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  1. Having followed the Bills for 56 years I have watched annual trends that are totally predictable. Here is a list of annual events that you can count on 1. Fans love guys changing positions. Make a tight end an offensive lineman, make an offensive lineman a tight end, make a wide receiver a safety and he will become a favorite. It usually lasts a couple preseason games and then it is over but fans anxiously wait for the next George Wilson or Paul Costa. 2. There is always a big demand for the hot new tight end out of college. From Kyle Brady to Eric Ebron, there is a clamor for the first round pick to be a tight end. 98% of the time, it was the right decision not to take him. 3. The pre-season wide receiver de jour. He is usually an undrafted free agent, sometimes from a small college or the CFL. He tears things up in the 4th quarter of pre season games and then gets cut to the utter disgust of the fans. However he usually never gets picked up and the next thing you hear about him, he is an assistant coach at a community college 4. There is always disgust with the drafting of a running back because as we all know they are a dime a dozen on the undrafted free agent market. These fans seem to have missed that there are teams that have been looking for running backs for 10 years. And Barkley and Elliot are pretty damn good. 5. Did you ever get the feeling that the fans who call for the firing of the head coach and general manager after every loss probably wouldn't have a job if their boss took the same approach? Please add your own thoughts
  2. One thing I am a little confused about. I keep reading that if no one is available at 9 we should trade back to get more picks and not overreach at 9. If there is no one worth drafting at 9, who exactly is going to trade up to get a pick that is not worth a 9th pick? Why are there all these assumptions that we will find a trading partner who will trade value to get to 9? The only way that happens is if there is some kind of run on quarterbacks. That seems increasingly unlikely. I guess the best hope is Daniel Snyder.
  3. Personally I think New York City is a more foreign land than Toronto.
  4. I like your posts. Thanks for coming. Now a short lesson in New York State geography: Why do you assume people from Buffalo would be Yankees or Mets fans? We are closer to Toronto, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Detroit than New York City. In fact, in many cases, we despise New York City. New York is a big, beautiful state. We are far more that the "Big Apple".
  5. I look at it this way. If suddenly you found out that Josh Allen had been traded straight up for Josh Rosen, how would you feel? I would be very unhappy.
  6. 2010'was the year Gronk and Graham were drafted. They were picked right after Jeremy Gresham and Ed Dickson. It's a crapshoot
  7. It seems that every draft, there are a variety of savior tight ends that fans are clamoring for. I still remember the hubbub when we didn't draft Kyle Brady, not to mention Kellen Winslow Jr. Tight ends are like running backs, they emerge from strange places, think Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates. On top of it, tight ends are on the field about 50% of the plays in the new world of 4 WR pass offense and half that time it is for running plays. I hope we draft a TE but I doubt it will be a first rounder.
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