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  1. Its ridiculous that it comes down to you need to "ask a certain way". For 10 years, it was a routine call to "cancel" with a wink, the nice rep knew exactly what was going on, and would offer me discounts and promotions that made me feel valued, and created a loyal customer. It isn't worth any effort to be honest. For over $100 less, i have the same content, actually more because streaming. No bulky boxes (that cost leasing) and outages when it rains hard.
  2. those are like generic names that a video game would name imaginary teams as a placeholder until the user names the teams themself
  3. 6-10 and McDermott/Beane are still solid/safe IMO. I sense the Pegulas intend on sticking with management of both the Sabres and Bills for more than the typical 3 year window as they are exhausted with firing people. They also want to try the whole 'continuity' thing in practice. I think they absolutely planned on hanging onto Housley as late as February, but the Sabres went into a spectacularly bad slide in the last 1/4 of the season, losing like 17 of 18 games and only winning like 5 in regulation after New Year's or something like that. There was no choice but to can Housley. IMO, it would take a really bad season. Like 1-4 wins, along with a major public blowout/tune-out of the players and/or falling out with ownership.
  4. May Day 10

    Matrix 4

    My hopes arent very high. They had a near perfect film with The Matrix. Matrix 2 was kind of a mess, but had some great moments and scenes. Matrix 3, a little less and got a little cheesy. Honestly, it was almost impossible to keep The Matrix story going keeping the same standard as the original Many years have passed. No Fishbourne either is a huge blow.
  5. I dont really mind schopp. I do think he brings a voice of logic that i appreciate. It does feel like he and even moreso bulldog have mailed it in a bit on their jobs and profession. I'd say howard simon as well. I like them as people and everything. Bulldog in particular, i have no idea what he brings to the table at this point.
  6. I think this season would need to be a spectacular disaster for mcdermott to even be a candidate for firing.
  7. I hate him so much. Cant stand it CANT WAIT TO TUNE IN TOMORROW TO SEE WHAT HE SAYS NEXT
  8. They met last month and decided to let it ride with what they have (for now)
  9. Yeah. Its not worth working at that point. How can you even ask a parent to do that?
  10. I actually think this is their intentional schtick. Howard tries to act overly like an out of touch old guy. I wonder if this might nudge Jeremy out of the radio biz.
  11. I thought it was weird that the 90 giants were ranked higher, while acknowledging that them beating the Bills was an upset. IMO, the 90 Bills should be ranked ahead of the Giants, who probably shouldnt be on that list TBH. They were the 3rd best team in the NFL that season. 34th is a nice slot for a non-SB winning team though and a nice honor.
  12. He has been negative, but frankly, that was the appropriate mind-frame with this organization. Just now they seem to be turning the corner into being a relevant NFL team for the first time in this millennium.
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