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  1. I concur on the differences in the two sports. I think it's quite easy to tell from the personalities of our posts on here how we as individuals take different things from watching football. If I were to watch a game looking at the complexities of the play I think I'd lose something. I like to concentrate on the emotions and atmosphere of a game where you seem to tend to lean toward the tactical and technical side more?
  2. Give me one live game over 100 on the TV. If money was no object I'd be at whatever stadium the Bills were playing in every week. I can watch on TV as I have little choice. I can't stand watching soccer on TV. Really are watching a TV show and not watching sport.
  3. At least she got it finished within the hour unlike Aretha Fraklin that Thanksgiving night in Detroit.
  4. The episode where Dave becomes most wanted.
  5. Once she got beyond 69 there was no other age she was going to die at.
  6. I'm currently getting angry with seagulls. Early morning seagulls. With their wings and squawky beaks making a commotion at 4am every morning. We're 45 miles from the sea. Piss off back to the coast and concentrate on stealing rough folk's chips you feathery little freaks.
  7. 1. Ryan Tannehill 2. Daddy Tannehill 3. Mummy Tannehill 4. One of Ryan Tannehill's grandparents (don't mind which)
  8. Edinburgh Castle is worth a visit. The views from up there over to the firth are excellent. Have a walk up and down Princes Street then a lovely walk up to the castle. Walk back down via the Royal Mile. London is London. Get a guide book and pick a few things. Always something to suit everyone and so easy to get around. I'm not a fan of Liverpool so not been too many times other than for soccer. I did go to The Beatles museum at Albert Dock once. That was quite cool. Restaurants is of course, dependant on your tastes. The internet, especially Trip Advisor is your friend there.
  9. "Now I'm a paraplegic and I know why". They don't write them like that anymore. "There are ghosts in the eyes of all the boys you sent away". Doesn't get much better than that. Including Afroman.
  10. We stayed here. Very good hotel. It was close to everywhere we wanted to be. Rooms were spacious and comfortable. The swimming pool was just the job too.
  11. I love the song and the album "Urban Hymns" is superb. An interesting titbit about Bitter Sweet Symphony: "Bitter Sweet Symphony" is based on a sample from a 1965 version of the Rolling Stones song "The Last Time" by the Andrew Oldham Orchestra. The Verve added strings, guitar, percussion and vocals. They obtained rights to use the "Last Time" sample from the copyright holder, Decca Records, but were denied permission from the Rolling Stones' former manager, Allen Klein. Following a lawsuit, The Verve relinquished all royalties and the Rolling Stones members Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were added to the songwriting credits. In 2019, ten years after Klein's death, Jagger, Richards, and Klein's son ceded the rights to The Verve songwriter Richard Ashcroft.
  12. Well Liam Gallagher was awsome. A set list of pure joy. Some of the old B sides were so unexpected but brought back memories in my head I didn't l know I had. Set list: Rock 'n' Roll Star (Oasis song) Columbia (Oasis song) Shakermaker (Oasis song) (Liam Gallagher solo live debut) Up in the Sky (Oasis song) (Liam Gallagher solo live debut) Digsy's Dinner (Oasis song) (Liam Gallagher solo live debut) Bring It On Down (Oasis song) (first time since 2018) Cloudburst (Oasis song) (Liam Gallagher solo live debut) I Will Believe (Oasis song) (Liam Gallagher solo live debut) Half the World Away (Oasis song) (Liam Gallagher solo live debut, first time singing lead vocals, dedicated to Noel Gallagher) D'Yer Wanna Be a Spaceman? (Oasis song) (first time since 2018) Fade Away (Oasis song) Lock All the Doors (Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds cover) (demo version, Liam Gallagher solo live debut) (It's Good) To Be Free (Oasis song) (Liam Gallagher solo live debut) Whatever (Oasis song) (first time since 2018) Cigarettes & Alcohol (Oasis song) Married With Children (Oasis song) (Liam Gallagher solo live debut) Encore: Supersonic (Oasis song) Slide Away (Oasis song) Live Forever (Oasis song) Encore 2: I Am the Walrus (The Beatles cover) (Liam Gallagher solo live debut)
  13. You could have Wimbledon in NYC or maybe in nearby Flushing and call it something like The US Open.
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