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  1. I love basking in this stuff when the bills are on the upswing. After week 1, I avoided everything
  2. I dont even care too much about addiction from a football standpoint... I could totally see grabbing him earlier years. But he is 30 now and hasnt played a full NFL season in like 7-8 years while missing entire seasons. He had 1 strong season in what seems like a lifetime ago
  3. How is this guy still around and getting work?
  4. I was always very strong in my belief that Belichick is > than Brady, and if you got Brady out of New England he would be ordinary, while the Patriots chug along into perpetuity, at least until Belichick ran out of souls to steal. I was completely wrong, or at least would have to go into all sorts of gymnastics on how good the team is in Tampa, yadda yadda which I dont have the energy for. Brady proved last year he is the Greatest ever (I loathe the acronym). I have fought admitting it throughout his career, but it feels better to just deal with it. Belichick will go down as the greatest coach of all time. Even still. You cannot take away the track record as well as the Championships (even counting SB XXV which he played a/the major role in as well as XXI). He has been in some NFL coaching capacity now for almost 50 years which in of itself is rarified air. He has quickly adapted, innovated, and stayed ahead of the curve through many junctures of the past 20 years and also found little wrinkles in the rulebook to use in his favor. Amazing. Honestly, having people dig through the trash for information is pretty intelligent. He was very smart and ahead of the curve when it came to paying players their second and third contracts, being heady on what production/value the replacement would bring. Granted, Brady made him look good a lot of his time, but you have to give Belichick a heck of a lot of credit too. As someone who consumes NFL history... I really love how Belichick seems to have a deep fondness/obsession/respect for the deep history of the sport, even pre-merger eras. When he gets off script and provides insight/theories/history lesson on football it is absolutely captivating. I do wonder if the game/sport/minds/advanced stats and analysis have passed Belichick by a bit, at least with him playing the role of General Manager and assuming the level of control and bullheadedness I imagine he holds there. He has floundered a bit as GM.
  5. Weeks 5 and 6 is going to tell us a lot on where to slot the Bills. Specifically the week 5 match up vs the Chiefs. If they can get to the bye week at 5-1, or even 4-2 (preferably with a victory over the Chiefs)... We are going to feel pretty good about where they stand. Especially with the next 3 games the Dolphins, Jaguars and Jets (then the Colts)
  6. Would be great. Certainly would vault the UB program a couple notches and would make the Big 10 realistic. Downtown is not really feasible. The studies have shown that which is why there is zero momentum or chatter pointing downtown. Anyone who has been to a sold out Sabres game or concert that people didn't leave early can attest. Especially as you park closer to the arena, compounded if you park in a ramp. The streets are too narrow, lots of one-way, some dead ends, and virtually no egress to the south, and limited to the west. You have to crawl your way through a grid of gridlocked streets to reach the 190. Triple the crowd, even double... ugh. I don't know the exact layout over there at ub/Amherst, but it sounds like there could be some options and some space. You have the 990, 290, and even millersport and Sheridan to move people. You're starting from scratch though for land acquisition, parking space, and all that.
  7. TBH, Im cool with a PSL at that price point (im in cheap seats).
  8. I disagree in this case to be honest. I used to bleed Sabres colors, and was probably known as 'that sabres guy' to some people along my life. This is awful. I didn't watch 1 full game last year (perhaps a combined 60 minutes), and probably watched a combined 5 games the 2 seasons prior. I gave up my season tickets of about 20 years. I had realized when I go to games, all I could think about was leaving. It was boring and the team brought no entertainment or joy. Cant manage meaningful games at any point. Game nights I was kind of dreading the hassle of attending and the waste of time. It has been absolutely ruined. I dont see it getting any better in the near or mid term, and with current joke management, I don't see this working out until 3-5 years down the line where we have the hope that they turn in good faith to real management. This team went from toast of the town, to them choosing not to sell tickets for most games coming out of an extended absence because they knew nobody would want to go and they didnt want the embarrassment.
  9. Im watching it closely, but not too concerned. The hardest thing for young quarterbacks is breaking through and surviving as a capable starter for a few years until they hit the next level. The Patriots have set the stage well for Jones and he can possibly get through the typical growing pains. However, it does seem he has a fairly low ceiling. The quarterbacks of 2021 are different than the quarterbacks of previous generations. Athleticism is a must. Pocket-Passers are more of a detriment now with few exceptions. These guys all need to possess some elite traits to excel and be worth that second contract. There also seems to be more awesome quarterbacks than ever and they keep coming out of the college ranks.
  10. I went online to buy season tickets (already have some, but would love to add a pair). A rep called me back and offered to put me on a wait list for possibly 2022 if any become available. I guess those 750 season tickets are long gone.
  11. The older I get, fights at sporting events look more and more silly. Everyone having a supercomputer with an HD video camera in their pocket doesnt help. Im proud of Bills home games. The fights in-stadium have gone down precipitously over the years. There were a ton of Pittsburgh fans at the opener, the game went sideways for the Bills and I didnt witness 1 fight (and I sit in the cheap seats). I know there were certainly fights somewhere... but if it were 2005, Im sure I would have personally witnessed at least 4 fights. I made it a point to shake a Pittsburgh fan's hand on my walk of shame out of our section and out of the game. If you cant have a few drinks without throwing fists... its probably time to stop doing something you cannot handle.
  12. Pretty much this. There is an established waiting list. Those 750 tickets are probably gone already.
  13. Flores has done a good job there, as has Grier. They have turned a laughing stock into a decent team in pretty short order. The two dustings by the Bills in games that matter really hurts though. As does missing the playoffs last season. IMO Brissett is a perfect QB for them right now (not Tua). I thought he played great yesterday, all things considered. They might get a Ryan Fitzpatrick type of bump if Tua misses time. I think they will struggle to get to 10 wins, which could likely miss the playoffs. At that point, they are past the point where everyone is impressed and it is a flat out disappointment.
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