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  1. DasNootz

    What am I missing about Jared Cook?

    I think teams look at him as fool's gold. His career has been pretty disappointing up until this season, when he was the #1 target in Oakland. His blocking is below average and it sounds like he wants to be paid as a top TE.
  2. DasNootz

    Now go get Duke Johnson please

    Statistically I can’t imagine a scenario where he doesn’t improve from last year... but will he produce at top 5-10 level (I have my doubts). If there was an option to completely shed Shady’s money this year, I think Johnson can be just as productive as a pass catcher with Gore being the pound guy.
  3. DasNootz

    The Browns will self-destruct on October 21, 2019

    I’m in for 75 that the browns will start better than 2-5 over their first 7 games. (I don’t know when byes are yet)
  4. I still expect a big signing to come. The Bills, Jets and Browns all see that there is a huge window right now to jump from the outhouse to the penthouse. This is where you push your chips in for better or worse.
  5. DasNootz

    At this point DeVante Parker makes sense to me.

    If we sign another major upgrade at OL prior to the Draft, I’m fine with rolling the dice on Metcalf in the draft.
  6. DasNootz

    Landon Collins to Redskins

    Meaning our window is now. We only have 2-3 years before we have to start taking away pieces to what we're building...
  7. We are more than one player away. He’s also had durability issues. I’d rather roll the dice with a draft pick and keep the money for a known OL, than put both money and draft pick into WR (albeit a very good one).
  8. Hire slowly - fire quickly. If you don't think he's the right fit for your organization you're best to move on as quickly as possible.
  9. DasNootz

    NFL QB Carousel..per Omar Kelly.

    I think Tyrod back to Baltimore makes a lot of sense. He's a great back-up option/mentor for Jackson and he's had success with Roman in the past.
  10. DasNootz

    Kyle Crabbs of NDT Scouting Mock 6.0

    If Foles goes to Jax as is being reported, I don't think they'll spend the draft pick on Murray.
  11. Other things that are/were 34.7% Bush's approval ratings in March of 2007 Body fat on a clinically obese man or woman The amount that apple production fell in Poland due to adverse weather in 2017 compared to 2016 I think it's clear from this correlation that Duke will be Eric Moulds 2.0
  12. DasNootz

    Do You Still Wear Zubaz?

    When they can stand on their own - it's time for a soak.
  13. DasNootz

    Do You Still Wear Zubaz?

    Absolutely - after a wash or two they get pretty faded though.
  14. DasNootz

    Bils fans the Dee Ford appreciation thread

    I hate the Pats as much as anyone else, but if the ball had touched him, he would have reacted by going after it. His initial reaction was to back away like it never hit him, and he never flinched... that with the video failing to show that it touched him was enough for me.