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  1. It is very decent football and entertaining
  2. Sry for your loss...I hope you are able to find comfort knowing she is in a better place...take care.
  3. I think sds is asking about cervical spine specifically....I have a family friend who has had his whole cervical spine fused over the course of many years...once you have one fusion the wear and tear begins above and below the fusion on those discs...so eventually those will need to be tended to. I always wondered as we become more advanced if there will be a more modern way to take care of troubled discs rather than removing and fusing which seems to be the traditional method.
  4. The best route runner has been deemed to be Jeudy.
  5. It’s so early on these guys...there is going to be so much movement on the boards based on pro days and combine...but nonetheless always interesting
  6. Just finished up messiah...thought it was very good.
  7. This kills me...but I think this Is where I’m at...watching Henry is awesome
  8. So are we still in tank mode....god this team sucks
  9. It’s clearly speculation but it’s the off-season for the bills and I thought it was an interesting listen...I just love the idea of trading a pick for a proven wr commodity instead of letting it ride in the draft...the window is small when you are on a cheap contract with your qb. There really isn’t much time to wait and hope you develop an X receiver.
  10. He seems to think Carolina doesn’t Love him and Robbie Anderson would replace his role.
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