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  1. Single handedly cost us a Super Bowl last year. He has not gotten better on GameDay. Still our weakness.... hopefully this year will be different when it matters.
  2. That's nothing. We have no room to complain with Hamlin and Jaquon head hunting every chance they get. This is nothing. We own the Pats, 5-1 last 3 years and blowing them out routinely now.
  3. You mean when he was promoting Benny The Butcher?? This guy?? Live by It / Lyrics The Butcher comin', ***** I know you got your gun on you, ***** ***** you gon' do with that though? Guns don't make you safe but I'm strapped with mines (got mine) It's about awareness and your reaction time (a reaction, ooh) I gave hammers to little niggas who not responsible for 'em (damn) The power of having a gun a big obstacle for 'em (uh) In every hood in the country, yeah the cans flarin' (brrt) And street niggas won't outlive their grandparents (woo) But, ***** you 'posed to do when it's hate that they got for you? And you easy to trace 'cause your face recognizable, huh (damn) I kept it straight, being fake was never honorable (one hunnid) We different 'cause runnin' 'round with snakes never bothered you (you a snake too) Talk that tough *****, you never see me jackin' it This heat clappin' make street savages peace advocates I'm on the West Coast with a B word that's East African I used to take a nine out a brick and repackage it (yeah) Og's put us on and we cherished it Now I want my young niggas shooters like Pete Maravich (doot, doot, doot, doot) Uh, you shot up a crowd and thought you was gangsta (you think you was gangsta?) But hit a kid 'cause killers don't go to shooting ranges (***** up) You know my neighborhood was super dangerous A record deal will get you lit but a robbery will make you super famous (you litty) These new niggas just stop and pull it (uh-huh) Traded in his innocence for a box of bullets (damn) If there's work in the house it belong to the trapper And gun's on tour buses always belong to the rapper, uh My little man ride around strapped Hunting for an OP he can catch (Live by it you die by it) Knowing if he don't kill him he coming back But he said he good 'cause he gonna handle that (Live by it you die by it) Kept mine on me wherever I was at Heard some niggas had some money on my hat (Live by it you die by it) Uh, 223.'S, K's, and Mac's You send a shooter here I'll send 'em back (yo, look) (Live by it you die by it) I get the drop on a *****, it come from the hoes first We follow the load first, that's what you call homework (yeah) See the dope gonna lead you to the stash spot When you see that padlock, you know it's a jackpot Listen, for a minute robbery was my new profession (uh-huh) Pop up at your crib dressed like UPS men Show me where the money at or get your neck slit (I'll kill you) And we don't even count it on to the next lick, uh AR-15's to 21 LR's The SK make the ground shake when it let off Oil based, tryna to get them flakes like Kellog's My shooter said if he don't got his gun then he fell off (Where the ***** yo' gun at?) Leave your head swollen with what I'm holdin' (uh) This one on me all the way from Texas reported stolen Go and get a gun and start buying some jewelry If you too shook to tote then just hire security, ah My little man ride around strapped Hunting for an OP he can catch (Live by it you die by it) Knowing if he don't kill him he coming back (he coming back) But he said he good 'cause he gonna handle that (Live by it you die by it) Kept mine on me wherever I was at (uh) Heard some niggas had some money on my hat (you know how we rockin') (Live by it you die by it) 223.'S, K's, and Mac's (Sopranos, *****) Send a shooter here I'll send 'em back (Live by it you die by it)
  4. Oh really, like how the bye week helped? That's where all our problems started. Emotional high off KC win, then the bye vacation... same exact thing happened last year too. The Bengals won the AFC last year... and they are putting in more work than us. You don't fix sloppy play by taking time off, that's what preceded the sloppy play to begin with.
  5. https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/allbengals-insiders-plus/joe-burrow-bengals-went-to-work-despite-being-off-following-win-over-chiefs Talk about a massive difference of culture and player commitment. Now to be clear 1 day a week off is mandated by the CBA on a normal week. 3 days off is mandated after a Thursday game long week. However, it is up to the players to do with that time as they see fit, for the Bills we got players leaving town, for the Bengals, they are showing up to get better. Culture like this is the difference between winning teams and Championship teams. We got guys hopping on planes to chill, they got guys bucking down in the most important stretch of the season. Meanwhile, Bills have not played anywhere near their potential since the bye and the Bengals have gotten better going 6-1 in their last 7 despite missing their top offensive weapon, who is now returning. Bengals pose every much a threat as the Chiefs, this Monday night game week 17 is going to be very telling. Hope the Bills get their stuff together.
  6. It's not because their strength of schedule is way easier, they don't play last years division winners.
  7. Burn the candle for so long? They practiced twice in a two week span! Lmao
  8. It's December and your are trying to win a Chamionship. No one should be leaving town. These guys should be competely engrossed in ironing out the sloppy play and being as prepared as possibly for a Jets team that beat them last time around. There's a big difference between winners and Champions.
  9. Right, if they lost against us in the playoffs they would not have gone on to face the Bengals and lost in the AFCC. They only played the Bengals because they beat us.
  10. Unless he gets an Alex Smith type injury he'll be fine. With modern medicine you pop and ACL you are on the field next year just like you were before. This kid is gong to break the market from QB needy teams bidding on him. He's already made enough money to be set for life, let's see if he can set the high score now. I expect him to go franchise tag 2x then hit the market like Cousins did.
  11. Here's what he said, it's a pretty spot on assessment. Think think board has shared this opinion for the most part too... "I think we've become a little enamored with the fact that Allen is so special as a talent, that we lose sight of the fact that this team does not have a real good OL," Cosell said. "They don't have a consistent run game, which they're trying to develop. And really, they have one real good receiver and then a bunch of other guys." He concluded that the Bills are too reliant on Allen carrying the team to victory. "It's not a super-talented offense," he added. "It's built around Josh Allen being special every single game, and that's hard to play that way."
  12. A weird lob pass at a weird angle 🤣🤣 You crack me up. I would pay you to make excuses like this for me when i screw up.
  13. Lmao the ball flipped around on his chest, in no way did he have control of that thing. It wasn't even close. What is silly about asking a player to hold on to the football? I swear you guys are being ridiculous with this. If this was against us you would be slamming the table no way he caught it.
  14. I did, and i watched Knox drop another routine pass. Dude is a walking brain fart. Football acumen has not grown. But keep the excuses coming is beyond comical at this point.
  15. Good call good rule. He was lunging/ diving for the ball, and competely lost it when he hit the ground. Almost a great play but obviously lost control of the thing. If you are jumping/diving you need to hold onto it when you land. It's that simple. Don't over think it.
  16. Oh yeah our Pro Bowl QB ignores the open targets, that's Knox' problem! It's silly the extent you guys go to defend him.
  17. This narrative is complete BS, even with missing time with injury going into last night he has run the 6th most routes of any TE in the league. He had 0 catches because a lolipop clanked off his hands.
  18. That's why athleticism is important at RB... Singletary the sloth holding this offense back, zero explosion. Horrific play by Hamlin. HORRIFIC.
  19. Statistics show this is an entirely false narrative. He's run the 6th most routes of any TE in football... and that includes the fact he missed time with injury.
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