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  1. Green is great but old and often injured. He will retire a Bengal by his own comments. Ngakoue is superb and there is no way Jax will choose other guys over him Engram is a receiving TE who is bad at blocking Buff don't need CBs especially with terrible attitudes like Ramsey. Petersen would be very expensive and he's past his best. This stuff isn't gonna happen until trade deadline when teams begin to accept the season is over or that they have an obvious upgrade available. It's pure conjecture. This guy is just throwing names against the wall and seeing what sticks.
  2. Who is Chad Forbes and why is this randomly selected list of names to be watched? I'm not excited about any of these guys as a guy to take the Bills over the top.
  3. It's so funny to me that so many Bills fans are always so desperate to diagnose the cause of wins based on things that could have gone differently or errors and Injuries to opponents. if you did this in everyday life you would go crazy This exact same thing happened when Buffalo last made the playoffs. You are so desperate to talk about alternate universes that you can't even credit your QB for coming back from 13 points behind in the last quarter
  4. You're absolutely entitled to that opinion. Darnold played safe the whole game hence his throw yardage average. He never really hurt the Bills but for box score afficionados his statline looks acceptable I believe the Bills tried that approach with Tyrod. I for one am glad the coaches are saying to JA try your arm. He led a 4th quarter comeback. He had a positive impact-but you see what you want to see. Another parallel is Eli. I went to the Giants forum ahead of the upcoming game. His statline is excellent but reading fan comments, his insipid short passing game is hated by their fans. They are already begging for Jones who was a deeply unpopular draft selection.
  5. I was just reading a thread on jetnation saying that pff rated Darnold QB#11 @ 68,7 and Allen QB#25 @ 52,3. So that's amusing.
  6. Right. It's amazing to me that people just assume that the HC and GM are acting independently of each other here. Since Gruden wanted Mayock isn't it likely that the handling of AB was something they agreed upon?
  7. This is absolutely true as a running back. I think he could be an instant hit as a returner though. He needs to work on reading the blocks and using them properly. I do wonder if he could have made the roster if Andre Roberts had not been previously signed.
  8. I agree that it may have. 'May' being the operative word. Respectfully I think you could build an alternative view that it may have worked out exactly the same. AB has a very visible public and online personality that he wants to project to the public as seen in Hard Knocks. I think his reaction would have been largely the same. The man has no filter when it comes to Twitter. In a way though this is a best case scenario for getting rid of Brown. I would be willing to bet that Gruden and Mayock talked about the response-its funny that people assume that Mayock's was a knee-jerk reaction. Now, because Mayock made a very clear stand the Raiders can use his responses as leverage to escape from a contract. If this is by design it was actually very clever.
  9. No didn't miss your point. I neither quoted you nor attributed it to you. Sorry if that was insinuated. I broke it down as two options. A ignore it (shrug shoulders). B Deal with it behind closed doors. So if he does all the same actions behind closed doors AB won't be upset? Can you be sure of that? Can the Raiders still cut AB? This is conjecture, but I would guess that he still makes a fuss but he sells it as the Raiders trying to discipline him behind closed doors. The reality is that any conjecture about other solutions is just that. AB is a reactionary ego who thinks hes in the right and is unafraid to stand up for himself. No matter how you handle him he could perceive it a slight.
  10. I appreciate what you are saying-that Mayock could have handled it differently. But if you want to run with that as an idea you have to project the consequence of going down that road. Imagine if every thing that AB had done was met with a shrug of the shoulders. What message does that send? Over time if left unchecked everyone in that organisation will be rightly asking why there are no limitations on this individual. So right now he would be set to play on Monday. Instead, they drew a line in the sand and dared him to cross it which he did. We have no idea how Gruden feels about this-on Hard Knocks he was right there with AB wanting him on the pitch. But did he have a choice with that guaranteed money? Now you have a situation where because Mayock made a stand the Raiders may be able to cut him without a cap penalty. Granted you lose an elite WR. But perhaps after everything that has happened this may now be an acceptable outcome for Gruden. If your starting point is do whatever it takes to get AB on the field then yes it could have been handled differently. If however, Mayock was not acting alone and was in fact making these moves after consultation with JG then maybe they've played their cards very wisely....
  11. I would like to see it expand also. Some of the stories on undiscovered are great-i've been watching it for a couple of years now. I just don't see them giving roster exemptions to only some teams. I would also expect players unions to be unhappy because a roster spot would be taken from an American prospect and given to an outside athlete who has no real background in the game. Furthermore, I expect the IPP to be wary of diluting the quality of the guys they are sending for consideration by sending more who are less able That could go both ways
  12. Yeah they give all 7 guys an equal look, But its still an interesting watch when it comes to how the IPP works. In the second episode Wade's wit and musical ability are on show: Episode 3 is all about the final selection process:
  13. Derby. But that was 25 years ago. I was hoping it had got better.
  14. By the way for anyone interested in the IPP. Check out the excellent youtube series Undiscovered. The current one features Christian Wade.
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