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  1. Don’t forget that boat he is always yappin about. 1 was hard enough...4 at once is terrifying.
  2. For ***** sakes people...enjoy a real nfl qb for once...my god...it’s ok to be optimistic
  3. People always going to hate....he was excellent tonight
  4. Don’t you worry...there is always something to fit that narrative
  5. I swear in pre game I heard beane say a small knee issue...but everyone else saying flu?
  6. I agree with this...It is an enormous game...which I’m already incredibly nervous about.
  7. I feel like they have been televised before
  8. First compact disc i ever got. I discovered this song when i was a tween watching forest gump..it was the scene where Jenny is standing on the hotel balcony contemplating suicide...i was like “wtf is the amazing song”...found out it was Lynyrd skynyrd and begged my mom to buy it for me when i found it in the music section at a Kmart. Played this song over and over and over...still gives me goosebumps when I listen to it. Classic
  9. Everyone must have an opinion on everything...although i guess by posting it on social media, it opens you up to some sort of criticism somewhere.
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