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  1. Finally looked at it. 1-12 other than daboll you can make a solid case for. 13-21 seem like a troll job.
  2. The bills' offense would be terrifying with the addition of Hopkins
  3. The bills' offense would be terrifying with the addition of Hopkins
  4. I ran it a few times. A couple seasons at 9-8. One at 11-6, another like 6-11 I found a lot of games were flipped. Lost vs the giants, Tampa, @jets every time, but absolutely hammered the Bengals and eagles. Lots of wins late in the season, but lost the Miami game every time to close the year
  5. Its tough. Former Sabres business legend Doug Moss doomed that franchise putting the arena on the west side of the city. The team needs an arena in the East side of the city where all the people with money and transplants live and dont have to travel 45 minutes to hockey games on Tuesday nights. That team has also been poorly run, winning 1 playoff series since the move in 1996 and 2 playoff series since Winnipeg started in '79. Give people a few playoff runs and hockey can get its talons into people anywhere. I used to hate southern markets, but I have seen it work in Tampa, Vegas, and Nashville, and to some extent Dallas and Raleigh. It seems like this proposal was upended by political hysteria and getting all sorts of older people frothing at the mouth about public handouts. The deal wasnt 100% free, nothing is, but it seems like it was almost as good a stadium financing deal as any. They were turning a dump into a state of the art arena and shopping/entertainment. I really believe if the Bills stadium went to a referendum vote, the Paladinos, McMurrays, and Bauerles would have compelled people to chase the Pegulas right out of town. I think the Coyotes are staying. There is no realistic turnkey option out there. If they can push a similar proposal through without a referendum, the owners and the NHL have a lot to gain.
  6. I don't think there is any chance the team relocates to Quebec City. You would have to convince 2 guys named Gutierrez and Meruelo to move their team to a relatively small city with limited earning potential in French Canada. Houston seems to be the city that makes the most sense as far as league aspirations, location, and potential for the owner to make money. I guess the Rockets' arena is NHL-capable. Atlanta gets mentioned, but it makes me cringe thinking about that again. But then, Winnipeg could move to Arizona in a few years and Atlanta could move to Winnipeg. Salt Lake City is also getting some mention as a possibility (as well as in a 'wheels are turning' type of way) I guess a lot depends on what the current owners want to do. Will they relocate the team? Or will they sell the team. In that case, you would need an owner to pay, probably over a half a billion dollars, then relocation fee, then arena costs/overhead. I also wonder if the current deal in Tempe could be greased a bit so it doesnt require a public referrendum. I think it passed the city council unanimously.
  7. I do it every once in awhile. If I have had a bit too much to drink and need some substance. Also, I bring my kid 1x a season now and usually he wants something to eat. The service and quality are both appalling to be honest. There is a lot of room for improvement.
  8. Sounds like a lot of NIMBY and manipulation in advertising and media turned a lot of people against the proposal. Without delving too deep, it sounds like it was a lot of private money and building the complex on a to-be-cleaned up waste dump.
  9. When my dog passed away, we had a 2nd one. She was a godsend in providing comfort.
  10. It sucks and almost everyone can relate and sympathize. At first the grief almost physically hurts. They have their routines which are intertwined with yours and suddenly that is gone. It takes awhile to get used to. It does get easier. The best thing for me is/was to think of some of the good times in the prime. Some funny things your pet did, funny episodes, things they did to piss you off but its funny now, etc. Even write those things down, maybe even share them on social media.
  11. 1987-1996. That was when I was 9-18. Prime sports fandom ages when everything seems better than it was. We had a great Bills run in there and the Sabres also had a lot of good teams. I think the various sports left some good eras behind there too and we transitioned into the modern sports world. 100 RSNs, Sports media, 24 hour news, and so on. General oversaturation. The NHL still had a lot of fighting and emotion. MLB hadnt gone through the steroid era yet. I wish I could go back to the 1950s-60s sometimes for baseball and football. I think that would be a really great era for both.
  12. I have a friend I went to college with who does this. Isn't even a hockey fan. During the playoffs though he continually spams social media about the Rangers. During Carolina runs its the same way with Carolina. I just think you cant do that. I had to endure his 4 Yankees world series wins when in college. He is also a big Lakers "fan".
  13. Hopefully they can put a permanent webcam on the construction like they have done with the construction of some modern venues.
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