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  1. I disagree with this. They are out of the game if down a couple of scores. They are built to keep to keep the game close but you saw in the playoffs last year and the games against the chiefs he can't pass effectively if needed to get the team back in the game.
  2. This is the last season you are going to be able to say this barring injury.
  3. Passing is more valuable om a down to down basis than running. If a team is prioritizing the run they either don't understand today's game or know that the QB is incapable.
  4. I can agree with the idea that Mayfield could improve with more time in the system but a more important point is to look at how the Stefanski introduced a run first system knowing that Mayfield would be his QB. They don't think it's a good recipe for him to be controlling the game with his arm which is telling in a league that is more and more reliant on throwing. Good luck paying him as a top quarterback when your system is designed to deemphasize the QB.
  5. It's hard to say the Bills defense would have done all that much better considering the Chiefs had 3 drives with Henne playing. The first drive was when Mahomes got hurt and they were at midfield and they ended up kicking a FG. The second one was an interception and the 3rd was running down the clock. I would like to think the Bills don't let Henne get loose on the 3rd and 13 but look what happened during the Texans playoffs loss last year. What I do think is that if you have Mahomes out of the game with 9:00 left in the 3rd quarter and the Bills down 22-10, I like our chances
  6. What about before he got hurt? KC went down and scored touchdowns on their first 2 drives and then Mahomes hurt his toe on the third drive and was noticeably limping. They scored a FG on that drive anyway and then got another field goal before the half. The Browns weren't stopping the chiefs, Mahomes got hurt and was hampered by it and later was removed from the game for the head thing. This Bills defense was bad against the chiefs but I don't think you point to the Browns game against the chiefs as a reason why Cleveland is in a better position to take the chiefs down. Everybo
  7. This completely discounts the fact that Mahomes busted up his toe against the Browns and then was later removed from the game. Mahomes in the first half against the Browns was 19-33 for 233 with a touchdown throwing and running. If he doesn't get hurt or get taken out of the game I'm confident the Chiefs score more points. Can you tell me the efficacy rate of the Chargers defense against the Chiefs in week 17? Maybe Mcdermott and Frazier can steal their plan.
  8. Brady had 4600 yards and 40 TDs. Game manager lol come on now
  9. You used the term 3 times in a paragraph that's all. Not trying to argue with you we all love the Bills.
  10. Looking at it objectively the Bills have a better team and a really good look at moving on.
  11. It has nothing to do with me wanting to hear people cheerleading the Bills, it's just poor overall analysis. Glad you like weak sauce tho lol it's yours man enjoy
  12. I know this isn't all your opinion but the factors presented here weak sauce.
  13. I was agreeing with you. The bottom line is everything the Ravens have done since drafting LJ is to shift focus away from passing and concentrate on running which is inherently lower value.
  14. Yea these are my thoughts exactly. Why is everyone hyping up LJ and the Ravens when the Bills have the better offense with Allen. Then we hear that the Bills have no running game and the Ravens will just gear up to stop the pass. The Bills haven't run all year. The offense has always gone through Allen's arm. The defense on the other side has known this every game and he still lit teams up on a regular basis. Over the Raven's 6 game win streak, LJ is averaging less than 21 passing attempts per game. Over LJ's first 10 starts, he averaged 27.6 passing attempst per game wi
  15. Not only that but he appears to be pretty bad at passing judging by ypg. There is no way hes some amazing passer and they are like no no lets have him run. Its objectively less valuable to run the ball. His total yards in his MVP season were less than just Allen's passing yards this year and Allen ran for 400+ on top of his passing.
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