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  1. Only if one of them is lined up inline wearing an eligible number between 84 and 86.
  2. Yes, plus the $90M in cap space we now have going into next year. Stay tuned...
  3. Maybe. Effectively a 3rd round pick / $7M contract for a nine week rental. Or we can sign Sanders after the season and keep the pick. Based on where we are, I do prefer the steady growth mindset over making long term sacrifices for a short term bump. I want what gets us to a consistent every year contender - even if it means waiting for our team to develop. It's a fun ride at times. It's going to be awesome when it happens.
  4. In 2019 we added nine new starters on offense and a few other role players. It's not like they have ignored that side of the ball. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I put a (T) next to the ones I see as "Talent". The others are mostly upgrades from last year. In 2020 we have $90M in cap space. I'd expect an elite player to be added to the offense and another on defense (AJ Green/Ngakoue) types. They tried and luckily failed to get Antonio Brown this year. What more should they have done? Keep McCoy? Trade first round picks for AJ Green, Diggs or Gordon? Trade a second round pick for Sanu? Ford Singletary (T) - ? (we actually won't know until they play him more....) Knox Beasley (T) Brown (T) Kroft Feliciano (T) Morse (T) Spain (T) Nsekhe
  5. This happens often even with the best quarterbacks. You have one guy bearing down, two guys in your face. You absolutely cannot take a sack here. Your first read is open enough with single coverage and the defender's back is turned. Pull the trigger on a back shoulder throw, catchable ball - especially for Brown who has good body control. I suspect Allen's mind was made up pre-snap. But a better pre-snap read may have put Beasley as the #1 read.
  6. No post-season is a real possibility regardless of whether we complete deep passes or whomever plays QB. But one or two deep completions per game will go a long way. Though Josh has shown growth, the more difficult half of the season started Sunday - so here's hoping they find some way to score more points. It was fairly impressive to get the go-ahead TD with a couple minutes left. And then they drove into FG range in the last minute. It's been a long while since we've had an offense capable to doing that so consistently. It's what good teams do. Find a way to bottle that up and do it the first three quarters as well.
  7. Holy cow! Folks are going crazy following a loss calling for McD's job? That's crazy talk. We're in year two after a complete team overhaul. We're 6-3 with a reasonable chance of getting to the post season. We're certainly better than last year. We may or may not win a bunch more games this year, but I certainly don't see this team collapsing. We have a promising young QB who is decent and getting better. We have several winnable games left on the schedule. We have $85M in cap space next year which can be used to help sign an extra play maker or two on each side of the ball and also maintain good depth. The process hasn't led to 19-0 this year, but it does appear to be working, despite the unfortunate loss today.
  8. Very nice games by Allen and White today. I love what they are doing to try to grow their QB into a passer while also trying to win. To improve: Start hitting the deep passes when they are open. They need more juice in the running game. 2020 - Would be nice to have another shutdown corner opposite #27. NY times playoff machine chances dropping from about 70% to about 50% after today. Steelers, Broncos, Jets, Dolphins are all playing their best ball right now.
  9. Interesting stat from last week... newcomer Vincent Taylor had 3 tackles on 9 snaps. Good sign.
  10. Through eight games, Lee Smith has 7 penalties / 6 accepted. So that's just a touch less than one penalty per game. This puts him as one of the top 10 most penalized players in the league.
  11. I don't think that's a fair assessment of Star. I watched several quarters with an eye on him. Although he does not get off blocks and finish plays, he tends to hold his ground against mostly double team blocks. I'd characterize him as a role player, not a play maker.
  12. Maybe... Jackson does have a better passer rating, more passing yards per game, more TDs, fewer INTs, fewer fumbles, and a higher completion percentage. And he has thrown for 300 yards and 5 TDs in a single game.
  13. If I had to guess.... 3rd and 2. QB sneak because we were in 4 down territory. Didn't love the call, but it worked. 1, 2, 3 and Goal. Gore. Because Josh Allen fumbled last week. 4th and Goal, QB sneak because it was less than one yard and Gore got stuffed three straight times. Loved the call. 4th and 1. Gore. Inexplicable after the prior attempts with Gore. Would have run QB power sweep or Singletary.
  14. We tried that a couples times down at the goal line on the second drive. The result was not pretty. One the Gore plays, we simply got out played on the lines. But they made other plays....
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