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  1. No guarantees, but he can certainly earn a spot. If cut, 3.5M cap savings, 4.8M dead cap, 6M total cash in 2021.
  2. Josh Norman is still available, perhaps on an affordable one year contract. He was not great, but played as well as Wallace last year for us and made a couple game changing plays.
  3. I believe Astro/DeanK maintains this war chart updated yesterday: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dn16TAcH-BzfQP0g53bOMADCztFYQbd-m9cMEuRaBdU/edit?usp=sharing
  4. 90% of statistics are completely made up. Did the NYT study isolate attendees vs. non-attendees residing in the same city? Do we even know whether attending the game outdoors actually increases or decreases your risk compared to how you would watch the game otherwise for those particular fans that attended? While I know that staying home in isolation is going to keep you healthy, I'm always skeptical about such studies. Rank the following in terms of riskiness. I would say after #1, nobody really knows. 1. Watch the game home alone, or don't watch the game. 2. Watch th
  5. Bengals beat the Ravens in the last second on 4th and 12 from the 49 yard line to end the drought. Definitely the best moment for me.
  6. If you can trade for what's an expected mid-first-rounder next year they should do it. In 2021 you can likely get a solid veteran at near league minimum on a one year contract. He will contribute about the same as a 1st round rookie. So that makes it no loss this year. In 2022 we will have an extra first round draft pick to help - and who knows, it might be top 10. So it's a win next year.
  7. Fix all of the variables except for opting out and contracting covid. player A - did not opt out, did not contract covid, shown on social media living life. player B - did not opt out, did contract covid, shown on social media living life. player C - did opt out, did not contract covid, shown on social media living life. player D - did opt out, did contract covid, shown on social media living life. They all play the same position, they all had equal reasoning to opt out, and all projections are equal. I would definitely draft A first and D last. I'm hon
  8. Trading down, but still in the top 1/2 of the draft is a good move. The draft is a bit of a crapshoot at that level. Need a QB? Just pass on Trubiski and draft Mahommes or Watson instead. Or Pass on Mayfield or Darnold and pick Allen or Jackson instead. When was the last time a first overall pick, one that was considered a generational talent, lived up to expectations? Stafford? Eli Manning? https://www.lineups.com/articles/nfl-1st-overall-picks-list-all-time/ Spoiler alert: It doesn't happen often. It's a crapshoot. And that's #1 overall. The difference between 3 and 10 is
  9. The first highlight is a drop, then I stopped watching. EDIT: Then I watched the rest, with the last highlight being the best.
  10. It has happened: 2011- #28: New England → New Orleans (D). New England traded this selection to New Orleans for New Orleans' second-round selection in 2011 (56th overall) and first-round selection in 2012. Although it's far more likely to land a 2nd and 3rd in 2021 for the 30th overall pick this year, if New Orleans came to the table with a deal like this again, I would take it.
  11. They need a freaking franchise QB and they do THIS!!! Probably will set the team back 3 years. BTW - who did they sign?
  12. Bojo, Norman, Brown, McKenzie - please come back - even if it's on a team-friendly deal to let the salary cap mess to pass. Roberts - you will be missed. It was great having you here for a couple years. Good luck in Houston. Assistant coach Barkley?
  13. I believe his 4.5M base salary is fully guaranteed, so the only reason to cut him would be if he was not worth the 1M in roster and workout bonuses. Basically they would have to believe that they are better off with a 3rd round pick in the rotation rather than Star. If that was the case, he could be cut to save 1M and develop a younger player and then they would be forced to restructure someone to handle the dead cap. Hopefully he is committed to playing and has a great year for us this year.
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