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  1. it’s like the league knows something you don’t.
  2. We’re talking about DJ chark…Davis lead the league I believe 🤦‍♂️
  3. I do think it’s become lost on us what these guys had to overcome this year. As humans I can totally understand the burn-out, it just doesn’t make us feel any better.
  4. Is that a dropped passes stat, and does that include uncatchable balls? We gotta remember he was catching balls from Blake Bortles and Gardner Minshew prior to injury, which would be my greater fear than his hands. Look I’m not saying he’s the top of the mountain, but IMO you can’t afford that. If you’re employing a Hopkins or some guy like that, what are we doing at safety, middle lb, left guard, rt guard, rt tackle, and DE, because there’s a good chance Miller won’t be ready at seasons start. Not to mention rb2, and any guys we watch walk. Hard to fill so many starter positions when you pump so much money into 1 positional group.
  5. I’m not sure I agree with the catches. I think he had maybe 2 drops this season? I don’t think he’s a home run, but I don’t think we can afford a home run either
  6. Obtaining another WR1, an elite pass rusher, and upgrading the offensive line at 3 positions is a heavy task for 1 offseason. Thats w/o mentioning the possibility of losing Poyer and Edmunds, with the lack of salary cap wiggle room. The team is going to need to make some sacrifices, which most likely sees some fan favorites walk. A player like DJ Chark can help fill that 2 role combined with a high draft pick, allowing Davis to move to the #3 role. I believe we’ll see Shakir as the prime slot receiver next year, he showed ability the latter part of the year, and I expect a raise in his level of play and usage next season. The offensive line needs an upgrade at 3 locations; lg, rg, and rt. This needs to be the priority in the draft. Greg Roussea is a much better pass rusher when Miller is on the field. He’s not that elite guy, but a solid number 2, and probably caps at 8-10 sacks. Again with our cap constraints, and holes on the team, we won’t be able to bring in an elite rusher while filling the more pressing needs
  7. I wouldn’t mind taking a look at DJ Chark. Has elite speed and height at 4.34 and 6’3”. Wasn’t the greatest route runner coming out of LSU, but has definitely gotten better since entering the NFL. Probably would command a contract around 10-12 million per, but would push Gabe Davis into that 3rd receiver spot, and allow Shakir to move into the slot full time. Shakir can add that intermediate layering that we seem to be missing with our pass concepts. I expect him to make a jump next year, but that number 2 spot needs to be addressed, via free agency or draft, but the major needs on the OL take precedence in Round 1 unless an elite can’t miss prospect falls.
  8. This is the kind of armchair fan that literally has no idea what they are looking at. Every win/loss is the qb and that’s all. Burrow literally had guys wide open EVERYWHERE. The bills didn’t challenge him in the slightest, meanwhile, Allen had to work on every play, and make big time throws. It just wasn’t enough. Offensive line getting pushed back mixed with receivers not getting open killed this game.
  9. I always love ppl making things out of nothing. I’m literally screaming at the TV, punching pillows but the guys on the team actually playing and losing their season right in front of them and having no control over it are supposed to relax and just let it happen, show no emotion? Cmon man, Diggs is a stud, a great teammate, and a competitor.
  10. There needs to be some mix up. It’s become stale, and the team isn’t any better since 2020. I love and respect Frazier but I think we need some new juice there. The D-line got bullied today, we really missed Daquan Jones, and the lack of Von was evident. Phillips playing w/ one arm was completely ineffective, and the lack of girth up front today stood out. On the offensive side; LG, RG, and RT are replaceable. We need a true #2 receiver, who has quick twitch and get open quick ability for short to intermediate passes. Gabe Davis is a good player, but can be blanket covered without an underneath receiver. Shakir will be the starting slot next year, so McKenzie can either walk, or move into that pure gadget role. All my love to Poyer but he’s unattainable at this point I think. Love my team, but some changes are needed to breath some new life into this team.
  11. Mahomes is “just built different” stfu
  12. I get it. It’s business, I just don’t like it.
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