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  1. Get rid of the blue on blue and red on red plz!!!! Also get rid of the white top and blue pants. Also get rid of the gray facemask in favor of the all white. Keep ... Blue top white pants (Home) All whites (Road) Red top white pants (never wore this combo, but would be 🔥🔥) - Alternative
  2. I love to listen to his questions (Muki Hawkins) If you want to learn more about him check out this video/interview he did with Buffalo Fanatics a few nights ago. If you dont want to check it out here"s the long and short of it. He is a well known little league/Pop Warner coach in the Buffalo area. When he asks questions he does so with the mindset of a coach and a fan without wanting to burn bridges with the team. Muki on Buffalo Fanatics
  3. Back in 2018 I remember the defense was a bit sloppy over the first 3 games. After our first win that year (against the Vikings) I remember the defense changing and getting statistically better across the board. This year our defense has been sloppy over the first 3 weeks. I hope history repeats itself and they turn it around because while I am happy with the output of the offense we need to get back to shutting teams down.
  4. This is a true statement, some people sometimes dont think things exist because they never experienced it. I never experienced brain freeze so I don't believe it exists, I'm sure there are millions who would disagree.
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