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  1. I dont know. I get why it is offputting and offenses are weaponizing it. But I can see how an attempt at a black and white rule will have a million unintended consequences. I dont think it should be a penalty if they outlaw it. Maybe say the ball is/was dead at that spot. I can see a big 3rd and 1 or something and something was kind of a push, but not really, maybe accidental contact results in a 5 yard penalty completely changing a game.
  2. It is pretty bad. I lived there for awhile and kind of adopted the Phillies as my team for a bit. I witnessed some terrible things. I attended some Sabres playoff games there. A lot of it was fun as I had the right attitude about it, but there are lunatics there who take it too far. Id imagine the Eagles are x10. If I were to do it, id do it like I did the Sabres games... splurge and get premium seats. Higher-end clientele, you arent with gen-pop, exclusive bathrooms. If the game doesnt go well for the eagles, consider losing the jersey for the walk to the car. People typically dont fight in the parking lot(s) at the tailgate and the way into the stadium.
  3. If all the games go the Bills' way the next 2 weeks, they can clinch the #1 seed by beating the bears
  4. Im sure it has been stated here, but the Patriots' current existence is reminiscent of the drought-era Bills. Running game, stop the run, defense, play it safe with field position and turnovers 1956 football. Mac Jones could have definitely been a drought era Bills QB and would probably play one in the movie about it. That recipe is great for never bottoming out, success against the dregs of the league, some competitive games,, false hope, and always coming up short in big spots and against good teams. It may be good enough to snag a wild card spot once in awhile, but that is the ceiling. It is never bad enough to bottom out, fix the cap, or have a high selection. Constantly trying to find patches when 3 more leaks are sprung.
  5. Very proud of this team getting through these 3 games with wins.
  6. I said it last year when the seas parted for the Bills, and the same holds true for Miami this season: An impressive record is impressive. It is very hard to win games, especially with consistency. These are all world class athletes at the top of their profession, highly competitive, and driven by money. The coaches are all the best strategists in the sport. Everyone is giving their all. The difference between #1 and #32 is not all that huge, and within that range, teams are much closer. Many games also come down to a few bounces, calls, and luck. To come out 8-3 is impressive!
  7. You never know with goalie prospects. Its a strange position to forecast. You need to scatter-shot prospects and some are bound to pan out. If/when you can get a goalie out there via trade or FA, do it. Its unbelievable that they are in this position at this point in time, when Adams has had 3 summers to address it. Depending/waiting on a guy in the pipeline to take over in a few years is foolish and I really hope they aren't even thinking it. If they are, they need to join the Murray/Botterill/Bylsma/Housley/Kruger pile.
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