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  1. Do we follow this up with beating the Jets 9-6 in overtime?
  2. It really doesn’t get easier, minus game 2 @ Jets. You learn about character through adversity. Bills got kicked in the face, all three phases. Lots to fix and a short turnaround with KC coming.
  3. Wilson has only Metcalf but it’s enough. Both are studs. Metcalf is a freak.
  4. I think as Bills fans we know the pain of having a guy who could break off a run back for a TD, but would also kill you with a bonehead decision or the worst hands at the worst time. Roberts is reliable and consistent. You know he'll always make the right decision, personal stats or glory don't factor in. He's due for a big one, especially as the special teams unit around him improves.
  5. The analysts are coming around. What Allen has done is rare, to have those physical gifts yet be so raw and improve this much, at the NFL level. Without the early-life identification, grooming; minus the gaudy college stats. And now they're realizing that yes, Allen is a unicorn. And a thug (from Feliciano's twitter profile on Monday):
  6. How about this for "work attire" considering the Titans' issues:
  7. I was sold after his rookie year, and posted as much. After the initial "wtf" at the beginning when it looked like all of his worst critics were correct, he flipped the script (for me), quickly. Hurdling Barr, some sweet throws to Foster, his scrambles... his strength and that God-given arm. In the first MIA game, I remember a pass he threw to Foster that Foster simply did not catch. My wife asked, "shouldn't he have caught that?" and I started the usual "Allen is far too inaccurate" mutterings and suddenly stopped and got mad at myself. I corrected the take and agreed, "you're right... it wasn't a perfect pass, but forgot being in the same area code, he delivered it to the correct address, in the front yard". The Clay drop to seal the loss at the end of the game solidified my faith, how Allen extended indefinitely, Big Ben style, to make something happen. It should have been an entry in his career highlight reel. The takeaway from the first year was Allen had much further to go, but so did the team around him, specifically the receivers. Foster, Zay, Ray-Ray... come on man. And that O-line, oh mama. By default they were better in 2019 just by trying to get better. Everyone remembers the bad in the Houston game, especially OT, but he made some great plays and like the regular season/2018, was victimized by some drops, plain and simple. The jump he's taken this year has exceeded my wildest expectations. Credit the Bills for continuing to add around him and getting him a monster #1 WR, can't say enough about Diggs. Kudos to the front office and coaching staff ensuring he has the proper mentors training and grooming him, I'm looking at (not just) you, Dabes. And wild applause for Allen proving and exceeding what we knew about him from (almost) the beginning: that he drives himself, and works relentlessly to improve. He's going to try some hero ball, but truth be told, everyone does, especially the greats.
  8. Right... especially after the Hopkins trade. Trading away their first and second round picks must have been followed by a contract, signed in his blood, that they would be a Super Bowl contender this year. Contract breached!
  9. Now that defenses have no choice but to respect the Bills' passing game, I think you'll see lanes open up as defenders fall back to avoid getting bombed. It's the catch-22 defenses face when playing Wilson. We haven't even seen Allen rip off the crazy runs yet, he's been judicious, more signs of his development. What we've seen from Allen's early returns is the ultimate videogame player, it's almost a parody. Someone with an arm THAT strong, can use it appropriately, and has one of the best receiving corps in the league. Oh and btw, this guy is also a Top 3 running QB. Did you hear about the time he overpowered the Cowboys' defensive line? Or when he hurdled an NFL linebacker?
  10. Concur with Era. Just from his track record I knew we were getting a proven #1 WR who didn't get the press he might have deserved because... Cousins? Minnesota? I don't know. I wasn't worried about him being a disruption because from what I could find, talking to Minnesota fans and doing my own limited research, was that he's vocal and he works at a high level and expects the same from those around him. People conflate "speaks up" with terrible teammate/horrible person. You need leaders who walk the walk and talk the talk. But what we've gotten? Like Allen's year so far, this makes mockery of my wildest, "dream-on", drooling fan-boy hopes. I knew Diggs was good but they are literally making each other better. You can tell Diggs thrives on "go up and save our asses on a coinflip ball". He's unlocked Allen and made Brown, Beasley, Davis, and the rest of the offense better by association. That's not to take anything away from those named; they're studs and having a true #1 lets everyone reach their potential. The way Diggs works, the energy he obviously brings to a sideline, how he was trying to help Barkley when we were worried the unthinkable had happened... I loved the trade at the time but without seeing how the rest of the season unfolds, this feels like a franchise-trajectory altering transaction. What I've seen out of Allen convinces me he was headed "there", but this trade maximized a window and accelerated the process. For those in the know, I know there were studs taken at WR this year. Are we sure any of them become THIS?
  11. I think Bear and Dawkenstein nailed it. It's a good problem to have. If Josh is the guy, and not some system guy whose deficiencies have to be hidden by a genius OC, then it's going to work out. I desperately hope we go on a deep run and Daboll decides whatever is offered isn't quite what he's looking for. Some guys just want the chance, any chance, while other guys will wait for the right opportunity with the right owner, front office, and especially roster. I've been really impressed with Daboll's play design and calls; what a difference a year makes. They're letting Josh drive (or cook) and it turns out our rebuilt former clunker of a car is now a luxury sports sedan, or luxury SUV, or luxury truck... whatever suits your fancy. Only 4 games in, but this year has been about the synergy between a great coordinator, a talented offense loaded with playmakers, and a franchise QB who has taken an unprecedented leap in his third year. From Allen to Diggs, Brown/Beasley/Davis/Mackenzie, the entire rotating O-line, Daboll and the rest of the coaching staff, the Bills front office... they're making each other look better.
  12. All the shade Allen got in his first year, when he wasn't supposed to start but Nate P. His best receiver was Robert Foster. Perhaps we wished Foster was a diamond in the rough but as history would show, Allen had no one to throw to and a ran for his life behind a bottom tier NFL line. Zay was part of the problem. Kudos to the Bills front office for taking a league leading weakness and making it a strength by the third year.
  13. Josh Allen was raised on a farm. Just like Superman.
  14. Will they take a kill shot? Of course they will
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