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  1. Based on the last 2 weeks...I don't see networks turning their cameras away anymore.
  2. Cynical response would be, ‘Players are allowed to kneel during anthem’, but with no fans in stadium who will see it? thats when it will fall on NBC, CBS, FOX and ESPN to show the players kneeling. EVERY WEEK.
  3. Notice when they make the announcement ? Friday Night. The weekly dumping ground for when companies don’t think/want the majority of people are watching/hearing the news. those folks in the New York offices are clever. but at least it was finally said
  4. If I was going to gloat about being right...there was the past 20 years of opportunities. Lol. But no. Gloating over Record Predictions...no way. It's just a fun guessing/predicting game.
  5. Thank you for posting this. When I did my knee jerk initial prediction on the season I too had the 4 game losing streak at the end. Which was met with many “fun” reactions i haven’t seen anyone else agree with that until this CBS post.
  6. It’s too bad that too many teams are covered by journalists who are either paid by said team or are fans of said team. the best way that it should work woudl be if you have a team of journalists in print, internet and tv/radio who were all out of Towners But alas that will never happen.
  7. With the regular flu...Player X takes the fluid injections, plays with flu like symptoms and it goes down as a legend for playing with flu like symptoms. Now...they are benched for multiple weeks. this is why you can’t take this too seriously (the sport). Possibly invest 14 weeks into your favorite team and then in the final three weeks of the season starting quarterback is benched do to Asymptomatic results
  8. the real “Fun” won’t begin until a team purposely hides the fact that their Star Player, who is asymptomatic, tests positive. but since the game is soooo important, they play him anyway. that will make for a entertaining “Coronagate”
  9. It does not have to be that something in Buffalo went wrong as much as perhaps some thing with another team went MORE right. If Sam Darnold were to maximize and fulfill the promise of his potential in year three...may be virtually 13 win quarterback.
  10. The opportunities were there in those 17 years. Wasn’t process or culture...just needed to make 2-3 plays in a handful of games.
  11. Any good leader? Or any winning leader?
  12. No. Process is just a made up word that a human created to give the illusion to control the uncontrollable. What got Buffalo into the playoffs is the same stuff all other 31 teams do on a daily basis. Bounces and breaks eventually come your way.
  13. Well...on the bright side...we can all finally move beyond the mythologizing of the “magic” inside “the process” of OBD. They’re all just dudes...doing their thing...living life...making good decisions and bad. whether they play for Dallas...New England or Buffalo.
  14. Now you got me thinking Goff won’t be affected at all in a sold out New Era. And if there are NO fans...shoot...now I might pick Rams to win that one. thnaks!
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