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  1. In the space of the year we've gone from having 80% of our offensive line not being starter standard to having other team's starters as back ups. The organisation has done a good job in putting the offensive line right. There's still room to be stronger but the improvement is obvious.
  2. What did you think of Gibraltar? We didn't like it. It was like going back in time to a late 80's Britain. The saving grace was the ride up to the top of the rock and the WWII tunnels. We loved Malaga. A very laid back City. The Picasso museum is excellent. I've also visited Barcelona and Lisbon but to watch soccer. We had 3 nights in Barcelona so got to see nearly everything. Lisbon I've been to twice but each time was just for the day. Well, I say day but the first time ended up a long day. Left home at 6pm Saturday. Flight to Lisbon left around 2am. I fainted on the plane. Landed in Lisbon at 4am. Into the city centre by 5am. Plenty of time to have a wander. Up to see Sporting Lisbon's stadium. Drinks and food by the Tagus then back to Rossio Square for pre-match party. Soccer game kicked off at 9pm. Straight to the airport after the game but not before being taken to some kind of holding centre which thankfully had a bar and somewhere to relax. Flight home around 4am. Land back in England about 6am. Finally made it back through my front door around 8am on the Monday. I'd just got showered and laid on my bed for a sleep when a mate knocked on my door asking if I fancied the pub. Good job I was 24 at the time.
  3. That sounds excellent. We did a day trip to Gibraltar one year which took us to the region to the west of Malaga. Stopped off at Puerta Banus. Did you get to Malaga city itself?
  4. A small town on the Costa del Sol called Nerja. Sandwiched between the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Mediterranean. Small winding streets and buildings with white-washed walls. A multitude of restaurants covering all types of cuisines. Only about an hour from Malaga and the airport.
  5. Am I correct in thinking season ticket holders can opt out and get a refund for this season? Season ticket holders should get first dibs. They’ve made a financial commitment to the club previously and should be treated as first in line. How many season ticket holders? I’m presuming many times over 14,000? They should do a draw amongst season ticket holders for say the first 2 home games. Pick 14,000 out of a hat. Then the same for the next 2. Those drawn have the option to purchase by a certain date or their ticket gets re-allocated to another season ticket holder. Anyone who got lucky twice is then excluded from the draw for the 3rd set of two games. Giving those who missed out a chance of a ticket. Then the final set of 2 games are drawn from those who have been unlucky the previous 3 sets of 2 games. Once a payment window date has passed any un-bought tickets then go on general sale. This would be unlikely right? There are going to be unhappy people no matter how it works.
  6. I can't imagine groups of English soccer fans being heckled and it going down well 🙂 It was estimated there were 80,000 Englishmen in Frankfurt for the first game. I loved every second of it. We were there for just under 2 weeks. The games we got to: England v Paraguay - Frankfurt England v Trinidad - Nuremberg England v Sweden - Cologne Switzerland v Togo - Dortmund USA v Czech Republic - Gelsenkirchen We didn't get as far south as you did with Munich. We got the ferry from England to Rotterdam in Holland then a bus to Amsterdam. Booked into a hotel there for a couple of weeks then every time we wanted to go to a game we'd jump on a train to Germany and back. A couple of the return trips were sleeper trains so we were able to take advantage of the excellent German beer and sleep it off on the way back to Amsterdam. We sat amongst the American fans in Gelsenkirchen and had a really good time with them. Do you go to many soccer games?
  7. I was at the 2006 World Cup too. One of the games I got to see was USA v Czech Republic. We paid over the odds from a tout (scalper) but wanted to see as many games as possible. I got the ticket which previously belonged to a Dr Sarah Geisler.
  8. I'd have more than settled for $17m he was already worth. How much is enough?
  9. A fair number choosing Paul McCartney. There's no need to invite him, he'd just turn up anyway. He's regarded as something of a dog's johnson over here.
  10. It was on the front page of the BBC Sport website a few days ago. There for all the world to see!
  11. If every female attendee of nudist beaches looked like that they'd be a more popular place.
  12. It could be open to abuse https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53171423
  13. I reckon the judge might go hard on him.
  14. This reminds me of a time when I'd just turned 18 and was sat having a pint in my local pub. One of the old lads came and sat next to me and we were having a good chin wag about, I suspect, nothing in particular. Then in walked two of my friends who, at the time, were never seen apart. Always worked and socialised together. One of the friends was called Colin (horrendous name) and the other Craig. As often happens in British pubs conversation quickly turns to folk taking the urine out of each other. In this instance the topic of conversation was how Colin and Craig were always together. Eventually, it went quiet but the old boy (in his 70s at least) took this has his big opportunity. He stood up, went to the bar looked at Craig and said "what do you do Craig when he's not with you? Have you got a blow up Col?". Perfect comical timing.
  15. Me too. If we ever win a championship with Allen as QB I'm getting that tattooed on my body.
  16. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure 😀
  17. The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses 1. I Wanna Be Adored 2. She Bangs The Drum The album starts with those two. It also ends with: I Am The Resurrection Fools Gold What an album. It had more of an impact on my music choices than any other.
  18. Yep, I wouldn't be pulling the trigger on the trade until we know what we have with Allen for sure. Ask again this time next year. We'll have a better idea.
  19. It would be interesting what the comments would be should Dallas let Prescott walk and he carries on waltzing all the way to Foxborough. I suspect all of a sudden there would be some soiling of the undergarments.
  20. Decent film then Family Guy did the "***** boob" scene and ruined it.
  21. I must admit I got emotional. It might sound daft but finally getting to go to a place you've wanted to go to for 30 years got to me. Walking up the steps and finally seeing the field and stands produced a feeling I wish I could have bottled and taken back home. When the game had finished I didn't want to leave. I stood looking around for what seemed like hours but was just a few minutes.
  22. Yep, week 4 versus Patriots last season. Plus the game at Wembley against Jaguars which was like a home game. Sadly, 2 losses. I'll stay away from now on. I won't.
  23. When you say "50-60" is it the even numbers in between because if it's an odd number you're either not the man you're making yourself out to be, have been surprising women with your groping or been getting a bit since your accident? Cheers.
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