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  1. Ooh, imagine the hoo-ha if we go into the Pats game 3-0? Even more so if they've managed to lose 2 of their first 3.
  2. I watched episode 2 last night. I was surprised by how little personality and enthusiasm Glennon and Peterman have. Seen more charm in a mass grave. You can see why Gruden had a pop at them. I get the same impression when I see Josh Rosen. Although admittedly not seen him as close up he always seems to have a face like someone came into his house and pi$$ed on his kids at Christmas.
  3. I'll probably watch the first half like I did with the first pre-season game. No injuries, OL continued improvement and the RB battle continuing to be strong are my wish list for tonight.
  4. One - Bills v Jaguars in London. Soon to be two.
  5. God will forgive him. God will forgive him and let him into heaven. I can’t live with that - Ed Oliver, August 14, 2019.
  6. We moved into our current house 10 years ago. Both neighbours have moved since. One was a middle aged lady who lived on her own and my partner knew her as she used to work with her mum. She moved to a smaller property closer to the city a couple of years ago. The neighbours on the other side started off ok but they soon turned when we started to renovate the house and sort the garden. One day we bought some small bushes to plant up along the border of our gardens to give it a natural boundary. We planted them on our side as to not take any of their land away. These bushes were only small, knee high at best and we only intended to grow them to waist height. They probably can't grow any higher anyway. A day after they went in there was a knock on the door and it was the bright spark male from next door. He asked what type of bushes they were and what height we intended to grow them. We told him and he went away happy. The following week he was round again asking about the bushes. His dozy wife still wasn't happy. There wasn't a lot more I could tell him. To put their mind at ease I promised to call the local council to check we were acting correctly. We were. Then one day about a month later I was unpacking shopping from the car and he starts up again. Giving it the large one. I told him to shut the f**k up and the bushes were staying. A week later their house was up for sale. By the summer they were gone. They actually moved house due to 5 or 6 knee high bushes. I think because were a younger couple who were new to the street we'd just cave in and they would continue to be the #### of the street as they thought. World doesn't work like that.
  7. Chicken Tikka Masala originates from Scotland. A customer was unhappy with the dryness of his dish in an Indian restaurant in Glasgow (I think). The chef responded by tipping some tomato soup into it and the Chicken Tikka Masla was born. I'm a big Indian food fan. I tend to choose something off the chef or house specials menu as to get something different in each restaurant I go to. If I see something described as given to the staff after work I go for that. When my partner was pregnant with our son she craved Indian food. My son loves it. He's not a big eater so he's always happy with the chicken tikka starter with some plain rice and a pile of popadoms and mango chutney dip. If you ever find yourself in London head to Brick Lane or Southall. The food there is fantastic. With me being from the north there are also some great curry towns. West Yorkshire being particularly great.
  8. At least he didn’t come out with some bull like Anquan Boldin did about joint The Avengers or something.
  9. How worried? Officially worried?
  10. I think I'm pretty switched on geography wise so I've no plans to visit Orlando for the day 🙂 We're only in Buffalo for the weekend and on the Sunday we're catching the Patriots game. I've already been to NYC and Chicago. In 2005 when the England soccer team played in the US. BTW, I preferred Chicago to NYC.
  11. Thanks. I'm not confident with driving abroad. Especially with having my son with me. The bus is no problem. It means we'll also get to see some places we wouldn't normally if we stuck to the tourist guide. We intend on setting off in good time on the Saturday morning from downtown.
  12. Honesty, just over 60 minutes on a bus wouldn't be a huge piece of turmoil.
  13. Cheers. A couple of dollars on the 40 remains the choice at this time.
  14. Don't know, never used one.
  15. In regards to getting to the falls from Buffalo, we intend on getting the number 40 NFTA from downtown. Is the the best/easiest/cheapest was of doing it? Thanks.
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