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  1. Here's my concern with NE... Hopkins doesn't bother me, not with McCorkle at QB. What would concern me is if they added Hopkins then they went and dumped Mac for Kirk Cousins or Lamar.
  2. That's not what you said. You said that Singletary is a better back because his YPC was higher. I mean you want to talk nonsense, jeez.
  3. Singletary playing 0% with real NFL caliber guys back there will have me grinning ear to ear.
  4. Sorry but I was a big Gabe fan going into last year, but dude he was LOST last year. Not in the same page running the wrong way, tons of drops, miscommunications, just a brutal year. It was all mental too.
  5. You are absolutely right there is an injury risk. That comes with bruisers between the tackles. I'll take injury risk with a bruiser with NFL size and physical traits vs a healthy guy that has none of it.
  6. He didn't say anything, he just said whoever gets more money will decide it which couldn't be further from the truth. Bad teams like the Texans always have to overpay compared to competing teams adding a guy on a prove it type deal. Guys that work in the NFL make mistakes all the time, GMs wanted Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning.
  7. Bigger, faster, stronger, better burst, better vision, more decisive.
  8. We just added a new dimension to this offense. LETS GOOOO!!!
  9. Oh yeah because everyone is clamoring to be the Texans backup! Good teams would never get a discount on a prove it deal with playing time! We know what the league thinks of Singletary. He signed on to be a backup for the Texans in a 1 year deal LMAO. Maybe you should try being a BILLS fan and not a Singletary fan.
  10. This is honestly the worst analysis of running back production I've ever seen in my life. Harris is so physically superior to Singletary is not even funny. Singeltary played in one of the highest powered offenses in the entire league vs light boxes getting designed misdirection and draws and couldn't crack just 1k rushing. It's pathetic. Harris runs between the tackles in an offense led by Mac Jones LOL. This is like saying Cordarrelle Patterson is better than Derrick Henry because he averages more yards per touch LOL.
  11. Hate to break it to you but Singletary is literally one of the smallest and least physical RBs in the entire league. Bottom percentile across the board. https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/devin-singletary He was on one of the highest powered offenses in the entire league facing light boxes and getting carries on draws and designed misdirections and left so many yards on the field. Constantly chased down from behind. Just small, slow, weak. Absolutely useless between the tackles. Damien Harris is a much larger, faster, stronger back that can hit between the tackles. Just a competely different type of player. So much better. https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/damien-harris There's a reason the only team that wanted Singletary was the Texans for 1 yr as a backup... the starting running back for one of the most high powered offenses in the NFL, just no interest in him. The entire NFL knows it, he stinks, he'll never crack 1k rushing in his career. You won't hear from him again, he'll be irrelevant now that he's off the Bills. We got massively better on the ground today.
  12. The Texans backup on a 1 yr deal. You keep telling yourself this stuff bud, meanwhile reality awaits where everyone doesn't fawn over every player in a Bills uniform. We just got significantly better on the ground today by both subtraction and addition. Be happy!!
  13. Also Harris carrying the rock up the middle while Singletary getting designed draws and outside runs vs light boxes. It's not even comparable what these guys bring to the table. Harris is such a better football player and has actual NFL size and physical traits.
  14. MASSIVE UPGRADE to our run game over what Dingleberry brought. This is a GREAT DAY!!!! LETS GOOOOOOO!!!!!
  15. He is, which is why no one wanted him and why the only team that was interested was the Texans as a backup on a 1 yr deal. Must break your guys heart to see this happen. Keep ignoring reality and over rating Bills players. Damien Harris on board our run game just got SIGNIFICANTLY better.
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