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  1. I wondered how this effects the season tickets. Do we get a free game?
  2. As long a Wilson isn’t going the other way...
  3. Wasn’t there a contract dispute between Wilson and Seattle?
  4. I miss watching these guys already....was disappointed in the kc game...next season seems so far away.
  5. He did tha man a big favor...dude was a whiny douche the whole time when he suddenly realized he was in deep with a losing hand.
  6. Is this because of weed or does he have other substance abuse issues? Not sure if anything was made public...addiction is a terrible thing.
  7. I just can’t get back into this team...I personally feel Jack isn’t the team leader that fans can get behind like josh allen...I have zero evidence to support this just kinda how I feel.. the team is so boring...the hockey is uninteresting and uninspiring....I gave it two games but it is not at all exciting...not sure if I lost my love for hockey....I guess many years of losing will do this. In a shortened season, getting 0 points in 2 games begins the hole that will be impossible to dig out of.
  8. Yeah I am not confident in this game therefore I am not nervous because there is a strong possibility of losing...for the colts game I was a mess because the expectation was that we would win. Go figure.
  9. I actually think it great...it wouldn’t be great if allen wasn’t great but he is and it is.
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