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  1. Fun Fact: Hill has 1 TD against the Bills in 4 games (including playoffs). Also in the regular season he was hasn't done much against the Bills. He's racked up yards in the two playoff games but he scored 2 TDs in 5 minutes against the Ravens. I just don't think that will happen Sunday.
  2. That's not really accurate though if you are trying to try and predict a future performance. the process is what matters in predicting the future not the result. Go back and watch the 2 long hill TDs. Hill runs in a straight line at the snap, Tua basically stares him down then heaves it as far as he can and Hill slows up, catches and runs into the endzone. He was so open both times it was stupid. Hill hasn't been able to go over the top against the Bills with Mahomes so avoid that and we'll see.
  3. Clearly bait but you got me. Allen has played 1 game and put up 4 total TDs so we'll see TDs after Monday. Of the two picks, Allen literally had 1 go off a receivers hands and the other one was a great play by the db. I don't remember another bad throw by Allen on Thursday but maybe you do. Mahomes threw a worse ball right to Samuel last night handled it about as well as someone who never saw a football before. How could anyone say Allen is better at this point? They actually watch the games.
  4. I don't have much of an opinion about whether Diggs or Kupp is better but in the interest of having a real debate and bringing people to tears: The Bills scored an 47 and 36 points in 2 postseason games The Rams scored 34, 30, 20, 17 So whatever Diggs was bringing to the table was clearly helping the Bills more than Kupp was helping the Rams. If Diggs wasn't being targeted much it was because teams sold out to stop him and all costs and Bills offense was prolific. So from a team scoring standpoint Diggs had a huge effect.
  5. Is it a more terrible look than giving the go ahead on a suspension that the general public will look at and say "really that's it?" Idk the ins and outs of the entire process but the NFLPA agreed to use Roger Goodell as the arbitrator in the appeals process in the bargaining agreement so I'm not sure what their standing is to go to court if the process they agreed upon doesn't go their way.
  6. I don't think it matters that much what Robinson says unless she says no suspension at all. The acceptance of the ruling handed down gets challenged by the league I would think. As far as I can tell, unless Robinson says there should be no suspension, the league can appeal to Goodell and basically give whatever suspension they desire. Goodell has final say in the appeals process so the league which is basically Goodell anyway is free to give any length of suspension unless the ruling from the judge is that there will be no suspension.
  7. According to the nfl prospect pages cook is 199 and hall is 217 so 18 lbs. We were comparing speed anyway. Hall was taken 27 spots ahead of cook.
  8. Chris Johnson was drafted 24th overall. What's your point here
  9. Breece Hall's 10 yd split was 1.54 seconds James Cook's 10 yd split was 1.55 seconds So 0.01 second difference in acceleration.
  10. Watson is not the better runner. They are even or Allen is better. I think people haven't looked at Watson's stats in a while. He is not some generational player here.
  11. This assumes that everything would play out the same agains which is not reality. Sometimes u need to get lucky in the playoffs. See the Bengals this year. Also, seeing how loaded the AFC West is maybe the Bills can avoid the chiefs in the playoffs. Id gladly take a SB even if they dont beat the chiefs on the way
  12. This is terrible play design too. 3 receivers went into routes, one guy at the top and the two in this picture. Nobody over the middle. The two guys in the picture are way too close to each other. Bunch of Nebraska defenders over there. Not a lot for Allen to work with.
  13. If you go under "You" in the top left and select "Your Account" it takes you to the account page. The 2nd header on that page is "Subscription" and should list your next billing date and payment amount.
  14. Dont come at me like that he better run it in himself if we are ever there
  15. Yea, looking at the stats as well, Wilson has never had a year as good as Allen had last year in terms of total touchdowns, total yards or completion percentage. If he's placed above Allen it's not because of recent performance but holding on to old narratives.
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