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  1. Josh does not use actual QB footwork. To Josh, a 3 step, 5 step, and 7 step drop means A little, medium, and big.
  2. one silver lining For the rest of the season, i will NEVER act all confident like we have a sure win before any game.
  3. no. Derek Carr only merits a single teaspoon of Strawberry Kwik in your milk.
  4. if you told me he was exactly #16 out of 32 in every QB stat, every year of his career, i'd say that feels about right.
  5. its not because we root against him. Its that he doesnt inspire rooting of any sort. Unless you like a mayonnaise sandwich with a half-glass of milk.
  6. Thankfully, Tyrod will NEVER throw the ball in the middle of the field. use this.
  7. california here. since i hate being even the tinyest bit sleepy during the game, I set my alarm for 4am today. So i can get in a nap, not have to drink coffee during the game, and still be able to sleep tonite at a reasonable hour. sacrifice maybe because they cant serve alcohol past 10 (or something similar). Its probably not profitable and they might not be rich enuf to stay open anyway. and/or, didnt i hear on the radio something about NYS now being able to buy alcohol on sundays. This could also hurt bars too.
  8. so i ax for the third time today: is Peyton tanking. By refusing to use his best QB-whisper efforts to "fix" Russ?
  9. no. Peyton arrived after Russ Peyton made Russ get rid of his entourage and his private office or whatever
  10. this is why i said upthread is Peyton tanking? refusing to fix Russ?
  11. is sean peyton purposely not 'fixing' Russ? is Peyton tanking for a QB?
  12. and shaking his head like he doesnt understand. I love that bit
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