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  1. No wonder Tua struggles to walk.
  2. I'd be worried, nay, disturbed if the Bills made a decision on my or anyone else's opinion on this website.
  3. Hello All, I'm just thinking ahead here. Tickets for the games played at Tottenham are considerably harder to get than the games at Wembley. I may struggle to get some for the Bills game next season. If so, is there a way of me paying one of you lovely season ticket holders the price of a ticket(s) (plus a beer or two on top) and it being transferred/sent to me (maybe via an app?). I'm presuming Bills season ticket holders will get first dibs on these tickets with it being a Bills home game. Any advise would be great.
  4. They were available until last summer when all of a sudden there was an increase in users from New Jersey wanting that username.
  5. It's a home game. I don't think the NFL could've made it any more obvious.
  6. The Bills UK group have regular meets to watch games at the Fitzrovia Belle . That’s a fair trek to Tottenham though before the match.
  7. Those are the 5 home teams for the International games. The away teams haven't been decided/announced yet.
  8. I've just told my son. He's buzzing. It'll be his 2nd Bills game and my 3rd.
  9. I can't see the NFL making the Patriots go to Europe twice in a season.
  10. You might be able to double up with a l***s game?!
  11. The Spurs stadium has it's own field for NFL games. It rolls in and out of the stadium over the top of the soccer field.
  12. @GunnerBill going to Spurs is a day on film I'd like to see.
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