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  1. Tyler Johnson is 6"2 and rated the best route runner outside of Jeudy. He's the guy i would target in R2 and take a DE in R1. Another option worth considering is FA. Marvin Jones is tied for 1st in NFL with 8 TDs. Golladay is also FA but i would expect them to hold onto him. Either of them would be fantastic bigger outside receivers and proven articles as well.
  2. I will say that way too many people completely wrote off Lamar and Josh. I felt that at the time. People talked about Darnold, Baker and Rosen as though they were almost certain to pan out. Maybe this is just my memory but I seem to remember the Mahomes and Watson QB class as derided by comparison- everyone said that the next class would be superior. Mahomes was just an air raid QB and Watson was too small and a product of Clemson I would say as of now many of the pieces I read about many of these guys were wrong although it does make a huge difference where they end up and their supporting cast. @Pete To your point about the guys they could have got if they hadn't traded up? I see a few guys who have been disappointing on that list. Equaneimeous, Ballage, Price, Bryan. Some of them don't even make sense-are you going to drop Poyer or Hyde for Derwin James? Isn't that a wasted pick with so many other holes? My feeling is even of you didn't like the 2018 draft it made.sense in terms of an overall strategy, so even of the picks don't pan out I can get behind it.
  3. Hope he gets a big contract but my guess is elsewhere. Thats no reason for despair-it will bring a comp pick. He deserves it-not bad for a guy picked up off the waiver wire. I wouldn't be upset if he stays but I have confidence that other players would step up if Phillips moves along. Liuget came in off the street and immediately got a sack and Oliver will be improved next year. Star isn't going anywhere however much people want to imagine a roster without his name. McD likes him. Its dangerous handing out a big long-term contract to a guy with one year of stellar production. Let someone else do it and bring in a young guy.
  4. Last year Bills averaged 16.8 pts per game. This year, this year 19.3 with 9 worse teams in the league. Gradual improvement. teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/points-per-game
  5. Ok. But they won a SB that year and then got MORE in return the following year from LA. Ealy was a disaster but like I said they have so many comp picks it barely makes a difference. They are in a position to afford to take a gamble because of the stability of their organizational model. They aren't leaving themselves without draft capital or sailing close to the cap. Anyway I enjoyed this but it's time for tacos On topic- Preston Brown is not the answer.
  6. How is their cap space? When was the last time BB used a future 1st to pick up a player? He plays the comp pick game to perfection so he nearly always has extra picks anyway. Example-release Jamie Collins pick up comp 3. Collins misused at Cleveland. Cut. Pat's pickup on waivers. Best NE LB this year?
  7. Sure you can push back money but in the end the bill comes due. Glad you asked. The responsible way to run a franchise is through the draft retaining the best players. NE has been doing this for years. It creates an environment of stability.. The irresponsible way is to go Bill OBrien and give up future draft picks to win now and mortgage the future while at the same time failing to achieve a SB. 3 years ago LAR and HT had great players and a ton of cap. Now they can say their teams have looked good during that time but they didn't win. Whoever picks up the job when they leave will have to tear it all down to have a chance to reset. That is the situation McD inherited. That's why it's unfair to assume McVay would have walked in and taken the Bills to a Superbowl. HC gets to choose O or D. Obviously fans want O but then our job isn't resting on the outcome is it? As a Bills fan that saddens me.
  8. Right but equally it could have been a complete failure right? McVay is absolutely the exception to the norm. Even he walked into a team boasting the best RB and DT in the league with an enormous cap space? Since then they have made a bunch of flashy trades given out some bad contracts- Goff, Gurley for win now at the expense of the future. Now they are in cap hell and they aren't a contender. The first time he played BB he got embarrassed. How would he have done year 1 in Buffalo? Playoffs you think? They need to set up an infrastructure first. I completely agree that they need to invest in O. I think most people on this board would agree, the only exception being pass rush. I know that you won't accept ending the playoff drought as significant. But contrast the Bills future with the Rams. One team has scope to be better, the other has no wiggle room with the cap and FA, a retiring LT with no high draft capital, a broken RB and wishy washy QB. It was fun for the fans while it lasted but how many more SBs did McVay win from a much better starting point?
