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  1. Guarantee them for injury - but not for laziness. You shouldn't have to pay a player like Albert Haynesworth that eats himself out of the league after getting paid.
  2. Correction…..Simply put, we miss Crowder.
  3. I think Shakir is that guy, and hopefully his role will start to pick up similar to what we've seen from Cook. McKenzie seems like a great guy, but I have little trust in him at this point.
  4. They could have activated him for a day, and put him back on the IR for 4 weeks - at least that's my understanding.
  5. I have my seats. I can get 4 more if someone wants them at face value.
  6. If the game in were in Carolina I'd understand that - but it's a game that just became slightly closer and more comfortable for Cleveland fans. I think there will be a market.
  7. not yet - the only thing I've heard is Beane saying that they will be significantly less than normal.
  8. 6 ticket limit for season ticket holders in the presale Season ticket holders start at 2p, Bills App users can start at 5p. General public tomorrow at noon. This means that the Bills fans will have first dibs before Cleveland fans. Lets fill it up!
  9. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/11/18/tredavious-white-greg-rousseau-tremaine-edmunds-wont-play-for-bills-sunday/ https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/bills-injury-updates-edmunds-rousseau-white-wont-play-vs-browns/article_53f4732e-6756-11ed-b878-979a77ba2c23.html https://www.dawgsbynature.com/2022/11/18/23466244/bills-rule-out-greg-rousseau-tredavious-white-tremaine-edmunds
  10. Adding White and OBJ to the roster in December seems like a low risk, high reward scenario. Has anyone looked into this?
  11. I'm guessing the lateral movement might be an issue for a goalie too.
  12. This seemed like an ideal spot to bring White back - now wishing we would have IR'ed him after activating him for a day.
  13. False - since our district put a roof on their school, there hasn't been a single snow day or delay.
  14. Games have been moved/postponed in Houston too for Hurricane Ike. Does NRG meet your stadium standards?
  15. 5 days later it was evacuated and they played on the road for a season. The point is acts of god can impact a dome environment too. For snow - Minnesota had to play on a college field when their dome roof couldn’t hold the snow.
  16. My group is debating it via text tonight. Having I90 and the border closed on Saturday will add about 3 hours to our drive on Saturday to skirt around the storm (coming from northern NY)
  17. How many games did New Orleans play in San Antonio after Hurricane Katrina? Did the dome help them?
  18. Season ticket holders get first shot at 2p tomorrow. I haven’t seen a time for the general public yet.
  19. If you're telling employees (vendors, ushers, parking lot attendants etc) that they have to come in when there's a travel ban, it's negligence. If you're telling fans they can eat $1,000 for tickets and stay home, or drive during a travel ban, it's negligence. I'm all for personal choice and accountability, but at some point the county and league need to take the decision out of the team and individual's control. To me that point is if there's a travel ban. If there's no travel ban (if it's completely open or only advisory) - I have 0 issue with the game being played as-is.
  20. Honestly - the game day conditions are the least of the concerns. Teams play in snow every year, and whether it impacts the Bills advantage really shouldn't impact the decision. The issue is whether the roads will be safe for travel. Watching and/or playing a game is non-necessary. If every indication is that the roads won't be cleared for non-necessary travel by Sunday morning, the game should be moved IMO to protect the tens of thousands that would still attend, the road crews, and emergency responders.
  21. 4. The Bills could have a normal practice/walkthrough on Friday and Saturday if they left today. We’ve already missed one day of practice due to illness, and there is legitimate concern that players will be able to get to the facility Friday and Saturday.
  22. Josh needs to stop shaving points and start shaving that stache again.
  23. I remember his father asking me for his mom's number... proud moment to see him join the Bills now!
  24. Excellent memory - I remember watching him at Wilde Lake Highschool before transferring Gwynn Park Highschool his senior year.... absolute BEAST! Do you remember when Coulter eclipsed the 1,000-yard receiving mark in his junior season at Rhode Island, garnering 1,039 over the length of the schedule? In doing so, Coulter was the seventh Rams player to have a 1,000-yard receiving season. He was also named second-team all-Colonial Athletic Association. After his junior season, Coulter participated in the 2020 NFL Combine, running the 40-yard dash in 4.45 seconds
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