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  1. Does he play much? Haven’t noticed him in any games and I saw tackle number for the season was like 26 or something?
  2. Cops in that building were complete ***** kills. Give it a rest sometimes man. This will make ppl hate you more.
  3. I wish NFL stadiums would do what Spurs did with that 100’ bar over there, practically no lines. Anybody know if they enforce the 3rd quarter drinking cutoff when the game is in UK?
  4. If it’s in Tottenham stadium even better. Great stadium and I love North London. I’m in
  5. Agreed...I’m over there to see friends about once a year anyways...just another excuse now
  6. Nor mine, but it is nice to see a Bills player getting national attention for once.
  7. Tredavious will be on Wildin out tonight on MTV for anybody wanting to check him out. I’m sure his personality will come through. http://www.mtv.com/video-clips/izu9kl/nick-cannon-presents-wild-n-out-blac-chyna-shakes-her-assets-during-turn-up-for-what
  8. Pettine was good here, our defense jumped up significantly when he was in charge. I couldn’t believe it when the Browns hired him as head coach, he was a real dark horse, I had a feeling they were gonna do it to us again with Daboll.
  9. I wish people would stop contributing nonsense but that won’t happen so I’ll contribute mine too.
  10. This drives me bizerk...if were going by the letter of the law we scored a TD on that kickoff. You can’t enforce rules when you choose. Go by the book or dont
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