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  1. with no scouting staff or much of a front office, after an uncertain season where some amateur leagues didnt even play
  2. The thing is, a UCF would open up the playoff against a #5-#12 team which is much more reasonable/beatable. If they lose the game against Wisconsin or whoever, then they have no place to complain or wonder 'what-if?' and hang fake championship flags. They win that and they will slot in against 1 of the top 4. A good chance Alabama, but they would wreck Notre Dame anyways to get to the NCG. Upsets do happen though.
  3. I think the 'path' needs to be opened up for those teams. Boise State, early in their run knocked off Oklahoma with a statue of Liberty play. With 2 or 4 teams, it is very hard to justify a Coastal Carolina, UCF, or Western Michigan. You have the SEC Champ, often ACC Champ, SEC runner up is likely a powerhouse, pressure to gift Notre Dame a spot because they beat Navy by a touchdown and bested Duke and you need to capitalize on all the Notre Dame/Yankees fans who will watch, and a Big 12 and Big 10 champion. Thats crowded, and it is truly hard to justify giving a mid-majo
  4. I like it. I think the teams such as UCF a few years ago or those Peterson Boise teams should have a shot, a puncher's chance, and if they un-seated a power team in the tournament, it would be mayhem. I would also like to see the SEC runner-up who is arguably the 2nd best team in the country get in rather than an overrated Notre Dame tomato can or Ohio State. Now they all can get in. This truly gives every team a chance at a National Championship when the season starts, which does not exist now. 12 teams will all be pretty high quality. Furthermore, you are having 5-12 i
  5. I feel like it has to be Schobel. Never has there been such a miscellaneous Buffalo Bill with such statistics. He is second on the Bills in all-time sacks with more than a half a sack a game over about 130 games. Pretty much a model of consistency and he walked-off early on his career after a 10 sack performance. #81 in sacks all-time NFL with an abbreviated career and missing most of one of his seasons. He played during the real dregs of the drought. The defense was really bad through a lot of his career and he watched some all-pros walk out the door (Winfield, Clements, Will
  6. I was at Friday night's game and Saturday. Just an amazing experience being up that close, in that venue, and seeing such a high level of baseball. Correa hitting 2 homeruns and cupping his ear to the Buffalo crowd was great. Grienke complete game. Saw Vlad Jr hit an HR, Guerriel gun someone out at home, etc... Already have tickets for 2 games in the Seattle series. They go on sale this week for the Orioles, Mariners, Rays, Rangers, and Red Sox. Opening up to 80% capacity too. I believe these will be the last of it. I would implore anyone on the fence to go for this once in
  7. I think I disagree with his entire premise. At least when it comes to quarterbacks. With the backdrop of EJ Manuel, his whole entire point makes sense and looks intelligent. What if youre the Bears trading up to 'overdraft' Mahomes or Watson? Or if someone tripped over themselves to 'overdraft' Russell Wilson in the first round? Maybe if anyone in that front office was qualified to evaluate quarterbacks or build a respectable team? That was the problem? We have clowns like Nix and Whaley in those positions. Now whaley is the assistant VP of talent evaluation for t
  8. It was reckless and one of the most egregious charging violations I can remember. With that said, I don't believe it was premeditated, malicious, or done in frustration. He didn't skate the whole way planning to knock evans' head off his shoulders. Watching the play at full speed, I feel schiefiele was racing down to get the puck, prevent a goal, gain possession in a 1 goal playoff game that entered the final minute. Late in the play he had realized he was late and in a split second reflec/decision, went for the body to try to head off the potential goal, not really t
  9. That doesn't start until next year I think. The good news is the Sabres can pick first 2 more times before it resets in 4 years and they can pick 1st again.
  10. If it makes the Sabres look the other way, its a great stroke of luck for him
  11. While this draft doesnt have the top-end franchise game-changer (at this point as 17-18 year olds)... it is never a bad thing to get to pick 1st out of everyone.
  12. I have never been so detached from NHL hockey in my life (well, at least when I was maybe 7 in 1985). I just have zero care. Havent watched a full game in over a year, and even then it was fading.
  13. Yeah, for sure.... especially if you are willing to part with the opener/early season games
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