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  1. That particular track was co-written by Noel Gallagher. Gallagher also performs the vocals.
  2. Sound that. We have our annual Christmas poker night that particular night in a local sports bar. Poker and football. Nice.
  3. One of my all time favourite songs.
  4. I saw a bit of the Raiders on Redzone last week and their offensive line looks pretty good. If they can win the battle against Bosa they can win this one. Incognito looks in good fettle still. Look for Jacobs to run towards the left side of his line a lot. Big question is still the Raiders D.
  5. For the first time in as long as I can remember the Bills play on the same day as my soccer team over here in the UK. I get to take my son to the soccer then back home in the warmth to watch the game. Will put a lovely pot of chicken and potato curry on the slow cooker before we go to soccer so we can tuck in as the Bills do the business. Must be a fair number of Bills fans going to this one?
  6. Think Haskins’ size helped. If it had been Murray it might not have ended so well.
  7. Fingers crossed they run some kind of stunt play and he has a meeting with Phillips, J.
  8. They’re having one of their best seasons in recent memory. Chap wants to relax.
  9. Aye, I’d much rather have him sat next to Reynolds than some of the others on Sky. I’d also much rather have him on tele than anywhere near the Bills sideline.
  10. I must say, of all the fans I’ve encountered here in the UK at the London games, Eagles fans were the most obnoxious and unsociable. However, they were dealt with in an un-Buffalo way. A quick “shut up you bellends” in a gruff northern English accent did the trick that time.
  11. 9pm. Clocks went back Sunday morning. 👍
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