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  1. I understand the desire to draft and develop a guy (or guys) they like, and have him on the cheap for 4-5 years. Sounds reasonable to me. However, I have to agree with the people saying go for it. Unless we know for sure he is a locker room problem (and I don't see evidence he is) then this is an opportunity to add an elite player to the offense which can only help Allen. Having Diggs as the #1 also makes Brown and Beasley better. I see all the buzz that the draft is loaded with WR talent and I'll defer to the experts. But as stated by others, the draft is still a crapshoot. The guy we get in the first round? We *HOPE* he becomes a Stefon Diggs. To add a talent like this, who has several years left on a reasonable contract (and who will be an absolute bargain this year)... I don't think you can pass it up unless it becomes a bidding war. It would also prevent New England from landing him. I do believe this has leaked to get the interest started early, like intentionally listing a house under its value. For all our sake it's fortunate I'm not the GM of the Bills but assuming he's not a headcase/has an undisclosed injury, I'd offer a 1st round plus. Crazy as it sounds, but my logic is stated above: we'd be good and extremely lucky if whomever we picked in the first becomes as good or better than Diggs. In a dream world where this happens, I still hope they get that big body, redzone nightmare project later in the draft.
  2. Allen will get all the love if he can improve his deep ball accuracy. The kid is a playmaker missing a big part of the game to make him a complete weapon. I think we all agree he's never going to be Mr Hyper Accurate; I don't think he needs to. Between his arm, hitting the deep ball, and his running, his ceiling is high indeed. Getting him a "catch anything in his vicinity" type would help immensely (sorry for the Captain Obvious observation since that type of receiver helps any quarterback) but Allen moreso. It was a little shocking watching him miss so many earlier in the year; it's frustrating as well since many of those throws are probably touchdowns. There's no guarantees but if Jordan Palmer is right (let's face it his job is to say everything is going to be AWESOME), then Allen makes a quantum leap this year and those misses/near misses become touchdowns or at least easy red zone opportunities. He could finish in the 30+ TD passes range, along with whatever he runs for; this puts him in Lamar Jackson territory. If that happens (big if) it will be amusing to watch the analysts trip over themselves to correct their takes. Or in the case of Football Outsiders: to come up with increasingly outrageous reasons why it's all a mirage and Josh is still a scrub.
  3. Some guys just have *it* in big moments. Oliver had a great game against Dallas on (American) Thanksgiving in front of a national audience, and he does the same thing here on the first Sunday night game in 12 years. Tre White is another star who seems to have a cheat mode switch in hype games. It's way early and it might be variance but (hopefully) this bodes well for the future.
  4. I was telling the wife that I'm sour but at least it's because my expectations are higher. Hanging in there against a premier team isn't enough, I need the W. I feel they're on the right track.
  5. It's interesting to see what other fans, specifically Carolina fans, might think about our head coach/GM combo: https://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/topic/160812-sean-mcdermott-brandon-beane/
  6. Sorry, it's a terrible loss and I hope you're doing OK.
  7. The Athletic: 10. Buffalo Bills (9-3; Last week: 10) If most of the country wasn’t paying attention to the Bills’ playoff potential, it certainly is now. That’s what beating the Cowboys on Thanksgiving will do. The Bills have a tough stretch coming up (Ravens, Steelers and Patriots in the next three weeks) as they try to catch New England in the AFC East, but the fact we’re even talking about that as a possibility is huge for Buffalo.
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