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  1. 2009 - they fired Dick Jauron. All it took was an $1200 billboard campaign.
  2. I had the pleasure of "mansplaining" to a woman who this mythical character was when we were in a bar in Jacksonville last year. It turned out I was talking to his wife. She's a saint.
  3. What if we got to play KC there for their home game vs us...? Neutral field games vs the Chiefs is an improvement over going to KC every year.
  4. Looks like largely only singles are left for the 12p window - lots of "verified resale", with most looking around a $200+ higher prices after fees are added.
  5. same 9AM there - they're still getting to work to log on.
  6. I paid 220/ticket for lower bowl end zone. Same seats in Buffalo were $210
  7. got mine prices were similar to Buffalo - they split the stadium in half, so you can only buy one side of the field.
  8. It's a little annoying that there's no info on pricing yet.... but I guess we have to remember the days of hitting redial on your phone for 3 hours trying to get through to Ticketmaster back in the 90s.
  9. Codes are out for the 10a slot.... good luck everyone
  10. Jakobi Meyers would cost less and is a FA. Pair him with Diggs while having Gabe stretch the field would be deadly.
  11. I was there for the Everett injury and the rest of that season. The difference is that this time we have the generational QB on our side.
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