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  1. I dont think you ever take a RB in the very-late first round. I think you take a position where you might actually want the valuable 5th year option. I know this is a NO-TRADE draft but, if I cant trade out of 30, I'm taking a much more valuable position. As in: Not a fungible widget who I can replace pretty much every year in the draft. (and GB: wow. you should be paid for the work you put in. As soon as I saw the title of the post, I had to pause and get my snacks and settle in for a nice, long, enjoyable read. Thankyousir).
  2. I dont think you trade back into the First for a rb. You do it for a player you want the valuable 5th year option on. Nobody cares about the 5th year option on a rb. Drive him into the ground for 4 years, then draft more. Ergo, I say the Bills would / should rather trade out of 30 than waste it on a rb or any other position where they dont care about the 5th year. Use it on somebody you will want to keep for 10 years.
  3. Not interested in an "upgrade." Not interested in plugging leaks or being more competitive. I'm interested in winning the SuperBowl. This year. Drafting a rb doesnt give me the greatest chance at that.
  4. I think we have finally become a modern NFL team. Passing. I think we can beat anyone. But we dont dictate. Anything. On either side. We need to be able to rush with 4. And yes, well done, sirs. But
  5. I read this post before I watched. I was like "yeah, whatever." I want that jacket. I want. Now.
  6. cant remember the last time i could actually feel my blood pressure rising. Good thing there's no brick walls in my house.
  7. Miami. But it wont be in the first round. Miami needs to have a backup plan, and it would be nice to have 2 young QBs for Fitz to mentor. Since they cant get rid of Fitz (insurance), but also arent going to play him anytime soon, may as well get max value for their money. NE will trade for one somehow, or will draft one later than MIA. Because . . . geniuses can find qbs late, and they dont like to admit that they need an early first-round stud. JEST will either (1) trade Darnold for another current QB (matt ryan, Matt stafford, Garrapolo (Saleh ties) a
  8. i get your snark, but i think the upshot is that the ball has to end up through the goal posts. Unless interfered with by a player, or hitting the ground beyond the posts and boinking back thru, or something like lightning hitting it or something.
  9. I think they were definitely "NFL open." Defenders were there but the QB sees that if he puts the ball in the right spot, that's a catch. That's as open as it gets against a good D. Hopefully Lamar's definition is more restricted than Rivers'. In a perfect world, Lamar's definition would be the same as Tyrod's.
  10. For Offense: I dont want Gailey or Pederson. I dont want somebody who hopes to be here for a year or two, tops. For Defense: Gimme Patricia. He has a LOT of work to do to re-establish himself. The issue is whether he is good a D in his own right, or whether he was just good at running things that BB told him to do. He doesnt seem to be a good leader of grown men.
  11. Ben is so . . . yesterday. He cannot do any of the things a new "modern" qb can do. Not a single one. Except see over most of his O-linemen. Fork. dinosaur.
  12. Poyer: Why do you/we think he intentionally let the receiver stay untouched, and is that coaching? (1) dont get a stupid personal foul and stop the clock, and/or (2) let the clock keep burning and play it clean, and/or (3) . . . maybe, just maybe, he'll try to get greedy and get back up while I'm standing right here, muahahaha Bass: Heard it said recently that the Bills drafted him as artillery. We plan to go for it on 4th downs when we are closer in anyway, so we dont need pin-point accuracy from normal distance. We need a field howitzer. Which is what we saw
  13. This !! I was thinking how cool JA is for that. "I'm not so good or so cool that I cant follow a rookie to get my 5. And I'm going to get this 5, because I'm the team leader. You need to get this 5 from me, maybe more than I need it. I need all my troops to feel that I am their natural leader."
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