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  1. it’s relevant to Josh Allen because this is the same QB guru (Jordan Palmer) who has been working with both Allen’s and Darnold at their camp and for that matter Tyree Jackson too. Unlike Darnold and JAllen, KAllen attended panthers rookie camp and his accuracy was noticeably improved. It is my hope that we see the same improvement from Josh. Perhaps it’s a tenuous link but news is slow in the off-season and I thought it might be of interest.
  2. There’s a thread on a Carolina forum I follow that talks about how much better Kyle Allen looks than at training camp last year. Who’s is Kyle Allen? He attended training camp with Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Jordan Palmer. First and foremost as a football fan I’m really excited and hopeful that these young guys can all show improvement into year 2. Alas, realistically there is an excellent chance that Kyle Allen won’t make Carolinas 53 with the drafting of Grier.
  3. . Ha. Cynic. But truthfully you will probably find it on Walter.
  4. Loaded? Hmmm. I like Brown, Beasley, Foster, Zay. I’m glad Foster gets a chance to show he can be a starter without being marginalized by incoming rookies. He deserved that. He needs a full season of production to fully breakthrough. I struggle to see how both Zay and Cole can succeed. Brown has had good years and bad years. I genuinely like these guys way more than last years group. But some of these receivers coming out are going to be really good.
  5. I have never understood how people can become so incensed by mock drafts. They are intended to give non-draftniks insight into an upcoming class. That is all. Not definitive just a snapshot. I really don’t see the downside of that. Why get so offended. The first thing I would say is- and I’ve seen TDN say it many times. Next year the OL is supposed to be very thin. But I’m seeing a lot of OL in their projected first round-which surprised me. The other thing is that there are at least 3 really good WRs next year. I had heard that-I know that Jeudy of Alabama will go high and the Clemson guys probably. This is something for Bills fans to watch in light of their lack of investment this year. I also love the RB Etienne from Clemson. I like him waaaaay more than Jacobs.
  6. Judging by what Robert Foster did last year and Daboll's familiarity with Alabama players I wonder if there will be any red star players coming from that school drafted by the Bills. If it weren't for the huge influx of OL in FA Ross Pierbacher might be a possibility. Another might be Christian Miller. Back at senior bowl DeMarkus Lodge was thought of as second round but hes dropped out of the top 4 rounds in most mocks now. I think that based on his college career hes very likely to be a red star. The safeties in round 2 are deep. some of those will be underdrafted and turn out to be great value. Bobby Evans three year starter at OT for Oklahoma? Hes getting less hype than Tytus Howard. He'd be a bargain in the 3rd.
  7. Does this upset you? He says Josh Allen should have been drafted ahead of Bradley Chubb. That seems like a compliment to me. With thanks to @FeelingOnYouboty whose handle screams of grammatical precision, for keeping me humble.
  8. Darnell Savage to go in round 1. Jachai Polite drops to 2nd. Deionte Thompson drops to 3rd. Bills will trade back rnd 1 with a plan to snag a stud WR next year, and up in R 2/3 for a TE and RT. But I guess that’s not that bold. Ok try this. Nobody will select a QB in the top ten. I think that’s bold.
  9. Ha wrong! Giants lost a pick for Sam Beal in the supplementary draft.
  10. Oh yeah I agree. But nobody is moving back for a third and a fifth. That’s wishful thinking. You have to accept that you are going to lose value picks this year and/or next.
  11. It’s funny how fans want the moon to move back but think a trade up can be achieved relatively cheaply. I think it’s fun to imagine but I can’t see an early round 1 trade up. Rd2 and 3 absolutely.
  12. Echo others thoughts about your post, a very good read. I wonder how far back in R1 the Bills need to move to grab a 1st next year?There are gonna be some good WRs next year.
  13. If he’s on the active roster he takes up a spot losing his exemption. If he’s not then he gets roster exemption but is unpromotable in any circumstance during the season. So in that way the IPP is a bit of a catch 22 for the player and the team...
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