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  1. You are very literal aren't you? Ever heard the phrase garbage time? You are projecting a jump. So what that means is it hasn't happened yet I will own it if I'm wrong. I doubt you will.
  2. I think they may because of the extra spot. Their variance is quite high. They could crater. But no chance as division winners. If you watch week 1 that will tell you all you need to know about how over hyped they are. You say it was not based in reality yet you admit that you were caught up in the Browns hype and were wrong. You are welcome to disagree and It doesn't upset me. I accept that most people disagree because they think Brady is more than a system QB. That's what we're about to learn. But how Is it a weird invocation to say that the Browns and Bucs have both had sustained failure yet both became projected to be serious contenders during an offseason due to personnel moves? You may not like it but it's simple fact. The fact that you think that being an offensive juggernaut while losing comfortably is some kind of achievement simply tells me that you read too much into stats. I appreciate that you have convinced yourself that the jump they have to make isn't as challenging as the Browns and other factors work in the favour. I also appreciate that you clearly think Brady is going to be a difference maker. Let's watch the games and find out
  3. This is an interesting one to me. You refer of course to McD and Beane and what we're beginning to see bear fruit at Buffalo. So where I will agree with you is that stability is what every franchise should want. My question is would McB have been here if they hadn't achieved success on the field? 2 visits to playoffs in 3 years is what has given them legitimacy while they dismantled things. Even then I've seen people criticise them on these boards and pan them as incompetent for specific moves and shortcomings. Having stability in a perennial loser should on the other hand be a red flag. Arians got his legitimacy from previous jobs that's why he was given more time. The Interesting thing will be if they entirely remake their O to fit Brady. For me you don't just plug in Brady to this team without completely changing the way they play. That's the opposite of continuity You're right. I stand corrected.
  4. They had a horrific start then finished with a long winning streak that saved Quinn's job. 2017 they beat the Rams before falling narrowly to the SB winners. A year prior to that they were leading by 20 in the SB. (Thanks Scott law for the fact check). They have been contenders in recent years. It's true that TB can make the playoffs. But NO and ATL shouldn't be disrespected. CAR are more than capable of outscoring TB too. Just my opinion.
  5. Thanks MGK. I live in Carolina so I watch a lot of NFC south. I agree with you that these runs come to an end and it doesn't surprise me at all that Tampa fans feel optimistic- so they should I feel like my point here was misrepresented. Previous TB high scoring isn't a given to continue because Brady isn't a pure deep ball guy. If there's one thing we know it's that his bread and butter is that he's dink and dunk. Agree that Fournette will help their run game and balance. Ideal if they're ahead, a non factor if behind. But even if successful that in itself should lead to less points as they slow the game down. Their run D impressed me Via finally came good it will be interesting to see if he can sustain which he hasn't yet, but I don't see Shaq Barrett coming close to what he did last year. Their secondary is bad and their schedule will be tougher this year with higher expectations. I don't hate TB but I think it's too easy to join the dots and forget about the great rosters and sustained success of NO and ATL. Even CAR have dangerous individuals.
  6. That was really a reference to the dominance Brady held over the AFCE. It's not a given that he will be dominant in a new division. Like I said to Mr Weo wasn't going for apples to apples. Yes Arians is better than Kitchens but it's a low bar. Arians wasn't able to fix Winston. Don't agree about Brady. He represents the opposite of the deep ball game that Tampa have run. Brady will find himself under pressure to put points on the board without a great D to keep the other team in check. The Godwin connection will be great but he will be behind a shaky line and every game will be a dogfight in the NFC South. If things start going south it will be fun watching Brady scowl on the sidelines.
  7. I love the way you highlight me agreeing that TB are perennial high scorers (which I never contested) to suggest that they have nothing in common.im not comparing QB, HC, coaching or stats. I'm comparing the lazy take on the Browns last year to what were seeing this year with TB.So let me put it in bold too. They both haven't made the playoffs in over 10 years and are popular picks to not only end that but progress to the SB going into this season. That and my prediction of how this will end is what I'm saying they have in common. I'm sorry that I have to spell it out to you. I will be sure to tag you to remind you when TB crash and burn.
  8. To be honest I never once said I was comparing Arians to Kitchens or Winston to Brady. That was entirely you. What I am comparing is two teams that both haven't been to the playoffs in over ten years both making flashy pickups and being predicted to do great things as a consequence. What they have In common is an exceedingly long period of terrible underachievement. That was what I was alluding to It's great that you're a Brady fanboy and that you think he's so great that they will not only reach the playoffs but make the big game. I can see how years of watching him obliterate an abysmal AFCE particularly the Bills would make you that much in awe of him but he may find that especially the Falcons and Saints won't just roll over for him. Your stats are correct but it hasn't helped Tampa in the past. You're dead right that Brady won't throw as many interceptions but do you honestly think that he's going to be throwing bombs downfield like Winston? He won't be playing with a lead against terrible offenses. He will be playing from behind against some of the most prolific teams in the league. Assuming that it will be business as usual for Brady is about as smart as assuming that they will make the Superbowl. Anyway agree to disagree and time will tell.
  9. Is stability a useful quality when your organisation has underachieved for years? You're right that at that level they are nothing like the Browns but I really wasn't comparing organizational competency. More the fact that they are serial disappointments who have made notable signings to add to some blue chip players already there. Just like the Browns last year they are being over hyped Their D is NOT solid. They had a guy who had a sensational once in a lifetime sack number. They were a top team against the run. But their pass D was among the worst. Bad enough to be nowhere near the playoffs despite record offensive output Now people are saying superbowl and that's a hell of an assumption.
  10. Really? You can't see the comparison? A team that hasn't made the playoffs in over ten years makes a couple of splash signings and becomes media darlings before ending up with a .500 record. Perhaps you think that Brady is unbeatable simply because he's had his foot on the Bills neck for so long.
  11. The Tampa hype is funny. This year's Browns. This franchise hasn't made the playoffs since 2007. Atlanta and New Orleans are strong. Even the bad team has a guy who got 1000 rush 1000 receiving on their team. People have them winning the Superbowl! Ha.
  12. Yeah, I mean in terms of talent exchange, I think the Bills are firmly ahead with Jordan Poyer.
  13. Ej gaines, Wyatt Teller, kevin johnson, vincent taylor. They seem to be fond of picking up Bills fringe players
  14. Not slow 4.48 at the combine Limited route tree and said to be a sloppy catcher is fair. But he hasn't played yet in the NFL. Why the cards selected him with Fitz, Kirk and Isabella I don't know. Once they took Hopkins Butler didn't have a chance.
  15. Many of the teams I saw him linked to were AFC Including the Jets. I bet they took a bit less to get him out of conference.
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