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  1. Rough game for offense as our offensive line got smoked today...but I agree, I’m walking away knowing we can play with the big boys. I’m much more confident in all 3 games going forward.
  2. Maybe, but I’d much rather have the best kicker in the NFL, and that ain’t us.
  3. Flutie sat next to me at a blackjack table in AC when I was about 20. Told him I was a huge Bills fan/fan of his...I think he said “I’m just here to play cards,” or something along those lines, and he wouldn’t even look at me. I just remember thinking “I hope you lose all your money #######.”
  4. Try Salama’s https://www.salamas-bar.de Says they have every game
  5. If your in the market for tix in that location lmk.
  6. If this comes down to kicks we’re f*****
  7. Section 120, row 15, aisle seats. $150/pair
  8. Sorry to hear that man. Glad you got to hit some games with him and your son.
  9. I don’t see what role Rivera would fit here, not to say he wouldn’t be welcome. I’m assuming he’d get the assistant head coach label/special advisor or something along those lines. This being McD’s 3rd year as head coach, building a successful program, I’m not sure I want another voice in his head, he seems to be doing a good job and coming into his own.
  10. its Amazing how little some tickets are selling for. What’s the climate up there that people don’t seem to want to go to the games?
  11. I can’t imagine Sean McDermott is the type to drop what he’s been building to take another job...he’s not from Charlotte so I don’t see how that’d be “going home.” I’d be more curious to see who’s left on Rivera’s staff there that might end up with us.
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