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  1. Oh man, this thread has me fired up for when I head over the week 4 game. I'm hoping to meet as many of you as possible.
  2. Leicester Square tube station is just over the road from The Hippodrome.
  3. My Dad is a legend. A quiet private man who doesn’t show emotion very often but his actions are always loud. Always there for all 4 of his kids. It’s always great to catch up with him every couple of weeks and grab a soccer game together. He’s battled cancer twice but to look at him you wouldn’t think so. When I became a father I had a perfect model to learn from. My mother is a bit more obvious with her affection. We text almost every day even though I’m nearly 40. I get to see her every couple of weeks or so. She’s 60 next year and has also won a cancer fight. So proud of her.
  4. A very good point. Although I am making the effort to get over for the Patriots game in week 4 👍
  5. Off the top of my head, overall I'd only take Barkley, Engram, Zeitler, Hernandez and at a push Tate from their offense over the Bills O starters. Too homer?
  6. I don't want to be a homer to match this chap but I'm struggling to think of one of their defensive players who would replace a Bills starter.
  7. I know a chap who has done this with our soccer team every game this season. Has backed the opposition every game. We haven't lost yet. It works.
  8. My son went to bed at 16-0. I woke him up to tell him we'd won and he gave me a big high five. Magic.
  9. After that yesterday there are going to have to hit on very single pick just to be competitive.
  10. He is. In a class 2 handicap again. Hence the 16/1 odds. Just like Shady the footballer he has his own unique running style. A very high head carry. Always takes an age to get into a race then stays on near the end. This is why he gets burned by the younger horses in the class 2 races.
  11. Yes, last won nearly two year ago at my local track. The horses connections keep running it in class 2 races. At 9 years old it isn't going to win one of them now. They're are very competitive handicaps. Time to give up on both horses I think!
  12. Which uni did you go to? I've been to watch our local university team and you're being kind calling it incredibly amateurish. Yeah, for a constant stream of high calibre recruits it'd need to become a regular in the sporting calendar in schools and colleges and I can't see that happening. Interestingly this - https://www.nflacademy.com/ started up this year to help with the progression.
  13. Funny you should say that as I've been following this horse for the lat few years - https://www.skysports.com/racing/form-profiles/horse/770963/shady-mccoy
  14. Pigs in blankets are sausages wrapped in bacon. What's this filth you're advertising? 😋 Sounds more like you have a sausage roll there but with a hot dog and not a true sausage.
  15. I reckon a goalkeeper could. Has the natural timing for kicking a ball out of their hands. Much like with Wade though, they'll have natural tendencies built up over years of playing a different sport which will hinder them. Most top level 'keepers tend to have a slightly side on approach to kicking the ball from their hands. Some of the old 1980's style goalkeepers who kicked the ball straight on would have made a good fist of punting!
  16. Sorry should have been clearer. I’m thinking of an actual shop I can buy these when I’m in the US. Save on extortionate postage to the UK if I can pick them up while I’m my trip.
  17. My son and I collect soccer stickers every time there’s a major international soccer tournament and complete the album. Over the years I’ve seen there’s an NFL version released every season. What is the best store to buy these from in Buffalo? I’m hoping to pick up an album and a box or two of stickers while we’re over next month. Thanks.
  18. Found it. Cheers. 5 minute walk from our hotel.
  19. Cool. Thanks. Near the transportation center?
  20. Please can somebody tell me where the mural is that the ladies are stood next to at the start of the video? Thanks.
  21. He'll be released in 4 years. Touch wood.
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