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  1. To be determined, but my opinion is he is on his way there.
  2. But but but Dawkins was the chosen guard!! ¡SARCASM INTENDED!
  3. Cards, Bengals & Bucs sent WR coaches to @UMassFootball pro day yesterday, and Lions, Bills, Jets sent their ST coaches, all to see WR Andy Isabella, who had good workout, caught the ball well and was quick out of breaks. He'll return punts in NFL, too. Stood on combine numbers
  4. I asked you not to act ridiculous or irrational if that is insulting well the. Guilty as charged. The off figures I posted were legitimate and it showed that Nsekhe was ranked as the 43 ranked TACKLE not guard. I’m fine with debating but literally nothing factual you posted supports your claim to moving Dawkins to guard and putting Nsekhe at tackle. There will be a competition undoubtedly, however, if it’s even close to which nothing literally nothing whether play on the field or athletic ability suggests it will; familiarity itself will lead to Dawkins rightfully retaining the tackle spot. Nothing I have posted was gibberish. Yet I’m hurling insults....
  5. This can’t be true; they are supposed to move Dawkins to guard and Nsekhe to tackle... ¡sarcasm intended!
  6. I slung no insults your argument is ridiculous your swapping a known better commodity as I have shown for unknown not so good commodity. PFF is used by multiple teams; multiple teams pay for their services. So while a cursory oh he’s new he’s better than Dawkins POV from the fan base such as yourself is the loudest voice in the room it doesn’t make it the smartest decision. If he wins it in training camp fine. I highly doubt the coach is going to move a better commodity away from a position that’s critical to the success and development from “hopefully our franchise qb”. That’s simply not the intelligent move. Josh understands is “cozy” with the way Dawkins is going to block the different rushes, he after being with him for a year understands where he needs to be in the pocket so he’s not getting destroyed by the pass rusher that Dawkins is blocking. I have said nothing about Eric wood. This argument is about moving arguably your most important position on the line with your current best lt to guard for an unknown lesser rated lt. That isnt an intelligent stance on any level unless he just comes in in training camp and proves his mettle. That hasn’t occurred and likely will not occur.
  7. A guy that is worse than your current lt can’t be your lt. Especially when hen your qb ( 2nd year ) is comfortable with that lt.
  8. Look don’t act irrational I just showed you according to off Dawkins is ranked 5 higher not to mention our starting second year qb is familiar with him protecting his blind side. Don’t act ridiculous any normal person can see the advantage. Nsekhe isn’t even close. Maybe in training camp but definitely not now.
  9. No I’d rather go with the best rated lt who is Dawkins. That he admitted he could play better is a feather in his cap! THANKS!
  10. Happy birthday Sean. Oh how good it feels to know the clown show is gone!!
  11. I disagree. For the team’s sake. What is more important for the offense and qbs is knowing what you have at lt. Which the o coord and tne qb both do oh by the way the guard doesn’t protect the second year rookies blind side.
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