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  1. This has always been a theme with Brady. I was one who also was firmly in the 'put him on the Lions and see what happens' boat. People claiming he is by far the best ever. I was/am on the side of Payton Manning. Strongly believe that Brady was much more a product of the Belichick/Patriots/Gillette Stadium environment than the other way around. It is an argument thrown about many a barstool for 20 years. This year we are getting some clarity. While the Buccaneers are really loaded (and are still loading) with weapons.... Brady is like 49 and doesnt have unlimited access to the cheating systems. I thought we would see Tampa fizzle, while the Patriots' smoke and mirrors show continues under some clown under C. Covid drop-outs hurt the Patriots a bit... but Belichick's drafting has caught up to them.
  2. It doesn't seem like he is a great "ceo" of the football operation. Much more effective as a dedicated coordinator focused on his specialty.
  3. May Day 10

    Hulu Live

    I have Hulu live. No problems. It was weird for the Dallas game though. I was picking up some local Texas station much of the game. Was getting absolutely bombarded with local political ads from these people I never heard of. Then in the 3rd quarter I suddenly got a blackout message and I had to find ESPN to continue watching
  4. they are a young team with a lot of promise. Dodgers are a juggernaut.
  5. The premise that Donald Trump and Caputo were responsible for turning us on Bon Jovi, undermining his bid is such fictional nonsense. We were onto Bon Jovi and the Tanenbaum/MLSE connections LONG before Trump was in the picture (I doubt Trump's interest or financial ability to buy the team was even sincere anyway)... The motivation to relocate the Bills to Toronto was hardly a leap that we needed Trump's manipulations to make. Most Bills fans were borderline obsessed with the situation for many years, well before Wilson's passing, and we were well aware of MLSE/Bon Jovi's presence. As far as the bid goes. We knew all along the Pegulas had far deeper pockets in liquidity. They also would not have to deal with additional costs of relocation to the NFL, breaking the Non-Relocation Clause, as well as the cost of a posh new facility in Toronto (which would have needed to be built by now). We are talking like double or triple the cost. Trump didnt create that situation. Neither did the people in Buffalo or radio stations who didnt play "Wanted Dead or Alive" for a month. I dont really carry too much of a grudge for Bon Jovi, honestly. However, I do get annoyed with his ongoing lack of self-awareness and dishonesty when it comes to this issue. See the post above for an appropriate response.
  6. I think comparisons to the 'glory years' are inevitable. This is the only blip of success the franchise has really had in the Super Bowl era other than that. This would be the only time other than those teams the team qualifies for the playoffs 3 of 4 seasons. The Bills have won 1 Division title without Jim Kelly. With that said, I was saying last year it reminded me of 1988. Good team, propelled by defense, but not quite ready yet. This season might be very comparable to 1989 in its development. By that measure, next year if they take another step, they would stand solidly in the top 1-4 teams in the NFL which would certainly be 1990-1991.
  7. The Bills didn't look ready or engaged in the game at all. The Titans on the other hand looked and played angry. They were extra-physical with the Bills and looked like they were chirping at them too. The early interception helped putting the game in their pockets early. I dont think this is always an issue with the Bills. I expect them to be ready for the next game
  8. Sometimes when I think of my baseball cards I feel shame and embarrassment because of this guy.
  9. High Stakes Breaks. The break group itself has slowed down and on its way out though. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1036175296817822/permalink/1104878126614205/?comment_id=1105238079911543
  10. I recently got back into it. During the shut down I got into a few Card Collecting Games like OOTP baseball and MLB The Show. It got me into the itch to get some real cards and that is what I did. I have participated in a lot of breaks. Have gotten a few really good cards in the process and even an Autographed Eric Hinske ROY 2002 Blue Jays jersey. There are breaks of all varieties from low-end product, to high end stuff and even memorabilia. I actually dont mind that people are buying stores out of everything to break it. Breaks are a great way to claim 1 team at a much cheaper price than a box would cost, but also get the cards from a variety of products. Some have cards for multiple sports. I really like how the card hobby is. It is overwhelming and people are turned off by the variety... but that is something that I consider a positive. There are cards (valuable ones) that I think are ugly as hell and wont go near. There are other sets that I think are gorgeous. They release cards modeled after old Topps cards which look great. This year, in their main card set they did the 35th anniversary insert set of 1985. They also have a heritage set and an archives set that mimic older card sets. I got this Henke this year I also really like how autographs and relics are worked in now, and even lots of past and historical players. The Topps Stadium Club cards are also fantasic looking I came on like gangbusters and really spent too much money. It really tickles the gambling gene, so its easy to blow through some cash if you dont set limits. I have a pretty cool start to a collection. I want to try to focus it more on some themes though for my personal collection. Don't know what yet. All Shortstops or something. I also want to dip more into pre-1975 cards where I can for my collection. I would like to dip a toe in football and hockey as well As far as anything between like 1983 - 1994. It is worth almost nothing outside of a few Griffeys and if you have certain top-notch "Tiffany" cards https://www.beckett.com/news/how-to-identify-topps-tiffany-baseball-cards-using-the-star-method/ Someone in one of my facebook groups is raffling this off right now. 10 spots for $6.50 each spot
  11. Goalies are very important for sure. The issue is, the position has become very technical as opposed to athletic and reactionary. It is a spreadsheet on where to be depending on the positioning of the puck/players, etc. In the late 80s/90s and even early 00s, you absolutely needed 1 of 8-ish 'franchise goalies' to stand a chance at finding playoff success. Now, not so much. Its not hard to be at the top of the league if you are willing to do the homework. The spread between the top goalie vs the #20 goalie is really negligible... and even down through like the #40 goalie. Who are the 'franchise' goalies these days? it seems to change year to year. Goaltending results are largely a result of how the team is in front of them and how well the defensive schemes are being executed. Goalies also develop in a really weird pattern, always have. It is VERY tough to figure out who a top goalie is at the age of 18. The best practice it try to grab 1 goaltender every draft for a stable of goalies and let them flesh out in Juniors, NCAA, in Europe, etc, then the ones who emerge to the AHL when they are ready. The Sabres have actually done this somewhat well.
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