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  1. This all looks like speculation to me. He had a back injury vs the Bills and all indications are it was a finger injury yesterday. He'll be back out there on Sunday
  2. I was just coming here to say this. I pulled up his charity. It just grants to others and makes no direct impact. I also could not find any published administrative costs that well run charities typically produce and disclose. You are going to be giving to this fund, they are going to take admin costs, then give to another fund that then takes more admin costs. Your dollar has less and less impact And this becomes making you feel good rather than actually caring about impacting a cause. Keep your money local and at trusted non profits with low to no overhead. Additionally please donate your TIME and direct work each year.
  3. NO F'N WAY! The dude is a straight up dirty liar that got what he deserved. I'll keep my giving too local charities that actually impact my community and have low or no administrative costs.
  4. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You get what you F'n deserve. Lied about brain injury got more severe brain injury and now out even longer. Beyond stupid. No sympathy for him lying and putting himself through this.
  5. Santa in 2022 Big Foot Stadium Renderings Which gets seen first?
  6. I think we should give the Giants whatever they want for their running back... Antonio Williams.
  7. Huh? I thought they were playing the Bengals not the Patriots?
  8. It's a fair point. Unreal how sensitive people are to it. The fact people feel the need to attack the poster for facts says more about the people responding than the original statement. I'm willing to give Dawson a pass due to the death of his brother being a major distraction that you can't expect someone to push aside. I've got a longer leash for him before i get on him, but you better believe the first 3 weeks couldn't be any worse. At his contract value he will need to produce, it's not a fan favorite type contract, it's a big producer contract. $15 MM cap hit in the final 3 years good lord that structure is whack.
  9. John, who was the TD pass thrown at? Who was the 45 yard gain to Waddle thrown at? Who was the Edmonds red zone pass attempt thrown at? Every big play and scoring opp thrown at him plus others during the game. Half of Tuas yardage was at him. His line TD pass, his big play on 3rd and long, red zone targets. You watched the game, you list me offall the good plays he made. I'll wait.
  10. He's been in the team for 4 years now, he's about to turn 27 years old, at what point is it no longer too soon??? He looked like a special teamer playing saftey... Small, slow, behind the play every time.
  11. Maybe a role play foot fetish... wait... wrong thread.
  12. For him to get respect he needs to stay on the field, healthy. I hope he does it this year.
  13. I like this to fill in at CB, but then flex to FS when Tre returns.
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