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  1. On the one hand the Browns roster is full of highly rated draft picks and a solid Oline. On the other hand they haven't finished higher than a third place finish and regularly avoid difficult schedules. They finished last regular.season with a negative point differential. Kelce is a Ohio native saying nice things at a charity event. The opener will tell a different story I think.
  2. With the Steelers they started the season very balanced, but once their running game stalled they became one dimensional and Ben was too old to do it by himself. In contrast the Bills made it work despite being fairly one dimensional. I'm sure McD and Daboll would welcome a more effective run game, the flip side of that is do you want to keep giving Moss and Singletary the ball as opposed to the highly effective pass catchers? I think what I want to see is these RBs step up and actually do more with the chances they get with these light boxes.
  3. I like what you did at the top of the draft. Don't agree with your Colts or Steelers picks. Colts have Armstead, Steelers need a center not a high risk pick. Bills trading back then taking 3rd best RB is a very disappointing way to end the mock.
  4. Josh Allen is a problem that Miami hasn't had an answer to yet. It makes perfect sense that a fish fan expects him to get worse because hes trying to project future success for his team. The trouble is after 3 years you have sufficient sample size to observe trends in his development and it's pretty clear the arrow has been pointing ever upward. I hope that JA remains under scrutiny because so far it's only driven him to improve. He's taken unfounded criticism of every sort and used it as motivation.
  5. I primarily fault myself for starting this clearly unwelcome thread without proper context and explanation. Honestly I was just sick to death of draft talk and genuinely thought it would raise the odd chuckle. Obviously I was mistaken. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised in the social media age, that so many people have such visceral reactions to a few pictures of alternative helmet logos. Anyway sorry if I upset people. Lock it up mods.
  6. I actually came across this while browsing the Seahawks fan forum. I probably should have given more context when posting (my bad everyone), because I did see that it was a project you had done with your kids. I think they did a great job although some of the designs....were not for me. I feel like I touched a nerve a little with this thread, and that certainly wasn't intended. I can respect the reaction for the reason that the Bills have a cool set of colours and I see how fans could be a little defensive about it. As a dad homeschooling his 4 year old, kudos to yo
  7. I did a quick search but couldn't find this in a thread title. Came across this just now. Do you like any of these designs? https://roughingthepasser.football/2021/03/24/buffalo-bills-concept-helmets/
  8. I like Eric Stokes here. Cosmi the best remaining tackle Was reading Owusu Koromoah is quite small for an LB and projects as a nickel only. But lacking the choice I selected Phillips.
  9. Teams are so obsessed with the win now mentality, it makes you wonder if some of these guys who could be gems but need time will drop and be great value roster picks for the future.
  10. Baltimore isn't an offense that will make you look great as a WR. But they are a long-standing playoff caliber team. If the dollars are there players won't turn it down. This has been the theme on the ravens board since they lost to the BIlls. It's a tough one. Do you reject a scheme that has you a perennial contender because you think you are too one dimensional? If so you risk asking Lamar to not play to his best strengths. Do you invest in a position which won't best be used in that scheme? Quite the dilemma.
  11. I expect that's true and helps Surtain. But athletically he is nothing like Lattimore and Humphrey. We will see I suppose. Cancun huh? Fabulous, enjoy your vacation! Yes Stokes ran in the 4.2s twice, at his pro day and the HOA regional combine. So he's definitely rapid, but in fairness a lot of guys are getting eye popping times at their pro-days.
  12. I see Surtain as the highest floor guy. Obviously he's tall at 6"2 but slowish at 4.5 speed. Horn had bad games this year but at 4.39 is quick. Nice size at 6"1. Stokes is 6"1 with 4.25 speed with good SEC tape. So how have people got Stokes stacked as the weakest 1st round CB? I guess it depends if you want a guy who can also play press man, but Stokes would excel in Buffalo's zone, also giving them coverage for speed guys. I guess this is the hill I die on this year. 😆. I will say that I expect Phillips to fall. Medically retired from football after his freshman y
  13. I've been watching the NFL since I was 7. The days of Walter Payton and William Perry. I found the game mesmerizing back then all the razzmatazz and explosive plays. Maybe it's normal at a young age that you simply don't care about roster construction you just follow favorite players. Nowadays living in the US I take much more interest in the draft. I love the idea of finishing order deciding pick position. I want a competitive league and this is a system that should give bad teams a chance at parity. There are things that I find odd about the pre draft pr
  14. I don't understand why more people aren't talking up Eric Stokes. 4.25 speed. The only guy in the draft with that speed. Best CB tape and against big schools, better than Horn. Available in our range. He's the guy I would like.
  15. He could be a number 1, for sure but it's not cut and dried. Boyd and Higgins were having great seasons until Burrow went down. I guess it's kind of irrelevant either way. I tell you if I was CIN, I would be more worried about fixing defence and OLine. Their HC will lose his job with another below .500 season. I don't love the Sanders signing but I don't hate it either. It's just with the way the market is right now for WR I wonder if they could have picked up Fuller or JUJU on a 1 year prove it for 7-8 per.
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