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  1. Ummm …. Winning 3 straight Division titles and advancing in the playoffs each time would support the contrary
  2. Yeah everyone probably (finally) got in his ear, because he embarrassed himself on national TV ... so they all collectively SCREAMED their heads off at him and it finally got through
  3. Tua hasn't proven he can win a big game against a good team in a high stress situation. He (and Miami) have choked every time in those situations
  4. This game is summed up in 3 plays IMO ... 1. Josh takes off and runs left, is nowhere near the sticks, and tries to hurdle through the air on 2 Jets Defenders 2. Josh takes off and runs left with a virtually clear path to the sticks, and launches the ball downfield into double coverage, INT 1 3. 3rd and 2 midfield later in 4thQ, and he throws a 15 yard pass attempt to the right sideline, INT 3. JUST KEEP THE F'NG DRIVE ALIVE ... THAT'S WHY YOU GOT DAMIEN HARRIS ... FOR SHORT YARDAGE! SHEER BONE HEAD ON EVERY F'NG PLAY
  5. Von is going to be pissed ... he wants to be the first player to win a SB with 3 different teams!
  6. Yes, correct. They have until Tuesday to decide. If he’s PUP list he’s out for sure 1-4. If no PUP it’s anyone’s guess how it’s handled
  7. Put the playbook on the plane
  8. 13 seconds (with no explanation ever given to the players), plus all of the catastrophe from last year, the offseason drama this year, and being continually told to just "trust the process" ... has worn very thin on a lot of the core players. Like constantly being 10 months pregnant with a coaching staff that doesn't know how to deliver babies lol (in my "mentally off" opinion lol). They don't trust trusting anymore because it's like an ongoing empty promise, but everyone wants to win so bad that it gets twisted because they know they're close
  9. It's only because he's more focused on football than ever before
  10. That team is going to pressure itself into self destruction
  11. This is called … Diggs won the offseason “urinating contest” between him and the coaches 🤣🤣🤘🤘
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