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  1. Backwards compatibility is the #1 feature for me. 2nd is hard drive space. The remote play feature is interesting
  2. I think it had more to do with how impressive he looked while Brady served his suspension
  3. Its a tough and interesting thing to weigh. On one hand, the Patriots made 2 Superbowls since "choosing" Brady over Garopollo, and won one of them, and also another Division Title and a 12-4 record. Do they make and/or win a Superbowl with Jimmy G? Not sure, but you can make a case against it. Especially if you transpose the knee injury from last season. Most fan bases would kill and maim for that 3-year run. On the other hand, the Patriot's CC appears to be nearly maxed out on Brady. Looking forward, they would be pretty much set at QB for the next 10 years and it would be likely they could maintain the same standard for success. They have an uncertain future at QB moving forward, and we know that can be an awful existence.
  4. MLB players dont normally choke up, and if they do, its only a couple players who may do it in extreme situations.
  5. In fairness to me, i did not come up with it. I have a good friend who has been howling this at the moon for years and we kind of laugh him off. I never even mentioned it in the hundreds of anti-patriots threads. Yesterday I did a 180 on my friend's theory. The Astros and Patriots are very similar, and I said so long before the cheating allegations surfaced. There is a lot to admire. Every organizational detail is geared toward winning and in many ways they have altered their leagues/sports. Unfortunately, with this they push the line as far as possible to gain an as advantage, whether its creating a system to optimize psi on footballs, espionage, or live communication. I do not think it is crazy to think brady has a buzzer of some sort to alert him of pressure, blitz, where the safety goes, etc. The guy "guesses" and has guessed right with uncanny ability. Him and Edelman were like 42-1 at home before the miami game. That doesnt happen in the NFL, and Brady/Edelman are far from Curry and Durant. It has always been written off that Brady "prepares". I cant buy that. Nobody else does?
  6. So.... about 99% odds that Brady has a buzzer stashed away in his strange, cumbersome, and unnecessary leg-tape-job?
  7. I get that the Bills need to take a turn... but with all these west trips, this is a tough season for it to happen.
  8. This kind of speaks to my one fear of McDermott and Beane. They create this family, fun, and football atmosphere here.... which seems to be great, and the players buy in. However, I hope it doesnt bring too much emotion to it and cloud their judgement when re-signing their players. Good teams often allow performers to sign elsewhere, knowing that the delta between them and an rookie wage player (or someone waiting in the wings) will not be that severe. This will become especially important if/when Josh Allen gets starting QB money. It also makes things like Lee Smith and Croom happen. Great guys im sure. Connected. But no roster room or money for them.
  9. I was reading the Patriots board on sunday. Someone posted a thread. A real one. About how to console his 9 year old son because he was so distraught for the loss and wouldnt stop crying. The "poor" kid knows nothing but Superbowls. I have a lot of friends in New England. One on my facebook feed posted a link to some column talking about that 'alleged' statement by Kraft the other day when he told 50 cent that they can/should win them all. Here is one of his friend's comments that made me laugh. Its like they think its automatic and easy. Let's just grab another Randy Moss this reminds me of the time right after Spygate and before 2007. They are going scorched earth. They can truly use the world is against them motivation now, and I think they will get a big time WR and another quality one similar to when they grabbed Welker and Moss. I also think a high-upside TE like OJ Howard could be in play. Kraft might just open the bank for once.
  10. Yup. This was intentional to get the fan base emotionally in his corner 100%, and also tug at the heart strings of Bobby Kraft
  11. Yeah, it doesnt seem that way, but all hands on deck, the more competition the better. There has got to be someone out there who can punt better than Bojorquez. When they punt from opponents' territory, it drives me nuts when they cant pin them in the 10. Just looked it up, and he had the 33rd "best" average for punts in the league, and 4th worst net average (33rd). You should never be in a position to blame a punter for a loss, but I think he played a big part in that Baltimore loss.
  12. The Bills need a punter. Bojorquez had way too many shanked punts this season, and isnt nearly as surgical as most NFL punters seem to be.
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