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  1. He's worth a 6th and hope to resign him as depth next year.
  2. 1 - is he willing to accept a contract in the neighborhood of 1-2 million per season? Even if he’s a top 30-35 QB, there’s no value in taking him on unless you’re getting a discount to deal with the initial distraction. I think that distraction will quickly dissipate, but any owner would want to be compensated for the risk. 2 - is he good in the film room? Guys like Barkley and other journeymen have value because they’re capable of helping younger QBs (higher potential) learn to read defenses. Does Kaep have the same ability to break down tape or was he relying on raw athleticism to improvise? If the answer to both is “yes” there should be a spot for him somewhere. If either answer is “no”, he should go to the XFL and build his brand to a point where the NFL can see a better value proposition.
  3. I've listed on StubHub and Ticketxchange at the same time. If you sell on StubHub it automatically deletes your Ticketxchange listing (probably voids the original bar code). Fees on StubHub are higher, but there's considerably more buyer activity there, which is a shame. Otherwise, Facebook, Craigslist and this site have worked for selling others with little or no fees.
  4. I know we're in it for the long haul - but on paper, next season's path to the playoffs is significantly more difficult than this year's. Whether it's AJ Green or Trent Williams or some other missing piece, Id make a move to improve this season's chance as much as possible. 2020 at San Francisco at Raiders at Denver at Jets at Miami at New England at Cardinals at AFC South (1st or 2nd - Texans, Colts?) Kansas City LA Chargers LA Rams Seahawks Jets Miami New England AFC North (1st or 2nd place (Ravens, Browns?)
  5. So far this team hasn't shown a killer instinct to put teams away when they have the chance - every win, we've let inferior teams stick around and have a shot in the 4th quarter. Hopefully that will change after the bye - but until we see the Defense AND Offense play a complete 4 quarter game, I have a hard time seeing this as a 13 win team. I do think we're Wild Card team now - but we need a lot more polishing on the offensive side if we're going to make a serious run.
  6. I don’t trust the bills’ medical staff to make the right determination.
  7. We paid $284 per ticket for lower bowl endzone. Airfare out of Syracuse was $384 - neither seemed that bad to me. While it won't be Nashvile, I think there's a good number of Bills Mafia making the trek. The Bills Backers of Dallas are doing a tailgate. I want to say its $50/person all food and beer included.
  8. Guys that get the hate either show lack of effort or a desire to be somewhere other than Buffalo. Either is looked at as a slap in the face to fan base.
  9. $350.00 and it's done. - Send me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll transfer them through Ticketmaster.
  10. Selling 4 tickets (two sets of 2, one behind the other). Will sell as a pair or all 4 together. Each pair includes an aisle seat. Section 102, Row 19 and Row 20 Asking $200/pair.
  11. Duke or Da'Rick Rogers... who had the bigger fan support?
  12. Nobody else in the car was willing to take ownership? Unless they’re other NFL players, he needs new friends. That’s a multimillion dollar loss assuming he gets a year suspension. They were probably going to cut him next year anyway to avoid the last year of that contract ($9 million+), but it will certainly impact his free agency if he doesn’t retire.
  13. You can transfer tickets online for free.
  14. exactly - sit this week and the bye. Learn from your mistakes and move forward. The Bills are very capable of winning with Barkley under center.
  15. have them exchange the tickets through ticketmaster - that way you're guaranteed they're legit.
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