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  1. Bill_with_it

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    No it wasnt and to imply it was is truly a show of ones integrity in a bad way. Goodbye.
  2. Bill_with_it

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    No i watched the gamed. Doesnt matter when I came to the thread. A handfull of good throws and 180/1 isnt a very good game doesnt matter how much you crusade it. Yeah they had a big drop. Every qb has wrs that misses drops passes including our very own team. The cardinals defense gave that offense every opportunity to win and ultimately a Rosen led offense couldnt do it. The hawks went 0/10 on third downs. Look I dont know what your attempting to do but. That wasnt a very good game by Rosen.
  3. Bill_with_it

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    Josh allen made two of dazzling throws in the last game escaping a sack and getting it to shady all the way across his body and then a third to Benjamin on the injury, a few throws dont make it a very good game. 180 and 1 td isnt a very good game. He might have a few very good throws that doesnt make it a very good game.
  4. I thought I had read the worst thread earlier this week. Welp I was wrong. There is no way any HC or coordinator would purposely put a player out there to do what we witnessed Peterman do with the ulterior motive of pumping up another player. The mere thiught of that goes holistically against Seans entire approach of team, process, and character. Nice try, try and give a little thought next time before dumping the first thought you have on a message board.
  5. Bill_with_it

    McDermott's Judgement on offense is impaired.

    Yup it’s tremendously bad.
  6. Bill_with_it

    McDermott's Judgement on offense is impaired.

    No not the guy all the arm chair gms wanted here along with Rosen.
  7. You let Anderson play until Allen is medically good to go. Then Allen needs to go back in.
  8. Bill_with_it

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - One That Got Away

    Good post shaw
  9. Pretty sure we would be winless.
  10. Yup you lied didnt say what you quoted me as saying.
  11. You are a liar a complete liar.
  12. Nice to see you are back you are notoriously silent when they are behind. Once again if you read the entire thread and with a little maturity when conversing you might not runaway like a hit and run car.
  13. Game isnt over. If you are going to reexplain my post due it correctly. Ne offense was unstoppable and the patriots were chewing up the clock as they wanted and the chiefs were down 2 scores. Is the train still on the tracks. I mean the kc chiefs offense didnt get on the one that was a fluke return. Amazing how you wait until a fluke to speak up.
  14. Andy dialed up a good one there on a Brady turnover.
  15. Nice little wheel route. That safety was lost.