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  1. Because I think that Hamlin is a better safety than Cam Lewis and I think Elam is a better CB than Cam Lewis. I'll take a hit on ST if it makes my defense better. I believe the Cam has been on the gameday rosters so far because they needed two positions covered by one body. With Poyer out, they they now have 3 positions to cover with 2 bodies, and I believe the Elam/Hamlin combo is better than Lewis/Hamlin or Lewis/Elam.
  2. I'm guessing they sit Cam Lewis and bring up Elam and Hamlin. Lewis is there because of his positional versatility - but I don't think he's better than either individually at their position. Hamlin can play special teams (he did during the preseason) too.
  3. This is a business - he has one shot at setting he and his family up for life. He lives in Florida in the off-season. He will (and should) follow the money if offered a better contract elsewhere.
  4. Gabe is this year’s Edmunds. We want him to be more than he actually is. We see glimpses that he’s capable of being next level, but he consistently is what he is. Honestly - if you took away the 13 second game, his career would look incredibly more mediocre. I suspect he will get paid more by someone else and next year we will have a thread asking how he’s doing.
  5. Next Gen stat of the game: The Chiefs targeted Bears LB Tremaine Edmunds 11 times in coverage. Edmunds allowed 10 receptions, 88 yards and one TD.
  6. You're no son, you're no son of mine
  7. The sports network genre is horrible in general. Did Sports Center really need a segment on Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift this morning? The Sports Reporters was excellent. PTI is tolerable - shows like Around the Horn ruined the industry, because "hot takes" became more important that substance.
  8. https://www.wcvb.com/article/foxborough-massachusetts-new-england-fan-death-patriots-gillette-stadium/45194876# According to his wife he was a 30 year season ticket holder and there's a photo of him just before the altercation.
  9. Everything I've seen has said it was a 53 year old Patriots season ticket holder and he was wearing a Patriots' jersey.
  10. no reason to put tape out there on him.... 3d chess
  11. The allegation says during a zoom conference that Trotter was part of with other NFL reporters (employees), an unnamed reporter brought up a conversation that he/she with Terry. Trotter would not have heard the comment directly, as the unnamed reporter was recalling comments made at a different time and place. Trotter's complaint is that the NFL didn't investigate the allegation that these comments were made in a satisfactory manner.
  12. Here's the verbiage from the actual complaint: D. The NFL Takes No Action in Response to Racist Conduct by Buffalo Bills Team Owner Terry Pegula; Complaints “Swept Under the Rug.” 125. On September 3, 2020, a large NFL Media zoom meeting was held which included approximately 40 newsroom employees. The purpose of the meeting, during the middle of the pandemic, was to connect people who were not working together in-person and discuss various stories people were working on. 126. During the meeting, an NFL Media reporter described a conversation he had with Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula in which Mr. Pegula was speaking about the recent emphasis on social activism by NFL players, and in particular support for Black Lives Matter. 127. As reported, Mr. Pegula stated that, “If the Black players don’t like it here, they should go back to Africa and see how bad it is.” This remark was so offensive and racist that the people in the meeting appeared to be frozen, unsure how to even react. 128. Mr. Trotter would not stand by and spoke up. In front of everyone in attendance, Mr. Trotter asked Mr. Marvel and Mr. Sperry if there was going to be a discussion about what Mr. Pegula had said given that it was so highly offensive and racist. They responded that they would speak to the reporter about it further and decide how to handle the matter. 129. Thereafter, Mr. Trotter sought out Mr. Marvel and Mr. Jurenka on a near weekly basis about what was being done to address Mr. Pegula’s discriminatory remarks. Mr. Trotter was repeatedly brushed off and told that “the league office is investigating it.” 130. However, this went on for months and Mr. Trotter never received any further update beyond this superficial statement. Notably, no one from the NFL’s league office ever reached out to Mr. Trotter to interview him in connection with any supposed “investigation” that was supposedly ongoing. Clearly it was not a priority to investigate an NFL team owner’s discriminatory animus and discriminatory remarks in conversations with employees. 131. Nearly one year after the incident, Mr. Marvel told Mr. Trotter that the league had provided him with a response. He told Mr. Trotter: “New York says it’s an HR matter and that’s the end of it.” 132. Thus, in response to an allegation by an employee (the reporter) and complaint by another employee (Mr. Trotter) that an NFL owner (an employer) made racist remarks that ridiculed Black players (also employees) for their social activism, the NFL did absolutely nothing. 133. Mr. Trotter said to Mr. Marvel, “So we are sweeping this under the rug?” Mr. Marvel responded, “I can only tell you what I’ve been told.”If there is any evidence - he deserves all that is coming.
  13. He came to work Day 1, voiced his complaints/position to the coach, took 1 day off, showed up the next day and worked his tail off. Everything else is media or fan speculation. It just feels like people want to pigeon hole him as a diva. There's a difference between "me first" and "I want to win".
  14. Honestly - when has he ever been "overly emotional" since he's been on this roster? Was it when the QB didn't mentally show up for a home playoff game? - seems like the correct reaction to me.
  15. Diggs is clearly the leader of this team. I don't know why "fans" crap on him. He has combination of the skillset and the drive that we all want in our players. When things are turbulent, he's the one trying to get Josh's head back in it, he was the one trying to get his teammates ready to play after Hamlin went down (and the first one to go to the hospital afterwards). Watching him practice - he works the craft more than any other receiver on the roster. He's Josh's safety blanket. WR1, TE and S are the positions we don't need to worry about at a week to week basis. They're consistent. All other positions seem to vary greatly on any given week.
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