes a world of difference, especially in coaching and the decisions a coach makes. It cant be taken as in well the rams coach does it so its the golden standard. If your team is struggling to move the ball and its before half time and your game plan is innecfective, with the talent the bills have on hand its a very smart move to goninto to half time and adjust instead of risking a dropped pass, turnover (int), or a failure for your rbs to pick up a first down to turn the ball over to the opposing team and put your defense back on the field. However, if you had the rams offense, saints offense, or chiefs offense, then thats a higher probability if converting based on playmakers alone, not to mention the comfortability of the hc with the oc, the comfortability with the players in a non first year system, etc. thats what many of you fail to realize the context of the situation isnt being taken in consideration. Nothing is similiar between those teams other than they play in the NFL and they are allowed to have 11 players on the field at the same time. Thats were the similarities end. Thats why you are likely never to see an aggressive play style from our coach offensively until the offense is more consistently producing.
  5. Bill_with_it

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    His coaching also got us to the biggest game this franchise has seen ina quarter of a century, with a cap strapped team, a lame offensive coordinator, and a very mediocre set off offensive playmakers. Give him more than 2 seasons of head coaching experience and see what happens. Here is the thing an aggressive play style that you yearn for that you see happening with other teams (chiefs, saints, rams, etc) there is a reason it works for them; I’m going to go out on a limb and state that hopefully you can see the differences (plural) between our team and theirs that would make it easier for a head coach to put the game on the line by risking an aggressive play style that isnt needed at that point in the game.
  6. The need a rb thats going to hit the hole even when there ia contqct for the three to fibe yard tough gains. Ivory usually does it, however, here recently he hasnt. Its quite ipsetting that the qb faving a stacked line goal line defense knowing hes going to get pummeled can not only get the one yard but almost break it for a huge gain. We need a back that isnt afraid of contact and doesnt hesitate.
  7. Bill_with_it

    Brandon Beane’s future

    So when you are proven incorrect will you never make another ridiculous thread again?
  8. Bill_with_it

    Is Josh Allen your QB?

    He also has a te that can catch a football. There’s that.
  9. Bill_with_it

    Is Josh Allen your QB?

    Josh is my guy.
  10. Bill_with_it

    NFL fines Jerry Hughes "unsportsmanlike conduct"

    Hopefully they fine the ref too, he had an equal part in this especially if he did in fact use the curse word referring to Hughes.
  11. Bill_with_it

    Is it starting to become a little more clear why the rebiuld?

    I never claimed we would have two different players. Not once. I stated Sammys cap hit that he accepted from the Chiefs as a best case scenario from us. I further eluded to the fact as of today we are at 8-9 million. I never insinuated that it was either or, its clear to me as it should be to you that Bean has been trying to get receivers in here. As by the dead cap hits we are paying 12 wrs right now. Kb didnt stop the Tp or Coleman signing what makes you think Sammy would have stopped kb and the other 11 we are paying dead cap hits to? So its a little more complex than a cursory glance that u and others proceeded to take. Today we still have no number one wr after signing and cutting and taking dead cap hits on 12 wrs. Sammys pay would zero out our cap or come very close to it. Hes only started 9 out of 12 games and it didnt stop andy reid from putting him on his team (regardless of his petty contract).
  12. Bill_with_it

    Is it starting to become a little more clear why the rebiuld?

    First off im well aware of how the cap hit works. Thats why I said nothing about the other players. Im well aware of how the cap works. I follow it closely. We are still paying for alot more players than them.
  13. Bill_with_it

    Is it starting to become a little more clear why the rebiuld?

    Who, how, why would we not be at zero? Sammy was signed for 3/48 mil. this year his cap hit is 7.8 mil. Our cap space is 8-9 mil. Looks pretty close to zero.
  14. Bill_with_it

    Trade for Sean Lee in the off-season

    This is really really awful. What would he do fashion the teams new clothing line?
  15. Bill_with_it

    Trent Murphy Cap Hit

    Man this is a terrible thread. No The Gm and Hc most certainly did not lose the locker room.