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  1. you need to start off with "im hearing". I makes it look more legit
  2. I love the build up to the schedule release. This gradual leaking of games from the NFL enhances this because it forces everyone to play (to steal that writer's metaphor) soduku with the schedule. Schedule release day is one of the things I look forward to the most in the NFL calendar. Always, once it is out there and locked in, it doesnt really seem that interesting anymore. The build-up is better than the thing itself.
  3. It feels like the Point A to point B at this point doesnt need a 13 episode season to be honest. Ill take it though as Im not in any hurry to leave New Mexico
  4. From a fan standpoint (me), nothing beats the 1PM Sunday grind. If I got to choose, I would see a wall of 1PM Sunday tomorrow evening. I fully expect the Bills to be pretty much maxed out on primetime and exclusive window games at this point. Allen and co are considered must-watch TV for NFL fans. They havent won yet, so are still well-liked outside of Buffalo. Im sure a lot of people will be adopting Buffalo as their '2nd team' if they havent already. Lots of fantasy implications.
  5. Great Buffalo Bill. Im glad he got a nice taste of team success here
  6. the spooge thing was genius. Loved how he was pretty normal and you get the spectrum that meth and the blue meth turned him into a mutant.
  7. I'm not too pumped. The targaryen mythology wasnt something I felt overly interesting from the books. Ok they had white hair and purple eyes. Came over and took over westeros with 3 immense dragons. Ruled for like 300 years. Some were crazy, some were good. A few non-consequential internal power struggles. Things didn't seem to get interesting until the events of a song of ice and fire.
  8. Hoping to see: The vet Tortuga Skinny Pete and/or Combo Kuby (Bill Burr)
  9. Good pick. Pretty much expected though
  10. I get what you are saying... but, I dont like Eichel. I didn't like him when he was on the Sabres. Terrible leadership is clear. Doesn't seem to be a good teammate, and some things I heard from friends in the local media supported all that. Add in the games that he played, apparently wanting out a few years ago, fairly fresh off of willingly signing an 8-year $80 Million contract. Then all the hijinks with how he and his agent played the neck angle with the media, along with the "victim tour" he went on the podcasts, with Friedman, etc. It was easy for hockey media and fans everywhere to pile on the Sabres and take Eichel's side. Just 2 months ago, the Sabres were inhuman monsters who took a player's well-being hostage and made a terrible trade giving up one of the surely all-time great players. It is wonderful to see the perception change completely (at least for now). Then he had the audacity to make those comments at Sabres fans. I spent thousands and thousands on dead season tickets wishing for some reason to get excited. He sucked... but showed just enough flash to justify trying to gift him a new coach or a new GM or a new Taylor Hall, etc. Its good to have a villain. Having villains in sports is hard to come by nowadays with everyone so highly paid and humanized. For the first time in 7-8? years, I have been following the NHL closely to root for Vegas to miss the playoffs. Even watched a non-Sabres game for the 1st time in about 3 years. When Vegas is town next season I am sure going to attend the game and boo loudly. The place is going to be packed and we will show him noise. *excitement and people being invested cant hurt In a perfect world, the Sabres make the playoffs before Eichel.
  11. I dunno. He had a strange way of handling charles' death. In that last scene, I was half expecting lalo to emerge and turn everything on its head and perhaps extend nacho's life
  12. Mike Williams That one hurt bad. Premium spot in the draft. Was an early domino in the drought years He was supposed to be a stud franchise cornerstone LT. Many of the other players listed here had lower floors/ceilings.
  13. Was the the best episode of anything ever?
  14. I agree with this 100%. As a big baseball fan, I see a bad trajectory/outlook for the future popularity of the sport, and these kind of things make my outlook even worse. Although I understand that all the numbers and sports science and all that point precisely to that point in time in game 5 of 162+ that Kershaw had enough... it also stinks and is unexciting from a fan standpoint.
