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  1. I concur. While he might not be an all pro anymore Josh Norman will certainly bring the swagger and mouth Phillips and Lawson did. I think the defence will be better if/when Norman returns.
  2. I think it's just a case of Blandino trying to take the bland out of his name. He'd put a glass eye to sleep that lad.
  3. How Donald turned it up on Sunday in the second half reminded me of our game at the Raiders a few years ago. We were in front and Khalil Mack took over and ruined our offensive line. Totally changed the course of the game. Fortunately we're now an offensive juggernaut so were able to overcome and deal with it.
  4. Just ignore the analytics and enjoy it. And if it doesn't last don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened
  5. I hardly bother with any coach press conferences. There's no point. I'm glad McDermott is like he is.
  6. This is the game the D gets in on some red hot scoring action. Rams 24-34 Bills
  7. It makes you wonder how we won on Sunday doesn't it?
  8. I wouldn't have a clue in an offensive lineman was having a good day or nor other than if he was a complete and obvious turnstile. However, I follow Brandon Thorn on Twitter who provides excellent and thorough analysis of linemen on both sides of the ball but he does seem to focus in on offensive linemen more. He does annual rankings of all starting linemen and he certainly rates Spain higher than a lot of folk and especially Joe B. He also posted a video of Dawkins being particularly nasty finishing off a block and stated "Dawkins is good for a couple of these a game". I recommend Thorn as an OL analyst.
  9. I’m sorry but I can’t stand the way McDermott eats his dinner. All mouth closed, efficiently chewing and gently whiping his mouth clear of any juices and excess food. If you watch Belichick eat he does so in a way where there isn’t any danger of food leaking out past his beautifully formed mouth. All class and he knows the exact nutritional value of what he’s fuelling his body with. That loser McDermott just looks at his grub and wonders if it’s good for a wrestler. Doesn’t even check to see the brand of ketchup he haphazardly smothers his fries with. Anyway, to stop myself getting angry I just don’t bother watching him eat anymore as doing the same thing over and over getting the same bad result is the definition of madness. Go Bills 👍
  10. I hope not. For the same reason I'd want Goff to go at Tre White all day. From what I saw of the highlights of the Rams v Cowboys games Ramsey didn't follow Amari Cooper. He went up against Gallup and Lamb a bit too. You'd expect this to be the case on Sunday too but with Diggs, Brown and possibly Davis. Can anyone see him covering Beasley? Not me. Allen will need to be selective when targeting Ramsey. There'll be opportunities a plenty to throw whoever isn't Ramsey . Ramsey might be a bit of a gobshite pillock but more importantly he's a corner you don't take liberties with. It would be great if we could control the game and then get him with a play like we did on Gilmore with Brown last year to seal the win. But at the end of the day, winning, no matter how, is more important than rubbing Ramsey's face in it.
  11. I may be wrong but didn't we do this to both the Falcons and Vikings? I must say I'm really looking forward to these next four games. We've had the fishy starters now it's time for the main course. Let's eat and be merry. Sunday's game has been selected as the live 6pm (1pm for you guys) Sky Sports game over here. A sign we're doing ok.
  12. Oh aye, he’s a very wealthy man and fair play to him. To continue the poker analogy, it’s ironic he’s ended up with the fish 👍
  13. I liken Fitz to the guy who plays in your local poker tournament who plays and calls every hand and bet. He has no inhibitions and is going to jolly well enjoy himself along the way. He'll win a few hands early doors, enjoy a drink and a giggle but eventually he get picked off by the better players but ultimately, won't win a penny. The other players love having him there and he's a good person but they also know he gives them a very good chance of doubling their chips.
  14. The lucky little bugger has a Switch as well so I’m not sure where we’d keep 3 consoles 😀 I suspect we’ll box up the PS4 and keep in case of an emergency.
  15. I have a question if somebody can answer please? My son has a PS4 and has done well to save money to buy plenty of games. The vast majority of which are downloads from the Playstation Store. If we get him a PS5 for Christmas and sign in with his current Playstation account details will the games he downloaded be available to play? We'll get him a game or two for the PS5 as well but he might want to play his PS4 games as well while saving up for more PS5 games. Cheers.
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