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  1. Suspension warranted. https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2019/09/jets-henry-anderson-fined-for-late-hit-on-buffalo-bills-josh-allen.html
  2. A Pass Rusher’s average pressure distance from the QB at the time of the passer throw or sack (in yards). Only includes passing plays where the defender is rushing the passer.
  3. Lafayette Pitts played well in preseason and is still a FA...
  4. After careful consideration the most accurate response I can think of is "don't know, don't care".
  5. Does it do any good to slow down a video of a statue?
  6. Oliver has been holding his own against single team blocks. He gets doubled a lot and gets swallowed up a bit on most of those plays. But on running plays, he has been quick to shed those and at least be part of the tackle a few times. On pass plays, he has affected some throwing lanes and he has sniffed the QB once or twice. All-in-all, he does not look out of place, but he has yet to make many splash plays in our mostly vanilla preseason defense.
  7. Negative. Brian Daboll is not on the field nor is he in the helmet for the last 15 seconds of play clock. Daboll sets up the play with options built in. Generally, the QB is responsible to select the correct option based on the play call and rarely select something totally different, perhaps based on the specific game plan. Generally, the QB and center work together setup blocking assignments. For example, when you hear "56 is the Mike", it's the quarterback that is identifying a key piece. The center and guards fine tune to figure out double teams, combo blocks, etc. based on the play call, defensive alignments, and their own in-game experience about what they think will work. When an offensive line gels, it generally means that this communication and resulting executing is smooth and mistake-free.
  8. This guy had a vertical leap of 39.5". When the scouts found out he was still available in round two of the draft, they averaged a vertical leap of 41".
  9. They rank high because their decisions tended to match analytics optimums. But those assume average offense against average defense based on the score and time remaining in the game or half. Every team would then augment those baseline analytics with coaching decisions in cases when you have an all-pro punter or kicker, or if your short yardage offense is notably good (Allen 1 yard sneaks), game-time injuries (like to a kicker), weather, or other facts that make the particular circumstance deviate from "averages". I wonder if there is any correlation to making close to "optimal" decisions based only on analytics and outcome. Notably, Pats* were in the middle of the road.
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