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  1. I am a Star detractor. for the past season and a half. But this year, when I look at him rushing, Not only is he getting push every time, but it seems like if he's 1-v-1 he tries to lean toward another O-lineman to actually invite the double-team. Which I love love love. Star is scoring points with me at a fast rate.
  2. I expect lots of pass rush, 5 and 6 rushers, IF tape study shows that Heinieke panics or never gets off his first read. But if he has good feet, patience, and steps up in the pocket correctly, then . . . I expect DL drops into disguised coverage, with 4 man rush, IF tape study shows Heinieke makes terrible reads / decisions / throws. Basically, let him beat himself. Play to his weakness.
  3. This. The test is easy. When they played NE vs Fish recently, just go back and watch a series or two. Then you will know. I was not conflicted at all. That aqua/orange makes me want to do very mean things to them. Hell, I'm almost mature enuf that i've stopped hoping for every dolphins player to get injured. Every week. Lastly, the very worst week for me is after both the Bills lose and the Fish win. If Bills lose but Fish also lose, then i'm at least mellowed out a bit.
  4. seriously. Never. Not "unless x" or "once in a generation" or "advanced metrics" or anything. Never.
  5. The standing buffalo is . The. Best. I used to want the all-white uniforms all the time. But I guess its just because I associate that combo with the Standing Buffalo helmet. Recently, the Blue over White has won me over. So I voted for that for home and away (i know, I know). But I dont think the Standing Buffalo would look as good with Blue over White.
  6. before I forget, I'm pretty sure I heard something about Cunningham that I never knew after all these years. Apparently his brother was Sam "the Bam" Cunningham, who passed recently. Good football family.
  7. Downside of living in the Pacific timezone. The wing place near me doesnt open until 1030 and the game starts at 10. And its too far for me to get there and back during halftime. I HAVE tried. So its either (1) get the wings tonite and warm them tomorrow at 955 am, : ( (2) get the wings tonite, eat them tonite probably, and regret it tomorrow at 955 am, or (3) get a whole pit-roasted barbecued chicken from a spot close enough to me, that has 'em ready by 930 am, along with a bowl of bleu cheese and a bowl of hot sauce for dipping. And zero interlopers. And zero adult beverages, because I prefer to actually remember 2 games per year: Fish and at Fish.
  8. Buffalo: 44 Fish: 27 Bills are gonna let off some frustration. Wont be able to stop scoring. Need to prove it to themselves. Over and over again. Since Fish will have more possessions, since we arent grinding, they will get some garbage.
  9. Out of 100 of us in the TBD pool on Yahoo, I'm the only person who picked Denver over NYG.
  10. I'd say Outside running and WR screens. Because of that new rule (or new emphasis, or new places on the field for it) about how DBs cannot take on a block by going low. Been predicted that this will lead to more, and more successful, plays to the outside, where OLs can steam-roll DBs, who have nothing they can do except eat it or run away.
  11. Watt's rust will balance out my irritation that we get BigBen in his first game, before his arm gets shot.
  12. I picked first today, in an 8 team ppr league. I agonized between JA17 and a RB. I gambled and took RB McCaffrey, and lucked into JA in round 2 (somebody took mahomes first. Dummass) I also have JA17 in my 12 team league. Took him probably 2 rounds 'too early' (1st round, 9th overall), because some dummass took Mahomes 6th and I was NOT about to eff around. And I'm now locked into enjoying my team all season. Worth it.
  13. strong work, sir. Offense: -I would consider a FB and delete a RB. Sam Gash, maybe? -I would delete L. McCoy at RB and replace with either Joe Cribbs (shifty) or Travis Henry (super productive and reliable). -i would consider WR Bob Chandler or Jerry Butler (neither made your final cuts, even). Delete Tasker (as WR) or Beebe or Lee Evans. Defense: -I think you nailed DT -I dont think Milano belongs anywhere near any of this at LB, including the final cuts. Rather have Darryl Talley over Fletcher (tackle catcher) -I cant fault your FS/SS much, but I'd try to find a place for Lawyer Milloy. Changed the attitude on D. And I dont remember Kurt Schulz or The Great Kazoo (Mark Kelso) making many mistakes Notable final cuts: -Da'Rick Rodgers -Mike Jasper (obv)
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