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  1. There's a lot about this mock that I like. Picks like the 49ers, make a lot of sense if you stop and think about it. What annoys me with mocks is when people concensus draft and they all look broadly the same. After all these teams have multiple needs and their boards will all look different. I think I agree that OTs are going to go earlier than people think. Not because they're necessarily that good but because I see several teams ( NYJ, CLE ) in particular who have a dire need at the position and will want one from the top tier which is thought to be OT1-OT4. If one or two teams in the top 6 surprise by going OT those teams in the early tens won't want to miss out. I think the trade up of Miami with Detroit makes sense for both franchises, as does the trade back for Carolina who need more capital because they are losing so many guys in FA. I think Dallas won't take a safety that high although it's an obvious need for them. Fwiw I like the Higgins pick. Shenault's injury history is a red flag, but he's a good story and I wish the lad good fortune after all he's been through.
  2. Was Jordan Poyer the total package at Cleveland? Sometimes players don't fit the system they're in but can be game-changers elsewhere. He will be good somewhere.
  3. Arians doesn't use TE much historically. Horrible fit for Howard. He would be fantastic for a 2nd or 3rd.
  4. It's cool that Shaq is finally getting to a point where he looks like he might have been worth a first round pick. But seriously, this was his best year 7.5 sacks. Addison is consistently on or above double digits sacks. He's a very strong run defender who rarely misses games. His age should ensure that he signs for around 10 mill per. Perhaps less. I think they way overestimated his value in this. He's way better than Shaq. By the way Barnwell did this last year and correctly predicted Flacco to the Broncos. It's a cool format, and makes for interesting speculation.
  5. Javon Kinlaw (Tough upbringing) https://www.panthers.com/news/former-gamecock-javon-kinlaw-was-homeless-and-now-the-nfl-is-within-reach Wherever this guy ends up, I hope he knocks it out of the park.
  6. How about some feedback for you @Virgil from a Panthers fan? Both your picks are commonly made for the Panthers but I think they don't really take on board the Panthers true needs. I'm biased on Simmons who is a great athlete who can play multiple positions on D, but is he really great at any of them? I think his value at college level won't translate to the NFL because he won't be used in the same way. I understand why you did it with Kuechly leaving but the Panthers gave a ridiculously rich contract to the average Shaq Thompson. They can't afford to overcommit to the LBs. I get it but don't like it. I really hate the second pick of Fromm. Cam won't leave because they won't be able to get a decent return for him. We picked a.third rounder last year the dreadful Grier, and Kyle Allen did remarkably well with what he was given. Despite that you want to move up for another pocket QB to stick behind our.god awful Oline? yuck. Carolina had historically bad run D this year. McCoy, Butler and Love are FA and the option won't be taken on Poe. They need Derrick Brown. BTW thanks for the work you put into this!
  7. Rams and Cards have to get out from under their RB contracts. Gurley didn't suddenly become a bad player. He can't be a bell cow but in a shared backfield with Singletary? Sure why not. His contract is an overpay so I would ask for a high pick to take it. Like next year's 1st.
  8. I'm not sold on Shenault. But missing on a receiver at 22 isn't the same as missing on a receiver in the top 5 after trading up. Especially if they pick 2 to hedge their bets. With Beane as GM there are also reasons to be hopeful that they can hit on later round picks. I have my preference but the Shenault pick would be completely understandable. Someone asked on Marino's podcast who had the best hands and he came up with 2 guys one of whom- Pitman (USC) is a definite mid round guy.
  9. To be fair, Dallas traded a mid-first for Amari Cooper who was equally unproven at Oakland and you could make a reasonable argument that they were vindicated by his play. Of course now they may not be able to keep him....
  10. I could name multiple NFL teams with more than one blue Chip player where both players are consistent scoring threats. But if you choose to believe that Carolina's sole offensive strategy is CMC I won't try to dissuade you. They were definitely manufacturing touches to get him to the 1000/1000 mark, but it didn't stop DJ from topping 1000 yards receiving it's a fact that he's not been prolific scoring TDs which is the problem Buffalo are trying to fix. Don't get me wrong DJ is doing fine but he's not without flaws.
  11. Right. It would make no sense to trade Moore. However I can give you some reasons why I wouldn't want Buffalo to trade for him. He has had some problems with fumbles which have been extremely costly. In addition, he doesn't score many touchdowns and isn't a red zone threat. His route tree is limited and he's more of a YAC guy who stretches the field. Considering the QB situation at Carolina he did well this year, but I'm not sold on him yet.
  12. I think both sides of the argument for Laviska are pretty well laid out here. Joe Marino of TDN loves LS as the Bills pick and wrote about it today: https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/finding-the-right-wr-for-bills-to-target-in-2020-draft I think I'm wary. I agree that he may take time to develop as a route runner. He reminds me a lot of DJ Moore who struggled with routes as a rookie and fumbled often. The difference is Moore is an impressive athlete who tested well. On the other hand LS scores TDs and has good hands and YAC. That is what the Bills need.
  13. Absolutely. AJ Green should come with a caveat. Any contract should protect the buying team from his injury risk (short term, frontloaded, incentive based). I don't blame him for declaring that he will be upset if the Bengals franchise tag him. Obviously he wants a longer term commitment but he's a huge risk/reward guy in a WR draft. I think he will struggle to get what he wants.
  14. Same school as TJ Watt. The guys at TDN love him but like him as OLB in 3-4. I read a few reports about him struggling with strength and leverage rushing the passer at the senior bowl. I would love him in the third but I think he might be a bit of a reach in the first 2 rounds.
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