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  1. That framed dahlin jersey is interesting...not sure why i find it interesting
  2. Sweet...two top end picks in an otherwise average draft....has me pumped 😒
  3. Why wouldn’t you have just signed up for a costco membership?
  4. Do we have 2 picks in the 5th...nfl.com showing our second 5th is the Texans
  5. But you are 100% correct...a lot of people do get hosed...part of it you also have to factor in is the trade value being deducted from the purchase value for sales tax if the state you register in charges sales tax on vehicles. This keeps the stealerships and auto mfr thriving.
  6. I got 3k off sticker on a vehicle in the wny the dealers would only budge 1k max. I drove out of state for the deal. My 4runner pro is a rare vehicle that is not discounted. I’m just saying it depends on what u r trading in.
  7. Depends on what you own. I purchased a new 2019 4 runner pro at the end of 2019. I traded it in last month and received 1800$ more than i paid for it.
  8. I was at that game...miss those days and the crowd.
  9. I wondered how this effects the season tickets. Do we get a free game?
  10. As long a Wilson isn’t going the other way...
  11. Wasn’t there a contract dispute between Wilson and Seattle?
  12. I miss watching these guys already....was disappointed in the kc game...next season seems so far away.
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