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  1. maybe its to force Tenn to wear white. Maybe Tenn prefers Blue jerseys. I mean, whenever i think of a Tennessee Titans player, i picture him in a Blue jersey. Like picturing a Raiders player in Black.
  2. imo, and as pointed out on sirius XM (one of the smarter shows - not like a doofus like charlie weiss), THIS is exactly the reason it was always gonna be Mitch trubisky to start. Why ruin Pickett's development? Not until he perfects the line calls and the quick pass game. Why turn Pickett into Trent-ative when you dont have to?
  3. post deleted. Apologies for offending your sensitivities. Sorry for wasting your time.
  4. I suspect ALL teams keep guys just for special teams. I suspect that most fan-bases grouse and complain. But if ALL teams do it, its not a competitive disadvantage for us to do it. for instance, the QB situation is different. If most teams keep 2, and we suddenly keep 3, now we have a conversation about why we are wasting a roster spot.
  5. Belichick getting a year older every year is the biggest blow to NE every year. it affects the coaching. And the front office decisions (which were never good to begin with). And its genius, or something else, to have a former DC as your new OC. Like he couldnt find a bright young offensive mind to groom and to work with basically a rookie qb? Hell, even I would take that job.
  6. technically, its a Labor Law case. Usually federal law. Involves a labor union. Employment law tends to vary by state.
  7. i would like to see this brought up loudly when its time for Brady to wanna be an NFL owner. He has hidden behind others for years. He has hidden behind technicalities. But you arent supposed to be able to even have that mindset as an owner. Or so we are to believe.
  8. NYG Barkley is done. Or if not, Daboll wants a backup he can trust to stay in his place and, if needed, operate as a fully capable RB1.
  9. good point on Milano. But he is young and ascending, and Terell Bernard might be a/the replacement. Maybe next year. Me myself, i hope we keep Milano. But he does have value for sure. And our defense is stocked. Maybe (in a Madden world) an in-season trade (which never happens anymore) if our WR1 or WR2 are lost for the season.
  10. maybe going forward, you might link those other threads, so people can just click and vote withouth having to (egad!) search. This is no disrespect. just a thought. Since i myself had the thought and got lazy about it.
  11. Poyer. Epenesa. Milano. Moss. Eventually, Keenum if a starter goes down. But that would be kinda short-sighted and stupid. But as phrased . . . .
  12. best if its just as he is coming out of his break.
  13. perhaps they set it up to be quite trade-able. I expect there is no "no trade" clause I suspect Seattle's rebuild will include coach and front office, too. I know the Allens say they wont sell until at least 2024 or something, but the team wont be as attractive with an 80 year old head coach.
  14. "One of our defensive players has a lower body. That's all we have at this time"
  15. I expect that the primary reason for the NFLPA to pursue a likely losing case in Federal court is to simultaneously file for an injunction to allow Watson to play during the pendency of the appeal. The argument would be that if punishment is ultimately meted out, he will still be able to serve it later. He is young and has a couple hundred million reasons to serve it. Later. But as a young athlete who has already missed so much time, and who has not re-offended, he should be allowed to play Now.
  16. this is sad. just when i started to respect the Cardinals a bit. So basically they just removed the only barrier to his bazillions in guarantees. And all he had to do was cry about it. Which is one of the things they didnt like about giving him that money anyway. Stupid. Didnt they have a plan for after it leaked? I now wish the Cardinals were in our division.
  17. This doesnt even need a caption or subtitles Same with Jim Mora in his Colts sweater
  18. i wanna say Christian Wade. He doesnt look American for some reason. Is he still alive?
  19. serious or not, This is why I pay full freight for The Athletic. It is great value. especially if you care about sports around the world. And especially if you hate things like an ESPN paywall and want to encourage the future of sports coverage. Hell, I steal enuf things off the internet that, for balance or karma or whatever, I should be willing to financially support things that are worth it. In Economics 101 they would say I am casting my dollar-votes (wait. Did i actually say "steal?" I'm sure i musta meant some other pleasant euphemism. )
  20. Agree with each of these. I actually came in here to Boldly predict James Cook as AFC ROY. But yours is Bolder. OP predicted Kaiir Elam for interceptions. But I think that would require Tre White to play most of the season, meaning teams throw to Elam's side. And/or, because of our hella improved pass rush, Elam with his atheticism catches a lot of Kyler Murray-esque no-look passes. Totally agree that Baker will ball tf out. That boy got game. I like the thinking that Oliver benefits most from having Von Miller
  21. for the amount they were willing to pay you, your emails were auto-forwarded to @HOUSE
  22. sorry. I meant to stash a holding punter in case Punt God doesnt improve as a holder. I think McB will be looking for improvement and commitment to the craft of holding. I dont think they drafted him to be a clean crisp holder on day one, or else hit the unemployment line.
  23. I think the better question is whether our current punter could be stashed on the practice squad. In case Punt God does not continue to improve during the season. Because obviously Punt God is making the final 53 or else be traded.
  24. how could it not be Curtis Martin at running back? His 'rating' is official.
  25. once upon a time, this was a thread about Rosters. And nobody has mentioned Cleveland.
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