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  1. May Day 10

    Anyone replace both knees at same time?

    My mother did both at the same time. She was/is very happy she did. If it were me, I would do the same. Knock it out and move on.
  2. May Day 10

    Who’s watching the super bowl

    I disagree about Titans/Rams The Rams were a flash of brilliance with Warner and the Greatest show on turf, after being a joke most of my football watching life. I was still a bit bitter at the Titans for music city miracle. As far as Super Bowl zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz match-ups, I got Giants Ravens Steelers Cardinals Colts Bears Buccaneers Raiders
  3. May Day 10

    Who’s watching the super bowl

    I have no idea how the Patriots got into the Super Bowl again. They didnt look real solid all season. Just eeked out wins when they had to. They dont look like a Conference Champion team. They are boring, and really dont have an interesting identity at this point.
  4. May Day 10

    Who’s watching the super bowl

    I probably will. Only one i missed since XX was the steelers/Seahawks one. Very tired of the patriots though. Chiefs Rams would have been great
  5. May Day 10

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    Man. Much needed and appreciated
  6. I thought he was funny. He was nervous. It seems like he has social anxiety issues... and also needed to be extremely careful tiptoeing with his words to avoid making headlines. Great conversation with kasich as well.
  7. May Day 10

    Anyone have a nice watch?

    Garmin Fenix 5.
  8. May Day 10

    Favorite participation sport... what's yours?

    Playing ice hockey. I did continue to play baseball, but the sudden starts, stops, change in direction, not moving for awhile, sprinting, etc was resulting in too many injuries. I stopped playing a couple years ago, but miss it. Believe it or not, ice hockey is way more gentle on the joints and such than baseball.
  9. May Day 10

    NFL preparing for another work disruption in 2021??

    I think nfl refs are outstanding. NFLPA can never hold firm. Too many members, guys who 'need' the paycheck, and a very short earning window. They will break every time
  10. May Day 10

    Best and worst endings for long running series

    The Sopranos final 4 seasons were awful. First 2 were amazing. The shows and plot threads did not have cohesion and weren't always resolved, and never really satisfactorily. More of "here is more from those Italian characters you know and love to imitate" Like AJ Soprano. Spend a lot of time with that character in development over the episodes.... why? what kind of arc was that? He was worthless and never went anywhere, like the show. The only reason I kept watching is: 1: to find out how everything would wind back together and see the show become great again (never happened) 2: see how it all ended with Tony in what would be an iconic finale would he get arrested by the Feds? Family member murders him? One of his crew murders him? Rival gang? "Happily ever after?) (never happened)
  11. May Day 10

    Best and worst endings for long running series

    I havent watched too many shows through a duration. I liked Breaking Bad and Seinfeld. The very end of Cheers sticks with me too "we're closed" Oz and Lost were OK Hated Sopranos
  12. May Day 10

    How Much Pressure Was Doug Whaley Under To Win?

    Since Donahoe, Bills purposely muddied the management structure so accountability of the media and fans was always scatter-shot. When things got too hot, they would simply sacrifice someone, much of the blame for the bad moves would go out with that individual, and everyone remaining would take a half step to the left with a slightly different job title or promotion. Decisions were absolutely made by Brandon, Littman, Overdorf, Ralph, Whaley, Rex, Jauron, Modrak, Guy, Pegulas, Pegulas' dog, and god knows who else. They suffered for years from not having a centralized power structure, and if it was centralized, it was on Russ Brandon for years. Whaley would have probably done his NFL career some good if he resigned. Maybe he knew that this job was his only shot he would ever get at GM? We really do not know what we had with Whaley, as the team had such a collaborative philosophy and information about who made what decisions were so overlapped and foggy. I do know his public persona on camera and behind a mic was pretty poor, and listening to him, he doesn't seem like a leader of an organization, nor a guy who is detail oriented to a fault. You listen to Beane, McDermott, Botterill, etc and a number of other executives and even modern day NFL coaches and they come off so well put together. Whaley and Tim Murray are basically scouts upjumped to General Managers, they sounded like scouts publicly, and I do not see either of them holding an NFL or NHL GM job again.
  13. May Day 10

    Speculation on Golic and Wingo that Rosen could be traded

    I think if a QB with a workable skill set is smart and motivated enough, Belichick stands a chance to turn him into another Brady. Rosen has the smart.... and skill base.... but would he capitulate to Belichick's way, and also put in the dedication/work? Also, maintain it/stay focused after success
  14. May Day 10

    The Survey and a Downtown Stadium

    think of a Sabres game and multiply everything by 3