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  1. Replace Elway with Flutie and we are good.
  2. Just a visual for the homers trying to defend Singletary and his horrendous athletic profile, here is a radar chart of his athletic profile just to illustrate how laughable it is. This is why I call him Dingleberry. He has no place on an explosive offense, he hinders the offense. Needs to go.
  3. 7 lombardis to 0 4 games suspended to 0 2 baby mommas to 0 2 retirements to 0
  4. Golf requires zero athletic ability... see John Daly and 80 year olds mid afternoon. If you are golfing for any other reason to pound some beers with the boys on a nice day you are doing it wrong. Challenge yourself, but have fun, don't take it too seriously. Josh can golf all he wants. He didn't miss a game he received plenty of treatment and will continue to.
  5. At least he didn't punch her in the face this time, it's an improvement I guess?
  6. Post the bill because I call complete BS on this price. Your equipment fees and taxes alone with 3 TVs is going to run you a minimum of $30 depending on you equipment. You obviously don't have genie2 system because that would run you about minimum $40 in equipment alone for 3 TV. It's possible you have a short term discount you just got after overpaying. Even so that price is just not possible with what DTV does now. As for DTV their costs are horrendous, their service is less reliable than streaming, can't tell you how many times the satellite has gone out due to storms or DVR recordings murdered by a storm. Rain clouds roll in and buy bye... this is with updated latest and greatest 4k equip since i moved not long ago. Since AT&T bought them their pricing and customer service have gone to hell and they have competely stopped investing in technology. Their tech in my 12 or so years with them has gone from leading class to stale and behind order major providers. I was previously a critic of streaming platforms for live sports because the deliverability just wasn't there but the past couple years man has that really improved, streaming now putting DTV in the dirt. The deliverability and quality of the Amazon streams this year was outstanding. I can't wait to dump DTV later this month.
  7. How many consecutive years will this excuse be used. At what point does the coach's abysmal playoff decision making and gameplanning become a legitimate criticism to these people? By the time they realize it Allen's prime will be over and this team will be forever losers.
  8. This guy gets it. Thank you. Your issue is you are in a conversation with homers that don't watch any football outside of the Bills, completely ignore his horrendous athletic profile, and love to overrate Bills rather than be honest.
  9. Going through the tabs you claim he can start on is hilarious. Denver? He isn't even in the stratosphere of Javonte Williams, this is silly. Jets- Like you said they have Hall, Michael Carter is also better and a superior receiver. Atlanta - Allgeier is a big boy and certainly a superior power back his rookie year this year was better than any year Singletary ever had... meanwhile Cordarrell a better COP/ receiver. New Orleans LMAO... he's not better than Alvin Kamara Tampa - Fournette is better and although he hasn't had the playing time White is a better talent, he was a rookie this year. Akers over Singletary by a mile, what he did down the stretch after he was fully recovered from achillies surgery dwarfs Singletary. Pittsburgh leans on Harris he would get nothing there. KC like athletes, they dumped CEH who is like Singletary but better. Singletary can't hold a candle to Pacheco as an athlete. Mixon dominates the backfield on Cinci and a superior runner between the tackles. If you think that lost is ridiculous you just don't watch football. Especially if you don't think Khalil Herbert is better.
  10. Not many, any team he does start for has a RB problem. He's under sized and has some of the worst physical traits of any RB in size, speed, strength. I know people will scoff at that but it's measurable and an undeniable fact. https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/devin-singletary Any other team in our division he would be the 3rd RB. Many other teams like Chicago have two better backs. And he's not good as a receiver so that severely limits him. Looking around the league I don't see a single team that he could be lead back for unless there was personnel change. Only close option might be Arizona, maybe? I hope a dumb team gives him a good chunk so we don't resign him. He's a waste of space on an explosive offense. Addition by subtraction.
  11. His peers are: -Matt LeFluer -Ron Rivera -Mike Zimmer (now work coach prime in Colorado)
  12. This is by far the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard. We have a good QB so let's now change the rules in our favor. Also you don't need to "gut" your team, you just can't throw $15MM per year at a mediocre tight ends and you probably shouldn't exercise $10MM 5th year options on undersized average DTs.
  13. Hey you are the one saying you can't hire Payton because of history, just showing our own history. And McD will be year 7 next year, only difference is this will be his 6th year with Allen... for Reid it was only the 2nd year of playing Mahomes. Team has gone backwards as had the offense.
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