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  1. why aren't any teams kicking the tires on will fuller. seems odd given his talent
  2. we are firmly in the bedard running. same *****, different season
  3. Lol…6th seed. Boy how the mighty have fallen Love the matchup though
  4. for the money I expect him to make that catch. it wasn't easy I get that.
  5. can beane go back in time and not hand Dawson knox that contract. I will forever not understand that contract.
  6. have no idea how the rest of his contract plays out. but I absolutely hated that we handed him that money. Just feel like it could have been utilized elsewhere and could just sub in jag TEs with how we utilize the TE.
  7. Yep. He has been oft injured and not nearly worth this contract. Hope tua continues and they will have to pay him a ton as well.
  8. Josh looks like the creepy hotel owner/developer from the America horror season "hotel"
  9. this is weak sauce to be mad that tua came back in. we had multiple chances to win. we lost.
  10. what is the point of not playing pickett? it makes me question Tomlin as a coach
  11. I haven't tried it yet this season but does anyone know if we are able to stream the local bills game through either the nfl + or the nfl app. I remember the previous seasons I could just stream the bills game through the NFL app while at work on Sundays.
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