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  1. Yea that lasted for the first 2 weeks of the restart, but they started putting in the crowd noise after that. Only for the telecast though, it’s not happening in the stadium. I can honestly say I like it better, it feels more natural and you forget that fans aren’t actually there when watching.
  2. More people to pay, less money coming in...
  3. Saw some videos on Diggs and Dawkins ig stories. Guys are staying together, getting some chefs where they’re staying. Looks overall like they’re having a great time. Hopefully it pays off.
  4. Chris brown in this role is mint. Only reason to listen to the show. Tasker was atrocious and Murph got worse every year. They were too out of touch.
  5. I watched it too. It was tough, looked like we were gonna tie. I don’t think tight ends come much more athletic that Knox, I think he saw the ball late.
  6. Let’s sign a guy, have him deliver and be exactly what we hoped for so we can trade him...
  7. Pretty sweet, that’d make a cool home office for any fan
  8. I get drug tested pretty regularly for work. I’ve come up diluted a cpl times. Simply drinking excess water to pee for the test. Ridiculous that’s already exposed to the public court of opinion. Test the guy again before you release this.
  9. I get what you’re saying, but I don’t like the example. When Mahomes and co. were drafted, the Bills were going through a complete front office, head coach, gm transition. McD was a new hire, Doug Whaley was walking deadman about to get canned, and Beane was hired post-draft. The intel and scouting of quarterbacks that year was extremely limited and brief bc of that. I’m sure there was a lack of trust. You can tell by the pick that McD had his hands all over the draft. He picked a safe option to him, inside his spec of knowledge...defensive secondary. It worked out in the sense they got an all-pro player at a valuable position, but the transition in the building lended to an inability to tie the franchise to certain players, being changes in culture, scheme fits, etc. I can understand blaming the initial hire of Rex for certain things that happened in the future, but I can’t hold the current hierarchy responsible for that “miss.”
  10. I’m starting to jones for Claypool at 54, and I’m hoping for Kyle Dugger in the 3rd. I’m squarely with Beane though, I trust him. My guess is we’ll have 2 picks in the 3rd round somehow.
  11. Oh man, it’d certainly be better than nothing.
  12. I’m dying for champions league to return. Crossing my fingers but traveling between countries might be a non-starter. As a Bayern fan, having a real shot this year, it would be a big blow.
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