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  1. Summary: In high school he was a late developer. Did a semester of JuCo. Wyoming wanted Eric Dungy, but he signed with Syracuse instead. Came to Wyoming and wasn't intended to be the starter, but Senior got injured so he started Week 2. Broke his collar bone 13 plays in and got to sit a season and learn. Came back stronger the next season and won some big games. Mature, smart, good football IQ, good guy, believes in himself and knows who he is and isn't trying to be something different. His arm strength makes up for a lot, but needed work on his footwork and was careless running the ball. He needs to "wrangle in his game". He's currently learning that he doesn't have to do it all himself.
  2. About right - he'll be an "Average" caliber starting NFL QB - something we haven't consistently had in a long time. He will continue to make plays that wow you, and plays that have you scratching your head. For the next 8 years he'll be a Top 15 QB +/- 5 spots in any given year.
  3. I’m holding off, at least for games I had originally circled like Vegas. I’m not convinced the airlines will be as eager to give refunds or credits 5 months from now if games are cancelled/fans not allowed/seats limited. I don’t know how trip insurance will work in the future and I already have flight credits from other cancelled trips I have to use by next winter. stubhub has said it will give credits too, but I don’t really need $1200 in stubhub credit (base price for 4 tickets at this point).
  4. We get it - He's very good. That said, there's no way you're paying (2) 1sts for a RB. I get that he's a hybrid, but his usage has been unreal for two seasons straight and history tells us that doesn't last forever. Capable RBs are a dime a dozen, and the difference between a capable RB (3rd-4th round) and McAffrey isn't worth two potential salary restricted cornerstones.
  5. The XFL has shown that NFL caliber RBs are a dime a dozen... QBs are not. They also need to pipe in some crowd noise for the TV audience. I know they're not playing in front of large crowds, but it's eery hearing how silent the crowd noise is on the TV broadcast.
  6. I was happy that they identified the guy they wanted and moved up to get him. In the moment, if that had been Rosen instead of Allen, I would have been equally happy. I didn't want them to settle for whoever was left over after passing on Mahomes and Watson the previous year (Jackson was an afterthought). I didn't wan't Mayfield and thought Darnold was the best of the bunch.
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