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  1. Would be nice to see teams in cities that don’t have NFL franchises already, but I’m sure they did their due diligence.
  2. For everyone saying Haushka gets cut...who do you replace him w at this time?
  3. I’ll be there with a ton of friends, my wife and I are usually the only Bills fans in the group. We do a mixed tailgate, I rarely deal w any nonsense.
  4. Not sure I understand all the Zay hate. He was not good his rookie year, I think he had stage fright for sure, he forgot how to go out and just have fun playin ball. I think that anxiety is absolutely what drove that “incident” in the hotel. But he came back much much better last year and put up decent numbers, I don’t have em in front on me, but I’m guessing somewhere around 70, and 700 with 7 tds? The kid worked his tail off this offseason, put on solid weight to beat press, and I think will take another big step forward this year. Maybe not in numbers because of Brown and Beasley but as far as consistentcy and reliability, I see him becoming more of a number 2 then an off the roster canidate.
  5. Taron is your starting nickel. I don’t think there’s even competition w him right now. EJ and KJ will cross train there but neither has had experience in the slot.
  6. I believe he didn’t show up for the workout...no jk
  7. Easely has been better than Stills. Still don’t think either makes the roster, hoping both make the PS
  8. Good thing we never drafted him under Rex. I remember that being a thing.
  9. I got mine like 10 days ago, weird that there’s such a discrepancy
  10. He’s the best we’ve got, I wish the show was Chris Brown and Joe Buscalia.
  11. Has anyone seen poncho patches being made anywhere?
  12. I’ve tried this before, didn’t work out, I’m in NYC so many times bars will have the game but no sound, tried wearing headphones but the radio broadcast was a solid 1 minute behind. Could be different if you’re in the buffalo area?
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