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  1. The word “soccer” taken from shortening of the word “association”. I maybe wrong but I think this was first seen in the 1950s.
  2. Plenty of soccer on over here but I’m getting to the point now where I’ve seen that many games there isn’t much which excites me about the game anymore. England are playing a cricket test match in South Africa so will dip in and out of that over both weekend days. I’m taking my son to his flag football session tomorrow morning which he loves and I enjoy watching him play his new favourite sport. He really has developed an affection and understanding of the game this year.
  3. The QB reminds me of Roberto, The Waterboy’s father. I’ve just watched the first episode and as someone else has mentioned the QB’s dad is coming across as though this is his breakout role and it’s Hollywood all the way from here. Both very strange people. Whether that makes them untrustworthy I don’t know.
  4. With these acts and an extended half time I reckon I could set a new PB.
  5. They do not. Well, not that any I’ve been to anyway. Yes. Jerry Hughes was held so bad on the game winning TD throw too.
  6. He royally dicked that game right up yet we still should have won.
  7. The Spurs stadium is mint. The work they put into making it an NFL stadium was more than worth it. IF the Bills do play in London I'd prefer it to be at Tottenham.
  8. A defensive abomination of a game. Makes me sick to the stomach.
  9. All the years I've wondered what would happen if a horse fertilised a giraffe.......
  10. I played my son at Madden earlier. Bills v Texans. Game ended 14-7 Texans. We picked Watson twice but couldn’t do anything on offense. Zay Jones dropped at least 5 passes. So taking into account Jones won’t be playing I’m going to say 24-14 Bills.
  11. Ah, down south then. Enjoy your Beefeater meal!
  12. You guys making me envious with the beef on weck talk.
  13. Game kicks off at 9:30pm over here so it’ll be a rascal of a day. Also, both my father and father in law are in hospital (the same hospital as bad luck would have it) at the moment so we’ll be visiting a couple of wards during the day. When the game eventually arrives it’ll be a welcome distraction. I can’t wait. Go Bills. Where in the UK have you been?
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