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  1. Lamar's pairing with Greg Roman is fantastic. Jackson was league MVP last year. He passed for over 3000 yards and 36 TDs. Referring to him (and also Kyler Murray) as a running back is not right. The immediate impact of having Lamar at QB is undeniable. Scoring 20 points on the SB favorites really just indicates that the Ravens are not the Super Bowl favorites. I don't think it's an indicator that a Jackson-led team won't make the playoffs or that the era is over. The longevity, long-term success, and success at the highest levels of running quarterbacks has not always been there. By contrast, the Bills had decided to draft a project, but passing quarterback. It's taken a couple years, but Allen's improvement and on-the-field play this year has exceeded Jackson's improvement and play. Hopefully that trend continues for years to come.
  2. It's because Diggs, Brown, Beasley had even more favorable match-ups - at least against the Jets and Dolphins.
  3. I bet there was some emphasis in the off season on developing a better screen game. I wonder if that leads to being able to defend screen plays better...
  4. What a great interview! https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1DXGyAoWzaVGM I've got a such respect for Ed Oliver for the way he handled this situation. In my book, Ed is ranking right up there with Lorax, Pat Williams, Freddy, Fitzpatrick in terms of favorite Bills players of recent years.
  5. Yes, this is effectively what they do today, but with the new rules it counts against the salary cap as it should.
  6. Five out of 80 Bills players are put on the list, essentially before entering the facility. This proves that the risks are there whether the season is canceled or not. I would guess that players that want to put themselves in a bubble for 6 months are safer to opt out. Whereas players that would go work out at a gym and then attend Zeke's parties afterwards may be safer with a season where there is constant testing and more guidance. It's nice that the players have a couple reasonable options to make this choice for themselves. Trying to have a season under these conditions is going to require teams to pivot at times, but is reasonable especially considering both players and owners want to proceed.
  7. The hope is to get all these guys that are coming in from all parts of the country negative before practicing starts. Once negative, each player is responsible for their own bubble. There is a playbook for that (social distancing, masks, avoid indoor gatherings, blah, blah, blah) and hopefully players are capable of executing. The team is responsible for making sure one or two players that fail don't infect 80 other individualized bubbles. If you have 78 uninfected guys practicing together, the risk is zero. That's the hope. With testing being imperfect, so goes the plan.
  8. I wonder if this can be mitigated... * "Replace" Star with a 1M player, similar to Corey Liuget last year. * Move the balance, 7.1M of cap space, from this year to next year. * Pay our Star's 7M of guarantees in 2021/2022 using the carryover created this year.
  9. NFL folks and supporting crews must be exempt. I can't see how a team is going to come into NYS and quarantine for 14 days before playing a game. I also can't see how Buffalo is going to come back from an away game and quarantine for 14 days.
  10. FACTS: Buffalo wanted TJ Graham ahead of Russell Wilson Buffalo wanted both Reggie Ragland and Adolphius Washington ahead of Dak Prescott.
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