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  1. The game presentation/sound sucks the life out of the place as well. Music is turned up way too loud and pushes me into my seat. Players' individual goal songs are also very lame and suck the energy out of a crowd after a goal and pushes everyone back into their seats.
  2. yeah, very 2002. That late 90s, early 00s was dismal. Broncos, Patriots, Bills, Titans, and a few others put out some horrible stuff. They win with this.
  3. My first choice is Quenneville. Then Berube. They check all the boxes, especially Quenneville. The Sabres have done a lot of good faith things for the NHL over the years. Time to cash that in and ask for Coach Q to be reinstated. My guess is it will be Seth Appert, who will be Granato 2.0.
  4. Didn't marrone want whaley and Brandon out? Tried to leverage a decent Bills season and his contract clause... and lost.
  5. I never liked eichel either It's undeniable that the nhlpa took note of the way the sabres wouldn't allow him to get the procedure he wanted, and also how they handled the situation publicly Also looks worse when eichel (like oreilly) gets set free and wins a cup. NHLPA members will always see things from the players' perspective.
  6. I am not so sure the Sabres lose money. The NHL is setting revenue records, and Pegula just raked in 2 shares of the expansion fee. They also have a small front office and one of the lowest payrolls in the league. Also factor in that he bought the franchise for $189 Million and it is now worth about $1 Billion.
  7. I could probably write 100 pages on this topic. Quick summary. The NFL and NHL are very different. NFL is very coach-centric, and the program kind of falls in line with the coach and they get a few years. If they hit on the QB, and the coach has a decent head on his shoulders, you get what the Bills have. I think McDermott and Beane are strong enough personalities where they do what they think is right, listen to Terry, and easily convince him that their path is correct. The NHL is much more nuanced. You cannot clear the cap and rebuild in 2 years like the NFL. There are extensive international scouting and development requirements and seeds need to be planted years in advance. Coaches are the lowest man on the totem pole, and are thrown away with the trash for a kick in the butt the minute things aren't going right. There is an intricate balance and chemistry with an NHL team that cannot be achieved by looking at statistics. The rot from the Sabres actually comes from the ownership groups that came before Pegula. Rigas (the NHL), and Golisano eroded the franchise and its reputation in the hockey/NHL community. Things got very stale and incestuous under Regier and Ruff. Pegula came on and enabled that to continue. He thought just adding monitary resources would propel the Sabres to the top. All it did was magnify and compound the problems. Since then, Pegula has groped around, thinking he (and Kim when she was president) are the smartest people in the building. They have failed to bring in anyone with any kind of credibility and experience from the outside. The entire league has passed the Sabres by and lapped them 3x. Their image in the hockey world has gotten worse through players' inability to succeed here, and things like the treatment of Eichel. Firing a GM and hiring a nobody with the purpose of firing all the scouts and hockey personnel is also a terrible look. For 20 years, this team has needed someone with credibility to restore the image of this once great NHL franchise. The thing needs to be completely re-built from the top down with the guidance of someone with extensive experience and rolodex.
  8. I very rarely watch the NCAA Championship game. Never if I do not have a bracket-money-winning situation on the line. IMO conference tournaments and the first few rounds are awesome. Action going on everywhere. By the time the get to about 8 teams, I lose steam. Super Bowl is tough to beat. First day of the NCAA tournament is good. MLB opening day always is nice.
  9. Usually I hate predictable. Wrestlemania was always really a predictable event, and it wasn't often my favorite PPV when I was a regular watcher. I will say though, even though all the predictable results came in, it was fun. It was a great crowd, and as I mentioned earlier, everyone involved seemed to be having the time of their lives. The challenge for the WWE now is how to make it unpredictable and captivating, and getting their stars to stand on their own... and without an off the hook Philly crowd eating everything up. It does seem like there is more of a willingness to push the line a bit, as I see a lot of swearing and kind of edgier content which will help. Not expecting Attitude Era or anything, but the audience needs to get that "anything can happen" feeling again.
  10. It was terrific. I too was expecting stone cold, but I gotta say, for some reason, the undertaker wasn't even on my radar. I too like how the legends were a part of the plot instead of fight in some sort of degrading battle Royale. You could tell it was different. It seemed edgier, and It seems everyone involved was having a blast. *I'm usually a modern wwe pessimist
  11. I had enough breaks in the clouds, including for the entirety of the corona/full eclipse, where it was super awesome. Watching the faded sub through the clouds was awesome. Just enough poked through the haze at times. I hope I didn't do any damage viewing it obscured by a bunch of clouds. After the total eclipse, it semi- was clear for about 5 minutes and we used the glasses as we could finally see it through those.
  12. I'm not bitter. He is who he is. I think we knew coming in that there was a shelf life until he burned the bridge here. Had some great times. I believe he has some juice left
  13. I have often questioned local Yankees fans on that. You couldn't pick a more different philosophy and experience as the Yankees vs the local Buffalo teams (I was more on this before there were several other big spenders who emerged in MLB). Red Sox and Boston in general were kind of endearing losers for what seemed to be destined for all eternity. I have always been a Cleveland fan. I admit though, since the Guardians name change, it doesn't feel the same. The Cleveland experience fits in well with Buffalo though.
  14. I hate the Yankees, but there are more Yankees fans in WNY than any other team. Next I would say probably the Mets and Red Sox would be close to one-another. Then comes the Blue Jays (surge lately with the affiliation and the home games in Buffalo maybe propel them into the above group with the Mets and Sox). Then comes the Indians Then Pirates I have only known 1 Reds fan in all my years living here. I know several (long time) Orioles fans. I would say they are after the Pirates.
  15. It is tough/impossible to call the Bills the 'winner' here. It seems like Diggs might have had them backed into a corner though, and they had little choice. It seems he started pouting somewhere towards the end of the 2022 season. The Bills figured they could make everything better through the offseason, and last season, but it seems to have never worked out. This year, he would have probably been a distraction and/or not given full effort, and probably let the Bills know that. Its a net-negative for the Bills though. It is a drought-era WR room right now. They had to eat feces on a $31 cap hit. Along with all the other departures of team captains and pro-bowlers, this is really going to test the sustainability of the "process" here as well as Josh Allen's ability, commitment, and leadership. It kind of sails outside of the Bills being a powerhouse, and more into the seas of the unknown (and there is a hurricane Terry looming somewhere out there) I think Beane has done a lot of great things here. However, the combination of the Diggs extension, Von Miller signing, and Knox extension have really hurt. The good news is, 2025 looks to promise a ton of cap space. If they can land 3-4 decent regular contributors in this draft class out of 10 picks (and UDFA), and hit on 2-3 more next year, and make some good signings, they could be right back as a Superbowl front-runner with Allen and the younger pieces. That would indicate they are more of the ilk of Baltimore, Phily, SF, LA Rams, as opposed to another flash in the moment-in-the-sun recent franchise successes like Carolina, Atlanta, or
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