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  1. Does bove have a beef with Paul Hamilton? What does (the worst) mean?
  2. I was going to ask this same question...I enjoyed his posts
  3. I think most of the argument for people like Schatz is in college Allen didn’t elevate the team around him...schatz and people like schatz believe that if success doesn’t come in college that it will not come in the pros. This is obviously not always the case....in this case I hope Allen shoves it up all their asses.
  4. zevo

    tool fans here?

    *****in awesome...classic tool riffs
  5. You are absolutely the worst poster on this board...congrats!
  6. I would quickly hand over 40 for the rights to clowney
  7. That might be the strangest quote ive read 😳
  8. At some point you have to stop ignoring the offense.....but i agree with sticking to the board....
  9. All i can think of is Cyrus Kouandjio
  10. This is exactly my comparison...he totally reminds me of dez....some don’t see it...but thats who i think of
  11. Bingo...i def think we move back into the 2nd...lots of draft capital to make this move
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