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  1. What’s your point? Because they haven’t won the super bowl, sack McD and Beane? Brilliant! After 20 years of drought these guys have taken the Bills to 5 years of playoffs out of 6. Found a franchise quarterback. But of course you know better….🙄
  2. Oddly, I didn’t see Rowan make many splash plays in tonight’s game.
  3. They look a hot mess. Literally couldn’t be doing more to make it easier for a team without a starting quarterback.
  4. I think they’re sending a message to Lamar about their priorities. Lamar has been a good citizen up til now but he’s gonna start playing hard ball soon. Ravens forum think this is great and that Lamar will happily sign the franchise tag. Somehow I don’t think Lamar will be so accommodating…. me, I think I would prioritize the QBwho single-handedly makes you a contender who has been there 5 years over a linebacker who has been In the building a couple of months…
  5. I missed that game. But seems like the whole team got run on that day. I will have to watch it. Thanks.
  6. Yes I would like to see more. Has his run defense been bad? Genuine question.
  7. That’s fair, despite you being OP you didn’t mention Creed. For me, invoking the non-pick of Creed is an unfair metric in Boogies evaluation IMO. So Boogie has played over 20 games in the best part of two years. He’s on a rookie contract. He’s flashed occasionally but underwhelmed lacking consistency in play and production albeit as DE3. Like AJE last year -who now has 7.5 sacks. As Joe Marino says his problem is that he stayed at Wake Forest a long time and as an older prospect we should expect a more immediate development. I would love to be MORE impressed by his development. But he hadn’t washed out of the league, done anything weird. shown a lack of effort, injury issues. Personally, I’m not hating the pick, just hoping for more. But it’s not an egregious misuse of pick 61.
  8. Can somebody please tell me what my expectations should be for a DE picked 61? Are we expecting Max Crosby? Or is this just a boo-hoo we didn’t get Creed thread?
  9. Totally agree that it’s very real and worrying possibility. But his retirement shouldnt be something we hope for. It will bring dead cap, create another hole and disrupt OL continuity as well as no doubt bringing a drop off short term. I’m not hearing much enthusiasm for center prospects this year, although I see Schmitz has position versatility. Joe Marino mentioned that Morse in his media has been very unfazed about how the concussion affects him going forward. Maybe Morse would say that though regardless of his prognosis?
  10. Personally I’m shocked that he isn’t dominating in his first couple of weeks back from an ACL. Nah not really. This should provide Tre some excellent motivation. That’s good for the Bills.
  11. Or move back if value isn’t there. Trouble with the WR conversation is that Quentin Johnson and Jordan Addison will be gone. 1st is too early to draft a slot like Rice. I’m thinking guard, safety. Good players on rookie contracts.
  12. Thing is you’re paying Bates as a starting guard and the Bills are tight to the cap. Saffold came to Buff because of the OL coach and despite being mediocre he wants to stay. So if you pay him (even vet min) which is conceivable in my mind but not necessarily in his, you set yourself up to move on from Bates. I’m not advocating for any of this. I’m just wary of fan driven narratives about draft need.
  13. It’s a popular opinion based on the assumption that we will move on from one of Morse, Bates or Saffold. I think it would be smart but it’s not a given. Slot receiver, safety and linebacker are all possibilities. I would love Mazi Smith DT in 3rd round but he will probably go higher. What if Torrance/Schmitz/Vorhees are gone? OT?
  14. Marvin Mims speed is clear to see and im not just talking deep speed although he doesn’t lack in that department (over 63% of his targets came 10+ yards downfield last season). The Oklahoma WR is an explosive athlete who can accelerate downfield instantly. Double moves are easy chunk gains as he plants his foot and hits the afterburners. Additionally Mims can tempo his routes lulling receivers into a false sense of security before crossing their face, -James Fragoza PFF
  15. I feel like I need to know more about the second and third round guys and that comes via the senior bowl. O’Cyrus Torrance and Vorhees are big heavy dudes-maulers but do they fit the high RAS score model of our Oline? Are they good value there? We all want to improve the line but Josh can thrive behind a mediocre line. Continuity and improved (drafted) depth at guard/center is enough for me. I don’t think we can assume that Saffold will be gone simply because we want it. Likewise we can’t assume that Dawkins would be ok being moved inside when he’s been fine at tackle. Would he then be expected to take a pay cut? You want a rookie manning the blindside when the Bills are right in their winning window? What if the rookie struggles do you reinstate him and demand a position change of your draft pick? I hate asking OL to shuffle positions. Im very interested to read everyone’s opinions about options but part of me hopes they let the draft come to them this year possibly even trading back.
  16. Too bad Tua didn’t make it. It would have greatly increased the price of his 5th year.
  17. What I like about Joe is that he’s very even keeled and reasoned, unlike many of the posters on this site, who have mini-tantrum/ knee-jerk reactions. When I first started visiting this site in 2017 it was wonderful to see the joy that winning ugly brought to the mafia as the drought ended. Now that we are a top offense/defense and perennial playoff contender, people are so entitled. So much anger and sack this dude/cut that guy nonsense. Disappointing.
  18. Josh Allen is an incredible QB. But until he stops having meltdowns he simply doesn’t deserve the MVP. A pity.
  19. Yes that’s what I’m saying, He makes them in games where they are irrelevant. But the moment he misses we pay with a loss.
  20. I feel like the Bills lost their collective minds in that game. Just so many mistakes. Press conferences should be spicy. Why does Bass always miss FGs in the games the Bills lose?
  21. I am happy with him as a safe returner. But apparently he has a very high fumble rate as a RB which is worrying.
  22. The only starting QB that the jets have a win against this season is Aaron Rodgers.
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