  9. Agree with Dareus and Sammy. Do you think that 5th year option wasn't picked up to send a message? Do you think other coaches would have done a better job of bringing the players together and building an identity than McD? I realise it's conjecture just Interested in your thoughts. Could Mahomes have been a disaster without Andy Reid? With the lack of offensive weapons available to the Bills have resulted in the same outcome as what happened at the Rams considering the presence of the Patriots in division? If the Bills had been dire in year 1 would that coach have kept his job? Would the immediate lack of success have resulted in a continuation of the downward spiral of the franchise. I'm just saying the trouble with a sliding doors scenario is that what worked elsewhere might not have had the same results here. I guess we will never know My thing is I think it's better to be content with improvement than be wistful about something that can't be changed anyway when there is no guarantee that those choices would have worked out any better.
  10. You've genuinely piqued my curiosity though. If you were Pegula, what would you have done? Sean Mcvay? Draft Mahomes? Retain Gilmore? What of Dareus and Sammy? How would you have managed the cap? What would your minimal expectations have been in the next 3 years?
  11. Wow pedantic OK. Firsttime coach, although with regards to the Gilmore situation that you are so hung up over he was barely in the building -so very much a rookie HC.
  12. Read carefully. I agreed that (in hindsight) they should have got more than nothing for Gilmore. Where we differ is that you think he would have got a 1st where i think it would have been less. It doesn't diminish the point though. He should have fetched something. If that worst case scenario happened (from McDs perspective) he would also leave a healthier cap and a younger team having achieved something as a rookie head coach.
  13. I get that fans want better. I do. The Bills look unconvincing for a 6-3 team. Casual fans want to see Mahomes at QB, Julio at WR, Mack at DE. I mean who wouldn't? I do think in hindsight getting absolutely nothing for Gilmore looks bad. But its hard to criticise without context. McD coming to an old underachieving team in cap hell made decisions which upset Bills fans. He hasn't been forgiven for those decisions and won't be until fans see success. A lot of people are all or nothing and they perceive gradual improvement as failure because they compare what they have to the very best. Except that they aren't anymore are they? Because of tough decisions like Gilmore. And the dead cap sacrifice last year. If McD fails the rest of this year and the team doesn't make the postseason then he is let go, he will still have broken the playoff drought and leave behind a much younger team with a strong D and with cap space.
  14. Because it's not enough to make progress? If he gets to the playoffs this year that's twice in 3 years after a 20 year hiatus for a rookie head coach going to a serially underachieving team in cap hell. But yeah obviously hes doing a terrible job.
  15. @JoshAllenHasBigHands Funny how this has turned from a Preston Brown thread to a criticism of McDermott thread. I see a few people with agendas second guessing past events with the help of hindsight. Maybe with hindsight tag and trade might have worked. I'm not willing to agree that someone would have given a first. Maybe-but its pure speculation. Clowney, Clark and Ford were all proven assets on contending teams. Gilmore had good and bad flashes on a non-contender. Would it have been preferable had he not gone to NE? Absolutely. Should they have let a guy who many now consider to be #1 CB in the league go in FA? Absolutely not, although we shouldn't ignore here that the Bills were close to the cap and it appears that McD didn't want to keep him. However, Is it really a given that he would have done as well as he has had he gone to any other team than NE? @BADOLBILZ To your point of weakness on the part of McD I would say that it shows the opposite. Due to brave decisions removing beloved Bills icons in his first year as a rookie head coach -(Watkins, Dareus, Gilmore), McD was able to end the drought and build a team that he wanted to represent him. You are basing your criticism of those moves on what those players went on to become rather than on what the Bills went on to become. That tells me everything about where your loyalties lie.
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