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  1. In this crazy time and while we are all hoping for a full NFL season, I've found a sign from above that this will be Buffalo's year. https://www.aol.com/article/news/2020/05/21/woman-attacked-by-bison-at-yellowstone/24376714/ Seriously, stay safe everyone! Go Bills!
  2. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Buffalo Bills original glory days!
  3. Would love to see Bryce Hall drop to us in round 4
  4. There are three running backs (Swift, Dobbins, Taylor) and two edge rushers (Espenza, Gross-Matos) that really interest me at 54. If any of those 5 fall to the Bills, it would be great! After those 5 players, and its possible that all 5 are gone at 54, I'd go for the BPA.
  5. I like Clyde Edwards-Helaire from LSU. I know he's short, but he catches the ball so well and runs tougher than his height that I think he would work well for the Bills. I'm not sure about pass protection from him, which is a concern, but most backs out of college are lacking in that skill.
  6. My father worked at Roswell Park and we used to park there and walk to the stadium. I saw multiple Bills games there, one UB Bulls game, and many Buffalo Bison (baseball) games there. The very short right field porch with the tall fence / net there was cool. I believe that the movie "The Natural" was filmed there. It was a cool place and really enjoyed my visits there.
  7. I'd take CJ Spiller and Donte Whitner off that list. Other than that, it's a good list.
  8. I agree it might be hard to accept, but I don't see any teams who would be looking to bring him in as a starter, unless the starter gets hurt. The other advantage for Cam if he signed with the Bills is he'll be going to a team with a legit shot at the Super Bowl. If any team looks at him as a starter, I doubt they are any better than an 8-8 team.
  9. I like Barkley and he's an average QB at best. Although I may be ripped here, I'd like to see the Bills give Cam Newton a try. I think a 1 year deal on a reasonable contract would be a smart investment and works for both Cam & the Bills. For the Bills: With Josh being a QB that runs a fair amount, the chance of injury is higher than many. Cam gives you a QB with similar skills who can run the same offense. He also provides a veteran presence in the QB room and might take a 10 million dollar 1 year deal. For Cam: The big question for him is health. Taking a back-up job for a year allows him to get healthier and on a 1 year deal provides him the chance to move somewhere as a starter.
  10. I like this move as well as the Spain resigning. Hopefully, he returns to a level that she showed early in his career and provides some relief for out future TE Knox.
  11. Good news! I like having all 5 starters back -- more cohesiveness as a team!
  12. With an assumption that you can not be sure who may be available - Here you go: 1. A.J. Epenesa, DE, Iowa 2. Michael Pittman Jr., WR, USC 3. J.K. Dobbins, RB, Ohio State
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