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  1. without the ability to wear a bills hat on a trip in Disney and yell, “go bills!” Or get such utter joy and then multiple reposts for a picture of a guy wear long a bills t-shirt in the 3rd row at the Masters… who are we truly as a community? What else is there? Not sure Commander fans have such burdens that lock them ball and chain to the demands of a owner and his football team.
  2. The only 4-5 people that have to worry about Brees arm strength are Drew Brees and the Saints Representatives who would analyze it at the secret private workout. if they sign him then you know there is plenty enough there to do the job.
  3. ‘The Drought’ did enough damage to the local community psyche that the first Coach who had any sort of success would be very well insulated and protected in his job. Fans are just happy to be in the conversation and considered a serious team on a season by season basis that the end results really don’t matter to the Head Coach or the Organization. because the first thing any defender on McDermott would say if he loses is “don’t you remember how bad it used to be.” so many…are just happy to be competitive. And maybe they are right. I’m not one to say. But…if it was Dallas, New England, Miami, LA, Chicago… if those teams were not to win…after: Spending all this money Pre-Season Favorites Vegas Favorites MVP favorite it would be End of Days in those cities and a national shame.
  4. Your not totally off. 2021 - Neither of the Top 2 Betting Favorites even made the Super Bowl. 2020 - Chiefs were #1 but it was Bucs #4 who won it. 2019 - Neither of the Top 2 Betting Favorites even made the Super Bowl. So who knows. In the end it’s really just about ego and humans who feel they need to have control over every situation.
  5. Frankly, that is just an example of…if it was one of our guys … we would all love it. JA17 Spins ball in front of players (cocky) Waves bye-bye in a blow out (cocky) runs up score (arrogant) complains to refs when he throws off balance and gets pushed to turf (cry baby) Mafia is ready to build his statue in front of stadium yesterday. Lol. Patti, Lamar, Rodgers, Brady…they all do it. Bradys biggest problem…is that he didn’t lose (very often). In an era/generation where all the kids get a trophy…his throw back to throttle and pummel you over and over again…doesn’t sit well to some.
  6. He is number 1 merchandise sales… Don’t be mad at Brady because you cheered and thought Chan Gailey, Fitz, EJ, Rex…etc. were good ideas and could actually win. Tom Brady didn’t hold Buffalo back. Buffalo held Buffalo back.
  7. A good early season matchup in PrimeTime as Buffalo attempts to finally overcome the obstacle that has been the Tennessee Titans in the Regular Season. And as for Josh Allen’s Feet…a shot at redemption.
  8. You may be right. The Offensive Coordinator Landscape in AFCE is interesting. Patriots refuse to name a OC…so they are disqualified. Bills named Ken Dorsey…whom is a Rookie OC…thus untested and unknown. Mike LaFleur will be in his 2nd Year…coming from the 49ers System Mike McDaniel will be in his 2nd Year…coming from the 49ers System. Based on that…not including the players…I would say McDaniel based on his experience in the league being longer and his success with the 49ers. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Dolphins have the best Offensive Coordinator in the division running the show as HC with Hipster Mad scientist McDaniel and with addition of T. hill and emergence of Waddle as a flat of Stud he should only be having more fun scheming. So while the execution of the QB is still a “?” Dolphins won’t be short for offensive ingenuity.
  10. Always ready to put an end to the Titans… And then Mike Vrabel steps up and shows what a scrapper, fighter and winner he is. Still probably pick Colts though in 2022.
  11. With Joey B pulling that trigger…sky is the limit for Bengals in the AFC. Just keep him upright.
  12. Interesting new strategy by the Ravens to get Lamar to discuss his contact. I guess asking and waiting to give him the dump truck of $$$$ wasn’t working. So thr ravens finally have his attention? Ready to actually talk numbers #8?
  13. Have another 🍺. jesus. Triggered much? It’s important to differentiate that when I say Bellichick stuck it to buffalo…I’m not saying he stuck it to you. He stuck it to a football team.
  14. Bellichik knew who the Giants Coach was didn’t he?
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