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  1. Since Teller's haul was used to select Tyler Bass and trade for Diggs, it's not like we got nothing of value in return. With our current depth, I have no doubt that we will cut someone that will start for another team. These are good problems to have.
  2. Not if it was filmed in NYC. NYS requires only one party's consent for recording. Journalistic integrity is something else... If it was filmed in California, they'd required both parties' consent.
  3. Me too. With family in Louisiana it makes it an easier sell.
  4. We still show the occasional highlight and roll out players from the 90s - good for them on showing a highlight from this season.
  5. He and Trubisky were the QBs that I did not want in that class. Mahommes college game wouldn't translate to the NFL where players are bigger and faster.
  6. Brad Banks was the best QB in the 2003 draft class - he went undrafted. QBs drafted: Carson Palmer Byron Leftwich Kyle Boller Rex Grossman Dave Ragone Chris Simms Seneca Wallace Brain St. Pierre Drew Henson Brooks Bollinger Kilff Kingsbury Gibran Hamdan Ken Dorsey In hindsight, those drafted only accounted for 3 more pro bowls than Brad or I earned... so it wasn't that far off.
  7. Teaching is a job I know I couldn't do - I simply don't have the patience for it. Knowing that, I chose not to go into the field. As an outsider though, it seems like teachers as a whole spend a lot of time complaining about their job and/or looking for praise because they chose their profession. Maybe colleges don't do a good enough job preparing students for the profession, but you should have a general idea of the income potential, student debt, demands on your schedule, emotional/psychological toll, etc before you start full time. The reality is that most jobs now aren't
  8. Wildgoose wearing 32 - can we just call him “the chase”?
  9. 31. Travis Etienne RB Clemson 61. Jabril Cox LB LSU 93. Walker Little OT Stanford 94. Brevin Jordan TE Miami (FL) 174. Victor Dimukeje EDGE Duke 213. Paris Ford S Pittsburgh Traded with KC in the first round bouncing back one spot, but moved from 161 up to 94 in exchange.
  10. Talent falls every year. With a franchise QB, take BPA. It gives you the best opportunity for long term success as you’re not emptying the cupboards.
  11. While I'm sure it's a good thing - I don't appreciate the phone alert when I've been hitting F5 all day.
  12. No you are not. That said - if we're judging his haul on "hotness", Olivia Munn was much stronger.
  13. Aside from his underutilization - by biggest knock on him is that he never makes a guy miss. On a sweep he’s 100% sprint to corner/sprint to toward the marker. If someone is in the way, the play is dead. This makes me question his ability to be our primary return guy. I keep wanting him to be Roscoe Parrish, and I’m seeing TJ Graham/Marquise Goodwin.
  14. Najee Harris please - you aren't getting a replacement RB in FA for less money with that skill set. You aren't getting a year 1 dominate edge rusher that late in the draft, but you potentially have an elite RB and Day 1 upgrade falling to you at a position of need. You can roll the dice with the #5 LB or #4 WR taken. To get over the KC hurdle, you're going to need to outscore them. One or two defensive changes aren't stopping them. Sign me up for: John Brown walks, and Kenny Stills becomes his replacement at a significant cost savings Hunter Henry signs Yeldon walks.
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