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  1. Those pesky “dropped passes”. Been plaguing Josh Allen since his JV days of High School. If I were Allen, his agent or his parents I’d think there was some conspiracy going on. No matter if it is High School, College or the NFL. sub 60 % completion. I mean...what do all these WRs have against Allen? No matter where Allen goes he just seems to have the worst luck of being stuck with WRs that cannot catch. Or they are all out to get him. I mean those are the only two possible reasons, right?
  2. Theres no rush. I would need a season vet to help the offense get in sync with the new offensive philosophies. Plus I appreciate the longevity Rosen as Plan B presents over Fitz being the Plan B.
  3. Miami plan should be 2019 Start Fitz until Playoff Elimination. Start Rosen until end of Season 2020 Start Rosen and let chips fall. 2021 Play 1st Round QB if everything has failed the previous 2 seasons.
  4. Kind of wild to think had Arizona drafted Allen, Darnold in 2018. Eitherl now be joining the Dolphins.
  5. Interesting 2007 - Drew Bees/Philip Rivers Miami passes on Drew Brees 2019 - Josh Rosen/Kyler Murray Miami trades for Josh Rosen Dont make the same mistake twice.
  6. I feel it always starts with The Core Human need to feel in control. From psychology.com ”having a sense of control is so important that if we don’t have it, we make it up.” ”when people are made to feel as if they have no control they will literally see things that don’t exist, such as patterns where there are no patterns. A lack of control, they found in their experiments, actually increases the need to see structure and patterns. And where none exist, we will manufacture them.” I see this when Draft Experts, Scouts, GMs associate A college kids stats/numbers with an established NFL Stars Career/numbers. Then they go all around America proclaiming that SOandSO has the same metrics/numbers/style in college than this HOF...so this college player MUST be on the path to be just as good. fans eat it up and expect it. And when the new player doesn’t become the HOF that he was compared to it all starts to erode. Bottom Line: No one knows anything but uses only the available data to make a guess, but whencmaking a guess, says it in such a definitate way to make it appear pubically as a sure thing.
  7. 8-8 7-4 until Dallas and then epic 4 game collapse before winning finale against Jets.
  8. I got them 7-4 going into Thanksgiving and then 4 straight losses. 😞😞😞😞
  9. I’m genuinely bummed Buffalo got Dallas on Thanksgiving. that was going to be my favorite upset. Buffalo rolling into Dallas on some random Sunday. Lowly Buffalo being some out of conference opponent on a random Sunday. Dallas is a a team that seems to play to either level of competition or to the moment. they were poised to come out flat (like Vikings) against Buffalo on a Rando SUnday. now that’s its on Thanksgiving...as of today no way I like Buffalo for that one.
  10. Wow. Never liked or understood the fit of Schiano as Pats D Coordiantor. Grown accustom to seeing Bellichick Line those positions with Youthful Coaches with new ideas. Not old dogs set in their way. huh go figure. So in a move where a coach leaves the Pats...I actually think this is a better decision for them then had Schiano stayed.
  11. I would say the Mike Schoop is strictly a Numbers and Vegas Betting Line Guy. That is how he presents himself. He actually owns that he doesn’t attempt to try to be be or learn the X’s and O’s. so I completely can see how a guy whose opinions are dirived solely from spreadsheets and Vegas woudl irk people.the optics of it aren’t great either
  12. I don’t want local sports shows to be Fluffers for the team. Teams pay their own peopel to fluff them. General Managers, Head Coaches, Play by Play Guys, “Beat Reporters”. so many franchises provide their own people with enough knee pads, mouth wash to fluff long and good. Giving both sides of a coin should not be considered negative or Debbie Downer (what a silly phrase). simply down the middle. I don’t think I’m being a “Debbie Downer” when I say... Buffalo has improved in Offseason, but they still hAvent improved enough to be one of the Top 6-7 teams in the AFC.
  13. The bigger question now is when to draft HUNT. Plenty of time left to unleash he for the Fantasy Playoff push.
  14. I think Buffalo fans are a cut above. We put up higher ratings for Super Bowls than the cities the teams are actually in. We score higher NHL ratings than anyone don’t we? I think we are rabid.
  15. Glad you mentioned this. I’ve been thinking about Buffalo always popping up in these stories and never getting the guys since probably 2010-2011. You could say...they’ve always been bad so why wouldn’t they always be in the game for FAs. Or Agents just always using Buffalo as pawns to raise the price for their players. Or the more cynical side of me says that Buffalo Fans are suckers and rabid and will click on anything that puts the team in a positive direction. If your a twitter Reporter and need clicks or hits. No better fan base to bait than Buffalo Fans. You could say “so and so FA is getting interest from Seattle, Jacksonville and...Buffalo” and the clicks will pour in.
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