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  1. Haplo848

    Rookie Grades series at NFL.com

    I mean, it's not like it's this guy's job to do so...
  2. I don't know, this list seems kinda messed up. I get that it's his favorite draft prospects, but Greedy Williams in the mid-30's? When he's projected as a top 10 pick? Something seems wrong there...
  3. Haplo848

    Which non-Bills draft pick stung the most?

    So a little less depressing, I was a grad student at Penn State, and in my first semester there, taught three Penn State football players in a lab class; Johnnie Troutman, who played a couple years as a guard in San Diego, Nick Sukay, who was briefly on the Bills practice squad (I thought it was REALLY amazing he was on the Bills, but he didn't last long), and Jared Odrick, who was projected to go in the first round. We didn't have any picks anywhere around where he was expected to go (we were drafting early, he was expected to go late first), so unless he somehow fell to us in the second, I wasn't expecting too much, and was just thinking it would be cool to follow his career, root for him personally. The problem? He got drafted by the Dolphins! I'm just sitting there on draft night, stunned, thinking "how the hell can I root for you now!?"
  4. Haplo848

    Buffalo Bills' Top 10 Plays

    It's literally only our plays. As long as there are 10 plays total or more, it's possible to figure out the top 10.
  5. Haplo848

    Cover1 Allen’s progress

    I was impressed with the breakdown. Thought they had some interesting things to say, especially with regards to how Allen has been going through his progressions. Also, I had seen some "Is Robert Foster a #1 Receiver?" threads in the past, and had kinda chuckled, shrugged them off, remembered the preseason and the early games, didn't even bother to go into the thread, and just thought to myself "Nope, definitely not." This breakdown really made me rethink that. Foster is demanding all kinds of attention from safeties. The Lions at least rolled coverage his way a lot. He was definitely impressive in this game, and so it's not just Allen that we can talk about making progress. Foster's become a much better route runner, a smarter receiver, on top of being incredibly fast. Now if we can just get him to be able to catch a bit better, maybe just catch it on the first attempt, rather than having drops or him having to double catch it sometimes...
  6. Haplo848

    2019 Renewed Optimism - for real this time

    So the only free agents I'm currently seeing for next year from the defense are Kyle Williams, Lorenzo Alexander, (technically) Vontae Davis, Jordan Phillips, Lafeyette Pitts, Eddie Yarbrough, Dean Marlow, and Mike Love. If Williams and The Lorax want to play again next year, I'm sure they'd be welcome back with open arms. Jordan Phillips I'm having trouble seeing leave, considering he seems to love it here, and he's been a good rotational player that I don't think anyone would want to see leave. I figure he'll probably be resigned in the offseason. Beyond that, no really earth-shattering losses. Simply by the fact that we're not really losing anyone next year, unless they decide to retire, I think your goal of keeping the defense intact is already accomplished.
  7. Haplo848

    Comparing Rookie QB Seasons

    I mean, it's interesting? But like people are saying, there's no context. And how their stats were rookie season only seems to lightly have a correlation with how they end up. The guys who are just bad tend to stay bad, while others grow with experience. Stats alone are never going to tell you all you need to know. Sometimes you just need to do the eye test to see if a guy has what it takes to eventually become special.
  8. Not a chance in hell. The NFL has their favorites and tries to prop them up at every opportunity.
  9. Even if it wasn't if it was the Chiefs catching the ball, and the Chargers were on defense, that flag would have been thrown.
  10. And where's the helmet to helmet penalty on that catch?
  11. Wow, Chargers get the ticky tack penalties, Chiefs get away with the big ones. Refs deciding games again. What a disgrace.
  12. Haplo848

    Poll: Draft Greedy Williams in the 1st Round?

    I'm actually kinda surprised how okay most people would be with Greedy. I figured more people would be shouting for offensive players, but I kind of like the BPA approach. Stars are more important than starters. And locking down the top 2 WRs of an opposing offense, forcing defenses to throw at Hyde, Poyer, Johnson, Milano, or Edmunds? Not the worst way to play defense. We just need to make sure the OLine gets upgraded, and fast.
  13. Haplo848

    Poll: Draft Greedy Williams in the 1st Round?

    You seem to have selected "Other." Is the last name the reason you'd draft him? Or should I put up other options?