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  1. and it should have had Shaq instead of Laettner... and they played well as a group, not just as individuals.
  2. IN before someone gets the last word... and then somebody else gets the last real last word... and then the first guy agrees to disagree and gets the last real last word...
  3. I think you can reasonably rule out week 16 as a bye week.
  4. I get that you can't grade a draft until they play - but I think we can grade the logic behind the decision process. I think that this draft showed that Beane is comfortable in his position and didn't need to force things to keep ownership happy with a shiny new object. If Coleman was their man from jump, it makes sense to trade back and get extra value. I love Bishop. Like others, I would have loved to see Franklin or Rice here based upon their pre-draft rankings. That said every other GM valued them less than their rankings too, and I'm guessing that they access to intel that we don't. We appeared to get good value at positions of need. This team has to turn over some mid-level guys. With any luck we found a few solid starters and a few more capable players in this league.
  5. This…. If Worthy wasn’t our guy - KC was getting him anyway. At least this way we strengthen our draft capital and weaken theirs. Outside of Elam, Beane and Co. have shown their willingness to move up and get their guy (especially physical freaks). Obviously there is something they didn’t like with Worthy.
  6. Offer fractional ownership (complete with profit sharing for stadium revenue) with the PSLs…
  7. All the reports I've seen say we are giving a 6th this year and a 5th next year... not receiving them.
  8. I assume the valued the draft capital to move up this month more than the cap burden savings of waiting until after the draft.
  9. I think most fans were fine with what we had - and would rather not have a new stadium (at ours and taxpayer expense).
  10. CPA question - is the PSL deductible for a business… or is the purchase price just the cost basis for when it’s sold later?
  11. Until Josh Allen came along it was a loss every year. The preseason games are what kill you, because there's next to no market for them. If I'm strategic with regular season games I can generally profit off of the individual games I choose to sell, which supplements the games I attend.
  12. Yes, that's my pure speculation. If they're going to get 2-5x for the PSL, they're going to keep the season tickets reasonably within reach of what they are now. I think a $100 ticket now will be $120 in year 1. I think a $200 ticket now will be $240 in year 1. I think a $300 ticket now will be $360 in year 1. Secondary market prices are going to shoot up. Those that bought season tickets and paid for the PSL are going to try and recoup some of that PSL fee. Individual game tickets sold by the team directly may increase more... but I think season tickets remain with reach.
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