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  1. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    Debbie Downers Empowered By WGR550 Afternoon Drive

    I would say the Mike Schoop is strictly a Numbers and Vegas Betting Line Guy. That is how he presents himself. He actually owns that he doesn’t attempt to try to be be or learn the X’s and O’s. so I completely can see how a guy whose opinions are dirived solely from spreadsheets and Vegas woudl irk people.the optics of it aren’t great either
  2. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    Debbie Downers Empowered By WGR550 Afternoon Drive

    I don’t want local sports shows to be Fluffers for the team. Teams pay their own peopel to fluff them. General Managers, Head Coaches, Play by Play Guys, “Beat Reporters”. so many franchises provide their own people with enough knee pads, mouth wash to fluff long and good. Giving both sides of a coin should not be considered negative or Debbie Downer (what a silly phrase). simply down the middle. I don’t think I’m being a “Debbie Downer” when I say... Buffalo has improved in Offseason, but they still hAvent improved enough to be one of the Top 6-7 teams in the AFC.
  3. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    Kareem Hunt suspended 8 games

    The bigger question now is when to draft HUNT. Plenty of time left to unleash he for the Fantasy Playoff push.
  4. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    Report - Bills talking to Hou for Clowney

    I think Buffalo fans are a cut above. We put up higher ratings for Super Bowls than the cities the teams are actually in. We score higher NHL ratings than anyone don’t we? I think we are rabid.
  5. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    Report - Bills talking to Hou for Clowney

    Glad you mentioned this. I’ve been thinking about Buffalo always popping up in these stories and never getting the guys since probably 2010-2011. You could say...they’ve always been bad so why wouldn’t they always be in the game for FAs. Or Agents just always using Buffalo as pawns to raise the price for their players. Or the more cynical side of me says that Buffalo Fans are suckers and rabid and will click on anything that puts the team in a positive direction. If your a twitter Reporter and need clicks or hits. No better fan base to bait than Buffalo Fans. You could say “so and so FA is getting interest from Seattle, Jacksonville and...Buffalo” and the clicks will pour in.
  6. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    The future finally is now in Buffalo

    Whether the moves have moved Buffalo into the Top 6 of AFC remains to be seen. Frankly I still have them 9th or 10th in AFC. But that’s not the point. these moves are a big breath of fresh air in that they are removing of reason for excuses and putting great expectation on their backs for 2019. The number 1 thing I was looking for was to go into 2019 without having to hear: well allen can’t be judge because he doesn’t have so and so. mccoy can’t be judged because they don’t have so and so. mcdermott can’t be judge because they don’t have so and so. no more they can’t be judged because they are lacking something. There is enough here now to win. It should be expected and that’s refreshing because it just cuts to the chase quicker if they don’t.
  7. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    The Jets Are Winning Free Agency, But Will It Even Matter in 2019?

    The expectation on Darnold to match his contemporaries is very high. Each of the last five (which is all of them ) First Round QB has won their division in their second season. wentz, goff, trub, Mahomes, Watson. If Jets/Darnolda wants to keep pace and have a level of expectation they need to spend on both sides of the ball to have the Jets team prepared to make that Division push.
  8. Ahh Adam has always been willing to say Buffalo was on the up and coming. never been right. but I do appreciate him usually picking Buffalo to be a good team every 2-3 seasons.
  9. Ugh! Ugh! What a missed opportunity for Allen and this Franchise. really really stinks to get that close to a game breaking receiver. you want to talk about expectations and taking that next step (like many teams do in year 2)...Brown would have been a Jet Pack to the next level and really been a kick in the butt to the mind set of this franchise. its nice to see Beane and McD are thinking Big and what to take big swings. would have loved to make contact on this one
  10. Aren’t you all tired of this team always using the excuse of “not having talent” to explain why they stink? i. LOVE this trade. Just want no more excuses for why they fail.
  11. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    Dolphins hire Reggie McKenzie

    The reality is that Hue Jackson drove the Raiders into hell with his trades and salary cap mismanagement. McKenzie took over a team with no defense, no first round pick, Salary Cap Jail. It took McKensize a few seasons to crawl out (all Bills fans should appreciate that.) After being able to draft he complied a team that were super Bowl favorites before Carr broke his leg...then 2017 with more injuries. (I hope your not trying to minimize a QB playing with a FRACTURED SPINE) thats when Mark Davis fires everyone and undercuts McKenzie by hiring Gruden. McKenzie was a victim of meddling owners and slew of injuries/bad luck.
  12. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    Dolphins hire Reggie McKenzie

    It shouldn’t be lost to the history books that In 2017...Carr was returning from his broken leg and then during the 2017 Season suffered a Back Fracture in Week 4, to which upon initial diagnosis was 2-6 weeks. He missed 1 and played through it the rest of the season. (Hind sight...not a great idea. BUT he had just signed the MEGA DEAL, and it smells like there was pressure to play even if he was physically compromised) Then there was Amari Cooper who had a foot issue and to this day the extent of his further injuries has never been revealed. But from quotes from other Raiders player...it was extenSive and play making debilitating. Which I think evidence now that Cooper is finally healthy he is lighting it up in Dallas. **Having several Hardcore Raider Fan friends...I’ve heard all about the lost season of 2017, several times at the bar**
  13. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    The Phantom Hold and why the NFL is dying

    2001 - 4-12 2002 - 9-7 2003 - 6-10 2004 - 10-6 2005 - 6-10 2006 - 8-8 2007- 8-8 2008 - 8-8 2009 - 7-9 2010 - 5-11 2011 - 6-10 2012 - 7-9 2013 - 7-9 2014 - 9-7 2015 - 9-7 2016 - 7-9 2017 - 10-6 2018 - 7-9 What your seeing is the Bills Record had they SPLIT with New England every season. Which I feel is something most divisional rivals should be able to accomplish. what this shows me is that even by Buffalo being able to beat New England...they were rarely still ever a good enough team on their own to really matter in any serious conversation in the NFL. Its not New England or The Refs or Bad Luck...it’s Buffalo as a Franchise being inept for nearly all the 21st Century.
  14. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    MVP sums it up

    I can actually answer this. Yes I would be saying that. Take the Titans game this season. One of the worst games to watch all season and that was a win. Now if you mean the actual Super Bowl...well...😂
  15. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    Super Bowl Ratings Hit 10-Year Low

    The only hope we really have for fellow Buffalo Fans to snap them out of this Defense Matters Crutch...is for Josh Allen to light it up in 2019. Only when Buffalo has an offense for the first time in the 21st Century...hopefully the old guard of defense defense defense will fade away and we can start enjoying football in the 21st Century.