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  1. I cannot make it to this game...will let go of pair for $80
  2. Who ***** cares...all I care about are results...and to this point we have gotten them
  3. Jackson has been incredible....he is different from anything we’ve seen...there are comps but nothing to this level...he should be walking proudly as he was ***** upon during the draft process....I’m still not sure how long this will last but my god is he fun to watch.
  4. Sec 337...seats 3 and 4.....selling them at my cost...45$ each..
  5. This is probably one of the dumber statements I’ve read here today.
  6. Did he not make passes to put them in position to make a kick....
  7. Kickers are paid to make kicks...he did nit do his job today...end of discussion
  8. And you would have complained had they gone for it on 4th and missed. Kickers are paid to make kicks...it is what it is
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