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  1. That's my problem too! I don't have any broadband except satellite and I can't stream with it. I'm already shut out of many dood TV shows that are streamed and would be ticked to loose Sunday football too. One other item, while Amazon & Disney have lots of subscribers now, let's see what happens to the price if they have to pay the big bucks the NFL will command for the ticket.
  2. Using it on D. Williams makes some sense if the franchise tag calculation is based upon a right tackle, not left tackle. I think the salaries f=of LTs are alot more on average and not sure I'd want to pay that cost.
  3. My priorities are: - Milano - Feliciano - Williams - McKenzie - Wallace
  4. Thanks for the thoughts. "Won again, but not done"
  5. I want KC. I do not see us getting to the #1 seed so let's not worry about that. I'd like to go into the last game with the 'fins with nothing on the line so the Bills can rest some starters and get healthy for the playoffs. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Win the AFC East and be one of the two teams in the AFC Championship game.
  7. Wishing an easy journey into your next chapter Floyd. He was a very good back. For those not old enough to have seen him run, Leonard Fournette's style reminds me of Floyd Little.
  8. Paul McGuire -- like that he also played a little linebacker. Paul McGuire -- like that he also played a little linebacker.
  9. Yup, Knox has played himself out of the starting position. Kroft, when healthy, will be the TE the rest of the year.
  10. I would not have in the beginning of the season, but he has filled an important role in the offense. Here's thought - Roberts has been a key special teams guy and I'm not against him, but if we could get McKenzie to perform that role, we could save a position. I'm not sure why we haven't seen him give that a try.
  11. We need some D-Lineman to keep the O-Linemen from getting to the second level. Linebackers don't win against O-Lineman consistently. Edmunds was a pro bowl player when the Bills had D-Tackles that occupied the O-Line. Assess the blame where it belongs.
  12. This looked like a tough schedule at the start of the season, but it does look even tougher now. Other than the AFC East teams and Denver, there are no soft touches. The Bills task is to sweep the East, which will allow them to finish in 1st place. Finishing 11-5 overall will be an accomplishment and likely give them a home playoff game.
  13. I think that the problem is not so much with the the linebackers as it is with the D-Tackles allowing the O-linemen to get to the second level. We need the D-Line to occupy the O-line and then you'll see the linebackers making plays. just my opinion.
  14. Good points being made. Here are some thoughts I had as well: 1. Frazier's defensive game plan seemed to be to contain the long passing game of the Chiefs. Reid saw that and reacted with a running game that made the Bills D look terrible. I don't remember any long pass attempts by the Chiefs and nothing to Hill. 2. It appears like no one on the Bills D-line could beat a one-on-one block nor are they good on containing the pocket. The Chiefs did not need to double team anyone. 3. Because of observation 2, Edmunds looked far worse than he actually was. It appears he's
  15. Due to where I live (southern Virginia) and my poor internet connection, I am forced to listen to the game via radio on the Bills Mobile App. It cuts out periodically (usually at the most critical time) and I'm left waiting for the play result. Not sure my heart will last with this setup. At least the Bills rewarded us with a victory!
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