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  1. Bill_with_it

    Hard Knocks 2018: The Cleveland Browns

    This will hopefully put out the rest of that little kindle of fire that still burns on the board that Hue is remotely capable as a hc.
  2. Bill_with_it

    The Biggest Whiffs In Buffalo Bills History

    Whaley did, with his terrible decisions.
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/clevezirm/status/966045117185429504/video/1
  4. Bill_with_it

    Sign Jay Cutler Now

    I think i just had herpes of the eyes reading the title.
  5. Bill_with_it

    Happy 1st Anniversary, Brandon Beane!

    Breath of fresh air!!!
  6. Bill_with_it

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    I dont think he is anywhere near talented with regard to the way that offense looked last year.
  7. You have an opinion. I just think making a declarative statement in saying all and everyone is usually not good. There is always some one that can and some one that usually does, otherwise we would still be living like cavemen. Im going to give the guy a chance just as I did the others until he shoes me he cant.
  8. Bill_with_it

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    Just think a ton of “highly knowledgeable posters” on this board wanted him leading our team.
  9. Correct, however, the key thing to note is that he said he could. Its up to the individual to correct his flaws. He’s responsible for himself and no one else. He has to put in all the work, and when he does and the results dont work out he has to put in more work and analyze why it didnt work. There is not a magic accuracy pill or Doug Whaley and EJ Manuel would have purchased them all. Thats the thing, unlike CH, Allen hasnt been doing it his whole life. He hasn’t received top coaching, etc... Give him a chance he deserves it.
  10. Fantastic insight from jordan palmer.
  11. Bill_with_it

    Every Josh Allen TD pass in 2016/2017

    Nice video, thanks for the original research.
  12. Bill_with_it

    Josh Allen: Analytics

    He likely knows nothing. Or atleast doesnt ynderstand the context to which the stats were derived from.
  13. Bill_with_it

    Are you a fan of Josh Allen?

    Hope the kid turns into a star.
  14. Nice, hopefully hes the linebacker our coach and gm thinks he can be.
  15. Bill_with_it

    Buffalo buzzing after Bills draft picks, Sabres lottery win

    I love the enthusiasm; we are due.