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  1. And Denver didn't pick up OT Garrett Bolles either. Actually there's quite a few. Solomon Thomas, Corey Davis, Reuben Foster, Gareon Conley all declined. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/fifth-year-option-tracker-nfl-2017-first-round-draft-picks/v40gaykwau6119wyjwqo9zoak
  2. Ben Bartch. Replacement strategy for Nsekhe. He won't last until the Bills pick though...
  3. I think it's likely that all of the top 4 OTs are disappointments relative to their fanbases expectations and their draft positions. Despite this there will be wild rejoicing by those fanbases immediately after the draft and wild declarations of OL dominance for years to come.
  4. He got his contract @ Chicago off the Eagles Superbowl season but was never likely to live up to that contract. He's mediocre and as such wouldn't upgrade the Bills. Its interesting that Burton has fans but Howard who has shown quite a bit more is considered washed by some people. I can see the attraction of picking him up for free versus trading for Howard but I'm just not a fan of Burton.
  5. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2883678-2020-nfl-draft-top-sleepers-still-flying-under-the-radar-with-a-month-to-go https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/NFL-Draft-2020-sleepers-KJ-Hill-John-Reid-Jonah-Jackson-Ohio-State-145387553/
  6. I was going to predict that Shenault falls to the third! I think his injury history with lack of medicals and visits will put teams off. I mean Metcalf almost dropped to the third last year.
  7. I think you're very much in the majority but I believe people find it easy to dislike Cam and put down his QB play. Even counting a good (not great) D led by DC McD, he got that team to the SB with a no-name receiving core an average OL and a 15-1 record. Just 2 years ago he took over a game in Baltimore giving them a beating. He routinely had 300 yard games and dragged the Panthers over the line. He was a very good franchise QB not in the traditional mold. Funnily, a good equivalent when it comes to putting him down and not accepting his actual achievements is Josh Allen. Of course Newton's persona is much more of a liability than Josh. The problem here is not just last season. The previous season he missed the last 8 games. Then he made a youtube video where he basically admitted that he lied to staff about how much paIn he was in going into the season. He's destroyed his own credibility.
  8. The way they handled it he was always going to be cut. Deluded Panthers fans were still telling themselves yesterday that he was worth a 3rd. His next problem is does he see himself as starter. Because nobody will want the drama he brings, the threat to a current QB, the injury risk or the price tag. Can he accept back up money? I don't think his ego will accept that fall from grace. I think he will retire.
  9. Sorry, what were they pissed about? Cam being injured?
  10. Its funny that they may get more for Kyle Allen than Cam. A 5th is what Calais Campbell cost. Kyle Allen wasn't liked by many of the Panthers fanbase because he wasn't Newton. I must say this seems a bit unfair to me. In late November in the New Orleans Superdome he brought back the Panthers from 14-0 and 31-18 deficits throwing 3 TDs and 0 interceptions. By no means a terrible QB (though he did have terrible games too). I would rate him worth a 5th, which dare I remind you was the round Peterman was drafted in.
  11. I agree with your top 3. I think there is reason to be wary of Diggs but he is a very good player. I wanted a young guy in the rotation though. Butler could have been good value but they overpaid for a reclamation project. I really like what I read about Jefferson. Norman like Diggs could surprise or be a liability. Its interesting that people are low on Klein. He transformed the NO D when he went there having been stuck behind Kuechly, Davis and Thompson at Carolina. For me, Addison, Jeffersen, Diggs, Klein, Norman, Matakevich. Butler, Jones.
  12. You don't think that a guy who got 40 sacks in his last 4 seasons is good value at 10 mill? Is that because you don't like the player, or his age, or that you are disappointed he isn't the guy you wanted?
  13. Sorry I was referring to Carolina not Buffalo regarding the comp picks. In the thread that's why some wanted Butler back. I hadn't expected any comps for Buffalo with all that cap space available. They usually come when you're tight to the cap.
  14. Fans have their favorites. I'm not going to defend the opinions of one guy I don't know. Carolina ended the season with the 7th worst run D in the history of the NFL. How did that 340 lb run stuffer do? Its just my opinion as someone who watched the games. Its fine if you dislike it as someone who didn't. As a whole the D got very high sack numbers but they were a bad D.
  15. Yeah. Recency bias. Also some wanted him back (at a lot less) because they are ruining the comp picks signing scrubs.
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