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  1. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    Was Baker Mayfield a DOUCHE Yesterday?

    Mayfields Results on the field will determine how this is perceived in years down the road. - If he wins, Super Bowls, HOF...Mayfield will be portrayed as a underdog winner with a chip on his shoulder that fuels him to being the ultimate gamer and clutch performer. - If he loses, busts out of league, back up...Mayfield will be portrayed as an immature brat with mental issues who can’t handle big moments or criticism.
  2. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    I think I would hate the Pats if the Bills were ever Good.

    No Bills fan. Winner! and yes I felt after reading the venom form the GameDay Thread this subject of New England being the “villain” or “boogeyman” was vastly over rated. the true villains for Buffalo in the 21st Century have been Buffalo Inept Management and Ownership.
  3. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    I think I would hate the Pats if the Bills were ever Good.

    You got it figured out. Now it’s Buffalos turn.
  4. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    I think I would hate the Pats if the Bills were ever Good.

    Sleep well!
  5. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    I think I would hate the Pats if the Bills were ever Good.

    Looking for truth?
  6. During their dynasty I mean. Say if buffalo was ever good and New England’s success was stopping buffalo from being good it would make me hate the Patriots. Is what I’m saying. discuss.
  7. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    Who’s watching the super bowl

    Can’t wait to watch it with friends and friends! Super Excited!
  8. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    How Offense Took Over the N.F.L.

    Oh man I have been a fan since ‘88. Went to around 4-5 Games a year for most of the 90s. Attended 1990 season Dolphins divisional game, Both Playoffs in 1991 (Chiefs/Broncos) and stayed for all on Comeback game. Plus many many more. I watch theThursday Game, along with Bills game, some of 425 game, Sunday Night and Monday night. I have play multiple Fantasy leagues and listen to more Sports Talk than is probably good for me. i worded my original post as if I was a General Audience Viewer (my mIstake). Those viewers that NFL doesn’t have their hooks into but who make the difference I feel when it comes to reallt putting the rating numbers over the top. Those Re the viewers who feel neither a nostalgic pull to watch no matter what or a hometown obligation to watch no matter what. Worded the original poorly, but they are the ones who have many different outlets vying for their Thursday, Sunday, Monday attention. those are the viewers I feel you aim to snare by making the game more bright, colorful and exciting. Star Power with big plays, exciting up tempo scoring and a back and forth narrative that allows all four quadrants Of viewers to enjoy (Fans Of Team 1, Fans Of Team 2, Fans Of Other Teams, General Viewers).
  9. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    How Offense Took Over the N.F.L.

    There are so many entities trying to get my attention and my dollars on any given Sunday in the Fall. Movies, TV Shows, Streaming Services, Music Concerts, Day Trips, The Internet, Family Functions, Friend Gatherings The NFL needs to work to get my time, attention and dollars and that requires the product getting more intersting/inticing/exciting.
  10. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    About Tom Brady and the Patriots

    Brady/Bellichick/ Pats have always been a good scape goat for fellow BillsMafia to explain away why our team is one of the worst franchises in the 21st Century.
  11. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    About Tom Brady and the Patriots

    Brady is always a good example to show that people enjoy a good rags to riches, underdog story...as long you don’t have too much success in the process. There are limits to how much you can have apparently.
  12. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    Having watched some of his Dolphins Post Games...Gase is a very akward guy at the podium who hides under his hat. Which is pulled down as far as it can go where sometimes all you see is mouth moving. I would suspect...you put some people in a ball cap, with a jacket and sweat pants and put them out on the football field...they are going to be normal and pretty good coach. You put the same person in a suit and tie, take away theie security blanket (the hat) and tell them to stand in front of lights and cameras...they might de-evolve. My wife has a very public profession where she is required to talk to many people out in social settings and she’s great at it...BUT you ask her to talk about herself in front of a group of people and she becomes a disaster. Anxiety, fear of public speaking, shyness. Some sort of combination I would think.
  13. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    What Would Josh Allen Skeptics Need To See In Order To Buy In?

    I wonder if that scramble dump off to Ivory was coincidence or a designed breakdown play. i ask because when watching highlights of Allen in 2018. Allen/Ivory pulled off near identical play against Vikings.
  14. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    People want to talk about expectations. Let the league/Allen’s contemporaries set the bar on what those expectations will be. The previous FIVE 1st Round QBs have ALL in their SECOND SEASONS guided their teams to DIVISION TITLES. Goff, Wentz, Trubisky, Mahomes, Watson. Thats the realistic bar for the BUFFALO BILLS if they Are serious. Maybe they really aren’t serious. Or maybe they will set it lower for fear of being forced to start over again. But that is the bar set.
  15. RalphWilson'sNewWar

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    Very far. McDermotts Offense points per game 2017 - 17.9 2018 - 16.8 Top Points per Game Teams 2016 1. Falcons 2. Saints 3. Pats SUPER BOWL Pats v. Falcons 2017 1. Rams 2. Pats 3. Eagles SUPER BOWL Pats v. Eagles 2018 1. Chiefs 2. Rams 3. Saints 4. Pats SUPER BOWL Two of those four. So if you mean to compete for wild cards/playoffs maybe not too far. For the big prize? Far.