  15. There was no-doubt tampering. I also think its a terrible slippery slope to offer active players any sort of executive role and/or ownership stake. That is cap circumvention if they are compensated for it in assets.... also, if that starts to become a routine contract demand, the league will be the mess. Eventually, every good QB who hits the market, followed by star D-linemen, etc will start to demand all sorts of ownership stakes along with their contracts.
  16. I wonder at what level the contact would be made, and by whom? So would this be the mayor of San Diego contacting the Pegulas and offering them a home? Would it be just some councilmember trying to gain favor with the voters? Would this person 'promise' any sort of specific range of funding? Real estate? Was there a stadium scribbled on a napkin or ms paint that was provided to the Pegulas?
  17. They weren't, but he was pedestrian that season and his age limitations showed. Their defense carried them and Brady threw a walk-off pick-6. Then he writes his ticket into an all star team on offense and he is great. It's not a "brady sucks" post. It's remarkable he is doing what he is doing. If I'm the Carolina Panthers and I get a choice of any QB for a 1-year contract for this coming season, Brady wouldn't be in my top-5.
  18. Just need to keep getting goaltending lottery tickets. Its very unpredictable. I remember when Enroth was looking like a future stud, Ullmark, UPL, Noranen... even Biron, although he had a decent enough NHL career. Need to develop mass in that position and hope 1 or 2 really pan out at the NHL level. Between Levi and Portillo, a really good chance neither amounts to anything worthwhile in the NHL. In the near-term though, they are probably going to need to get aggressive whether its an overpayment to a UFA (hopefully without too much term), or a trade. Hopefully all of Adyms' analytical guys can determine what are the best buys.
  19. Nope. Bills, Sabres, Indians. Plenty of traumatic losses to last 10 lifetimes
  20. Yeah, Id take someone to task for saying that. Especially considering the year-off, possible/probable suspension and potential distractions. Rodgers and Mahomes, no problem both have had seasons recently exceeding Allen and no reason to think they cant/wont do it again. Hebert and Burrow are interesting and I could see a strong case, although Id like to see another season for each as well as Hebert carry the Chargers into the postseason. Id take Allen over Brady without much hesitation. IMO, 2019-2022 Brady needs a stacked offense and team to succeed to mask his physical limitations. Allen, while he is on a really good team, is just so much stronger and faster than Brady at this point I wouldnt 'choose' Brady for the 2022 season.
  21. I guess you would have to (Im sure the NFL owners have calculations) on what the value of a new 'brand' within the NFL is worth for the collective. How much an expansion fee would net each owner. How much in the way of free public money will be given to the league for a new stadium. Zerovolt does have a very strong point though about a likely reluctance to water down that sweet television money pool. I do think there has got to be appetite to tap new frontiers to bolster their footprint. The USA frontier is probably fairly maxed out from a market standpoint and putting a team in San Antonio or Portland probably will not have a huge correlation to increasing domestic TV deals. The focus would likely be more on delivery/logistics/technology as opposed to putting teams in US markets. But a team in Canada or the UK could be a lot of new eyeballs on new telecom companies. I do know that Canada already consumes a good deal of the NFL, but a home team would take it to another level IMO, and with 1 team, most of Canada would accept it as they do the Blue Jays. As mentioned, I could see Cincinnati moving to London is Mike Brown passes away coinciding with their lease. Khan would buy them and sell the Jaguars to some other billionaire. Not sure how that would work out logistically.
  22. I think the Bengals may be in some danger of relocating. They are heading toward a perfect storm of an expiring lease and Mike Brown being 86 years old without any other major cash in the family besides NFL-related as far as I know. Jacksonville is always in danger depending on Khan's endgame if he wants it in London. Or I wonder if he just has right of refusal and will give up Jacksonville for the London franchise if its the same thing. We will have 2 expansion teams within 5 years. IMO, London will get a team. I also think we will see one of San Antonio or Orlando. I also think the NFL is going to really try to aggressively get another foothold in Europe. I assume they would be interested in getting into Canada before long too whether its Toronto, Vancouver, and/or Montreal. I wouldnt count out St Louis or San Diego either.
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