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  1. Hypothetical math does add up. We lost by 7 No blocked punt? 7 point swing, depending on what the Steelers would have done with their drive. INT called back, Steelers got 3 points that drive, and the INT was returned into FG range at least. 6 or 10 point swing. DPI - 7 point swing. It would have been 4th down. We kicked a FG on first down while driving at the end of the game.
  2. Without a blocked punt returned for a touchdown, an interception overturned on a questionable call, and a DPI on 3rd and long we are singing the Bills praises non-stop today. Without those and one or two dumbo decisions, we win by two touchdowns. It's not the way we wanted the Bills to start, but they did show improvement on defense. The Bills need to find a way to gain chunks of yards against the light boxes and they'll win these sorts of games easily. Also, is it possible to go back to a 2-step punt? By the time he takes all those steps to punt the ball, he is nearly at the line of scrimmage.
  3. 9/7/2003 - Patriots stalwart Lawyer Milloy joins the Bills earlier in the week and the hapless Bills defeat the eventual Super Bowl champion Patriots 31-0 ruining their chance at a perfect season. Sam Adams scores a TD in his first game as a Bill.
  4. Good news and well played! His immunity is set to be a peak level during the season.
  5. Yes, doesn't look like there is any savings at all if released, as his salary is guaranteed. So no real possibility of that. After the 2M pay cut he took earlier this year, the savings would be 4M if traded. The new team typically would pay his 2021 salary, unless the Bills opt to pay some of it as part of the trade package. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2021/3/18/22338078/mario-addison-contract-restructure-will-save-buffalo-bills-2-million-in-2021
  6. This saves about $6M if released or traded. He may not even be active on game day. A trade or cut is not out of the question, given we have depth at the position, the young guys that are playing well, and we have another veteran presence. That being said, they kept Murphy last year under similar circumstances. EDIT: Doesn't look like any savings at all if released, as his salary is guaranteed. So no real possibility of that. After the 2M pay cut earlier this year, savings will be 4M if traded. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2021/3/18/22338078/mario-addison-contract-restructure-will-save-buffalo-bills-2-million-in-2021
  7. I thought Yeldon was going to be an occasional pass catcher last year, but he was rarely even active on game days. Would the plan for Brieda be the same? Or would the Bills carve out a consistent game-day role?
  8. TM is a solid player for sure. Always around the ball. Edmunds' range and length make him the better option right now, and hopefully because he is still young, he is still getting better.
  9. Great post to wake up to and read on a Saturday morning. Thanks!
  10. $$$$ - increased cap, but being spread around to the same number of guys.
  11. You should remind your friends that Bill Belichick has a LOSING record without Tom Brady as his starting QB.
  12. Cool post. In 2018 Josh Allen was making the playoffs throwing to Zay Jones and Kelvin Benjamin. Meanwhile, Kirk Cousins was throwing to Diggs AND Thielen. Diggs is great, but I didn't see him "make" Cousins into an MVP candidate. In reality, most teams have name-brand WRs. So sure, let's keep surrounding Josh with name-brand WRs and let them "make" Josh into a perennial league and SuperBowl MVP.
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