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  1. 1) the card read by Goodell, filled out by the Bills, with JA17's name on it at the draft. 2) either the cheesy jersey or the cheesy Bills hat that JA17 was given and wearing/holding at the draft, when he took his first pic as a Bill.
  2. so then . . . no, they dont. They have the word 'billion' but they dont have a word for "Billion." my head hurts
  3. It was announced a while ago. One of the benefits is to give teams time to pluck players who are jettisoned during cutdowns. And to give those acquired players time to adapt to the new team.
  4. My first thought was . . . nobody. All our players from last year seem to be at or near their ceilings (unfortunately for some of them, but I dont wanna de-rail this thread). Or they are progressing along a smooth and steady incline. I dont expect any big jumps and to me, a Dark Horse is usually unexpected. Usually a long-shot to make a big move. So, I agree with you on Hollister, and for the reasons you stated. New system for him, so he might be able to make a big jump from his lack-luster career numbers so far.
  5. one of the jobs of a play caller is to not call plays that, while sexy, you know the team cant execute.
  6. There's a difference between "play caller" and "play designer." Not sure I love Daboll's play-calling.
  7. I do see what you did there. Also, completely unrelated, i'd be remiss if I didnt say . . . Boogie.
  8. -the first Star Wars movie, back when it came out. There was competition among people to see who could see it the most times. I got to 9, and have seen it lots of times since then. -Enter the Dragon. (and i never had my kids fall in love with a movie, which would have required me to destroy 1.5 hours watching it over and over)
  9. There is nothing "Process" about the whole situation. From the hold-out, to the deletions of Team stuff on his media, to "leaking" this stuff out, etc. Plus, as posted above, McBeane are investing in high draft picks on the DL so they DONT have to break the bank at the position(s). So pass, and its also not gonna happen. I do like his play though. Or am I remembering who he used to be, rather than who he is going to be in the future?
  10. or, what if BB said: "hey Cam, do the team a favor. Pretend to get a flesh wound early in practice. We wanna see how Mac does if he has to come in cold and work with the Ones." wouldnt surprise me. Also to see how Cam will take to seeing Mac at the helm, after Cam is pulled in mid game, or mid drive. But then, I admit I subscribe to the 'evil genius' narrative.
  11. disagree. that's what screenshots are for. And Agents.
  12. Sooooo, 808, based on the above video are we saying that we didnt draft a "Big Nickel" because Tremaine is already that? serious question. because if so, then we are all evaluating him wrong. And if so, maybe he is more valuable than we nay-sayers think.
  13. It seems like he is a tweener, who thinks his best chance in the NFL is to "make plays" instead of "make catches." Does he see himself as a fat wide receiver (Antonio Gates), or a skinny tight end (Jimmy Graham)? It seems like a true, natural tight end sees himself able to naturally do both. Always catch the ball first, and so big and strong that good things will always happen thereafter, whether he has to run past guys or over guys. And even falling like a sack of concrete is still an awesome result for a true TE mindset. Move the sticks, dominate the middle of the
  14. I'd settle for pro-bowl caliber if it werent a popularity contest. The Bills do seem to be wedded to him. Doesnt mean love. right now they are stuck with him. They dont seem to be as negative as we posters but that doesnt mean they love him. They loved him when they drafted him, for sure. And i'm tired of '23 years old." Where is the mental growth? his body is the same. his play is the same. I dont see any positive trend except the Bills havent and wont cut or demote him.
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