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  1. also, i heard on Sirius XM nfl radio, from a bucs beat reporter: Bucs were 0-41 this season on 3rd and 11 or longer. And they're apparently the only team to go oh-fer in like forever years. Yeah, Tawmy was and is bad. But yeesh. Smacks of lack of originality and/or no self-scouting. Apparently the book is out on Leftwich. seems Leftwich hasnt read it though.
  2. Fixed. MVP caused him to think he could lever that into a mega payday. This is where an agent could disabuse him of that notion. Isnt Jairus Byrd the original Boo-Boo foot for his phantom plantar fasciaitis (sp?)?
  3. Heard on a (cant remember which) podcast that, since JA17's elbow injury, practice reps are few and precious. So probably Shakir isnt getting as many as he would in a normal season. Hard to develop chemistry with the Qb without reps. Same for Hines, but he sure is doing a lot with his few touches.
  4. probably because ESPN doesnt give credit where due. TMZ no doubt had it first. ESPN probably learned of it from TMZ. As per usual.
  5. I dont think so. A battery occurred. By each of several defendants. ADW too, from the looks of it, because a champagne bottle is definitely a deadly weapon as it was wielded/used here. Possibly also a criminal conspiracy. Self-defense doesnt seem applicable. I'm not talking about court. I'm speaking directly to the hysteria in the thread over a simple beatdown-jump. Just because Mcguinest is a used-to-be, semi-famous athlete in a team sport, on a team we hate. 'Im saying yesterday probably 30-50 people got jumped. This one is no worse than any other. .
  6. exactly the opposite this is real life. I think a lot of you are way overreacting. Have you never seen a beat down? This happens all the time Occasionally it will involve a former athlete. It didnt look like they were trying to kill him. Just punish him for whatever-or-other. He will be punished. Sure. But these things happen all the time in the real world.
  7. Seems to me that the WRs who make lots of contested catches are playing with inaccurate QBs That theme surfaces every year amongst the knowledgeable draftniks around here, wrt what teams need a 'contested catch' WR, and what it suggests about his college QB, etc. I think our braintrust isnt looking for that type of WR, given who our QB is.
  8. i think it should be the opposite. Blitz less. Heard on Sirius 88 that rookie-type QBs nowadays are taught to look for blitz and quickly get the ball out. Basically run a 1 or 2 read offense. But that the better plan is to "make them play quarterback." Make the rookie have to read the whole field, decipher actual coverage beyond his hot reads, etc. And i think this especially applies for a defense like ours, that can get pressure with 4. Because against a good savvy QB who moves in the pocket and can "feel" pressure, you need sacks. But against a rook, who doesnt know how to get to his 3rd or 4th read, that extra second should be enuf time for our rush to actually get home. IOW, everybody can be a "finisher" against a rookie. We dont need Von Miller this game.
  9. Follow-up: https://operations.nfl.com/the-rules/nfl-video-rulebook/roughing-or-running-into-the-kicker/
  10. I researched it a few months ago but currently too lazy to find the link. maybe tmrw. Roughing the kicker: when you hit the plant leg Running into the kick:er when you hit the 'up' leg In the old days, it used to be a matter of degree or something. in the discretion of the ref. But that changed a good while ago.
  11. maybe its to force Tenn to wear white. Maybe Tenn prefers Blue jerseys. I mean, whenever i think of a Tennessee Titans player, i picture him in a Blue jersey. Like picturing a Raiders player in Black.
  12. imo, and as pointed out on sirius XM (one of the smarter shows - not like a doofus like charlie weiss), THIS is exactly the reason it was always gonna be Mitch trubisky to start. Why ruin Pickett's development? Not until he perfects the line calls and the quick pass game. Why turn Pickett into Trent-ative when you dont have to?
  13. post deleted. Apologies for offending your sensitivities. Sorry for wasting your time.
  14. I suspect ALL teams keep guys just for special teams. I suspect that most fan-bases grouse and complain. But if ALL teams do it, its not a competitive disadvantage for us to do it. for instance, the QB situation is different. If most teams keep 2, and we suddenly keep 3, now we have a conversation about why we are wasting a roster spot.
  15. Belichick getting a year older every year is the biggest blow to NE every year. it affects the coaching. And the front office decisions (which were never good to begin with). And its genius, or something else, to have a former DC as your new OC. Like he couldnt find a bright young offensive mind to groom and to work with basically a rookie qb? Hell, even I would take that job.
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