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  1. Mack. Watching his film study session from a post on this board, I see him as a professional running back. He just sets up blocks and sees everything. Like when he said he wants to know if the linebackers' toes are 5 yards back or 4-and-a-half. By week 6 or so I could see him with the Ones. Even though the league doesnt have many "starting" RBs, Mack will be taking first snaps. (I know its Zack Moss, buy my brain auto-corrects it to Mack. A better RB name anyway)
  2. Everybody. 3 points: 1) the old saw about "football shape." I heard an ex player say the issue is not a guy's fitness. Its whether he is fit enuf to avoid injury to himself and others. Talked about guys laying on the ground in camp so others had to avoid them. Guys too tired and then rolling up on the legs of linemen, etc. 2) Another podcast said this is why teams are loading up on camp WRs. Since everybody will be out of football shape, need to keep fresh legs so all the QBs can get plenty of real full speed routes to throw to. Dont need the usual CB/WR ratio this year. 3) even the guys working out probably arent doing it in pads. This season is gonna be a war of attrition. NFL should increase roster sizes and game-day rosters for the whole season.
  3. Its not like the HOF where its supposedly a numbers game where guys have to wait forever. You're either a Bills Wall of Famer or you're not. We shouldnt put Curtis Martin in just because. And yes, in my post I said it might take 20 years because no drought-era players really deserve it. I dont know what will be the sudden push to put some names up just because we havent done it in a while. Unfortuntely, 20 years. Unfortunately.
  4. Not just to be contrary. But i go with Josh Allen. Seriously. I'm not in love with Allen. But none of the drought-era players deserves. Kyle is kind of the best of them but that doesnt make him worthy. If Biscuit isnt in yet, then nobody else deserves it. Ralph is gone so any hard feelings are gone and any excuses for not being on the wall based on "Ralph hates me." So if you haven't made it yet, you probably dont deserve it. Therefore, it would have to be a current or future Bill. So, its gonna be the QB who wins the first Bills SuperBowl. There you go.
  5. Jake Fromm State Farm should have taken 15 (%) for his marketing. To compete with Geico's 15% thing.
  6. wow. I chuckled and mumbled this to myself. Suddenly, she woke up and started to play WGR. And I have never asked her to play any radio station before. Alexa >>>>> Siri
  7. how could it not be that Aldon Smith has been re-instated? -He hooked Aldon up with whoever signed him, at Glazer's gym -He said its not a transaction. -Cowboys really want an answer before the draft
  8. You guys can go 7 rounds in this fashion (since there is benefit in mocks. It gets us commoners a list of names to keep an eye on or further research). After round 3 is completely in the books, each GM (or those who want to) can simply list other players they'd be looking to snag for their teams in the later rounds, with approximate ranges the player is expected/hoped to be available. Just a thought.
  9. i thought/think that part of the NBA's reasoning was how close the players are to the fans, and the fans not wanting to be around that. Also, as the weeks progress, and as it becomes more certain that only old people or pre-existing condition types are at risk of actual death, then one NFL player testing positive wouldnt shut the whole operation down. Also, they can play NFL to empty stadiums if necessary, even though fans arent "courtside" close anyway.
  10. this is unlikely, with wives, kids, etc. Which got me to thinking. if your scenario happens, I think depth will be the most important thing to an NFL team. The season will be a war of attrition, since so many players, unable to properly self-quarantine, will test positive. And by extension, probably the team with the best 3 QBs on the roster on day 1 should be the favorite to win it all. Also by extension, what if they just run out of enuf players even to field a team, so the season ends up canceled anyway?
  11. I dont think BB even wants a blue-chipper at QB, because that wont end the debate about who was the force behind the success. BB wants to find another diamond in the rough.
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