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  1. Let’s be honest - getting to the AFC Championship is fine, but without a “signature win” it’s pretty empty. I want to see more out of Josh and McBeane before we anoint them. /sarcasm
  2. The best response would be to completely ignore Wright’s existence and deny him his 15 minutes. The guy has tried to build his career by antagonizing us - completely ice him and let him go back to obscurity.
  3. I’d let John Brown go and use the salary to get a Hunter Henry. I think the consistent TE upgrade would more than offset the loss on the outside.
  4. respect - he landed well and had inferior position. I was expecting him to be gasssed after the first few punches, but he impressed. I have a feeling he and the winning zubaz pants in the second fight came together. They both handled their own and didn't get aggressive toward each other.
  5. How many people are going to claim to have been at this game when Pittsburgh comes back?
  6. The colts carved us up having TEs or Zach Pascal cross in front of the LBers, where our CB would either get caught in the shuffle or hand off to LBers that weren’t on the same page. I suspect the next opponent will do the same until we adjust.
  7. Tua is better than EJ Manuel - but this feels like we've seen the this story play out before.
  8. Same here. It’s 1 mile and a free test (drive through testing is free in my county) vs 450 mile round trip and $63 - from the same lab. is Cuomo testing at the stadium?
  9. I don’t know your scenario, but would you HAVE to stay in orchard park for 2-3 days? You’re not quarantined while waiting for a test if you haven’t already been identified as a primary contact. I plan on driving out for the test, returning home, and coming back on Sunday.
  10. I wonder if they’re in someone’s cart. Still says no event available on my end.
  11. 2:30p it’s saying no events available.
  12. Just got 2 sets of 2 in endzone. We have four individual STs, so we still have 2 available for the divisional. No 4s available. Now to work on the testing. Hoping they’ll cave and let the same lab (has a location in our town) do the test, so we don’t have to make the 8 hour round trip... but will if need be.
  13. There was a time fans were calling for Alex Tanny "the Trick Shot QB" to get a shot here. The Bills even bragged about bringing him in for a workout, and he was shortly signed to the practice squad. "You can't teach accuracy like that". That was how low we had gotten - we were looking to a youTube sensation to turn us around.
  14. At some point the Steelers should have the right to say "no". Guys are still testing positive - shut down the Ravens for a week. It's not fair, but this was never going to end fairly. The "unfairness" should impact those that broke rules/protocols.
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