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  1. I ran 12km this morning. Took me a bit longer than the 1 hour Boris has given us but what can you do? On a rather strange and disgusting note, I ran by some chancer ***** on someone’s driveway. We’re living in very strange times.
  2. I don't need metrics for me to know which one of the two I'd prefer to follow out on to the field every Sunday.
  3. I’ll ask the question. Who would y’all rather have, Tre or McCaffrey?
  4. My early morning walks have turned into early morning runs. Got up to 8k covered this morning through the deserted streets of my beautiful city. I’m determined to make some good out of this bad situation. Anybody have a PS4? My son does and I’m starting to play a few games on there to pass the time. FIFA 20, Madden 20 and The Golf Club 2019. I’m not very good at them. Especially FIFA and Madden but can be competitive on TGC. If anyone fancies a trans-Atlantic game give me a shout.
  5. Isn’t the cap based on NFL revenue? IF games are to be played behind closed doors this year it’ll have a major impact on revenue. Hopefully it won’t come to that but it’s a possibility. At this time I’d be taking 2021 cap figures with a note of caution.
  6. I very rarely touch the stuff but when I do I binge. We don't keep much in the house. Just a bottle of spiced rum just in case a situation arises where we need a quick nip. Bit this is extremely rare. I don't drink at all during the week. I only tend to drink on odd nights out with friends when we hit the town or make a day/night of a soccer game somewhere. Both these instances tend to be what we call in Britain "a sesh". Out 11am Saturday and then that's it until sometime early hours of Sunday. I can't manage these very often anymore. I've only drank once in 2020 so far.
  7. Cheers CB. Maybe a year away from the game would have done his body and head a world of good. Here's hoping anyway.
  8. To be fair Brady is mentioned and threads started about him an awful lot on here.
  9. If McDermott can get 6 wins out of the Bills 2018 team then Belichick can get 8+ out of his current motley crew.
  10. I agree but is there a stud TE in this draft? Even more so a stud still there when we pick?
  11. I’ve been heading out for a walk early each morning too. The weather has been great this week. I love walking around watching streets wake up. Cleaned the car this morning. Did some schooling with my son. Managed to get some work done each evening. My friends and I are having an online poker game on Friday night. PokerStars allow you to set up private poker clubs and organise regular games.
  12. White Gilmore Ramsey Adams Fitzpatrick
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