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  1. Lesser known players for the other side Goodwin (inj) Jordan Matthews
  2. SF traded a 2nd rounder (IIRC) for Sanders and drafted another in the 2nd round in 2019. SF has a pro-bowl TE. SF has three good RBs that can all start. SF is good in the trenches. KC has three RBs that can all start. KC has a pro-bowl TE. KC has several playmakers at WR. KC is good in the trenches. The formula is clear. It's nothing new. Good coaching and a decent QB are table stakes. After that, it takes a solid team, that is good in the trenches, that has enough playmakers, and that has solid depth. Dear Bills, Go Get `Em!
  3. Disagree, a bit. 1. Calling more passes and fewer runs has likely accelerated Josh's development as a passer. 2. Often plays were there, but the execution was not.
  4. Of all the possible available FA's, he's your guy? Tennessee seemed to get much better when he was benched. And he wouldn't even start here. Wouldn't you rather have Clowney or Yannick?
  5. This happened at times, but also I saw us blocking 8 rushers with 7 lineman where nobody could beat single coverage or make a contested catch for a long gain. I think having someone like AJ Green on the field stops teams from playing cover zero on critical 3rd downs.
  6. Nearly a perfect pass. Good coverage. He probably makes this catch more than half the time.
  7. Part of the way the Pats*** manage comp picks. They sometimes trade for players rather than sign FAs who would count against the comp pick formula. Max one 3rd rounder, if he signs elsewhere. The number of picks is based on player count, not the whininess of the player.
  8. After a complete rebuild, the Bills took a step this year. They have capital to get better players. Let's see if they can take another step next year and make something happen. Difficult schedule next year aside, the next step is to win the division and a playoff game. And the division appears to be open.
  9. I don't think there is a rule about the arms spread meaning give up, but in this case it was pretty clear he was giving himself up when he tossed the ball to the referee. That being said, if he quickly picks up the ball and returns it 100 yards for a touchdown of his own, do the refs huddle up and rule that he gave himself up? Probably not.
  10. Henry will be in demand. The franchise tag for RBs is about $12M, and IMO that's the most likely path for him.
  11. Hmmm... my two favorite teams are now out of the playoffs - the Bills and whomever is playing the Pats***. I'm rooting for the Eagles.
  12. Giving the Bills a touchdown on the opening 2nd half kickoff was probably the worst call I've seen. Not glad, but glad they got that right in the end.
  13. Order of importance: Allen continues to improve Add multiple play makers on offense such as Henry and Green. A RB that demands extra attention and a WR that can beat cover 0. Add a pressure machine on defense such as Ngakoue. Add a CB in the first round and a WR in the second round of the draft. Have Knox and Singletary work on hands all off-season. Singletary with six catches today! Great to see. I don't know how much of our $100M cap space that we will willing to push in, but do those things and this team will be noticeably better next year.
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