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  1. That particular track was co-written by Noel Gallagher. Gallagher also performs the vocals.
  2. Sound that. We have our annual Christmas poker night that particular night in a local sports bar. Poker and football. Nice.
  3. One of my all time favourite songs.
  4. I saw a bit of the Raiders on Redzone last week and their offensive line looks pretty good. If they can win the battle against Bosa they can win this one. Incognito looks in good fettle still. Look for Jacobs to run towards the left side of his line a lot. Big question is still the Raiders D.
  5. For the first time in as long as I can remember the Bills play on the same day as my soccer team over here in the UK. I get to take my son to the soccer then back home in the warmth to watch the game. Will put a lovely pot of chicken and potato curry on the slow cooker before we go to soccer so we can tuck in as the Bills do the business. Must be a fair number of Bills fans going to this one?
  6. Think Haskins’ size helped. If it had been Murray it might not have ended so well.
  7. Fingers crossed they run some kind of stunt play and he has a meeting with Phillips, J.
  8. They’re having one of their best seasons in recent memory. Chap wants to relax.
  9. Aye, I’d much rather have him sat next to Reynolds than some of the others on Sky. I’d also much rather have him on tele than anywhere near the Bills sideline.
  10. I must say, of all the fans I’ve encountered here in the UK at the London games, Eagles fans were the most obnoxious and unsociable. However, they were dealt with in an un-Buffalo way. A quick “shut up you bellends” in a gruff northern English accent did the trick that time.
  11. 9pm. Clocks went back Sunday morning. 👍
  12. I’d give them a first for Bell if they promised to keep Gase for another year or two.
  13. Even still, a first plus other pick is way too much for my liking. Like I said, love the player, not the price you quoted.
  14. We’re way off being a championship team. We’re a bubble wild card team who struggles to beat similar or better teams. Atkins, as good as an addition as he would be, wouldn’t change that. He could only be a guaranteed player for 2 years at his age and position. If we didn’t get ran over on Sunday I don’t think there would be a conversation about giving up a 1st round pick for a 30 year old DT.
  15. I wouldn’t give up a 1st rounder for any 30+ year old player. The only way I’d give up a first rounder at all is if the player would put us over the edge as a contender. We’re not close to that yet. Yes to Atkins, no to what you’d give up for him.
  16. It’s the time of year when all the lunatics turn crazy.
  17. More tickets when on sale yesterday via the Ticketmaster website. In fact, I've just checked and there are still some available - https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/event/350056D2DEB99798 Is Chiefs v Texans the Sky 6pm game? If so we'll find a bar to watch that.
  18. Thanks Gugny. It was amazing meeting you all too. I'm sorry we didn't make it back after the game but Jacob was shattered. But that was a sign of us both having the time of our lives despite the result. The atmosphere inside the stadium was everything I hoped it would be. We'll do all we can to return one day. Enjoy your bye Sunday!
  19. We did but it was closed to the public. Quite a few people were trying to get in but were being turned away by the staff. We had a slow walk down The Billevard. Jacob got his face painted with the Bills logo. The store got another visit and my cash balance quickly dwindled. Jacob has worn his Allen jersey at every opportunity since we got home. He has a new hero and was so gutted when he had to go off with the head injury. We had a good walk around the stadium seeing other folk tailgating and got settled in watching the NFL Gameday Morning stage where Kyle Williams and Willie McGinnest were on. We nearly got a photo autograph from Kyle but he was called away at the last second. He had a wedding to go to!
  20. Will achieving this be a bigger surprise for you or the other participant? Have you been before? It's a lovely City. I Hope the weather holds up and Tivoli is open.
  21. We had a fantastic time and with no problems at all. We met a few of the TBD guys (including @plenzmd1) at Hammers for a catch up before the game. I wouldn't hesitate in taking a child to tailgate where they were set up. In the stadium itself we got tickets in the one of the no alcohol section on level two. There were children in there much younger than my son. The atmosphere was terrific and we never, ever felt uncomfortable in anyway. I'm sure you'll all have a great time @Dirtyd415
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