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  1. What would happen if NE didn't submit it's pick on Thursday night for the 32nd pick at the end of it's allotted time? Could Cleveland submit it's pick even though it's not technically on the clock until Friday? It just seems like a NE-esque move to give themselves and extra day to work out a trade back. We've seen it happen mid round in the past, and you simply lose your spot in line while other teams rush up to make their pick...but between rounds, I'm not sure.
  2. We are in the air between Dallas (original plan), Nashville and Miami.
  3. It was only a rivalry in our eyes... The rest of the leagues sees it as two thumpings.
  4. They’ll get at least a second for him. Someone will miss out on their QB in this draft, and they’ll deal their second assuming last year’s 1st rd QB is better than what they can get in the 2nd this year.
  5. Take your top 9 guys at positions we are realistically going to draft... at least one of them will be there and more likely than not 3 or more will be there. Don't overthink this. I only think Metcalf comes into play if we somehow trade back a few spots. There are many other upside players with less risk at 9. My current list in no particular order: Quinnen Williams, Bosa, Allen, Sweat, Gary, Wilkins, Taylor, Oliver, Hodkinson
  6. Beane has filled a lot of holes with free agency. He's said it before -t he Bills are drafting for difference makers. I don't think they trade down just for the sake of getting more picks.
  7. I think teams look at him as fool's gold. His career has been pretty disappointing up until this season, when he was the #1 target in Oakland. His blocking is below average and it sounds like he wants to be paid as a top TE.
  8. Statistically I can’t imagine a scenario where he doesn’t improve from last year... but will he produce at top 5-10 level (I have my doubts). If there was an option to completely shed Shady’s money this year, I think Johnson can be just as productive as a pass catcher with Gore being the pound guy.
  9. I’m in for 75 that the browns will start better than 2-5 over their first 7 games. (I don’t know when byes are yet)
  10. I still expect a big signing to come. The Bills, Jets and Browns all see that there is a huge window right now to jump from the outhouse to the penthouse. This is where you push your chips in for better or worse.
  11. If we sign another major upgrade at OL prior to the Draft, I’m fine with rolling the dice on Metcalf in the draft.
  12. Meaning our window is now. We only have 2-3 years before we have to start taking away pieces to what we're building...
  13. We are more than one player away. He’s also had durability issues. I’d rather roll the dice with a draft pick and keep the money for a known OL, than put both money and draft pick into WR (albeit a very good one).
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