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  1. Did anyone else read the title "Interpret My Bills Dream" and immediately think "19-0, baby!" before even reading the dream?
  2. Only that's not a LB. That's a safety. And safeties DO get run over. And when LBs don't get their feet set, they get run over, too. Worst case scenario here is that an NFL LB drags him down after a good game, and the LB gets worn out, making it harder for him to bring Singletary down.
  3. I'm of the opinion that the NFL will try to keep players essentially in their own quarantine with rigorous testing to make sure it doesn't spread through the players. Use only a couple playing fields so that players don't have to travel much and risk getting sick. No fans the entire season.
  4. Any takes on why Prince Tega is falling this far? I thought it was surprising he fell out of the third round, and he's still there in the 6th...
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