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  1. I think Milano would have gone yesterday if it were a do or die game, playoff, anything like that. You saw him running full speed threw drills on the Bills Snapchat on Thursday last week. They’ve erred on the side of caution all year, and I think they looked ahead to this matchup for him. Hoping the defense is back to 100 % this week.
  2. You can tell the guy is emotional, his face always tells all. He’ll be fine, game plans change week to week, he’ll have some big games.
  3. I’d listen to Lofton all day compared to Tasker.🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. He’s pretty regular at Mcfaddens here in the city, the bills backers bar, or at least is was until this year.
  5. I thought he was good today. Hated the first half play calling, he really got in a groove in the second half. No big mistakes, no turnovers or near interceptions, had a few great throws, the JB td and the loft throw to Duke come to mind. Need to start hitting on some deep shots though.
  6. Nice idea, but I wouldn’t buy it. Looks like the American dad alien in the middle.
  7. Every pass will come out on a 3 step drop in less than 2.25 seconds and they’ll try to get Sony Michel going.
  8. Still don’t understand the IPA madness...😝
  9. I like how the article lists Allen as a 25 year old qb...do these people not do simple research to find out a players actual age? Lazy reporting
  10. The kid we picked up from fins, that’s on the PS, bring him up?
  11. So much stupidity on this board at times. Some ppl do not stop and think at all before starting a thread. Drives me bonkers.
  12. These post 53 man roster/after game 3 hindsight posts where ppl try to butcher every move from the GM are getting insufferably old. The roster isn’t perfect, it continues to be molded based on fit, scheme, salary cap, ability to re-sign, etc. Get over yourselves.
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