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  1. I was in a similar discussion in a different forum and somebody accused me of gender bias, and was serious about it.
  2. No. Class and sportsmanship. The result of the match is not in any doubt. Likely very little doubt about the us' slot in the elimination round. No need to clown it up
  3. making this a gender bias issue is incredibly stupid. And scoring the amount of goals is a separate issue of the poor way they handled themselves. Scoring goals leaving nothing to chance with point differential and staying sharp is one thing and not wrong Acting classless on every goal and representing your country with poor sportsmanship is another Here are two similar blowouts with examples on how to act when the game is out of hand https://youtu.be/-3LDDkdZ0ug https://youtu.be/QaP672-eEFM
  4. I like Toronto. Its a great city. My complaint is the number of bold panhandlers who seem to think everyone who walks by them owes a tax
  5. Ok, im "garbage" i guess, lol. You "win"
  6. I get scoring in a point differential system in game 1.... but to act like it is the miracle on ice and to look like clowns.... bad look. Businesslike and professional. Run up the score. Explain later that you leave nothing to chance. .. complaints are 1% what they are now.
  7. nah. theyre plenty well disgusted with me by the time it has run its course
  8. Just opened it and see the Patriots are ranked #32. Completely agree with that. Some of the worst uniforms in sports. It isnt coming from an area of hate for me, I think their throwbacks would be one of the best. The flying elvis logo is awful, and the colors are very underwhelming and dull.
  9. Wow, what turds. No need to celebrate like a bunch of clowns like that. Embarrassing
  10. But now the population of Grand Island has grown wildly since then, including the increase of "high density" apartment complexes. The South Bridge is currently a nightmare, much moreso than when I was young, like 20-30 years ago. These vans won't be able to cross with any efficiency at either rush hour(s). I do suspect this thing has been in the works for awhile. The State put in for the high-speed cashless tolls, and some nice bike path/park areas that but up against the parcel of land Amazon is "rumored" to be interested in. Someone just "happened" to buy a dilapidated building and build a Holiday Inn Express in a strange location right next to the parcel of land in question. They (NYS) also built that huge and nice Visitor's Center fairly close to that property, and started to run/expand sewer lines (that side of the 190 was always septic). On top of that, Loves bought land along the 190 and want to build a truck stop. The rumor I heard is that one of the purposes is for US Customs to build a 'pre weigh' and border checkpoint for the border at that truck stop.
  11. I agree (other than watching/caring about US women's team). I feel 'ashamed' to admit so much I guess.... but I cant lie about it. I feel the same about outdoor lacrosse. I think Women's hockey has potential to have entertainment value in the professional setting. The 'men' pros are just so fast, strong, and efficient, often times in the regular season its just a slog. Women have more space to make plays on the ice surface. A live setting is a good minor league atmosphere without the cloud of 'development' that hangs over the AHL. I dont think I would go out of my way to follow and watch it because my time is finite, but it isnt bad. Women's Ice Hockey on an international level though is a joke other than Canada vs USA. US and Canada are just many miles ahead of everybody else, it is stupid.
  12. Own what? Grand Island? For Grand Island, it seems the bridges should be a non-starter for a large-scale transportation operation. The South bridge is pretty much past capacity as it is. When they need to do work on them, forget it.
  13. I have no problem with it. If i was in attendance for a potential Sabres cup clinching game, and a star player (who team x is having trouble performing without) goes down... my first reaction is cheering.
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