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  1. <quote John from Rearside here> I agree. I bet Jim didnt even watch the game. His quarterback was more nervous than a hooker in church. Glad you are a Bills fan like me. Howard
  2. <quote Jimmy Spagnulo here> Hey all my Bills friends. Loved watching that game over at the Saperstons unit. They had a veggie platter with real blue cheese and these little beef sandwiches with salt on the top that Shirl and me both liked alot. We snuck a few home with some cut veggies and had two more meals later that week. Hows our buddy Jimmy doing. I haven't seen an ass kickin like that since the Romano collapse from my story above. Jimmy must feel like overcooked lingueeni right now...soft and ready for the garbage. Isn't it funny how he comes on
  3. <quote jimmy Romano here> You don’t have my phone number. I was careful with it because I got burned by a guy selling replacement windows one time. You have nothing better to do then make fun of my team. You probably sell replacement windows. There was a lady once who I met in Jersey. Are you from jersey or NYC. Anyways, I met this lady before Shirl and she had buggy eyes like you and a huge forehead. She gave me a hard time so I bought her a drink and one thing led to another. She walked off with a little greasy haired guy. Her name was Marie. She smelled like capacole. I’
  4. <quote Jimmy Spatula here> Shirl and I took a week off and made our way to Jimmy O'Briens place over in Phoenix. Jimmy and me were good pals when we served in the PO. he reminded me about the time I threw a rook around because all he did was complane about the weight of his bag. I threw a couple bricks in the bag and told him "now carry this bag all day and think before you talk" His name was Al Romano and he was a little twerp with a big mouth. I told my buddy about you and he said this Jimmy guy sounds just like Little Al. Aint that the truth. This
  5. <quote Jimmy spumoni here> Takes a lot of guts to make cracks about my wife and dog. Do you even have a lady. probably not. Ya know what we used to do with punks like you in South Buff - take them over o Seneca and Caz and watch them squeal for help. Your NYC attitude doesn't bother me. Ive dealt with that all my life in the service. New recruits would show up at the square and act all tough. Talking about the Giants and Jets. How the Bills never did nothing. One young guy was on postal rotation and came up to the square to learn. His name was Petey Romano. who th
  6. Im about ready to come to Jersey and find this fool. I only get here once and awhile because me and Shirls are busy with my son and my sons kids and their kids. But when i see this kind of garbage i need to take it out like yesterday trash. That is what this guy is. We had a saying at the service (post office) - Don’t deliver stuff to those who don’t know the difference. That’s what this guy is. A punk. Why even respond to him. I still walk a mile a day and my wife drives me back. I do stretches in the condo pool and feel like I’m 50 again. This fool is like that dope that
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