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  1. rough take here and indicative of the kind of poorly thought out surface analysis stuff that PFF would claim to be above. Hodges has thrown far less balls than Allen has this season so comparing their TD % without sample sizes is a joke. How about Matt Haack? His TD % is 100% this year clearly making him 20 times as effective as hodges and upwards of 25x the QB Allen is. Not to mention the thought that much like with Lamar Jackson, the Steelers don't ask Hodges to pass to get the ball down the field so meaning he is getting a higher percentage of his passes in a place that where the likelyhood of throwing a touchdown is increases (redzone) Analytics would tell you that they go beyond traditional statistics so quoting them in defense of bad takes is just ridiculous.
  2. Patriots are scoring 18.75 per game over their last 4. There offense if clearly trending down.
  3. FYI Allen's per game stats if you remove the Pats game 91.44 QB rating 1.75 TD's per game 0.67 INT's per game 234 yards per game He has objectively played well except for a terrible performance against the ridiculous patriots defense. He definitely needs improvement especially on deep balls but overall I find it hard not to like what he's done so far especially as we keep winning.
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