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  1. Can’t really fault the guy for trying to create a brand, who knows, he may end up being a half decent agent. Let’s see if the kid becomes something first.
  2. the FA period this year is not going to make the Bills a contender by any means, but Beane is now free to BPA his ass off in the draft. And I think this is the year where BPA is In the trenches. Maybe D in round 1 then O including TE. I also think he wants to free up the middle rounds for those RB’s that grow on trees.
  3. I think the truth, like everything, is somewhere in the middle. I think the key statement was where Beane said " it didn't make sense to either side" (paraphrasing). Yes, Beane wasn't going to pay that price and yes, AB wouldn't have reported either. I really think both sides walked. Beane is ok with paying someone like McCoy who is here, wants to be here, and is already balls deep in the process. And yes someone leaked something to Rappaport who would rather be first than right. And yes DR is doing damage control with Beane cause Beane has a boatload of cash and picks, and the Internet Buffalo bashing got out of hand and Drew knows he can't be tied to that and still have access to that boatload of cash.
  4. Oh Idk. I bet that was his choice all along. Makes no sense to go there but 1)it’s The Raiders. Moving Mack out because they couldn’t afford his bonus money, just to now bring in someone like AB who will be bitching about money and getting the ball again in a year, but whatever. And 2) there’s enough people on the radio saying it makes perfect sense for him to go there so yeah. It’s been, as the guy in the AB video said, the “black and gray” or whatever all along. But Buffalo AM radio and half the d-bags here will say the Bills suck regardless of what will happen, so nevermind.
  5. This is about the closest to accurate description about this place that I’ve read here.. Thank you.
  6. It was over the top. Serius XM radio was just as bad tonight too. And reading people trash the team here and then hide behind some cowardly “the truth hurts “ crap is just as bad as what’s been going on the last couple days. I was hoping to see some concerted Bills mafia-ish effort against some of this but it doesn’t seem like anyone really cares about it this time. Disappointing. Well, anything like what the OP is suggesting would be a nice idea.
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