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  1. Mahomes literally just lobs balls in the air....
  2. Miami game is available if anyone is interested
  3. The points will come...we are moving the ball effectively....I’d we were at the bottom in total yards as well I’d be more concerned
  4. With this defense there is zero need to throw 45 times and 400 yds to win a game...it’s smart efficient football....
  5. I don’t understand what happened...was lewan talking ***** during the game or was this from last year?
  6. I just got a notification that Allen and dimarco have both cleared concussion protocol and will play sunday
  7. Allen is a ballsy gamer....he wanted to take down Goliath with his arm and the big play...this is what I love and at the same time hate about Allen....nothing changes for me in Allen after that game....he will continue to be an exciting qb and I wish him a speedy recovery.
  8. I think he has the smarts...it’s his arm I worry about...
  9. It is tough to take this post seriously....seems like trolling to me
  10. Wasnt That comment was from that piece of ***** Harrison...the king of dirty hits...
  11. This punter is a joke
  12. Say should have forced the defender ob on the int...but he didn’t
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