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  1. No need to worry. McBeane have already planned for the worst. The contingency plan for Diggs is the same as it was for AB. If Diggs acts up, he'll be called into a one one one meeting with our fearless coach, in an empty gymnasium containing a wrestling mat. McD will end it in the first minute with a triangle choke.
  2. Brandon Beane, the hero Buffalo deserves. At worst, signings like this and Gaines improve depth and the bottom of the roster. If Williams returns to form, the Bills could add another core piece and solidfy the o-line. Kudos for setting themselves up for the draft, 2 years in a row.
  3. Take care, and sorry for you and your family.
  4. I agree, Shaw. Since 2018 they've gone from bottom tier offense/offensive line to solid (if unspectacular) offensive line and poor (but not scraping the bottom) offense in 2019. So far in 2020, the pieces are in place. I concur with the need for the 2 in a 1-2 punch involving Singletary, and it would be nice to add least add some tackle depth before the draft which I'm sure they'll do. It's probably wishful optimist thinking but I also feel the Bills have at least the foundation of not just a decent offense, but a powerful one. As everyone has said before me, it's all on Allen. If he makes the same jump he made from year 1 - 2 in year 3, we have a QB that we can stay the course with. With Diggs is in the picture, if Allen masters the deep throw (or at least is in coin flip territory) he will become a freak. Cheat code enabled. Many ifs but Singletary and especially Knox might take a bigger step this year. Were Knox to become a reliable target... I understand some of the frustration with Daboll, but it seemed like in every game this year there were multiple shots downfield with a receiver open that Allen or the receiver didn't convert. More egregious was the playoff loss where there were several throws at the end of the game and I don't want to blame the receiver, but have to wonder if Diggs makes those catches.
  5. A We got a #1 receiver. He might not be a top 5 WR1 or even top 10 but I don't think it matters. Giving up our 1RD? I'll wager we win for the first 2 maybe 3 years, and that's assuming whoever we picked would become better than Diggs. There's no guarantee we hit on the 5th/6th this year, the onus is on MIN to do so. The outrage over us giving up a 5th/6th in addition to this year's 1st and next year's 4th is a little over the top. By the same token the praise for MIN getting a massive haul seems a little premature. Sure it's a bunch of picks/scratch tickets but there seems to be an expectation that you turn these day 3 picks into dependable starters, let alone stars.
  6. Love the trade. No guarantees in life but I'm very optimistic about the results. There's always an inherent risk with these things but we're getting a proven talent who can make Josh better NOW. It would have been nice to draft "our" guy and groom him from the start but just like nothing says this will work out (or won't spontaneously combust in the Bills' faces), there's no certainty the player drafted in the first round would be as good as Diggs. The 5th and the 6th rounders were fodder given the roster depth this year. I'm all for another crack at the draft lottery but there's no guarantees and certainly no knowing that they could have packaged for a trade up. If the draft is as deep as "they" say, then we can get our WR to groom on day 2. We've got the cap room and assuming the guy isn't a nutbar then we've just added a core piece, the thing we were all clamouring for: that proven #1 receiver. And we didn't wildly overpay like we would have had to for Cooper (assuming he would have even answered the phone). The future is now, shots fired. Beane said (paraphrasing) "we want Josh to succeed and we want him to get paid that next big contract". Well, Josh. Get er done, I'm certain you can get it done. And here I thought patting the Bills FO on the back for a smart/value/roleplayer signing in AJ Klein would be the highlight of FA Day One.
  7. Agree. They even joked about it, that they've got their own ideas. When asked what happens when they disagree, McDermott mentioned settling it on the wrestling mat.
  8. I agree it's interesting. Terry Pegula alluded to this when asked about the hiring process, i.e. that McDermott's reported influence was greatly exaggerated. John Kryk wrote about it, take it for what it's worth (I like him, I can get some additional Bills info in some of the local Canadian papers) https://torontosun.com/2017/05/12/theres-not-a-czar-around-here-new-bills-gm-coach-duo-promise-collaboration/wcm/d396de9b-4e1d-456d-b713-11a95d494756 "What’s more, Terry Pegula insisted that in the GM interview process, “Sean’s involvement” amounted to nothing more than “writing a name on a piece of paper,” and that McDermott even “wrote seven or eight names.” Maybe Terry was telling the truth all along, and the talking heads made up their own version of the story: McDermott is the overlord of the Buffalo Bills and Beane is his handpicked head scout. McDermott and Beane have both denied this, and have insisted it's a partnership and collaboration and they won't agree about everything, but they are definitely aligned. At the same time they haven't wasted their time continuously refuting a narrative that the media might or might not have made up. I always thought it would make sense that McDermott would suggest people who he trusted, respected, and knew he could work with. And the Pegulas, having seen what happened with Whaley/Ryan, would obviously want the GM and HC to work together, with a unified vision. And thanks, Yolo, for the link. Great conversation and insight.
  9. I understand the desire to draft and develop a guy (or guys) they like, and have him on the cheap for 4-5 years. Sounds reasonable to me. However, I have to agree with the people saying go for it. Unless we know for sure he is a locker room problem (and I don't see evidence he is) then this is an opportunity to add an elite player to the offense which can only help Allen. Having Diggs as the #1 also makes Brown and Beasley better. I see all the buzz that the draft is loaded with WR talent and I'll defer to the experts. But as stated by others, the draft is still a crapshoot. The guy we get in the first round? We *HOPE* he becomes a Stefon Diggs. To add a talent like this, who has several years left on a reasonable contract (and who will be an absolute bargain this year)... I don't think you can pass it up unless it becomes a bidding war. It would also prevent New England from landing him. I do believe this has leaked to get the interest started early, like intentionally listing a house under its value. For all our sake it's fortunate I'm not the GM of the Bills but assuming he's not a headcase/has an undisclosed injury, I'd offer a 1st round plus. Crazy as it sounds, but my logic is stated above: we'd be good and extremely lucky if whomever we picked in the first becomes as good or better than Diggs. In a dream world where this happens, I still hope they get that big body, redzone nightmare project later in the draft.
  10. Allen will get all the love if he can improve his deep ball accuracy. The kid is a playmaker missing a big part of the game to make him a complete weapon. I think we all agree he's never going to be Mr Hyper Accurate; I don't think he needs to. Between his arm, hitting the deep ball, and his running, his ceiling is high indeed. Getting him a "catch anything in his vicinity" type would help immensely (sorry for the Captain Obvious observation since that type of receiver helps any quarterback) but Allen moreso. It was a little shocking watching him miss so many earlier in the year; it's frustrating as well since many of those throws are probably touchdowns. There's no guarantees but if Jordan Palmer is right (let's face it his job is to say everything is going to be AWESOME), then Allen makes a quantum leap this year and those misses/near misses become touchdowns or at least easy red zone opportunities. He could finish in the 30+ TD passes range, along with whatever he runs for; this puts him in Lamar Jackson territory. If that happens (big if) it will be amusing to watch the analysts trip over themselves to correct their takes. Or in the case of Football Outsiders: to come up with increasingly outrageous reasons why it's all a mirage and Josh is still a scrub.
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