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  1. It isnt pampering. Go to the arena in buffalo, then go to its contemporaries in toronto, montreal, boston, and philly. Those are a much better place to watch a game and feel like a "hockey barn". The pitch on the seats in our arena is very gradual, putting you far away. Tons of bad seats even in the 100s. In the corners, in the 300s it feels like a different zip code. Then the bubble roof with the giant blue wall/ductwork. Sucks all the ambience and nouse right out.
  2. We don't know that they are necessarily looking to put the 'best' game(s) on NFL network on Saturday, right? CBS and Fox probably have some pull, and they might want to keep at least 1 of the potentially good match-ups on Sunday you would think.
  3. Im not entirely sure what is possible for the arena. It was a poorly designed arena built on the cheap for the most part, but it is still very useful. I hate the bubble roof (with the giant blue wall) and the gradual pitch of the seats the most, but those are major structural punch list items. Concourses get jammed up bad. Aesthetically from the outside it looks like trash. Cheap materials used for seats. My guess is we will see some sort of moderate-level renovation of the arena. Something above just a few coats of paint and a new store. With the costs, harbor center attached and canalside, I would give almost zero chance of a new/moved facility. Speaking as far as the known possible locations, as far as the stadium goes, based on my knowledge of construction, infrastructure, fan experience, and money, IMO the stadium dollars would go the furthest building adjacent to the current stadium in OP. A major reno would probably rival a new stadium in cost, and provide much less options. Downtown, lots of land acquisition and infrastructure costs, traffic, and boondoggle that we have been over 2000 times. If it were me, I would really be exploring around the "elbow" of the 190 and 90 by the Ogden Street exit areas. There is room there and people would fly in and out of there efficiently. That layout reminds me a bit of the highway situation where Philadelphia's stadiums are located.
  4. Cyrus Kouandjio is a second round pick of the "Guardians" whoever they are
  5. If the patriots start to trip up, this season could go over the top with excitement. We could be talking about home field throughout.
  6. I would think the jets would have a real good chance... But the extra prep time from thursday to the following monday is a lot of time to come up with ways to cheat
  7. I cant even imagine the Cowboys firing Garrett. He is teflon for some reason
  8. It seems like a weird season. Teams look unbeatable and fall to earth hard (Dal, Ten). Other teams look like they are out of it, then somehow look good (Pit, Den, Min). Might have some shakeup for the playoffs this season with some new entrants and teams advancing.
  9. two major threats are the Browns and Chargers. The longer they are down, the better. The Jets are going to make a run due to their schedule, but are starting from a hole and have little margin for error.
  10. Cowboys and Eagles looked more vulnerable... But the Steelers and Broncos might not be as easy as I once thought
  11. Quinn has hot to be done after/if they lose to the Cardinals.
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