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  1. Truth. the play before the pick 6. Ravens had a wide open target standing in the end zone. I think Lamar just didn’t have the time because Hughes got in there. Hughes takes .5 seconds longer to get there...it’s a tied game and who knows...
  2. I too don’t think it will make much difference overall in the regular season. 9-8 or 10-7. Take the South. But this really is not what this is about. It’s and endurance and physicality move predicated on having the most physical and aggressive trio of playmakers on the field when the temp drops below 30 and everyone’s bodies have gone through the gauntlet of the regular season. then you show up on a Sunday for division game or conference championship. and then ask the question...who wants to deal with this trio. I think I like this
  3. This is a baller move with the focus on one thing. January Ball after a 17 game season. January Ball is Playoff Ball. The rules change. The field gets smaller, games get shorter, weather colder, defenses nastier, and league rules less called. Titans do this with an eye to be a physical force both with DHENRY running and now BROWN and JONES down the field. Its really Vrabel saying to the Opposing Defenses... “who wants to lower their shoulder into our guys after 4 months of ball. Who on your team is willing to sell out to bring our beasts down?
  4. I will take the 6’3 220 guy to still hold up after 17, 18, 19 games. And he’s not going to be getting rag dolled by DBs in the playoffs. When you get to January Ball...and the refs change the rules. 6’3 220 trumps 6’0 194 IMO
  5. Well well well this just reshaped some of the AFC Landscape for 2021. I like it... Somewhere on his his throne...D. Henry is smiling.
  6. Chiefs Media doesn’t need to ask Patty Mahomes. Vaccinated since April. but like he says, ‘it’s a personal decision.’ https://www.kmbc.com/article/kansas-city-chiefs-quarterback-patrick-mahomes-says-hes-taken-the-covid-19-vaccine-to-protect-daughter-sterling-skye/36165818#
  7. Well that’s true. The Super Bowl is in February. 😉 I love the league is a passing league. But if I had to pick who I thought was better suited for the dirty muck of playoff football in January...when rules and climate def change...I think the Browns are because their offense can work both from the Run and the Pass. I think that defenses know...they anticipate Refs are going to let them play more in the playoffs...so that in some ways neutralizes a passing games attack. Ravens brought the pain and so did KC against Buffalo. And once the passing game was
  8. Things need to change if Bills want to somehow carry that passing attack into January. When the weather, the teams and Refs don’t play the same way they do on nice sunny day in early October. The tiny Bills WRs are healthy in October. The Refs throw that yellow early and often. Allen’s rockets go unimpeded through fresh calm air. But come the cold harsh realities of January...The tiny Bills WR are all limping on broken bodies...because based on their volume, you can’t honestly expect the tiny BILLS WR to stay healthy through 17-19 games. the Refs deci
  9. Browns just built for January Ball. More than Buffalo. One dimensional teams (no matter how good in the nice weather) just isn’t built for January Ball.
  10. Well someone started this thread. In a Bills Message Board no less. So...yeah....
  11. Probably time to call it a career. And what a career it was when factoring in how it started, what the experts thought he could do versus what he actually did. Got the money, got the rings, got the MVP, and probably has enough upper tier stats for a WR in the Playoffs that will put him in the HOF conversation after a few ballots.
  12. Well they definitely are stock piling in the position no Bills player or scheme can cover.
  13. Patriots don’t really need much. They went what? 7-9 with their whole defense opting out? They get them back. and it’s not like the AFC East is closed for business. BB has the sauce for Allen when a healthy roster. so it should be interesting.
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