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  1. I dont think botterill has been patient at all. The farm isn't stocked with anything, and he has squandered picks and assets with little to show for it.
  2. Im really dying for a realistic NFL Franchise simulation/sandbox game on the PC and mobile device. I have been playing OOTP Baseball and it is amazing. You dont "play" at all, but you can manage if you want. I actually found it as I was digging around for an NFL product. They dont exist, and I guess it is from the Madden agreement. That is a shame.
  3. I just looked it up. It seems the guy has gone over to Out of the Park Developments which is GREAT news. OOTP makes an amazing product. Their baseball game is the best deep-dive franchise baseball product I have seen or heard of. Its based on simulations (you can manage games too), but that is all I want. Their card-collecting game for baseball is also great (and I have always avoided those like the plague). They have a hockey game that is 6 versions in and it is also strong, but nowhere near developed as far as the baseball game is. Hopefully the EA exclusivity still allows the NFL to license an OOTP product.
  4. I hope they dont get it. Really, really want a deep franchise and history simulation game like out of the park baseball. Long overdue. I dont think ea is terrible (ncaa was amazing), but I would like to see a bit more effort on some franchise realism, and possibly historic stuff. 2k caught up in 05ish... but they dropped off bad. Their baseball game was awful, awful at the end. Their basketball game is nothing but eye candy.
  5. Have you ever heard Bulldog do a show solo when Schopp is on vacation? It's a struggle
  6. I wonder if Sal is a WGR employee therefore, there is a barrier to him being the official host of that show? I know though, that he fills in from time to time... but maybe that is considered a "WGR" show and not a "Bills" show when that happens? Or maybe he declined because too much workload? Or maybe he wasnt asked. Im not the biggest Sal fan (although I have warmed up a bit because he has gone easy on the yelling into the microphone for no reason), but he seems like a natural fit to host One Bills Live. But yeah, Brown and Glab sounds like a bad show. I dont mind Brown in spurts. Glab is in no way an 'expert' or even particularly knowledgeable. This is fine if you are the 'broadcaster professional' who keeps the show moving, helps dialog along, etc.... but she gives the vibe that she isnt great behind the mic and often it sounds like a college radio station.
  7. Murphy and Tasker just seem to go through the motions on the show. Its a same tired plug and play formula every day and a boring listen. Poll of the day to drive the day's discussion with callers.... the "Tweet Sheet", etc. Wouldnt be surprised if Murphy is just bored with it and is at an age where he is looking to get away from the daily grind. Brown is always good when he is on. I don't mind Glab on the occasional appearance or hosting. She is kind of the 'noob' to the area and team so its kind of fun hearing people fill her in and hearing her perspective as a Buffalo/Bills outsider. I think its going to be terrible on a full-time basis. I dont mind Murphy as pbp, but I dont think he is particularly good either. He does a terrible job of painting a picture for each play. He doesnt do a good job of describing distance. A pass could be 3 yards or 30 and you dont know for a little bit.
  8. Russ Brandon really wanted to be a GM. A pro sports (particularly baseball) General Manager was his dream and why he got into the business. As defacto owner, he was able to do that and was involved in most decisions, hoping that he would set himself up for notoriety to get a position post-Bills. This is why they swung for the fences with Watkins, doubling down on their EJ selection (I remember some of the leaks while Tyrod was playing fine were 'pro Manuel'). Most of the leaks reeked of Brandon posturing. I can guarantee he didnt really enjoy his 'promotion' to the head of the Sabres and the Bills. It moved him further away from what he wanted to be doing. McDermott essentially (finally) walled Brandon off from the football department and it was the best thing that could have happened.
  9. I feel like it was Brandon. They seemed to increase in frequency after the pegulas came on the scene. Brandon was losing his grip as defacto owner, president, and gm, so he was pulling shots to try to improve his standing and image. They never painted him in a bad light, and I even recall the ridiculous one that the raiders were beating on his door to make him their president. It seemed that la canfora was the source of most of that nonsense and russ was feeding him la canfora was doing favors And lol https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2014/12/oakland_raiders_reportedly_interested_in_buffalo_bills_president_russ_brandon.html
  10. I hated erkel. Family matters devolved into the erkel show
  11. I get it, but when I watched, I didnt really like The Rock. Some of it was writing too I guess, but his character was so repetitive, predictable, and boring. He just had his shtick, and did the same thing over and over. None of his story-lines were good or interesting at all. His matches were also just 'standard'
  12. HHH Kurt Angle Michaels Dudleyz Rowdy Roddy Flair Macho Man
  13. Hasnt Cox been complimentary about Buffalo since his playing days? I could have sworn he has given the franchise and fans kudos a number of times. It was just a fun rivalry and he made it better. I have nothing against him.... its not like he was a criminal or took out Jim Kelly's knee or anything.
  14. No. Cant punt on 1st round ELC players 2 straight years IMO
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