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  1. Pesci in casino might have been better than Goodfellas. Deniro was at his best too. Agreed with Rain Man A couple of my favorites, but maybe not technically the best performances ever: Javier Bardem in no country for old men. Philip Seymour Hoffman in before the devil knows you're dead Steve Martin in the jerk
  2. I wonder if there is going to be a major turn in this next episode whether it is Kim vs Saul or Saul vs Kim. Im hoping not, this show is above a cheap heel turn.
  3. IMO: The Dolphins are the largest immediate threat and could be a problem. I kind of discount the Patriots, but really, you cant count them out until Belichick is retired. Objectively, they seem like kind of a mess right now and for the future. The Jets should be better. Out of the Dolphins/Pats/Jets I actually think the Jets may have the best 2-5 year outlook. I like Wilson's ceiling above the other 2. For this season though Id still be shocked if they were better than Miami let-alone Buffalo
  4. I think this season would have to be a particularly bad dumpster fire with some irreconcilable public feuds between Allen, Diggs, McDermott, Von Miller, etc...
  5. Went into business with Gabe northern
  6. you need to start off with "im hearing". I makes it look more legit
  7. I love the build up to the schedule release. This gradual leaking of games from the NFL enhances this because it forces everyone to play (to steal that writer's metaphor) soduku with the schedule. Schedule release day is one of the things I look forward to the most in the NFL calendar. Always, once it is out there and locked in, it doesnt really seem that interesting anymore. The build-up is better than the thing itself.
  8. It feels like the Point A to point B at this point doesnt need a 13 episode season to be honest. Ill take it though as Im not in any hurry to leave New Mexico
  9. From a fan standpoint (me), nothing beats the 1PM Sunday grind. If I got to choose, I would see a wall of 1PM Sunday tomorrow evening. I fully expect the Bills to be pretty much maxed out on primetime and exclusive window games at this point. Allen and co are considered must-watch TV for NFL fans. They havent won yet, so are still well-liked outside of Buffalo. Im sure a lot of people will be adopting Buffalo as their '2nd team' if they havent already. Lots of fantasy implications.
  10. Great Buffalo Bill. Im glad he got a nice taste of team success here
  11. the spooge thing was genius. Loved how he was pretty normal and you get the spectrum that meth and the blue meth turned him into a mutant.
  12. I'm not too pumped. The targaryen mythology wasnt something I felt overly interesting from the books. Ok they had white hair and purple eyes. Came over and took over westeros with 3 immense dragons. Ruled for like 300 years. Some were crazy, some were good. A few non-consequential internal power struggles. Things didn't seem to get interesting until the events of a song of ice and fire.
  13. Hoping to see: The vet Tortuga Skinny Pete and/or Combo Kuby (Bill Burr)
  14. Good pick. Pretty much expected though
  15. I get what you are saying... but, I dont like Eichel. I didn't like him when he was on the Sabres. Terrible leadership is clear. Doesn't seem to be a good teammate, and some things I heard from friends in the local media supported all that. Add in the games that he played, apparently wanting out a few years ago, fairly fresh off of willingly signing an 8-year $80 Million contract. Then all the hijinks with how he and his agent played the neck angle with the media, along with the "victim tour" he went on the podcasts, with Friedman, etc. It was easy for hockey media and fans everywhere to pile on the Sabres and take Eichel's side. Just 2 months ago, the Sabres were inhuman monsters who took a player's well-being hostage and made a terrible trade giving up one of the surely all-time great players. It is wonderful to see the perception change completely (at least for now). Then he had the audacity to make those comments at Sabres fans. I spent thousands and thousands on dead season tickets wishing for some reason to get excited. He sucked... but showed just enough flash to justify trying to gift him a new coach or a new GM or a new Taylor Hall, etc. Its good to have a villain. Having villains in sports is hard to come by nowadays with everyone so highly paid and humanized. For the first time in 7-8? years, I have been following the NHL closely to root for Vegas to miss the playoffs. Even watched a non-Sabres game for the 1st time in about 3 years. When Vegas is town next season I am sure going to attend the game and boo loudly. The place is going to be packed and we will show him noise. *excitement and people being invested cant hurt In a perfect world, the Sabres make the playoffs before Eichel.
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