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  1. It's great to see him say that. They really do have a lot in common. Both received almost insulting criticisms pre-draft. I was delighted to see them both get their first win. Whoever wins , I will be hoping they go all the way.
  2. I'm surprised that you can watch enough college games in London to assess these guys. Are they on Sky or something? Combing through late round players seems like a bit too much like hard work to me. I find little nuggets from the draft networks to be interesting. This week I learned that Dylan Moses has been playing through a lot of pain, and that people close to Micah Parsons aren't sure if he's especially committed to football. Not sure if either are true, but these types of rumours have held water in the past with guys like Reuben Foster and Leighton Vander Esch.
  3. Edmunds has elite straight line speed. The question then is can he read the run fits correctly. Milano reads the play better but is only a good athlete. They are in a great scheme and are made to look good, but I couldn't call either of them elite.
  4. Yes I heard that. In fairness 40 total tds is very impressive. Those stats maybe more impressive than Watson's who got a lot of garbage time soft defenses when his team were already down by 40. Part of me thinks he had a fairly good case for probowl. But we all know that selection is a popularity contest. He probably thinks to himself that he is unlikely to have a better season.
  5. You wouldn't say that if you had seen him play at guard for Carolina.
  6. The obvious cuts are D line since they are wildly overpaid in proportion to their production. But McD loves his DT rotation. I think Jefferson may be a casualty since his guaranteed money is mostly gone.
  7. In a perfect world I would keep them all. I agree that continuity is important especially on the OLine. But with that in mind, remember Feliciano missed the first half of the season, and Williams hasnt even been here a year. Just as you can't promise an adequate replacement, who is to say you can't draft a really good player? If we have a postseason run, their market will change, Williams becomes a $14 mill tackle, Feliciano a $7 mill guard. Milano has the athletic traits of a 5th rounder. He works well in this system, but he is an average run defender who
  8. Take a look at the landscape. https://www.footballdb.com/stats/qb-records.html Now , I'm aware that many people aren't enamoured with QB win/loss as a stat, but it certainly tells an interesting story, Deshaun Watson despite stellar QB play (including the playoffs) can be overtaken by Josh this year, despite being consistently excellent since the start of his career. Many of the QBs listed above Allen are in the twilight of their career. There are (by my reckoning) 8 active QBs who have won a superbowl. Of those, Foles and Flacco are reserves. Meanwhile, Br
  9. Happily I think guys like Tremaine and Josh are able to externalise fan and media 'feedback'. They work hard and improve themselves and the team. People who don't see that will always try to reconcile their stats versus their draft position.
  10. I agree that he has been very solid. He will want to be paid though. I don't mean in the 8m per range either. He hasn't yet had a big time NFL contract and teams will notice him after all these prime time showings. He won't be giving discounts which fans inexplicably always expect. Not sure that the Bills can get into a bidding war in FA. They also have reached the stage in their life cycle where they must develop players and accept that they can't keep them all and let them make money elsewhere. True. Nothing in life is guaranteed. I get that people always want the su
  11. His only BIG Injury was the ACL, correct. But he was constantly dinged or playing injured and out of position for the Panthers and was very much a utility player. Based on this year alone and the importance of his position I agree with you, but again for me, this is a sell high situation. I place trust in Beane to find a young cheap alternative. I agree that Tackle should be a priority though, moreso if Williams leaves because, Nsekhe is also likely gone in FA so they will need a swing tackle too.
  12. It's a great year to play the comp picks game, with the cap freeze. People act like Milano , Williams and Feliciano are irreplaceable because they have been success stories. Milano is an oft injured 5th rnd LB, Williams is an oft injured 3rd rnd OL who has endured far more down than up seasons, and Feliciano I was pulled off a practice squad. I mean good luck to them, they will all deservedly get paid somewhere, but to me it screams sell high and replace in the draft. When will people trust the staff's ability to draft and develop?
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