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  1. Ugh. Poor guy, just awful. This is effectively a career ender, he'll be 28 when he returns and will be approx 3 years removed from his last game week 3 2020 with serious injuries and a game that was built off his joystick physical abilities.
  2. He just added you to his list. More fuel to the fire! 😆
  3. I really don't, but hey if you value my opinion as gospel I appreciate the complement, thank you, happy to hear that's his you view it. Sure tons of people will buy them Captain Obvious, that doesn't make it right. Those are two completely different conversations. If you can't comprehend the double dip concept behind taking your tax dollars, then also taking a PSL on top of it then I don't know what else to say. Fork all your money over, lots of money to be made off people with that mind set. Brand building is a powerful thing. It is funny you are so worked up about someone being opposed to PSLs and the double dip with your tax dollars. Like it's just so odd that upsets you lol, no need to be offended by it.
  4. I'm not going to. Hilarious how people defend this, especially with your tax dollars already funding the stadium.
  5. You're not good at math, are you? I said about 2/3 of the league does PSL, you "corrected" me and said 20/32 LOL... 20/32=63%, close enough to 66%.
  6. I'm sure the roast will be video recorded. Regardless, my interest in this is rather deflated.
  7. Just because something somewhere else doesn't make it right. The Patriots are the winningest team is recent memory by far and they have not charged a PSL, so although some do it, the team with the most success in a rabid Boston market didn't. Approx 2/3 of the league does it and it is wrong. For stadiums already leveraging public funds it is ethically reprehensible. They are not popular in any other sport. Very small minority of MLB, NBA, or NHL teams have tried them. Considering the public funds for the stadium and years of support by the fan base through futility and poor venue this would be a major mis-step by ownership.
  8. Tre White -- The pain of watching the Bills lose due to passing plays in the closing 13 seconds as he was recovering has to sting. He needs to prove to the league he's healthy, he's back, and he was the missing piece to get the Bills to the Super Bowl.
  9. Punters don't deserve nicknames. Hopefully our offense produces well enough he's just known as Benchwarmer.
  10. His arm strength is so weak at this point his hat landed short when he just tried to throw it in the ring.
  11. PSLs are the biggest slap in the face to fans ever. It's a way for owners to pass on construction costs to fans after the fans own tax dollars already financed a major portion of the stadium. Now if the PSL allowed you to design your seat, select cushion, fabric, and accessories then we might be talking. I think many would be okay with a PSL if they could have a crushed velvet zubaz heated seat with a built in pez dispenser.
  12. Is very likely the Bills offense hits a lul either too start the year, or after the first few games when teams see their alterations from the past couple years. Be patient if it happens, but they need to be full swing come the 2nd half leading to the playoffs.
  13. Trevor Bauer got 2 years, give Watson the same or more. Heck a fan running on the field gets you banned for life.
  14. He's failed miserably in the playoffs for 3 straight years with the Texans and last year being just brutally abysmal all time great coaching collapses. 75% say nothing? Looks like we have a lot of fans putting the coach above the team not holding him to the same standard, or just happy to "not suck" and make the playoffs. He has beenthe biggest flaw of the team for 2 years now.
  15. LOVE Rousseau, kid is going to be a stud. Miller is a very very different type of player from him but will help greatly in his approach to the game and overall game understanding as a pass rusher, but what Miller does rushing and Rousseau two very different things... which is also why I'm excited you have two great talents with very different pass rush abilities.
  16. So what you are trying to say to boost your cause is that Saffold played just as well with 1 arm vs a perfectly healthy player? 🤣 Good job. Williams stinks dude, Saffold is a much better guard, he gets far more push so much better on the run game and a far far better track record and played through nerve issue in his shoulder last year. Also no where have I seen a single report that he has a "chronic" should injury, it was a nagging injury that occurred in preseason, but in no way is it a chronic issue, stop making stuff up. Not only did we dump Williams as he deserved, NO ONE has any interest in signing him. Zero, zip, nada.
  17. Darryl Williams was absolute trash this past year. The guy didn't even know the snap count with the game on the line vs the Jags and never got out of his stance. Not enough push and just a disaster. Saffold is far stronger way more push and just so much better than Williams was this past year is not funny. Don't try to say it's debatable if he's an upgrade come on get real. Darryl Williams should have been doing glad bag commercial last year.
  18. If this dude gets cut before the start of the year I can't wait to see this place lol... I thought people suggesting a mid round pick for a punter on a team like this were just silly. But end of draft, 6th round, sign me up. Excellent pick.
  19. Not really. He's just not good. It's why he's been on 5 teams in 7 years signing short term cheap contracts. He can't hold a candle to Wallace lol he can run in a straight line faster, that's not more talented.
  20. Wouldn't expect people to. He was a 4th round pick that was cut after one season, the one year he played you were enamored with the play of Kyle Orton. Everyone was just a mere ant in the shadow of Kyle Orton.
  21. I agree with you that trading a low 4th isn't very damaging, especially if it is a draft the team doesn't like. However, as much as I agree I absolutely hate the notion that front office and coaches are infallible, don't make poor moves, or make poor judgements -- that fans can't criticize actions or roster moves. That's crap. The best defense is pointing out this isn't a very good draft to begin with and pointing out what 4th round picks usually look like. We didn't even like other first rounders so would you rather have 1 thing you love or 1 that's okay and another so so?
  22. Yeah it's always hard to tell with short jumps, but one of two things is true... A - With only 1 first round player left as he claimed Beane got itchy and has paper hands, jumped up to get his guy. B - They legitimately think very highly of this kid not just as a typical first rounder and had info they considered potentially true that Dallas or another team (via trade) would take him. Either way they gave up a 4th, ho hum. If he pans out and becomes a good starter no one cares.
  23. With 1 extra game this past year he had 24 less catches and 310 less yards. He produced 96 yards per game in 20 and 72 yards per game in 21... a 24 yard per game decrease... Obviously still productive but that is the decline in production that was referenced. No, it's called reading. In fact a quick Google search can return you results for that basic information you quoted. Seems a few posters are entirely unaware of typical career arcs. Yes the age of prime and decline is younger than what your grandpa told you. We have plenty of data, review it, use it.
  24. Long term CB is a position of need by the time Elam is mid-prime Tre will most likely be in full decline. They will work great together for several years in the meantime as long as Elam comes up to speed efficiently. If Elam fully blossoms his big deal will come on after Tre's is reduced hopefully. As for the player, kid has size and speed, very different from the undersized or non-high end athletic guys Beane typically goes for. So I like this from that aspect. Don't know enough about his playing ability to make a call on that but his production in the SEC looks great. In today's NFL can't have enough corners and I like we are staggering the ages of these guys on the roster. We need an RB upgrade but it doesn't need to be Rd 1... Walker or Hall Rd 2, let's go.
  25. Some of these guys are really bad. It shows management knew they needed to move on. It's more of an illustration of just how badly fans overrated our own players sometimes, especially rotational guys.
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