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  1. This is true. I guess the rocket scientist swings both ways when it comes to playcalling. https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/matt-patricia-emerges-patriots-offensive-play-caller-training-camp
  2. Da'Rick Rodgers, Duke Johnson or Robert Foster (each for a few months only)
  3. They're not naming Patricia as OC so that Detroit is still on the hook for his salary through this season, and Patrica gets to avoid doing the weekly coordinator calls/interviews.
  4. Stop... it's obvious the poster meant Tom Jones.
  5. If I'm spending that money and have a clause like that, there's video application built into the software that requires facial recognition and tracks eye movement. I'm assuming since it's "independent film study" that a coach won't be on Zoom with him.
  6. First huddle in a Browns uniform and he whispers, "you made a mistake with Baker", drops his mouth piece and walks out.
  7. Maybe he just wanted to prove he could get one inside of 20
  8. appears to be the exception and not the rule at this point.
  9. I'm at 7966 with no change in 40 minutes
  10. Finally got the page to load - only to have 8062 people in front. I had less for playoff tickets in the covid season
  11. I heard Edmunds caught the failing hard drive 5 yards down field.
  12. I base my AP prediction based upon who I think has more "fight" in them. I know nothing about their boxing skills, but Bell doesn't strike me as someone that likes getting hit or wants to trade punches.
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