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  1. Thats great news for UB. He should be a force in the MAC
  2. A great side effect of a playoff run is that it effectively reduces the offseason by a month. As opposed to being out of on the fringes of in the hunt by Thanksgiving and waiting to see if they make any changes January 1st, then the draft
  3. I do too, but if people are sitting nearby or resting drinks, I refrain from doing that. My voice was shot and both my hands felt broken in the second half, and I resorted to mule-kicking the bench behind me with my steel-toe boots. that likely wouldnt happen at a sellout, ha. It was full-fan participation everywhere. Normally you see the "Rockpile" seats all standing and wild/engaged most of the game. Everyone in attendance was in that mode from start to finish. They also played Kyle Brandt's hype video before kickoff and that set everyone off Al
  4. The call was correct... I just always thought that the fumble/touchback thing was too harsh for the offense.
  5. They have a full on grade 5 russ brandon situation there. It's a hopeless franchise and Watson is wise to want out
  6. Donated, wished Lamar Jackson well and said go bills. Sounds like a wonderful cause
  7. Season ticket holders who elected to allow the bills to keep their money for 2021. Had the option of a refund but retain rights for 2021. Went by seniority, but if you went to the wild card game you couldn't go to divisional. I'd assume it would be reset for the afcc.
  8. McDermott set out 4 years ago to build exactly this. Lee smith's comments and body language last year when speaking about it sums up the whole organization right now. He has built up a strong trust amongst the players that he channels into devotion and dedication to the team. He puts the individuals and families first. They are giving players and coaches an opportunity to succeed and become their biggest advocate when opportunities arise elsewhere. No games. Word is spreading and the bills will be a desirable landing spot for good players who may want a short deal to springboa
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