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  1. It matters than Crowder's contract is guaranteed. I expect Buffalo to try to trade Crowder, but if that doesn't happen, I predict that we keep seven and Stevenson goes to the practice squad.
  2. Dang it! Table didn't break. Now I've got to go eat a couple turkey burgers and try again!
  3. Besides the late draft pick, what do you think about their other off-season moves on the O-line?
  4. Not Lamar. Possibly the wrong Josh, but unlikely they would have traded up for him. I would guess trade up for Baker or stay put for Mason Rudolph based solely on the leaked image.
  5. With the browns offensive line and RB situation, they can easily find a journeyman QB to join on a prove-it deal. I hope they do extend (and overpay) Mayfield for Allen money. The Ravens and Lamar are a great match for one another - but if the play of Huntley and Johnson is any indication, they have a good system in place. That contract should get done in the interest of both team. It will be interesting to see the numbers, but I don't think Lamar will fetch Allen dollars outside of Baltimore. In both cases, I doubt the GM is rushing to the bargaining table with bags of money.
  6. Star was definitely not manhandled on Henry's long TD run. He did a good job sealing the edge and squeezing the defender. Henry ran away from Star on that play. IMO, that play could have most easily been stopped by Milano (wrong gap) and Hyde (bad angle). Replay starts at 1:00. EDIT: That being said, Star's 49.9 PFF rating for the season is below Harrison Phillips' 77 rating.
  7. Reposting this from training camp: Buffalo Bills Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll wanted to remind his team before training camp about its journey. So, he asked each player and coach to stand up before telling them, “If you’re a coach who has been fired, sit down.” The entire coaching staff sat down. Daboll then said, “If you’re a player and you’ve ever been cut or traded, sit down.” A large group of players sat down. Finally, Daboll said: “If you weren’t picked in the first round, sit down.” Josh Allen, the starting quarterback, was the only player left standing. Daboll directed his next question toward Allen: “Josh, how many college scholarships were you offered when leaving high school?” Allen answered none. Daboll then said, “All right, let’s all remember where we came from.”
  8. When down by 14 in the 4th, it's better to go for two after your first TD. Then, whatever you need. The math works out solidly in your favor. Basically, if you intend to go for two after only one of the scores.... do it after the first score. That way if you don't get it, you have a chance to tie the game after the 2nd score. It's inexcusable for a coach like Harbaugh not to know this.
  9. Team sacks - Bills have 23, which is ranked 28th. If they had a legit top-10 disruptive player on the line, I believe the Bills would be 12-1 right now.
  10. Giving up 5YPC when you are 95% sure they are going to run is embarrassing. The defense did play well on over 50% of the snaps - and they had lots of moments. But just about any college QB and many good HS level QBs could have executed 50 handoffs and led the PATs to 14 points and victory against the Bills last night. That's what is embarrassing (for them - not me or you). It's a team game. Red Zone offense, a missed short FG, dropped passes, and horrid fumble on a handoff are why they didn't score more. Clock management in the 4th Q contributed too. Lots of areas to improve.
  11. Both Stevenson and McKenzie out? Wonder what's up. Who is returning kicks and punts today?
  12. Explains why both TENN backups had 100 yards last week. Explains why the third string at CLE had 100 yards the week prior. Seems like that's the place to start. But it may not be the only answer. JT averages almost 6YPC and Hines averages just below 5YPC.
  13. Yes and no. To my understanding, if they player does not re-sign, the contract is guaranteed for the season. But if they do re-sign with a new team, the new salary would typically offset and the original team would pay the balance. I think some players could double dip based on the language of their contract. Related, contracts for vets signed after week 1 (L. Bell, A. Peterson, etc.) do not automatically guarantee.
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