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  1. .... and the Sabres weren't going to fire Jason Botterrill because "they had more information than the fans did" ... BOOM ... fired 3 weeks later
  2. He had admittedly consulted with Bill Polian for sometime a number of years ago
  3. Emphatically ... NO! If he hasn't learned and grown from all of the devastating and embarrassing heartbreak that we've experienced ... he's incapable and needs to be shown the door
  4. LOL .. dear Lord!!! Did they not have a scary line the entire game? Are they not going to have a scary line in OT too? SHOOT ME IN THE FACE PLEASE (only with a water gun though)
  5. Kim Pegula also said that the Sabres fans didn't know what they were talking about when it came to Jason Botterrill, and the team and "more information that the fans didn't have" ... then he was fired 3 week later
  6. Can I have some Ranch dressing with this word salad please 🤣🤣🤣
  7. The only unaccountable person at One Bills Drive is Sean McDermott. He doesn't hold himself accountable, he isn't held accountable by Ownership and Management, and expects everyone else to be accountable and to "learn". This is the entire issue ... he's been responsible for the major blunders, and then scapegoats out. The players know it, and they're sick of him and his "Process" message. Ever see Dan Campbell from the Lions? I saw him take the microphone podium after a game they lost, and publicly admit that it was HIM that screwed up and cost the team the game (and he was crying while doing it). All you get from McD is .. "we didn't execute" and "we have to get better" or "we'll learn from this". McD is Terry's Pet Poodle, and untouchable Golden Boy ... and everyone ELSE has had enough
  8. That’s because They like and trust their coach who they know can get them over the top … and won’t slave drive them only to choke when it matters most. That’s the difference. Reid is creative and adaptable and McD just goes around and around in circles driving the same square peg in the same round hole. The Cheifs are married to winning the Super Bowl, and the Bills are married to some mythical process and a belief that if you just keep trusting, you’ll get there (while other teams grow and adapt and kick us in the nuts)
  9. Latavius Murray just hasn't been numbed out and broken down like everyone else yet by McD the wrestling champion, wearing everyone down to the mat and repeatedly just insinuating to "trust the process" until they SAY UNCLE!! lol
  10. “Scoring too many points too quickly is not “complimentary football” that I can handle coaching”
  11. The Dolphfrauds strike again 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  12. Dude’s mouth always writing checks his ass can’t cash 🤣🤣🤣
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