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  1. I have said it all along. I strongly believe it is the Patriots over Brady. Brady IS a special QB who was able to execute in every situation and run the offense and such... but I dont think he is not replaceable there. On the flip-side, I dont think his skills, especially at this age, are sustainable outside the New England bubble.
  2. I listened a few times with Glab on, and it was a bit... rough. She isnt refined enough to be on-air to carry 50% of the load over 15 hours a week. I think she is fine with the online media quick-hit features and such.
  3. Apparently, Chris Brown has been named full time host with Tasker. Unsure what that means for Glab. I think Chris Brown is pretty alright.
  4. I would bet this redbird capital thing spent most of the money. The rock probably got in with very favorable terms to provide headlines and be the face of ownership
  5. I dont think a pro league will survive unless the NFL wants it to, and they will serve markets they feel are best in their own interests.
  6. it looks like a box with words in it. No thanks. Well, maybe after a few drinks...
  7. Sports Time Ohio for the Indians. I got it when I had Directv. Im sure the Pirates RSN is on there. If you have Spectrum or whatever, there is no channel to get them. Another annoying thing, is when those teams are on ESPN, MLB Network, etc on a non-exclusive game.... those are blacked out. I currently have Hulu Live. They DO have Sportstime Ohio which is great. I watch the Indians. They have Yes and SNY too I believe. The Pirates' RSN which is owned by AT&T I think is only available on "FUBO" TV for streaming. I would probably watch some Pirates games and my kid always asks for their games when we are looking for games to watch. They Do not have MSG though so I dont need to suffer through Sabres games at least. I also subscribe to MLB TV. It is pretty annoying I cant get all that under one umbrella. At the very least, if I get the team's home station, let me input a code or something so I can have access to the games in the MLB TV interface.
  8. Its all about the TV deals and making the best situation for the giant Telecom companies. Sports are the last holdout for the Directv's and Comcasts of the world. Without forcing locals to subscribe to watch their local teams, they would probably have little to no subscription base. Instead of innovate and adapt, they just try to milk the consumer and leverage their somehow legal racketeering territories. So in Buffalo, we are in the viewing area of Cleveland, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Mets, and Yankees.
  9. I would dive right into the Patriots' conspiracy stuff, thinking its an easy ploy to get the franchise QB..... But these players are losing a lot of $ doing this. I cant imagine they really care that Belichick can maybe draft his QB of the future next Spring. Now if these guys pop up as paid consultants for Bob Kraft at their NFL salaries, then I will have a problem
  10. I dont doubt that Watson is really good. I just wouldnt put him on the 'team on his back every week' category that they have of Brees, Mahomes, Rodgers, Wilson.
  11. The only thing that stands out to me is Watson in the top tier.
  12. we did the credit with possible ticket access. Fairly pleased with the options they provided given the circumstance.... depending on how a potential ticket sale rollout is handled.
  13. well that settles it.... well I guess it will be settled when the NFL awards the Patriots compensatory picks
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