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  1. Surely that depends on how you quantify value? In the context of the Seahawks-no franchise QB very few top of the market contracts it makes good sense. Is he indispensable to them in the same way that Diggs is to the Bills? Does he takeover games like top 5 WRs are supposed to? Is he the 6th best in the league? Not for me. I know that’s not how the market works and at least they didn’t reset the market like Christian Kirk. Certainly they’re smart to hold onto him but I think he has quite a bit to prove as a player and not sure that he will bring value for money in terms of actual production this year. I think it’s why he and Lockett aren’t getting much love in early fantasy drafts.
  2. I think Saints are overrated. Losing Brees and now Payton and Armstead. Aging team. Bucs are the safe bet but I don’t want to be boring and give the consensus answer. So Panthers. Good young defense, Baker to be a capable manager and not throw away games like train-crash Darnold. Burns, Horn, Chinn, DJ Moore.
  3. Milano missed the KC win last season. He was back in the playoffs and had a terrible game. Yet Tremaine solely gets the blame. He wears the green dot and has organized a perennially strong secondary from a young age. But because of fans’ perception of his ‘impact’ they want to push him off the roster. The good news is McB don’t care what others think of their choices. They will live or die by what THEY want, which is as it should be. McB have made it clear that they love him. How I shall enjoy the sweet tears of Edmunds detractors when he gets his extension.
  4. In Saleh, we are talking about a 2nd year defensive coach who finished with the 32nd ranked defense and a Qb with everything to prove, and a Shanahan-disciple offensive OC, who mostly failed to install a successful offense. In McDaniel the Phins have a rookie HC and a Qb with everything to prove, hoping to have success installing that same Shanahan style offense. Would it be shocking if they defensively regressed without Flores? These two teams have to find success against Buffalo and NE who have excellent defensive schemes and coaching. Offensively, the Pats haven’t announced an OC but have Patricia, Judge and Bellichick all ‘contributing’. They will miss their former OC and have no game breaking weapons. All of these teams will hope to shorten the game by running the ball, and playing possession ball. They don’t have stellar RBs (Taylor,Henry) and they won’t frighten Buffalos pass defense with downfield threat like Kc. If Buffalo succeeds in getting ahead, none of these teams are well equipped to keep up.
  5. That’s a big if. But, yes, there will always be a group of folks who will seek to blame lay when they don’t receive their desired outcome. You can apply that to the totality of human existence. We all do it, but such responses tend to be emotional and reactive.
  6. When he first came he needed to end the drought. Then he needed to find a franchise QB. Then he needed a playoff win. Then he needed to beat the Patriots. Then he needed a division title. Then he needed to show the Chiefs could be beaten. All of these things have been achieved and he has averaged just under 10 wins per season across 5 years. Why would people think he can’t take the next step?
  7. The thing is he’s an incredible receiver. He’s had a 1000 yard season with a terrible QB. If you looked at him as a receiver only at 8 per year and compare him to Kirk who never had 1000 at 21 per year then consider his rb flex too, that’s a steal. That said I hope that Cook proves to be what everyone here is convinced he is, and then it’s one less area to worry about.
  8. Every player is an injury risk. CMC missed 2 seasons after 4 seasons of continuous health. His workload is insane-on the level of Derrick Henry, while also running routes and occasionally returns. Used properly by a creative OC I think it would be different.
  9. 1000 yards passing/receiving in the same season. Definitely not a dynamic player. On closer inspection I think you will find he would have been incredibly cheap. Most of the guaranteed money would have stayed with Carolina(and they could have afforded it) but that was likely the sticking point in the deal. It would have taken a bounty for them to eat the enormous cap hit. I wouldn’t be shocked if this deal is revived after this season. In fact that will be my bold prediction for next offseason. After Bills win the super bowl and Carolina finally has a reset after another bad year they will eat the CMC contract and Bills will move on from Singletary.
  10. I don’t know what to make of Joe Brady as an OC after his two seasons in Carolina. He had two QBs in Bridgewater and Darnold who had plenty of flaws. He relied too much on CMC making the Panthers one dimensional at times and he got a good first season from Robbie Andersen then a big regression. He was the guy who got the best out of Curtis Samuel-again one season. What was surprising was how predictable and unimaginative he could be, the opposite of his reputation in NO and LSU.
  11. My grade of B- is based entirely on personal preferences of players. I was hoping for traits players like Tariq Woolen or Calvin Austin. Elam is really the only one who I can imagine being a true difference-making starter. However the thing about teams like the Bills and Chiefs, is that they use the players they select very well, so in that way it’s hard to fault selections.
  12. Ravens are built to play tough nosed football. Just because they are ground and pound rather than aerial doesn’t mean they won’t be a difficult match up. Especially in wintry conditions. Lots of injuries last year. My question is how they will look without Wink as DC. But Kyle Hamilton could be a big asset if he lives up to his hype. They also seem to develop and use players well, compared to say the Jets and Jags who constantly pick at the top but don’t get the production or development, All of the AFC North are interesting since we play them this year. The Browns beat us last time but who knows about when Watson will be available? The Steelers will be dismissed but whoever plays for Ben can’t be worse, and they beat us last year. It’s a competitive division.
  13. I’m pretty sure Joe Marino said the same. Some people really liked him but I wasn’t impressed at the senior bowl. Let’s hope he does well.
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