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  1. ^^ quote Jimmy Spatula Ive had about enough of your crap. You come in here after we had a undefeated preseason and talk like your Jets are going to win it all. And you should keep my wife out of your business. This is between me and you. I always handled punks like you one way - hard and fast. I bet you tumble like a sack of potatos. 45 years of walking 8 miles a day left me in great shape which I can't say for you because you probably still wear the same Twin Fair sweat suit your daddy bought you for first communion. I'm serious, lay off my wife. And another thing is I had a kid in South Park grammar school whos name was Frankie Spagnulo so he's probably related to you someway. A little twerp who used to roll his dungarees up and looked like a tough guy. You know where he ended up? Painting lines on the highway by hand in an orange jumpsuit. I knocked the grease out of his hair in 6th grade and theres still a lot of fight left in this dog. So take your JETS team and back off my spouse. H
  2. ^^^ quote jimmy Spagnulo We’ve had our talks before and you’ve made comments about me and my wife of 57 years but when you start talking about a beat down and injuring our players you go too far. Ive had to deal with punks like you for 46 years in my service and never once did your people come out on top you know why? Because you talk the talk but wont walk the walk. We’re going to your oily stadium this Sunday on a senior tour and would love to show you what south buffalo is all about. Your cousin Angelo sounds like a punk too. Look for me in the Art Schlicter throwback jersey. Or you can just apologize now and save your self some money on med bills. H
  3. Holy smokes. Shirl just ran through the parlor and was screaming. What a great game. I told you guys wed go undefeated in the preseason. Can’t wait to see that punk Jim Spagnulo on here and show him what a real team looks like. That’s our team right there. You know when we went 4-0 last? In 1966. That was when I was running my route over on South Park and stopping at Murphy’s at 3pm for 10 cent drafts. Have to sleep now. Go bills
  4. ^^^ Quote Boatrinks preseason doesn’t matter? What doesn’t matter? Seeing John Allen slice and dice the defense of the Carolina kittens? Seeing Truman Edmunds dominate? Even my wife’s favorite player Tom Sweeney has a good game against the first string defense. Reminds of guys at the Postal service who said “as long as you get most of the mail there before Christmas you’ll get a good gift from the customer when it counts.” Hell no. You deliver it all, every day, no matter what. You should take pride in your job and succeed. That’s what preseason is - delivering coupons on Thursday’s so you can be ready for the big haul in January. I hate when people say these games don’t matter.
  5. ^^^ quote Formally Albert in MA how do you like my team now. 2 - 0 and looking strong. Don’t give me no Marv Levy did this or that. My team is on their way to 4 - 0 and it feels really great. Me and bride have not felt this good since we kicked Shulas behind in 80.
  6. ^^ quote nrenwgor Every service man I know has a satchel. Grows muscle and strenth. Unlike the keyboards and game gadgets boys play with now a days. Try holding a satchel some time and you will appreciate what I am talking about. Especially after a 8 mile walk.
  7. ^^ quote barley I played the odds once. She said yes.
  8. ^^ quote gugny I’m sure he’s a good man and he knows how important it is to be prepared, on time, accuracy, work hard and dedication. I learned that in my 50+ years of service (except when me and Jules Moriarty spilled a pitcher of beer at the old Deerhead Inn and we had to use napkins to wipe it off the floor because there was no ***** mop). Tell him “Post-ahhhh!!” for me. He will know what I mean. ^^^ quote nrenegerito all your fancy flow charts and diagrams tell me one thing - our world is in more trouble than a hooker at Sunday mass. What’s wrong with winning pre season and keep winning. Softer than my satchel
  9. ^^ quote Doctor Brown Passed my bed time but Shirley left the computer on. I had a feeling someone would say this. Maybe we need to go 4 and o to win a superbowl like your idol Bill B. Get with the program son. Winning mental state is important.
  10. ^^ Quote juice32 you mean that street dope Jimmy Spagnulo? Hes a thug and from what he said about me and my bride I’d show him what South Buffalo was all bout. Pretty sure hes greeting folks at the Walmarts today if he knows how to say hello without the word youz. ^^ quote boca bills when is the last time being undefeated was a bad thing? I just don’t understand this kind of thinking. Win and keep winning like we did in the 60’s. Are you all soft?
  11. ^^ quote mattynh ^^ I added two extra upside down v’s so I know you got this message. The lions and my team are not the same. Have you seen our wide receivers. Isaiah Jones is like a son to me. Saw him at Cazenovia golf course last summer we talked and he patted me on the back. He’s just taller than my family and faster.
  12. ^^ Quote watercooler because you just responded to me so I know you got my message. I wasn’t born yesterday young fella. As for the preseason, we need to go 4 and o to make sure others know how our team plays. Take no prisons. ^^ quote cajunbillsbacker me too. Been watching my team since the old rockpile days. I once played bocce ball with Ralph Wilson at Bocce club back in 68. He owed me money but I let it go. A real gentleman. When he took us to the Super Bowl I forgave him.
  13. ^^ quote Warcolored i already figured out how to quote people with the upside down v sign. It seems to work for me.
  14. ^^ Quote House Marv Levi won a whole shitload more games than 1. Check your math son.
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